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  1. Soul Calibur VI!

    Visibly, Kilik accepted his destiny, and choosed to feature Raiden from Metal Gear. It's completly him . 'The hair are not white'. Shhh. :p Nightmare-sama, under that armor, you look as fabulous as always !
  2. Does Mark Undermine Lyn, Eliwood, Hector, etc?

    It's been said already, but Mark, unlike Kris, Robin and Corrin, is not a walking black hole aspiring good things that exist. They are faceless, only have a few dialogues focused on them. You could take them out, and nothing would really change... and you can actcually do just that. Unlike Robin, they actually seems like actualy tacticians. That's the reason why I think next Avatars should take a page of Mark. The fact s/he not a mary-sues is just the cream.
  3. What I find beautiful is that people worked for Net Neutrality, worked for good and fair rules for everyone. And all of that work, turned to nothing thanks to a few idiots of non-importance that came out of nowhere. It's like when we go from Obama as president, a guy who became pretty much a symbol, (Like Net Neutrality, golly) to Trump, the drop of level is large. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ But yeah, I think people should talk more about it, that's how things should work, I was really surprised when I saw... not many people talk about it.
  4. This is just stupid.

    You know what else would have been interesting ? Actual choices with them actually influencing things, like say, the final boss you'll get. Truly, I'm a genius of game design. /sarcasm. No, but seriously, I read 'Sakura as a final boss', I'm like 'Genius !'. A character that represent kindness, innocence, healing or heck, Mikoto,, who welcome Corrin with open arms but eventually hate him for what he did and become the final boss. Like that's more interesting than Takumi, who's just an asshole who hate Corrin, for no reasons, then hate him for actually good reasons. (but they ignore it, because you know, Fates writing.)
  5. Etrian Odyssey V: Beyond the Myth

    Kind of funny how it's actually in the post game that you learn how important binds and ailments are, to the point of trivializing the post boss. Except Star Devourer. They are 'merely' practical against him. Fujimi... Furofushi... 100% ! Finally ! Everything is done, the maps, the monsters, the conditional drops, all the quests. Even, the freaking. chests. That are hidden, in the 5th Stratum. And boy, to get them you have to go far. Everything is done, the feeling of accomplishment is there, it's beautiful.
  6. Soul Calibur VI!

    I thought we passed the time of silly reboot to be honest, so I'm pretty surprised. Man, it reminds me just how many good characters were added in III, and that we'll probably won't see them. It sounds kinda silly said like that, a singleplayer mode in a fighting game, and but man, II and III had the best mode, and I was like 'if only they could make it better in the next game, it would be cool', then IV came out with some cool features, but it was kind of drop out of quality. Then, there is V. Those only good thing was... could have been the story mode. If they didn't cut most of it. And if the characters replacements weren't such annoyance. There's a reason why Siegfried was in III. :p Thought I was bummed to see my beloved Nightmare being slowed down. Oh well, I suppose he was too powerful.
  7. Soul Calibur VI!

    Thanks for the link pal., Let me make the sounds of me spiting the cola I was drinking. V was bad enough that it was not only retconned, but it caused a reboot of the entire franchise ! :p More seriously, that's a bold move. Hmm, we don't learn much, it's a reboot, return two (great !) characters. What interest me, but don't understand, is this Reversal Edge thing, it's basically conter-attack, no ? Ahaha, reminds me that Mitsurugi was supposed to be the main character of the games, nostalgia, then you take me.... Hey, Arthas-with-fleshy-eyed-sword come here, I want to see your artwork ! Hope the game won't be minimalist. I want my bread and butter !
  8. Kokuoh is getting replaced, Epona doesn't exist. :p Holy hell, Sidon is cute as a kitten.
  9. Soul Calibur VI!

    Loved II and III. Very dissapointed by IV and V. Now, we wait to see if VI is the Messiah of the series not. Amen.
  10. Shin Megami Tensei V Revealed

    First of all, I would like to apologize to everyone about the mess I started, while I do believe I really put my foot in my mouth and misunderstood as I'm not very eloquent, I also believe that I was unpleasant. So once again, I apologize for it. I recomend SMTIV or SMTIV Apocalypse for beginners. You don't need to play SMTIV to understand SMTIVA, but you'll miss some plot points, and then they're the one where you have to be really careful. If you had to pick one or two, based on your post, I'll say pick SMTIVA, and I suggest you watch a LP of SMTIV. Just my opinion. If you do pick SMTIV, let me warn you, the map and the quest system are a continuous pain in the butt. Same with the endings, well, sorta. An interesting thing about SMTIVA, is that it actually addressed the 'aligment problem' that SMTIV talked about in a serious, logical, manner, but meanwhile you have an annoying cast, full of friendship talk, and anime-esque scenes, which left me somewhat confused as to what they tried to do. Moving on, it reminds of two factions, one called the Ring of Gaea, aligned with chaos, who appeared in almost every SMT, IV and IVA included. The second one, aligned with Law, is called the Order of Messiah, who did appeared in most games... but not SMTIV and IVA. Yeah I know that member of the Ring of Gaea are called Gaeans, and that those of the Order of Messiah are called Messians, but I thought it was interesting enough to be noted. Put a like if you tried to recruit a Messians, only for said Messians to run with your money. :p
  11. Fate/Grand Order USA

    I"m not much of a Nasuverse fan, but damn, this game look great. I wish I had a mobile. I could search for a manner to play it on emulator on PC, but I'm not too keen on the idea of constantly being en guarde of having the emulator being banned for stupid reasons, rendering my progress moot and redoing it again, only for it to happens. Again. Speaking of the game... i think what they did with Da Vinci was genius. It's the Joconde, it's Da Vinci. Total respect. Total admiration. That said, I don't remember the Mona Lisa having such... weird clothing. But I'll never forgive what they did to Oda Nobunaga. Never. Like. Never.Sweet Katana-riffle thought, shows the beautiful fridge brilliance.
  12. Going to Take Break From SF for a While

    That's a shame, I enjoyed seeing you and your posts there and there. (that.... sorta sounded creepy) It's understandable though, there's a lot of things in Serenes, it's not a forest, it's a jungle, and if your dedicated enough, lot of time can be taken. Whelp, that's not a goodbye Take care, see you soon, my Anguished pal ! (reference to his avatar)
  13. It is basically all about if you want the dracoshield or not. As for killing him, it is pretty much all about the crit. Pray my friend. You'll need it. Is this dracoshield really worth the trouble ? Eeeeeeeh, it depends on you. In my opinion, not really by that point of the game, as opposite to the first dracoshield, I only killed Jedah at that map for ego's sake, so I could say 'Ahah ! Killed him 'n' got the shield !'
  14. ... There's a plot in this game ? Other than the 'boring goody trio/quatuor of hold your hand' ? :p Even though the game is clearly not the worst, I'll never understand why they would create a plot that is so, so not in the front for gamre. Everything certainly changed... because I understand that there's anothee kingdom and they're not wuss, where do I sign to be with the baddies ? I'm not too fond of Yllise 3.0. ... Evil, me ? No. Pragmatic. :p
  15. Fire Emblem Heroes Website Voice Lines

    ... I'll want that dragon to be recruitable then. Oh boy, how much we'll bet it'll be a waifu/husbando ? :p