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  1. It has some flaws, Celica being sorta dumb, Rudolf's plan not being foolproof, but I really love the story nonetheless. But maybe it's just Fates' story that made my standard rot away, who knows ? :p Aaaaaaaand now I feel dumb for not noticing sooner. :p I feel dumb for not noticing that that too. :p But y'know, if Mycen is a general by merit instead of blood, doesn't that make Alm, his 'grandson', a noble then ? Huh, the morality is broken no matter how I not at it. Still 100% better than Naruto. Still love the plot all the way.
  2. Talking about a canon pairing for a game that do ship-tease with the player most of the time seems weird imo. :p Hell, Celica lv40 dialogue give some serious vibe, as werid as it sound. So basically, Vortex is Ultra-Hard mode, while this Wedding thing is like the Spring Festival, only with Wedding dress, am I wrong ?
  3. Awakening really did a piss poor job. Fates is fine imo. ... Though both are too much annoying and headache inducing. -- But yeah, I like branching promotion, but I suppose it does depend of the game.
  4. Some classes are either edgy or over the top. I'm not really complaning though. Except for the archer's design, especially the bow, it give mesome Awakening PTSD flashback there. And no Elephant. I feel betrayed. I'll stop playing the game right now. ... No but seriously, I really would haveloved an elephant archer. As weird as it is. Pegasus' look like a Dark Flier, but on fire ! What's more badass than a Nightmare ? A nightmare pegasus ! Dread Fighter's looks more like a Samurai than a Ninja, which I'm fine with. Saint's... doesn't seem that different but is cool. I really love Gold Knight's and Baron's, though Baron's is very... Spartan-ish. Feels odd with the game. That shield though. Gold Knight's look like holy knights, that's badass. Alm's and Celica looks cool, but damn, it's over the top as hell. Arg that awakening shitty emblem ! Gameplay wise, no idea. :p Summoning Draco-zombie... dream come true. Must be OP as hell though. Here I thought summoning Pegasus or Dread Fighter was good. "Phalanx (Def/2% chance of negating damage; increased chance with adjacent allies)" Ah. Ah... Well... aything goes I guess.
  5. Nnnnnnope. He had a tragic past and all, but nope. Too much of a jerkass. Like Berkut.... except Berkt doesn't have a tragic past and is a bigger jerkass... so, nevermind the comparison.. But damn, he really did a good job in the writing imo;
  6. It might be childish, but about Mila and Duma... Wait, aren't they a popular pairing ? Oh my goodness. :p I like this one !
  7. I prefer Celica, Sword, Black and White Magic.... but my goodness, her maps... Oh Hello desert, I did not missed you guys.at all. Multitasking is bae.
  8. I wouldn't call her a hypocrite or bigot, especially after I gained more insight about her character. She seems to be stressed out as all hell... and dumb. Alm, the math is easy to do, the empire do crap and attack. There's the rebellion. Alm join it and become it's leader. The logic is there. If you expect a victim to not do anything, there's problem. Wherea Celica is... naive,' kay let's go to the temple, maybe it'll fix everything, and later trust that one guy. You catch on what Alm is going to do, and it make sense, Not so quickly for Celica and then... well, naive; Not gonna lie, it's sorta frustrating at the end, but I love this game too much. It's doesn't bother much at all.
  9. Yeah, I kinda feel the same... in comparison to my other units. Must be a price to pay for ranged attack. I also had the brilliant idea of making Tobin into an archer... he's not that bad, but I look at Atlas, that I made into a Dread Fighter, and compare their stats.... I'm saying that I miiiiiight have kinda srewed up. :p And I dunno if I was RNG boned, but Leon and Python were pretty much the same as Tobin. Go figure. :p Like I said, there must be price to pay for the ranged attack, but when I have Mathilda, Catria, or Saber who have stats (and ATK.... and also some ranged weapon) that are just that much better, I wonder why should I bother. Guess I'll make Atlas into an Archer in my next game to see if he's that good as an archer.
  10. What the.. ? Nomah a Dread Fighter ? ... Why ? Is he good, better as a Dread, or ?... Well, with those stats, the coins, and the weapons, it doesn't really matter. RIP Duma man. :p Holy crap, the voices, the musics, it's so freaking good !
  11. I don't see how her argument is different than the NES version though. I mean, how to say that... yeah, it's updated and all, but in the end Celica is in the weird spot. "You're the one to talk about stubborness, geez..." no joke. :p There's no 'That's mean Celica !, sadface.
  12. Oh ? That's pretty cool !
  13. Because Classes. Sweet delicious and unnecessary classes.
  14. Just wait until you've seen Sonya or te other blond. I mean.... damn ! Even now, I still sometime call the game Gayden, it was pretty cool when I realised that it's not how you pronounce it. :p I kinda agree with the magic system, when the HP are the ressources instead of the item itself, things are more fun. It's kind of mind-blowing to see that archers doesn't murder pegasus, eh ?
  15. Huh, nice finding. I still consider it retcon. ... So does that mean it's their fault we have to face those crap farces of a map-design ? ... even in death, they manage to be assholes. :p