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  1. So the title say it all I'm looking for something pretty basic, I'm looking into making my series of budget decks available in a video format thanks for your help Serenes
  2. Stories About Your Jobs

    Well I work at an auction house so I get to see a lot So about two weeks ago, one of our regulars brought in some boxes he cleaned out of a storage bin (storage stuff coming in is really common), and after we unloaded his truck we noticed that one of the boxes reeked. While cleaning out the cardboard box my aunt pulls out 1oz of pot. Some customers bought a washing machine and decided the best way to bring it home that night was to strap it on to the roof of their sedan. The roof was crushed before they even left the parking lot. I've got a few more if anyone is interested. I'm at work rn, something funny might happen tonight.
  3. Projared

    he just keeps digging his own grave.
  4. RIP Grumpy Cat

    Time to press f F One of the earliest pieces of meme culture gone. He shall be missed
  5. Weight loss thread

    I did a weird mix of a keto and paleo diet, where I would mainly eat meat and vegetables with only a few carbs a day (about 50 for me), and doing crossfit for 5 days a week. It was pretty nice as I could still snack on pork rinds every now and then since they're a very low carb snack. Went from 245 to 220 a couple years ago. I'd personally say to cut carbs, you can still get fast food just cut the sugary drinks, fries, and throw away the bun, I would ho yo McDonalds and get 2 mcdoubles plain and throw the bun to my chickens in the yard if I had to get a quick meal in. I'd say find a gym to work out at, personally I think working out in a group is a lot better as it helps keep you in check making sure your doing what you're supposed to be doing. I think crossfit is the best at this, and if you're interested the classes always have a scaled version of the workout if you're not strong enough to do the full one.
  6. Projared

    Well not everything is known 100% right now, but the dickpicks are real. I've seen prejarred's shlong now and I can't unsee it. I'm going to get me some eyebleach now ___ Seriously though, why did he send picks of his schlong with his face in it
  7. Projared

    A YouTuber, he has gaming channel. He got caught whacking it on stream when he thought the camera was off. Thankfully you couldn't see him doing it, because it was under the desk.
  8. Projared

    Agreed, it's sad to see when someone quits, like Dave from Gamesack. I'll keep my subscription on his channel and see what it does to him, doubt it's going to hit him as had as MundaneMatt. ___ And if those accusations are true, he won't be the only Jarred eating a $5 footlong.
  9. What FE music would you suggest to play at a wedding?

    Scions Dance in Purgatory
  10. Sonic the Hedgehog-The Movie Trailer

    this movie is going to be a meme goldmine NSFW
  11. Moved The Chicks Outside

    Rooster can be really noisy, and I'm not 100% sure on my zoning, I'm pretty isolated and my neighbors are family or live a little too far away to hear one tbh if he's not to noisy or aggressive I'll probably keep him around to protect his little harem I'm deciding between Chrom or Roy
  12. Moved The Chicks Outside

    I wouldn't be able to keep it, right now it's leaning towards being a boy I'm looking into rehoming it after it grows up in August they chirp alot
  13. Sonic the Hedgehog-The Movie Trailer

    sponge monkey!
  14. Sonic the Hedgehog-The Movie Trailer

    that's a scary thought
  15. Moved The Chicks Outside

    Finally got to move the babies to their own coop outside White Black Wyandotte - Elencia Black Frizzle - Mia (until I'm sure it's a girl, she might be a rooster) Brown Buff Cochin - Titania White Silke - no name yet, can't tell if it's a girl yet