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  1. FEE3 2018: Can't stop, won't stop!

    Courtesy notice: All submissions are due by 2:30pm PST October 15th. The show will kick off on October 27th. We've had a tremendous turnout so far, with almost thirty projects either submitted or confirmed to be making an appearance. It's going to be the biggest FEE3 yet! Here's the updated project list:
  2. Hello folks, Yes, it's that time of year again. The event that we've all been procrastinating for, it's the eighth (EIGHTH!) annual FEE3. For those of you who are new, FEE3 is a fangame convention that brings together hobbyists who work on Fire Emblem-related projects to showcase our collective progress and new initiatives. Back in the dark days of 2011, when it seemed like the series' days in the west might be over with the lack of an English translation of FE12, Fire Emblem hackers decided to band together and host our own E3 (with blackjack, and hookers!). In 2012, we did it again--inspired by the lack of a Fire Emblem: Awakening localization announcement at that year's E3. Two years of disappointment in a row, we thought. That was, until Reggie mistakenly made the announcement to the press thinking it was part of the media kits. Our fears turned out to be unfounded, and Fire Emblem has continued to spawn three new games since it appeared as though Awakening might be the end of the line. So hey, to anyone who has an active fan project out there: come and join in the festivities! It's always great to see what amazing new things our community has been up to. Fire Emblem Universe Thread The Submission Form: [b]Project Name:[/b] [b]Platform:[/b] FE7, FE6, FE8, FE4, FE5, FEXP, FEXNA, etc. [b]Showing:[/b] Trailer, Interview, Let's Play, etc. In order to pull this off, we'll need some volunteer LPers to participate in the show and host demo showcases. Unfortunately, our usual cast of Mel and Mage Knight 404 won't be leading the charge this year. Project managers should feel free to recruit their own LPers, though! It'll help make the process easier if more people elect to make those arrangements themselves. Volunteer LPers: kirb Mekkah Mage Knight 404 MCProductions Returning Projects: Elibean Nights Fire Emblem: Immortal Sword Staff of Ages Fractured Realms New Projects: GFE1R Fire Emblem Resonance: Resurgence Runa Does a Thing Void's Blitzarre Adventure: Blitz Tendence Fire Emblem: Tales of Golden Knight Legends of Avenir Fire Emblem: Poop Fire Emblem [Latino] 2.0 ~ You Can (Not) Ban The deadline for project submissions will be 9/30/18, with the show taking place in mid-October.
  3. Elibean Nights

    Hey everyone, I'm gonna be doing an interview for FEE3 tomorrow. I figured I would open the floor for fans to submit their own questions about EN. If you have anything you'd like to ask me, feel free to submit your questions by replying to this topic. Also, I started working on some revamps to Hector's Tale and probably some other more gameplay changes to follow. Happy FEE3!
  4. Elibean Nights

    I literally just fixed this, sir. Try the latest patch.
  5. Elibean Nights

    SOrry, but I'm going to need more details. What was happening in the chapters around the time of the glitch? The more context you can provide, the better. "Hey things broke" is not very helpful for debugging.
  6. Elibean Nights

    EN Gamma Test 9-27-17 Bugfix Log 9-27-17 Slowly but surely working through the list.
  7. Elibean Nights

    Yes, only bosses have the FE4 style counterattack. I wanted to do this to make things more challenging with stationary bosses like Khitan and Montresor. It has been this way for a little while, and should've been included in beta 2.
  8. Elibean Nights

    Thanks for the report! These issues will be resolved in the next patch (I just finished fixing them).
  9. Elibean Nights

    Thanks for the help, eclipse! This should be fixed in the latest patch. What happened was the disassembled version of my event files omitted a critical piece of code that runs after every chest opens (I lost my source a while back due to a laptop theft and had to work off of what EA could generate). This code counts the number of chests that have been opened, and through moving data around that code was overwritten after making changes to the chapter's events. I've tested it and it does work now. As for not being able to crit bosses, I've got a crack investigator looking into the issue as we speak. Thank you for the report! It will be fixed in the next update (as in, I've already fixed it but haven't made a patch since doing so). Most of these issues should be addressed in the most recent update. It's still a work in progress, but thank you everyone for your reports! I'm keeping a list of every issue that people have mentioned and am slowly but surely working through it. It's a great help to have multiple sets of eyes looking at the project for errors, and hopefully we can get this thing finished by FEE3 or at least by the time the show airs.
  10. Elibean Nights

    Thanks for the report! I'm off work until Tuesday, so my goal is to get a substantial amount of bug fixing done this holiday weekend. If you find anything else odd, let me know. Gamma Test
  11. Elibean Nights Gamma Test Please report glitches so that I can hurry up and finish this shit already.
  12. EN will return with a furious blitzengeance! :soon:
  13. Poor me, hahahah. The truth is, I couldn't be happier with what our community has become. If it seems like I'm "getting left behind", it's by design. My goal was always to bring together the best and brightest and do whatever I could to bring out the best in them. All of these new pioneers are my friends, and I'm so proud of what my colleagues been able to accomplish in such a relatively short period of time.
  14. "No procrastination." HAH. I guess I'll enter one of my zombified projects for old time's sakes.