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  1. Eh, who saw that comming ? I didn't, but I should have. Still an interesting mechanic all in all. I can't wait for some character to come out. Like Nergal. Or Sonia. Or Ashnard. Or Izuka. You are free to pick up your vomit. :p Or hell, why not GrimaRobin or whatever. Maybe WitchCelica *shivers of pleasure* Wouldn't be kind of a waste to support Brave Lyn ? I mean, she is already broken, wouldn't it be better to support another unit that is min-maxed to the... max erm, so you can have two broken things or massive destruction ? But boy... oh boy, speaking of min-max this is going to be such an headache. You are a genius ! I think you might have resolved the Cordelia problem.
  2. What ? What ? What ? Remake ? Oh Secret of Mana ? Oh my goodness I want it, I want it, I want iiiiiiiiiiit. One of my first game ever, which introduced me to RPGs and, well, games, and I can safely say that yeah, it's still a perfect game that I can replay fondly time and time again. Replaying it, not as the SNES version, but as a remake will be a great experience. RIP Seiken Densetsu 3 though, but oh well, it belongs to the fandom.
  3. This video was pretty cool and detailled as usual. Thanks ! I really like Nino as a character; FE7's character are all pretty cool, but I think NIno rank pretty high in the top..
  4. We are going that much on the technically use of the word bipolar ? Maybe I should have said that Mila was looking awfully melancholic before she went crazy then. Would have spared my dignity.. :p ... You're kidding me right ? She's literally shown to blast her temple, her followers, Rudolf's follower with a blast of energy right in the anime cutscene, wherea the most of what Rudolf's army is shown to do just before is slaming doors, walking straight to her, and getting blasted away. The ravage in the temple doesn't seem to be made by men, heck, it doesn't even seem to be made by magic at all. what Mila did on the other hand. Dude, you're the one who started about bad moment and realism, I just followed suit and pointed out how overkill and irrational it was both from the writing and character. :/ Also, how convenient that she is the only character who does that. :p Well... to be fair, Celica kinda tecnically did, but I prefer to stay away since she is a mixed bag herself too. And she didn't went to such huge scale and explode things. And you're right she can be upset and all, but that's not the subject at all, just like I'm not 'downplaying' her at all. Geez. And the smile too ? :p No but seriously, you just can't tell me she doesn't look crazy on that shot, like, her expression wouldn't be out of place on a yandere, or hell, a certain character from Pokemon Sun and Moon. Also, like I said just above no other character have such aesthetics design or actions... then again, they don't have much of such moments, so take that as you will.
  5. Tension... Okay. She is a goddess, or rather a divine dragon, she saw the Falchion, learned that the divine pact of whatever with her brother was voided, and in a moment of 'tension' almost destroy her own temple, her priestess, and everything. Truly, this along with her slasher smile can only be because of a bad day. :p.. Seriously, there's a form of madness called being bipolar, if my english doesn't fail me. "Poor understanding of insanity"... dude... just no. In the memory 'The Lasting Promise', Ruldof also mention Duma's madness, Same with Mycen on chapter 4's end, except he mention both, just putting that out. Again. Not saying that the people are dependent of the 'gods' isn't the main problem, just saying it.
  6. Yup, Jotari got it right. Thanks Jotari ! I'm preeeeeetty sure that Jedah say that madness is the destiny of all dragonkind, of some thing like that at some point in Celica's route. And that Rudolf and Mycen talk about both gods. More about Duma and sometime only Duma, but sometime, Mila's madness is mentioned too. Normally, I would happily agree with you about it being up to interpretation. Alas... :/ I'm not sure which scene you are talking about... but that scene where Mila blast everything was wayyyy too establishing in the coo-coo meter. If you are talking about the discussion between Desaix and Slayde, well there is proofs everywhere that they are not pulling bullcrap out of their asses. Like Jotari say, the difference between the 'two' Mila is pretty damning, and I'm like, 'Huh ?' 'what's the point' and 'That's incoherent' with what was established. :/
  7. Woah, hat's so cool ! And she had unused witch voiceclip in the original game too ! Also RIP Alm, couldn't even hurt a Mage. :p Eh, imagine what would've happened if he stabbed her with anything else than Falchion, that would've been awkward.
  8. Making creepy expressions doesn't mean that you might be crazy gotta admit... blastng the persons you're supposed to protect and doing crappy and questionable decisions however kiiiiinda does. Lol did you even pay attention to my post ? :p. Jest aside, I'm not going to pretend: this detail of her doing it to protect Duma might have slipped out of my mind, though I'm doubtful about it Can anyone confirm it to me if it's no trouble ? Though protection or no protection... Falchion was created precisely in case both of them would go crazy, so what gives ? Also, what do you mean no one say that Mila is crazy ? Like, Rudolf, Mycen and Jedah all say that both gods are going coo-coo if memory serves me right. Though Jedah... doesn't really count, him being Jedah... but my point is, most of the characters who know pretty much anything that there is to know about gods agree: They're starting to lose their crap. Everything is there. Not gonna lie, Mila's madness does seem underplayed compared to Duma, but it's still pretty much there.
  9. ... The fact that when Ruldolf came to say 'hi I'mma gonna kill you', she smiled like a freaking psycho ? And that she blasted her own temple and followers away ? (Ruldolf's too, but that one is expected) Or maybe th fact that she stupidly decided to seal Falchion away for no reasons ? Or maybe, the fact tath multiple characters actually outright who say it ? :p
  10. Why do you think people like me have a problem with them being dragons instead of gods ? :p Oh yeah, let's give a dragonkiller to two dragons who will eventually go insane and evil who will most likely use it to murder each other. The gasp ! As if giving a weapon to a crazy person was a bad idea ! Imagine that. (Nevermind the fact that said dragonkiller could have been used against Naga herself, for the love of...) Let's also leave them to their own devices so they can screw everything up, instead of killing or sealing them away like it was done with other problematic dragons. Hell yeah. Best plan ever, totally make sense. Genius writing.10/10 IGN. Too much water. Okay, sarcasm mode /off, I love this game, truly, but this doesn't make any sense from A to Z. No this is not smart, this is 100% retarded. And it doesn't help that they keep using mad people as an excuse, but that's a story for another thing. Which begs the question as to why the heck is she batshit insane if she have a dragonstone, since they are supposed to make dragons sane and keep them that way. :p
  11. She could have been under the Manakete class. That would have been fun. She is soooo gonna be in Heroes though, like, 99% sure of it.
  12. I totally, totally, totally, did not gave myself the Animus Ring thank to this editor. No sir. Kind of funny seeing Saber shooting fireball with his mind when attacked at distance though. Thanks you~~
  13. Really me ? Did I just freaking confused both kingdom ? I'm impressed in myself. Le sigh. My bad !
  14. Oh it is. I just meant that he is not the prince of it. Like I said, he's just there because of a very minor problem or hom-kingdom being invaded. :p Unless the 'prince' you were talking about was Caeda. :p
  15. Actually, he's not the prince of that island kingdom, he just took asile in. Everyone can do that already. Heck, that was the thing at the time. :p #Videogamewerebetterbefore