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  1. after many years of just sitting and watching I've learned that 90% of a reason a game sells so well is just pure hype, just look at No Mans Sky, that game sold like crazy on release just because of all the hype surrounding it. As for Echoes, I really haven't seen this game get a lot of hype, or even that much press coverage but, I'll also just go with the 3DS is getting old argument to go along with the lack of hype
  2. So I've cleared all of the enemies off of the screen, and Celica just got her promotion, and now I'm lost as I don't know any Japanese Alm and Celica are at the top of each map near what what looks like a gate, I have no idea how to proceed
  3. I feel that I'm partly responsable for this misinformation to begin spreading, If I had just understood what was being told to me this mess might not have happened I feel a bit guilty about this, my bad
  4. yes, but that decision was probably made before the game was announced, so if it weren't I'd assume that the name would have been Fire Emblem: Echoes Shadows of Valentia instead of Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia
  5. so, I was partly correct? I'll take it as a victory as it looks like "Echoes" has a different meaning than when it was originally pitched as a replacement to the word "gaiden"
  6. I really hate giant maps as I find them to take too long to get through, and since I dislike using savestates it's just a huge pain if a unit I like dies and I have to waste another 2 hours just to get back to where I was.
  7. okay, I'm still not getting your point, if Echoes means nothing in Japan than why is it there, like IF, it has no meaning in japanese but it does have a purpose, as the IF has something to do with the game, the choice of the MC
  8. I'm not very good at articulating my words so point 1. if echoes isn't a subseries then why does the word Echoes exist both in the japanese title and the international title point 2. I don't think that FE 11&12 having shadow in their title has anything to do with echoes, as the games came out very far between their original releases
  9. I'm still not convinced that Echoes is in the title just to look cool, with the exception of Gaiden and Thracia 776 none of the English titles have any remenants of the original Japanese title in them.
  10. I don't think that they were planning "that" far ahead and the Japanese title was New Dark Dragon and The Sword of Light New Dark Dragon and the Sword of LightNew Dark Dragon and the Sword of Light and now your comparing an English title with a Japanese title
  11. I think we'll have to wait a couple of years to find out if Echoes is a sub series, I think I'm right in that Echoes is the sub-title for the remakes hell I jokingly called Corrin for smash right before Roy got leaked for smash 4, said I wanted Gaiden to get a remake in my serenes interview 2 or 3 weeks before SoV was announced, and I joined serenes 2 days before Fates was announced.
  12. so are we agreeing that Echoes may be a subseries? my brain is a bit fried from school atm I think Echoes is to mean a call back to the past, like I think that an FE4 remake would be called Fire Emblem Echoes: Blood of Jugdral
  13. I still think that Echoes is the added title that will be used for future remakes I'm only making this basis due to how Echoes is in the title "Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia" where Echoes exists above Shadows of Valentia like how Fire Emblem Fates ("if", for the weeb) has a subtitle Birthright , Conquest, Revelation., I feel that Echoes is going to be used in the title for future remakes. I don't think "Shadows" is going to be in every title Nintendo of Europe is weird ______________ I'm going to argue with shadowofchaos by saying with the exception of Fire emblem 14 what Japanese title has english words in it, even FE if had a subtitle that was Japanese
  14. 13 left, I'm begining to run on my fumes somebody kill me
  15. I'm at 700 words and 29 more articles to go thanks for the encouragement everyone I'm going to finish this one up and go to bed after this