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  1. Nobody actually knows how to speak Latin because it's a dead language. It's probably ID purpose, a few lyrics had meaning while the rest were jibberish
  2. I think people notice how much a character gets their dick stroked when the character is representing them rather than a someone who isn't. Alm gets praised a lot for his ability and it isn't as noticable as being Robin getting praised every five fucking seconds as to how a good tactican he is (hint: Robin is a shit tactican compared to every one else)
  3. I've come to the conclusion that no FE has a good story I feel that Awakening and Fates has made everyone look really really closely at every story I think that Echoes is an improvement over the past 5 games ______ Celica doesn't tell anyone that she might have to sacrifice herself because she knows that many people in her party would stop her from doing so, not to mention that she grew up around religion so she was probably under the assumption that the gods were needed for humanity to survive. Not to mention the Duma faithful only attack Celica's party and not her.
  4. the economic class I took 2 semesters ago we're getting there I was going to edit that post but was a little too late, I know that Planned Parent hood offers many more health services to women, I don't want my tax dollars supporting something I'm very opposed to. I think it should only be allowed in the case of rap, incest, or if the child will not make it. we were untill last January I don't think illegal immigrants should benefit from the system, I believe that if you want to live here you should go through the process to become a US citizen see my last post just watching the news before election night you could tell that something might happen, after Trump won, poof, the only thing we were hearing about Russia was how they "Rigged the election", Hell there were parties in Russia after Trump won a man who doesn't understand economics and the cost of living in non city areas, and would just increas everybody's taxes to give out free university to everyone which would just devalue our deplomas. And a corrupt AF woman who wanted to bring in 600,000 refugees who would cost us 40 billion in spending and would increase the strain on welfare, also take a look at how Europe has been over the past few months.
  5. 1 & 2 It will increase the job market 3, my bad He's made it to where states no longer fund Planned Parenthood, though it's more of a reduction withdrawing us from the TPP cutting funds from sanctuary cities increasing the funding to the DoJ's ICE a much better relationship with Russia He's not Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders
  6. Why are you wearing your shoes in my bed
  7. Let's go wear our MAGA hats to an ANTIFA rally together
  8. Have you asked them why? I think Trump is doing a great job so far. He's torn apart NAFTA Increasing the tariff to encourage business to work in the US Putting in 1 trillion into our infrastructure Hell, I supported his 90 day travel ban.
  9. Chen is an artist and a quality shitposter. Chen is perfection. Chen maybe God.
  10. We're going to make America great again
  11. Your sister was better
  12. I wan't to watch this but I really don't like CG anime
  13. welcome to the forrest and welcome to the forrest