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  1. Oh, I know, I just purposedly ignored it to imagine what a EO open word would be. Basically, I was in a happy dream.
  2. What's your favorite Pokemon?

    Mage ? Okay so we're searching for a pokemon who's a mage themed, probably Fairy or Psychic. Gotta be tough. Luckily, the first word of your pseudo give us the answer instantly, Glaceon... Glace is french for Ice, so we are searching for a pokemon who's most likely Psy/Ice, and there's only one pokemon who fit the bill, Jynx Didn't know you liek them extra thicc pal. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) That or Smoochum, but Smoochum is... lame... and probably, maybe pedo I dunno what this thing is. Spoiler ? Pft, who needs them. So after this perfect and very short gag of mine... Though seriously, long before this topic, it took me a while because thinking ''Wait, Glaceon, as in, the pokemon ?', shame on me. My fav is Blaziken, I always found the concept of humanoid pokemon great, and not for the wrong reason. even if I do like Gardevoir, anyways, first time playing 3rd gen, I picked Torchic, the other two didn't had any apeal to me appearance wise, things were cool, things got even cooler when he evolved into a Fire/Fight Pokemon, things got even more cooler when he evolved into Blaziken. I love his design, I love the idea of a fire fighter human chicken, I love his stats, his attacks, his typing, it was love at first sight. They tried to milk the Fire/Fight type, but it was no use, Blaziken was the one and true ultimate pokemon in my heart and of others as well. That, and they sucked... except the monkey, the monkey was sorta cool, I kinda like him, not Blaziken level, but you know, enough to be said. For Legendary, I... dunno, I have a hard time, Giratina who have a whole Eldritch Lucifer wibe, but there is still my first legendary I ever caugh, Zapdos that is still in my heart.
  3. Take the money. Take the money so hard. I know the why, a celebreation of the series, but I don't know the how, but take the money. I hope the colors customizations... or all of it for that matters, will be even more pushed, I really loved those gimmicks. Speaking of gimmick, I wonder what will the Hero's be ? Be a Wanderer class ? A easy more ? A Solo ? A Fafnir ? Man do I miss Fafnir even if it was ridiculously, disgustingly, overpowered. So uh, subclasses ? Aka suffering my old friend ? That's gonna be hard on my head. Gotta be in the game, there's just too much classes, way too much for it not being there. I don't even want to start creating a team yet. :( ... Persephone and Muller looks shady as heeeeeeeeeeeeeell. *insert Gandalf creepy laugh* Friendly reminder: The localization of SMT:Strange Journey Delux will be out in May. It was out in Japan the 26/10...2017. It'll take them 7 mouths for the localization of a remake of a DS game and not even a full one apparently. Meanwhile in the past. EO5 04/08/2016 in Japan. 17/10/2017 for USA and EUR, if my fatigue doesn't get me too much, more than a year. ... The wait, if there will be one that is, will be long. Awaken ! Ayayaya ! Ahaha, that's way too ambitious, and too much freedom would be bad in the long run, but the idea is appealing.
  4. Why You Should Play Chrono Trigger

    Not gonna lie, I'didn't do most ending either, and the battle system kinda stopped being fun near the middle/end, it started to be basically who had the biggest beside a few exceptions, so I can actually understand what you are saying. The trial moment was awesome, but I can't really agree about the story, I thought it was grand on every single point. But hey, to each their own. I'm surprised you didn't mentioned the secondary quests at the end, they were quite impactful for... everything. I agree for Frog, he is the best character, he have the best development of all the characters, the best backstory, the best arc, the best quest, the best motivation. La grenouille 'est genial (trad: The frog is awesome). Well, imo, there is also that other character that might, just might compete with him, but that spoiler is too edgy if you see what I mean. Like I said to each their own, thank you for answering, I wasn't lying then I said I wanted to know your opinion about Chrono Trigger.
  5. About time ! Come to papa my new DQ ! Good grief though, what is wrong with their release ? They often screw up, just what is happening with the studio ?
  6. Why You Should Play Chrono Trigger

    I'm heartbroken, all the love and respect I had for you dispeared just because you don't like something I do. No seriously, why didn't you liked it ? Unless you talk about the PC version which I heard a few bad things about, but either way I'm honestly interested about it.
  7. Why You Should Play Chrono Trigger

    Played the SNES and DS versions, physical and emulation, I even played the french patched on emulation. I completed it six times I'm on my way for the seventh, always a pleasure, a great adventure, one of the best game of all times. I remember when I was a kid, I really didn't know jack bout english, so I often asked my dad to translate things for me, now those were the good times... and also a useless piece of nostaligic trivia. If you don't like Chrono Trigger, you are not human, you are probably some sort of entity who find fun in mediocre things. Die monster you don't belong in this world.... Eh, just kidding. Or you have a very unusual tastes and that's alright. Weird, because seriously dude, Chrono Trigger, but that's okay. I never played the PSX, or the PC version who recently came out. I suppose this topic was created for this one ? I heard a bit about it.
  8. How Into Avatars/Silent Protags Do You Get?

    A silent protag's quality depends of the game . And the story. And kinda the person who played the game obviously. I mean, we don't all have the same tastes. Zelda is... or rather was I guess ?... cool because I can easily put myself into Link's shoes, no personality, barebone backstory if he even has one. It's an adventure simulator. Then they started pulling absurd things like prophecy, timeline, retcons, reincarnations and the Zelda chilling... or chilling of anyone really. That's one of the reasons I could never get into Skyward Sword, cuz I didn't gave a damn about it all, Zelda included, I just wanted to go adventuring. It's... kind of ironic considering we are talking about what were linear games. I loved, The Witcher 3 for kinda the same reason, Geralt have a goal, a personality, a past, but those things actually make him malleable because of the world he's in, if that make any sense, most of the time, you don't bother with his actual goal, Ciri-sue, nope, it's all adventuring, witcher contracts, treasure hunt. Fun things, and that make sense, it's Geralt's job. There's also the choices and consequences, any choices that are proposed to the player, Geralt would do it too, that's the world of TW3. It's literally the stars that are alligned. FEA and FEFates were already explained, The Avatars have a (disgusting) personality, a past, goals (...?) but, with the added malus of being in a really, really bad story, with really, really bad characters, that just chills them. That's basically it. I like Mark from FE7 cuz you know one thing from him, he's a tactician and that's it. Nothing. Maybe a little tad of chill, but that's it. You could remove him from the story, and nothing would change. And you can do just that. Almost perfect insert. Etrian Odyssey, you are literally a group of adventurers ala Wizardry, everything is in your head. You can choose everything. to think you are one of the adventurer, the boss... anything is possible, that's the whole point. I'll finish this mess of a post by saying that, I think those kind of characters need a good balance, even if I have preferences for the silent ones, and that boy, this is a complicated subject. :p
  9. Soul Calibur VI!

    Wha ? Well... okay fine, it's cool I guess ? I mean, I love Geralt, I love The Witcher 3... but I don't see why they would do that, I mean, it must have costed lot of money for that cameo, money that could have gone into better uses. but... okay, I'm not complaining. ...Where's best waifu Roach ? :o
  10. I entered this topic while thinking 'What is this about something like water in the meat ?' Ahaha... ah... I'm too optimistic. More seriously, that's really screwed up. That's another of the many nightmate of poverty that I just discovered. The guy who eat say it was actually good, well I hope it won't kill him. :/ Knowing the source or not, it really doesn' t good to me in any rate.
  11. New Heroes: Those who Have fallen

    Whaaa- it took me this long to see that it finally happened ! About time I'd say, about damn time we got those kind of alt, not the 'Fufu, it's 'insert important day slash holliday of the year', let's create the same character, but with a different costume and weapon''. They can do better, proof is there and the Brave Heroes. The S-Support must be awkward though. Except for Takumi. :p' Betrayal, I have a gift for you ! A Corrin !
  12. Soul Calibur VI!

    Visibly, Kilik accepted his destiny, and choosed to feature Raiden from Metal Gear. It's completly him . 'The hair are not white'. Shhh. :p Nightmare-sama, under that armor, you look as fabulous as always !
  13. Does Mark Undermine Lyn, Eliwood, Hector, etc?

    It's been said already, but Mark, unlike Kris, Robin and Corrin, is not a walking black hole aspiring good things that exist. They are faceless, only have a few dialogues focused on them. You could take them out, and nothing would really change... and you can actcually do just that. Unlike Robin, they actually seems like actualy tacticians. That's the reason why I think next Avatars should take a page of Mark. The fact s/he not a mary-sues is just the cream.
  14. What I find beautiful is that people worked for Net Neutrality, worked for good and fair rules for everyone. And all of that work, turned to nothing thanks to a few idiots of non-importance that came out of nowhere. It's like when we go from Obama as president, a guy who became pretty much a symbol, (Like Net Neutrality, golly) to Trump, the drop of level is large. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ But yeah, I think people should talk more about it, that's how things should work, I was really surprised when I saw... not many people talk about it.
  15. This is just stupid.

    You know what else would have been interesting ? Actual choices with them actually influencing things, like say, the final boss you'll get. Truly, I'm a genius of game design. /sarcasm. No, but seriously, I read 'Sakura as a final boss', I'm like 'Genius !'. A character that represent kindness, innocence, healing or heck, Mikoto,, who welcome Corrin with open arms but eventually hate him for what he did and become the final boss. Like that's more interesting than Takumi, who's just an asshole who hate Corrin, for no reasons, then hate him for actually good reasons. (but they ignore it, because you know, Fates writing.)