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  1. Favorite Fire emblem Song/s?

    Princess Elincia's theme The Sword Sacrifice and the Saint
  2. i wonder if you look both ways..

    buh dumb tiss
  3. I don't want to write anymoe, I just finished up 2 9 week courses on Thursday, and I'm tired. I've probably written hundreds of pages in the past 3 years since I started college.
  4. I understand you've been having trouble hitting things in Elibe.

  5. Opinions on Rowan? (Discussion)

    Personally I don't like his personality, and his character design. From what I've heard they changed both of the twins designs because they looked too much like Alfonse and Shareena
  6. Is the special edition worth the extra $20?

    Do you want the extra goodies if you answered no = no if yes = yes
  7. loved to have seen that lol one of those things about being a guy is that guys can't be bi, we try the D just once and we're gay for life, even if they get married we'll still call em gay because we always shit talk eachother no that seems really weird, but then if I had said something like that past 10 years old I'd have been sent to the guidance counselor
  8. I agree with @Rezzy, I lost my virginity when I was 17, and I kind of regret it, I had only been dating her for about a week but when that opportunity came I was to, well, you know, I didn't think twice about it. LPT, make sure when he uses a rubber he hasn't been carrying it in his wallet for the past two weeks, they dry out and are more likely to snap at the wrong time
  9. DLC characters announced

    If my copy hadn't already shipped I'd have canceled it right after reading that is Tecmo Koie the WB games of Japan, because they're pulling that Mortal Kombat X roster thing again
  10. so yeah, my mixed feeling have already turned south, I thought that these characters were unlockables like Lyn and Cecilia I've already paid off the game but I haven't bought the DLC, and I plan on not even touching the DLC at this point, I'm very upset, I don't even want to bother with wanting a sequel at this point
  11. My Hard Drive Bit The Dust

    coming to you strait from my college laptop well, it's gone, my pictures, my papers, my writings, my games, and my memes, my profile pictures they're all gone I feel defeated, I've lost so much and I didn't save hardly anything to the cloud, and it died midway through me writing my mid term paper fml
  12. I believe he was around before minecraft was a thing
  13. Fire Emblem Heroes General Discussion and Links

    my god, I could not tell you how hard I tried to not laugh in public when I saw Arden's art it's so bad it's good, can't wait to get a 5 star version of him I'm hyped to see what will become of Dorcass I'm fairly certain Arden memed his way into heroes
  14. Volunteers to help with the FE Warriors section

    I'm up for helping, I just happend to have lost my password :(