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  1. Stardew Valley

    I played a lot of Harvest Moon in the past, but I felt that the recent ones kinda 'lacking' and doesn't go deep enough. Except Rune Factory 4, praise RF4, but does it count ?. Stardew Valley really go as far as a Harvest Moon can go and I really, really, really love it. Over 100 hours into the game, and for me, that's lot. I really enjoyed 100% the game. The only Harvest Moon game I actually collected all the fishes ! Or Items ! The map I picked was the Forest Farm, cuz I figured I need a lot of wood, well, I was right on that, it was kind of hard to make the farm pretty.
  2. Etrian Odyssey V: Beyond the Myth

    Yeah, I was level 70 too and it was still hard. :p For milk, I recently find some on Floor10F when I was completing my map further, a lost guard was on the A5 and gave me one. No idea where he is next though. Gosh, Star Devourer hate people, it's like the final boss, only the gimmick have multiple bars of HP. And it oneshot you.
  3. Ooooooh, Baldur's Gate ! I love them ! But I actually had a few things I really hate about it. BGII and TOB are not as interesting and cool as BGI was. BGI was massive, and had a massive selection of NPC to choose, then, starting with BGII, they started reusing some ressources they used in BGI, there is much less characters, the 'world' seems so tiny compare to BGI. And let's not talk about TOB which is ridiculous. -The Reputation is designed with the foot, no way arround it. It's crap. -If you have female character, you want a romance, but dislike Anomes you're boned. Hope you have some mods, and even then... -The NPCs added in the Enhanced Edition completly seems out of place compared to pretty much everything in the game. And they're not cool. Except for the Half-Orc Blackguard (BLACKGUARDGASM !). He is cool. Still out of place, but so cool. And he is interesting without going into Bioware esque... or rather Mass Effect and Dragon Age -esque weirdness of writing. And his quests... -Speaking of Evil, well, you can't be Evil, at all, the games are clearly not done in a way that allows you to be anything than good. Try to be evil, prepare to have the game smack your fingers. The weird thing it, they sometime, rarely but sometime, did put some Evil aligment choices, which means that they thought about Evil-aligned characters, problem is, those Evil choices are most of the time, rare and hard to find. One of them about corrupting a druidic forest, but you must have low reputation to access it, and reputation is designed, with the foot, so you'll need to get behind some innocent killing, and a lot of guards before you could get that option. What's worse, that option doesn't even pay well. Speaking of that, now that we are talking about 7th Dragon III, my main character have the sexiext, manliest... deepest adult voice in the world. So it that make things awkward. :p And the even more funny thing: fy haracter look fairly normal... but one of the portrait is that of an old man. So much waifu and husbando in this game, it's actually pretty sad that you, or rather the game and it's ending, only count two of them. I actually like Stella Glow, not love, but I like it. But it have one thing I can't really forgive. The dreaded plot cliche... Poor Communication Kills, where interesting things could have been done if Hilda opened her damn mouth, and Alto actually acted like a hero, instead of the miserable anime main character that he is. By that, I mean, using his brain. Oh and, then he hit the BSOD, he hit it hard enough to make him half-dead, because you know, anime and non-logic, and people give him crap about it, again, because in anime, you deserve to get insulted and hurt if you ever show negative emotions like sadness. Gives me Tales of the Abyss PTSD. D: Also, after Popo's arc, which was interesting, the plot become boring, the Sakuya's arc feel like a filler (and she is a tsundere, thus a garbade character), and even if Morte's arc is interesting... it just go like a letter at the post. And Morte is not interesting. :/ Until you hit 'the plot twist', things are pretty boring, and the plot twist is not that good. Like I said, I like Stella Glow, not love, that's why. :p
  4. Etrian Odyssey V: Beyond the Myth

    'Without a dedicated healer... I'm sorry what ?' Whaaat ?That boss was such an annoyance, it was terrible, and you say 'I did it without the big healer' I must sucks. Good luck for the post game !... You'll guestion the sanity of some characters though. And the post game dungeons will make you mad if you disliked the 4th Stratum gimmick, which I did. I have a (very) hard time with THE superboss of the game, so in waiting, I'm collecting conditional drops that I missed. Man, classes exclusive equipments are good. I might actually 100% the game if that continue. Oh yeah, protip, there's a FOE who can suddenly appear on the map while you're walking, at the last floor of the 5th Stratum, South West of the map. Huh... best careful !
  5. The Rainbow team huh,... does that mean that Saruman will be in it ? Ahah. :p I want to see it so much.
  6. Etrian Odyssey V: Beyond the Myth

    I, frankly, dislike the final boss. Not hate, just dislike. The stratum in itself is cool, I love the gimmick and the last floor of it... it's also a good introduction to 'confronting an FOE then escaping to continue is actually not a bad idea especially if you dislike spaming Threads'. RIP those. Escape is surprisingly easy in this game.
  7. Shin Megami Tensei V Revealed

    To be a deconstruction of the concept before the concept. It's not hard to understand, no ? Or are we going into even more technically ? That or you didn't actually played Megami Tensei or SMT1, which show precisely what would go wrong if a catching monster device would exist. Not that I blame you, they're pretty old, but if it's to play the captain contrarian and not trying to understand what I'm trying to say... :/ It's bad to be a hipster or a grown-up baby ? Pokemon and Persona have one thing in common: They don't give actually give answers to the problems they show and love to use story shotcuts, aka deus ex machinas. :p
  8. FE16 "leaks"

    The funny thing is, it sounds actually like something they would do it's kind of crazy. Of course, we'll have to see if, in the end, it's true or not. If not, well, that sounds actually pretty cool.
  9. Shin Megami Tensei V Revealed

    Hm ? What I meant is that the concept of pokemon, that is catching creatures, is deconstruted fast in the first game and show how fast things would go so wrong if such things were to exist. We're not going into the 'technically' are we Pokemon is not a series were your mother is devored and possessed, or where you fuse your dog with a demon in a Cathedral, so it can be a Cerberus, no ?
  10. Etrian Odyssey V: Beyond the Myth

    RIP Third Stratum Boss. I almost feel bad for it, he was easy. ... Also RIP all my TP healing items, Amritas and Hamaos, but that's the why you keep those items. It's still jarring though, the third stratum is hard as hell, but the boss ? Nope.
  11. Shin Megami Tensei V Revealed

    Hopefully, it won't have a shaddy writing like 4 and Apocalypse that fall on it's face with it's story and theme. Like, this is SMT, not Persona, and certainly not a stupid anime. ...I said that, but thank goodness, they let us choose Massacre/Anarchy ending. Not many game would be so kind or ballsy to let us choose between the stupid weaboo ending or this is the real shit ending. Haven't you heard ? Tokyo is the center of the world, the universe even ! For all japanese things. :p You know, at first SMT was more of a deconstruction of pokemon (before pokemon funnily enough) then a Cyber-Punk universe (I'm not kidding, that bad pretty cool), then all of this was tonned down for the Gods, Demons, Ideals, humanity we have now. Casual... Persona... hiiiiiiisssssss... Eh, just kiding, now that I have a PS4, I'm gonna buy P5, even though I know the plot ride won't be pleasant. ... What ? I though I could never play it ! Of course I'm going to look at all the spoil in the world ! I'm going to do the same with SMT5 since I'll never havec a Switch !
  12. Someone badmouthed Azure Striker Gunvolt. Somebody call the cops. More seriously, opinions guys, opinions. Though I don't agree. it seems like he couldn't take the difficulty of the game. Hmm, I bought FFXIII at 5 or so euro, but it wasn't really a mistake, since I fully expected it to be bad, it was more 'I have 5 bucks now what', than anything. I love Minecraft, it's honestly one of the best game I ever played, but after a while, my computer couldn't take it anymore, it was too old, so I bought the 360 version... the differences between both were... striking. The size of the world is painful. Oh, and Terraria on 3DS. Good grief, how is it possible to make such ridiculously tiny maps ? And when you beat the wall of flesh and the hardcore mode is activated (or whatever it is called) it is literally tiny blocks that were transformed, like; what the actual hell. The 360 version on the other hand, do it's job. Everyone hate it, and so far, I can see why. But good grief, you said that the main character is pathetic even when you take Corrin by comparison, it make the game seems even worse in my eyes.
  13. Etrian Odyssey V: Beyond the Myth

    Unlocked third stratum. It looks awesome ! Also...
  14. There's one Youtuber that I like, Zaric Zhakaron, who talk mainly about TES but he's pretty open about other things, who did a video named "Don't Attach Your Identity to Things You Like", surprisingly, it talk about what you expect. I suggest we all try to do that. Others opinions, likes and dislikes, it's all normal: What one person love, others, multiple or even a lot will hate. Let's try to not let it get to us, and if it does, let's try to be civil to each other. 'I like this character because X' 'X ? That's ridiculous' 'But I don't like him/her because X !' Of course, one's opinion might get past all of that, I... can fall victim to that.
  15. Etrian Odyssey V: Beyond the Myth

    Finally defeated that boss. i'm now at 9F. Phew, things are much more easier when the first boss is gone. So yeah, pro tips for everyone, grind a little bit, buff your weapons with ice, buy some Nectar, bring all your Amrita/Soma/Hamao, you'll need everything, especially the TP healing items and forge your weapons. Oh, and use the Unions Skills, as much as you can, especially Hygiia's Bowl was VERY useful. Things were much more easier: Still died once but It was an exam boss. The second Stratum is so fun, I never imagined it would that kind of scenery. Also, I got 5000 EXP by giving berries to a squirel ! :p