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  1. "No procrastination." HAH. I guess I'll enter one of my zombified projects for old time's sakes.
  2. Hey Pi, did you forget what day it is? 4/1, brotha. I'm legit sad that we didn't get our annual April Fools update. They're always great. Hope all is well! Looking forward to seeing the next update, whenever it materializes from the abyss.
  3. OMG, you guys added Capture? I'm only a few minutes in, but this already looks pretty good. I was a bit skeptical when I saw the post, but damn.
  4. Oh derp. It sounds like I left Regalia mode on. It is actually a gameplay mode for fun OP shenanigans. (Protip: If someone finds the game too hard, all they need to do is find the three Jugdral cameos hidden in the game and beat those chapters after finding them to unlock this mode, then you can pretty much wreck the rest of the game). Unfortunately, I haven't been able to replicate this "Wait glitch" myself. Gonna keep looking into it, but I'm genuinely baffled. It's never ceases to amaze me how the game always seems to break in unexpected ways every time I publish a link to a new patch... It's almost supernatural at this point, LOL.
  5. Huh. This is very strange. It might have something to do with a hack that Zane was working on for me shortly before the release. It allows me to vary the command unit menu based on Chapter ID, so maybe that's the root of this? Admittedly, I applied the full hack right before the release but the versions I'd tested were working properly. I guess I'll have to investigate. #TheCurse strikes again, LOL.
  6. Hmm. That's a very bizarre glitch. Are you sure that you patched it to a clean ROM? Thanks for pointing this out. Can't believe I missed that!
  7. I vote that you guys keep this as the default skin. This is waaaaay easier on the eyes than that jarring shade of green.
  8. This is amazing, Zane. Keep up the good work my brotha!
  9. Good news, everyone! After toiling away from the spotlight and keeping my work on Elibean Nights relatively low-key, I've finally gotten the game to a point where I feel comfortable calling it the "final release". There will not be any updates to content after this patch, only bug fixes if the need arises (although it has been very thoroughly beta tested and issues should be minimal--I say "should" because those of you who've been following this project for a while know that #TheCurse always rears it's ugly head whenever I try to release the damn thing). I'd like to thank all of the homies who've helped me out along this incredible journey. Elibean Nights would not be what it is today without the generous support of everyone who has contributed to its development. It takes a village to build a ROM hack, and the most satisfying part of this whole journey has been building that village with you all. Thanks for everything (you all know who you are, so I'll spare you all the cringe of going on some epic roll of shout-outs). Now that EN is complete, I'm looking forward to continuing to work and collaborate with all of you on exciting new endeavors. Without any further delay, enjoy the hack!
  10. Minor update, just a small thing I'd been meaning to do for a while. Color-coded commands (thanks FE7 for including this functionality by default). Yellow = commands that you can't perform another action after, Talk/Support/Visit/Door/Chest/Arena/Armory/Vendor/Secret Blue = non-attacking commands that target another unit, Staff/Rescue/Dance/Play/Steal Flashing green = commands that you can perform an action after (like in default GBAFE)
  11. This discussion of alternative approaches to game design is certainly helpful to revisit. Although, I suppose I would caution that feature/scope creep can be a very real danger regardless of a project's intended length, but perhaps even moreso with the shorter hack. There's something of a natural tendency to want to "do more with less" which can be a bit of a slippery slope. Especially with Elibean Nights, my own unfinished beast, the nonlinear "episodic" nature of the game made it far too easy to freelance and add new features on a whim which turned out to be quite difficult to execute (see: matchmaker). It's grown far beyond any reasonable expectation or plan that I'd originally had--on one hand, that organic growth can spark some nifty innovations and progressive improvement throughout the life of the project, but on the other hand it can also lead to an uneven experience unless the developer goes back and reinvents a few of the squeaky older wheels. tl;dr The moral of the story is to be mindful of exactly what steps it will take to accomplish any singular goal, and to thoroughly understand the commitment behind each design decision. When you are in a position to make informed and resourceful decisions, a project of any length is relatively manageable. Getting to that point, however, is quite a steep learning curve in regards to ROM hacking as a medium. +1 for the value of teamwork. Without the support of many friends throughout the years, EN wouldn't be half of what it is (even in its 90% form). Having that support system in place sorta helped enable my feature/scope creep throughout the years, but at the same time the homies are all fucking awesome human beings and I love them all to death.
  12. We need to overthrow the proleteriat and install a fascist hacking regime!
  13. Feels pretty much like the same old IPB to me, which is my own little way of saying "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA". Hopefully there's a good replacement search feature plugin out there? Cuz I still can't find jack shit using the sarch bar on this site.
  14. There's a link to a little extra bonus thing in the comments section for anyone curious enough to scroll down. A gift from your old friend Archibald.