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  1. personally I've never been diagnosed with asburgers or depression, though throught my childhood and teenage years I've always had issues being socil, and even to this day I'm a very cring worthy person. As I've gotten older I really think I've been suffering from some kind of depression due to mild social isolation, I'm a very lonely person, not really due to how I live, I've just always had trouble making and maintaing friends. Which is why I'm so thankful I was let into Phi Mu Alpha for me I still feel this lonelyness, I can't bring myself to tell my parents because my mother is really overbearing at times and a psychologist, and I don't want her to worry or to try to put me on some medication. as much as I try I can't get over it, I do crossfit because it gives me a little comunity to workout and compete with, and it still only helps me for a few hours a day. I've spent hundreds on Magic the Gathering and Force of Will cards so I have something to do most evenings, I'm spending this money so I have some filler in my dull life. and don't drink, I know when I my depressed state gets really bad I can drink a bit to much and make myself into an ass. I'm not a mean drunk, my friends have told me that I'm a fun person to be around when I've had a couple of drinks I just embarrass myself.
  2. updated, i forgot to include a number
  3. So after watching the latest trailer I cringed REALLY, REALLY, hard I myself will admit I was hating on the inital roster, which I still think is lackluster, I do think that Marth and Corrin look really cool as playable characters but after this trailer I have negative intrest in the story now, I wish they had just gone full mugen and had forgone the story, and had just let us have a bunch of different characters from throught the series and let us go wild with it. I'm still planning on picking up the game, I'll just ignore the story.
  4. winner winner chicken dinner I'm too lazy to explain it so I'm quoting the first right answer ________________________ day 3 Rezzy has five bags of candies to give her nieces. Four of the bags have a total of 84 candies, the fifth contains four candies less than the average of the five bags. How many candies are in the fifth bags?
  5. I couldn't even watch the danm trailer without having to take breaks "THE POWER OF FRIENDSHIP" is so danmed in your face about it, it really makes me not want to buy it
  6. I rent most of mine I can't do PDF, because if I read my books on my PC I'll get easily distracted and start a thread in FFTF instead of reading
  7. his son
  8. it helps pay for the textbooks
  9. Day 1 answer: his son Day 2 which one of of the following words does not belong with the others and why? Father Aunt Sister Cousin Mother Uncle
  10. as someone who goes around and buys old games for the sole purpose of reselling $70 -$ 80 both is an average price
  11. It's a once in a lifetime event, total solar eclipses are very rare on land not to mention you can see the night sky in the midddle of the day
  12. danm, total darkness was weird, I really can't describe how weird that just was
  13. GREAT... now the earth's shaking, the ground is on fire, and the wind is getting dark ....fucking tourists
  14. I own every game physically even the rare Thracia 776 non digital nintendo power version (don't ask what I had to pay for it)
  15. UGGGHHH, now there's tourists outside in black robes doing some satanic chant