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  1. So that's religious and vegetarian discrimination then. :p This girl get it. Sugar => Everything in life. Gramps screwed up Alm's education. Shame on him. #Almhatesugar Good grief, an entire lemon ? You must have a mouth made of steel. I (don't) apologize in advance ...you could say that you are quite sour about them not being there. :p
  2. Which is quite telling, since Levin did a much better job in ten years while being support or so then most of his kind in hundreds while being gods or old farts. :p To me it's less deus ex machina and more of a miracle (get it?), since, if I remember correctly, it's implied he was ressurected with Valkyrie Staff, and his otme had (like a few others) had dragonstones, who transfered the will of Hoselty. I'm not seeing that Naga was cruel... I'm saying she was kinda dump but pragmatic, as the games shows. Giving a legendary sword that was created to kill dragons in case they went crazy, only to give it the very exact same tdragon this sword was created for it ridiculously dumb and OOC from Naga. I may not have the best opinions of Naga, but she is not that dumb. Don't create things man, humanity has nothing to do with the dragon tablet or anything attached to it. Dragon started to degenerate and go berserk. ergo, Naga and co said: "okay, let's be careful and let's make sure that we don't ruin the world for others, saner races, then" dragonstones so that dragons could take human form and not go awol, dragon tablet to seal off the berserk dragons (that actually were of all races if I remember correctly), and the fire emblem to keep the seal in place. That's it.. It has nothing to do with humans and dragons not being able to live in peace or like the writers want us to believe by now. Same with them loving humanity.It's all retcons and 'let's go with that as if we did not pulled crap out of our asses.'. Loving humanity is a really piss poor reason to place in a game that is about war in any case. :p
  3. Well, Sonia would be savvy in deppresion department... and she love bitter food. Huh, so does Palla and Catria. That make sense actually. Probably a reference to their shipping problems. I love the foreshadowing the preferences gives. That or they... they might have a fetish at this point. Alm. Doesn't. Like. Sweets. He. HATES. SWEETS. Worst Fire Emblem protagonist ever. Zeke too ? Wtf ? Seriously guys have some good taste. Strangely enough, everyone hate yucky foods, but everyone loves tasty foods. I feel like there is some discrimination in this game. :p
  4. I know what debates are. But it got really every-freaking-where to the point of me being utterly confused on the how and why.. :p Dragon are supposed to be race, not anymore. they're not even a race like back then. They're just gods/mary-sues/plot devices created for conveniences sake. There's a trope called 'Humans are special', and in anime and manga. or japanese anime-game whatever, they really love that one to the point of stupidity. One of the things that made me run away from a lot of anime. :p Comparing Mila and Hoselti is tricky. Since he is stated to have loved humanity, on paper, on the facts... He's cool yeah, but aloof and distant to a fault. Thought we don't exactly know how much far the possession of Levin was. And I really don't trust IS to change things for the better on that one. At least, unlike some he actually get the job perfeclty done without some conveniently placed deus ex machina while staying realistic on what the heck is happening. (Gee, people die when they are killed) If Naga didn't like to lend a hand to people, it was because she was dumb, or dead. Or a status quo lover. Or humanity lover. In any case, she was crap. ...but, wihle I think about it, banishing Mila and Duma was flat out dumb and OOC as all hell coming from Naga. She's not the kind of person who let people who can spread trouble just get away, she'd rather have them locked in the tablet as it was shown multiple time, same with giving them weapons that could kill them, normally she gave them to the humans in case dragons went awol, which Duma and Mila are now. Damn, Naga must really have smoked some weeds for coming up with that one. Huh, another reasons for me to not like that one. It makes every characters seems dumber than I imagined.
  5. I was like "why are they talking about x with over one millions words per post ?... Pretty frustrating for me. Thats reminds me, one thing that annoyed me with what they did to Mila, is that only does it completely destroy precisely what made Dudu and Ruru so good in the first place, but I feel it also destroy her as well, it transform Mila into one of those crappy characters that are all about "Muh humanity so cool" . Who thought it was a good idea to use that cliche ? "We fell in love with humanity"... give me a break. For a character that was never seen in game and just sealed in a sword, that's saying something. :p It's as if dragons can only be mary-sues or crappy gods by now. I even miss the times when they were legal jailbaits.
  6. Yeah, I also noticed she seemed more happy or vocal when with other people. Huh... it almost sounds like she has depression. Her other promoted portrait doesn't look better. Instead of staring vaguely at you/your chest, she stare more directly, right at you.. +500 ? Whaaaaat ? Why not just doing +999 while we're at it ? :p
  7. Y'know, I never paid any attention to it, but Celica's neutral portraits make her seems like she is about to end her life. That, or she had a vision of the future about what Internet did with her.
  8. I really don't see why we should go into such crazy and overcomplicated depths just to explain that Duma and Mila being Divine Dragons and co is a retcon. I honestly lost what's the conversation was about. :/ It contradict facts that has been already established in the past games (and explained right in this topic), Ergo, Retcon. It's as simple as that. Or they just decided to reboot because Kaga's not there to put things in track... which is not really different. Duma and Mila were gods who did Godly things that no dragons ever could do, ergo they were gods, not dragon. Kaga said that dragons, spirits and gods could live in this same universe he created. I hate to repeat what I said and what others said, do as if that (re)explain everything and become the captain obvious of the night because it's rude and all... but it does.
  9. Overlord class would be way too cool and dark for Alm. If War Elephant is a thing then we got the winner for the weirdest named class of the game. :p Can't wait for the French translation of them.
  10. You are probably going to praise my maturity on this one... but I took a look at the intro cinematic. I thought it was tears at first, but after seeing both of their faces, nope, it was indeed supposed to be blood. White. Blood. After black blood, now we have white blood. M'okay. Why not. It might be immature of me yeah, but my reaction was, 'it doesn't look like blood at all.'
  11. Oh yeah, forot about that too. The whole Bargain skill to repair Faval's Legendary Weapon at a much lesser price. You don't pass that up.
  12. What in the world ?! (Ahah, get it ?) Now I want to have FE4's character done by Araki... or just some of them. Whatever. Sigurd is so Jonathan... except he bites it at the end. (Nuhu not this time) Sono chi no sadame would fit perfectly with FE4.
  13. Dew serves multiple and very practical purposes. -Give a pretty the Warp Staff to Aiden. Should be given to her kid. -Steals money. That's sound dumd but it is vital as all hell. -Give the Thief Sword to Lachesis at Chapter 2. While not powerful it is able to,(un)surprisingly, steal money after attacking with it. -Get the Wind sword at chapter 3. Get Dew to the tower. It's a very good sword that have 1-2 range (so steal without fear) and should be given to the kids. -After promoting, he'll (finally) be able to kick some ass. -He is a hell of a good father for Patty and Faval. But mostly for Patty because she's a thief and have a better use of the Wind Sword and the Sol Skill.
  14. 'The thing with Katarina and Kris' ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) The joy of taking things out of context. I got the feeling that Kris have been retconned as of late. Eh... reminds me of that fanficish dream of Awakening being the story of Crusader weapons holder. Robin having Falaflamme, Chrom having Tirfing. It was pretty weird and went absolutely nowhere. More into the discussion.... Well no one care all of that. It's the past of those games. A well and firmly established past with that. Changing or trying to tie things is just a disaster waiting to happens. Just like it was shown just now. Lev was possessed by Hoselty's will after dying, and that's it. Nothing to add. I mean come on, the dragons bodies ? I don't care. Just like the body of that random ennemy I killed. There was war, they did things, they're not there anymore, but created things who did things. Clear, easy. No need for anything.
  15. Golly, I can't wait for them to change things in an even more convulted and plot-holish way for FE4 when it's not needed as well ! :p