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  1. You're really missing out, it's my favorite breakfast meal, though I only get it on special ocasions Why don't you just plan on eating it on a day you'll be home?
  2. When You Step On The Scale And It Doesn't Say Err

    so how tall are you Rezzy? I'm 5'11
  3. 237 MY BOIZZZZ I don't have rolls anymore, my man boobies have almost receded all the way, and I can see the muscles coming from my stomach. I feel great right now!
  4. I must say that the one with the flour is probably my favorite so far
  5. Is it as bad there as it is said to be in the US? ___________ oh, no, I guess I'll have to get Bojangles or Popeye's
  6. [SPOILERS] Corrin as a good character??

    Corrin is an idiot if he/she were in a horror movie, they'd be the first person to die
  7. Recent Accomplishments & Positivity Thread

    I lost 35lbs over the summer
  8. Easiest Way To Level Up My Units

    so I'm getting quite impatient as I feel like my guys aren't leveling up quick enough for my liking, I know I can just sell cheap weapons in order to use the training grounds, but it's getting a little to expensive for my in game wallet. any suggestions, I just need to get a few guys high enough so I can do some of the challenges in history mode.
  9. I gave up on TV back in 2013, I really don't watch anything anymore. I can't stand the crap most channels put out
  10. Looking to collaborate

    I have no programming skill whatsoever, but I've had some ideas for defense maps, as well as a story that I've been working off and on again for the past 5 years. I have some free time but I've been really busy with school and an internship, but I usually have free time on Sunday.
  11. Is it just me, or is anyone having a problem loading YouTube recently?

    Not me, must be a personal problem.
  12. Path of Radiance. I bought it in a Kmart bargin bin back around 2006 or 05 for like $20 Though, it might have been Blazing Sword I got in a gba lot around the same time.
  13. Hi friends! I'm new on here.

    Welcome to Karnage -'s offical Walmart greeter.
  14. Space ship shooters | shoot 'em ups | bullet hells!

    sucks he went to only publishing on Amazon vod and Patreon but no, Karnage came from my Halo Reach days
  15. Space ship shooters | shoot 'em ups | bullet hells!

    Ikaruga is the best and if Mark Bussler ever reads this, yes, it beats Truxton