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  1. 4 more DLC characters, place your bets now

    Here are my bets 1. Ederic Dragon Quest 2. Master Chief 3. Jace Belerin 4. Free Space Knowing that we have an additional 10 dlc spots and assuming that Ultimate is a platform game I want to say Scorpion and Sub-Zero will be added together at the same date. I also want Momiji Inubashiri to be added, but I'm never going to get that.
  2. Finally a Felicia alt. My satisfaction is immeasurable, my day is saved. RIP wallet
  3. I'm Kinda Back

    Well, I've been gone for a little while, I try to log in once a day to see what's going on. Anyways I've been busy with work and stuff, and now I'm an apprentice auctioneer in the state of TN. My new chicks are about ready to go outside after the weather clears up on Friday. Well I'm glad to be back
  4. War of The Spark Trailer

    I've got to say that's the best [email protected]#&ing trailer WoTC has ever put out, it's just amazing I've never seen them put a trailer with actual animation.
  5. I have 2 spring Pallas. Both have an ark bane, one has a spd boon and the other has def. If I were to merge them should that negate the -atk bane when she reaches lv 40
  6. Do you gamble?

    I did once. I was with my grandfather on a cruise ship, he gave me $40 to play with. I won $80 playing black jack I then lost it all because I was unknowingly counting cards and didn't realize they shuffled 5 decks together to prevent that. I then lost all the extra cash I brought with me. I think I may have a little or with gambling.
  7. Binding Blade Unreleased Chinese Prototype

    Wow, that's really cool! Wonder if those pre dlc maps were a part of the base Chinese version? Hopefully so we can finally be able to play them without having to find a Japanese cart that has the maps on them. Edit. Oof, miss read post, maybe they're not in it
  8. Anyone Here Do Crossfit?

    Just kind of curious to see if anyone else here does as well. I've been doing crossfit for about 5 years now. These are my best 1RM Best mile was 8:32 Back Squat 365 Benchpress 210 Front Squat 200 (can't keep a lot of weight where I had surgery on my shoulder up front) Deadlift 310 Powercling 200 Singles 185 nonstop.
  9. Why dose no one make Peri a paladin?

    Wait, people actually used Peri? She makes a good benchwarmer if she isn't sacrificed.
  10. Help Me Name My Chicks!

    they're all girls, the problem is that silkies have really odd feathers. Normally you can check with their wings a day or 2 after hatching as boys will have strait feathers and girls will have curved, silkie feathers are essentially fluff, as far as I know they're the only breed with this problem. I won't know if she's a boy or a girl until around June/July. that's my dog's name
  11. Help Me Name My Chicks!

    So these are my new birbs I got to add onto my current flock, right now they should be ready to join by August The black one is a frizze/l The white one is a wyandotte The brown one is a buff cochin and the tiny white one in the corner is a silkie, I wont be naming it for a while because silkie chickens can't be sexed at birth due to their feathers, and it might be a rooster. Looking to give them FE related names like my other birds
  12. I Come From The Year 2022, AMA About The Cereal Of Our Time

    It was actually banned in late 2019, the majority is brought into the states via Canadian cartel. It's a multi billion dollar industry by January 2020 very, if Cheerios were donoughts Weetabix would be the donut holes still, however during the great split of July 2019 one box came with shaved down edges to reduce mouth cutting Fruit Loops replaced the lime flavor with green apple. There were riots, and many lost their lives no they wen't extinct, Corn Flakes were destroyed when we mad contact with aline life in 2020 Rice Krispes are now only allowed if you intend to make Rice Krispie treats well yes...but actually no. But we have Netflix streaming for our eyelids and you can watch Family Matters that way I'm confused, did you actually eat that cereal? So, I guess my answer is yes, sales went up 259% after that event you may want to buy stocks in it now depressed may be the more appropriate term
  13. I Come From The Year 2022, AMA About The Cereal Of Our Time

    The crater that was left behind after Colonel Sanders introduced his KFCereal in 2020 to compete with the Whopper cereal which was brought to market 6 months prior. This led to an epic DBZ style fight between the two titans that destroyed a 4th of the state of Kentucky. It is believed that the formula to make the apple flavoring was left behind in a crater after Sanders used 11% of his power.
  14. To begin to world was nearing a new ice age in 2020, it was resolved by Kellogg's introducing apple flavored Apple Jacks. Regular Cheerios still exist AMA about our cereal.
  15. Payday loans