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  1. Do you mind lowmanning being viable?

    I don't mind lowmanning being viable. The problem is, relying on a small number of overpowered units is often the easiest way to beat most maps. FE is supposed to be a strategy game, but throwing a few units into a bunch of enemies and demolishing them all, is the antithesis of strategy.
  2. Support Grinding on Lunatic+?

    There's a way to barracks abuse. Basically, see which pair gets the support boost, then reload, go into a battle, and rearrange your roster so that the two people you want to support are in those positions. You can also use it to give the exp and stat boosts to whoever you want.
  3. Unfortunately, yes. The easiest way to beat Awakening, even on Lunatic (actually, especially on Lunatic), is to stack all your exp onto a single unit, until they tower over the enemy in sheer stats. Who needs strategy if you have a unit that mows down everything and doesn't die? Using more units only makes the game harder, as you spread out the exp more, and no amount of strategy can make up for how much lower your stats are. While Awakening is probably the most egregious, every FE game is a statfest. Here's a simple thought experiment: pick any FE game on any difficulty. Player A is competent and plays the game "normally". Player B plays sloppily, but gets +5 stats to all their units. Who do you think will have an easier time?
  4. Is there any downside to using Killer Weapons?

    The better question is, is there any upside to using killer weapons. All they offer is an unreliable 25 crit. The only time I ever use them is when I messed up, because I'm not aware of any situation where you have to bank on a crit. I'd much rather use forged bronze, effective weapons, ranged weapons, dual weapons, etc.
  5. Pairing your Avatar.

    Yeah. It's called Florence Nightingale Effect.
  6. Pairing your Avatar.

    I love how incest is your only options in the poll aside from Other. xD Not that I'm complaining. My favorite waifus are: 1. Sakura. She's very nice and caring, and surprisingly brave. She's the only Hoshidian sibling that never says Nohrian Scum, because she doesn't harbor any hatred, only compassion. Sharing a name with my favorite anime character is a nice bonus. xD I'm kinda salty that her support with the avatar is so lame though. 2. Elise. She has a cheerful and energetic personality. She genuinely loves the avatar and has an unwavering desire for peace, making her one of the most mentally strong characters. Her support is really sweet. 3. Felicia. She's kind and hardworking. Despite the universe conspiring against her, she's dedicated to her job and never gives up. Plus she and the avatar have known each other for a long time. What's not to love? 4. Selkie. She has a cheerful and playful personality, and enjoys life without a care in the world. Her support doesn't do her justice though. 5. Midori. She likes to help others with her medicine. Her support is also heartwarming.
  7. Does receiving flowers from your spouse in Private Quarters actually do anything?
  8. Fates Birthday Thread!

    Happy birthday, Sakura! <3
  9. Serenes Forest in the middle of rebranding

    OMG the new forum is so cute! Pink is my favorite color. And the best part about that is, today is Sakura Kinomoto's birthday!
  10. Fates Birthday Thread!

    Happy birthday, Elise! <3
  11. When should I start the Paralogues? (On ch 12)

    Paralogues are basically free exp, so you want to do them later, when they're worth more exp. You get the child unit at a higher level for free on top of that. Good times are after chapter 18 (promote for free), after chapter 20 (D rank in secondary weapons and instant level 5 skill), or whenever you need the exp, really. There are a few exceptions though. Some child units are hard to keep alive if you do them late (like Shiro and Ignatius). If you want to use the child unit as part of your main team, or just really want the treasure, feel free to do them early.
  12. I don't recall what exactly I did, because I didn't find this chapter particularly hard. I just played "normally" and everything worked out. This is actually one of my favorite levels. There's lots of things working against you. Ninjas are hard to double or even hit, and they have 1-2 range, debuffs, and I think Poison Strike as well. The terrain makes it difficult to move, and inflict lots of residual damage. All that combined makes it easy for someone to get chipped down, or at least force you to heal much more often. The enemies have overlapping ranges as well, so you can't attack one enemy without pulling at least one more. I think it's best to play defensively. Don't overextend and let the enemy come to you instead. Oboro is a good unit to pull enemies with, and can seal the defense of anybody that attacks her. Takumi is your heaviest hitter- he can one-shot ninjas even on Lunatic. If possible, try to wait for debuffs to wear off before pressing on. Azura can heal back trap damage for everybody in her radius. You'll probably need both healers on top of that to compensate for all the damage you'll be taking.
  13. What happens if the Avatar's talent is the same as his/her spouse's primary class? What does each of them get from using a Partner Seal?
  14. For a first playthrough, my team-building process tends to go something like this: 1. Add the main lord and other "important" characters. 2. Add the dancer and at least one healer. 3. Add at least one thief, at least one flier, and other "utility" characters (if any). 4. Add whichever characters seem good, or I'm interested in trying out, or whatever, until I reach the desired number. (I tend to aim for 12). 5. Make sure there's at least one user of every weapon type, and no weapon type is overrepresented. Also make sure there's at least one "tank". After the first playthrough, I evaluate which characters were pulling their weight and which characters were lagging behind, and see if there's any common characteristics. I also try to remember if there were any situations that I had trouble in, and adjust accordingly in future playthroughs.
  15. What happens if I save a unit to the logbook, when there is already another version of that unit in there? Does it get overwritten?