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  1. ... You say that Echoes characters are nothing but what's on paper, and yet, you are defending Severa from Awakening ? Where characters are exactly just that ? Gimmicks on paper ? Let's agree to disagree. Yeaaaaaah, not gonna lie, when the ''So Asuka Tsun or Severa Tsun ?' was asked, I kind of took it and run with it. A big error on my part. I'd say that it's you that is kinda unfair though... well, it's a big word, but you know, please don't take it badly. Some people is all 'Awakening is all great', and no it's not. Again, Evangelion, the characters have all a past, emotions, actions, clear reasons that make them the way they are, and it is shown to us, and the plot all of it perfectly. Awakening is the exact opposite. Everything is on paper, everything tell tell tell, and the plot doesn't make sense. I'm sorry. Plus, I hate to put someone's name in this mess, but Ghast have a series of videos called 'Support Sciences', which is awesome, great work, you should totally watch, and it talk about characters in depth, Yodel, Forde, Eliwood, Nino, to name a few, that completly destroy everything that Awakening have in any ways. I have missed quite a few details about them myself. My point is, it's not the number that count, it's what you do with it, so imo, that's fair to compare both, but I see your point. Also, I was comparing Severa and Peri at that moment on a... how to say it, different manner, crappy anime humor, everyone get bent over their quirks, nothing is ever achieved in their support or dialogues or anything, the suspension of disbielief being destroyed, etc. I HAVE to admit that Severa did change a bit from Awakening to Fates, just a bit, I won't say that she grown (It's Fates and Awakening.), but it's a thing. But for the DLC, they can 'kindly' put their so called character development behind DLC done with their foot where I think. In the toilet. I can't approve this kind or practice neither how badly it's done at quickspeed. I'll stop with this all, I feel like I derailed the topic too much and it's my fault, my bias, I apologies, I'll stop. I know it's kind of hypocritical from me to say that after I posted this, but felt I needed to end my posing of this subject with a nicer tone, less ''Agrougrou this this and this sucks. I apologies, I'll try to restrain myself next time. It's not like I was really, really defending yandere you know., despite the fact that they tend to come in different flavors than tsunderes nowadays. Also, that's not predictions, this is called seeing into the future. :p No seriously, point 1 and 2 and 3, is totally gonna happens we knows it.
  2. Like I said Evangelion is good show, with good character, characters study, with a plot where everything fall into places. Awakening just have gimmicky characters where nothing holds up.in the plot, You guys give way too much credit to Awakening in pretty much everything. Point in case, Asuka's tsundereness is deconstructed, as like many things in this show, she have a reason to be like that, and it is fully explored, and that stay with her, because it's a traumatism. And you guys are gonna say 'Like Severa.' No, Severa's case is not fully or correctly explored, none of the characters are either. It's just animefest with every character bent over the animefest, and in her case, her tsundereness. It's like Peri's bloodlust and tragic past, it's bad, badly written and nothing is done with it. There's a difference between a good characters in a good fiction, and a bad character in a bad fiction. Expy ? Okay. A good one ? Nope. But eh, different tastes and all, but I really, really can't agree. Well I did called her Edgelord, and the moment I thought i got her name right, turns out... nope. Guess I'll stick to that. You know, now that I think about it, the opposite wouldn't be surprising too. Both are possible imo.
  3. Mechanist is a weird class

    So, you are telling me, that there's a job in Hoshido, that is called the Mechanist, that if experienced enough, can create in a matter of seconds, a puppet copy of himself, that have the exact same proprieties, skills, body type, powers,, flesh, as the Mechanist that can also do everything he/she can do AND that are also life-bound to each-other. I'm now convinced that Hoshido study Necromancy just like Nohr. Because I highly doubt those Copycat Puppet are created with wood and saw. :p
  4. Dude, don't compare Asuka to Severa pls. That's bad, that's super bad. You don't. Asuka, good character in a good show, Severa, bad character 100% gimmick in a bad show... I mean game. Well Evangelion is not exactly perfect, and I'm not entirely fine with everything but shhh it's good look at it. Eh, I dunno about Lethe, she is tsundere, but she looks more like cat (gettit?!) that was hurt and chilled in the sequels. In other words, like an actual character instead of an walking archetype, like Severa. Though you know what ? I now sorta expect a character like Lethe to be there. Echoes didn't have that, they were above that kind of disgusting things, but you'll never know. Someone just destroyed my faith in humanity a little bit more. :p Speaking of... 'Notice me Teacher Axe Lord Lady' ,I thought she was called Eldegard ? Geez, she had such weird name. That's the kind of name you'd actually expect to be well... modified in the west. It's weird. That or I'm just dumb. Or I just need time to adjust.
  5. I'm perfectly fine with just a A Support. Like, one A Support by character. I always felt like S supports were just dragging things too long, outside of the kids I means.
  6. Mechanist is a weird class

    If it was Naruto, the puppet would do anything, killing, slashing, poisoning, good coffee, while the puppetter is behind controling it with the power of 'do anything' chakra thread. Now how the heck is the final skill of the class is a bunshin, but not this ?... And how do they do the bunshin ? It's a ninja thing !
  7. Is "Teacher" the avatar?

    First of, I agree with the majority of your post, except this one. Secondly, you just explained his marysueness, Being able to look at stats (then it's clearly just a way to say that it is the player who do that) doesn't make one a good tactitian. You don't immetiatly put a person wearing grimean cloak, without memories, even if you believe him, who claim to be good at tactics, and being able to 'look into things' in charge df your army (even though in supports, it's said/shown he is not as strong but pfft, this is just a poor attempt at playing off his abilities, dunno why theiy need to do that for that.). At best, you hire him as one of your warriors, that, that make sense. As a Strategist of your army ? Ahaha. No. No. That's stupid. On top of my head, but really on top, there is only three time where he uses 'strategy', that moment where he discover the magic of pairing up, two allies, who pair themselves to have more power in battle, something that was never seen in Fire Emblem ever.... it was. And out of gameplay, you gotta be a noob war-wise to not know that kind of things.Yeah, I get it it's a gameplay things, but story wise it doesn't make any sense. The Fire Boats things could have been good, thing is, I'm left wondering how their entire army was left with no problem. The one that are important that is.Gotta admit, that is truly strategy. The orb thingy was nothing but a Deus Ex machina, followed by a Deus Ex Machina, followed up by a Diobolus Ex Machina, followed up by a Deus Ex Machina. That's not strategy, that not even a gambit, that's stupid. So no. No. Robin doesn't deserves his position, it's not worse than Kamui, but still.
  8. Of course, then I say cleavage, I don't mean Fates, I mean Mathilda and Sonya, like, something that has to be contained a minimum and not something made out of gun like Fates, I stress this out. Someone will have to explain me why Sonya won the lottery then her 'kind' didn't, eh. This Fire Emblem seems to have the same artstyle than Echoes, to I really think it's a fair guess. I can't believe I actually spent two posts talking about cleavage in Fire Emblem. Oh well. A fellow person who enjoy good writing. I would propose you a handshake, but alas, we are on the internet.
  9. Soul Calibur VI!

    I dunno if Soul Edge would be happy to have my soul. Unless he like Siegfried/Nightmare main. :p Exactly ! He is one of the character I find the most annoying to fight. My worst Nightmate (got it ?) The only way I could manage him is to do the Soul Calibur equivalent of spriting away from a monster in Monster Hunter, and do thrusting attacks at him.
  10. ... I thought it was 'predicting', as in 'predicting with a lot of humor/sarcasm in it, I mean, I read some posts and... well no offense, if that can be called an offense, but it seems more about lightheartedness and nice sarcasm than serious. :/ But fine, maybe I was seemingly too 'butthurt', it wasn't my intention, honest, so here's a prediction, one I'm sure there will, cleaveage(s). Echoes had some of those, so I can't see why this Fire Emblem wouldn't.'
  11. Hey, as long as the loli Manakete is not clothed like a jailbait, I'm all for it. Now if there's a shota Manakete that is clothed like Nowi, I... Yeah, here my reaction "I...". Total blue screen. Personally, I think that atfer Echoes, they become better at everything, big times, look at that, four main character, no one look like anime crap with crap clothing. Animu doesn't have any sort of place in my Fire Emlem. Same with Animu 'humor', that isn't funny. But I'm breaking the fun of the topic ignore me. Also Tsundere are errors of nature and shouldn't exist, Yandere are better written than them. That's how stupid tsunderes are.
  12. Imo, at first not totally, your character is like 'So you took me in so I could be a sacrificial lamb huh ?' and is surprisingly angry about that, and best bromance comment 'I can read the mind of the kid, and yeah, he's not too happy about it'. You kill the lady, and cow childhood firend who was like 'Why are you angry ? That's an honour !' (Gee thanks.) Try to kill you in rage, and then things escalate with your entire village trying to kill you. I'm not saying it's nice, it's pretty dark (and cool), but they all had it coming. Hard. I remember, that woman who reveal she was pregnant as you kill her, and I'm like, why do you and your husband attack me then you fool ? Then it become a beautiful trainwreck. Though RIP best bromance though. 'It doesn't matter, it was fun'.Pretty cool, but pretty sad too. :( Edwin is worth all the sacrifice though. So is Viconia. They are just that good. But the Baldurs't Gate series didn't do a great job with the reputation/alignement system.
  13. I know a lot fanfics that are bad, but geez, I like this so called 'fanfic' of his. What's so wrong about being fanficy ? Food for thought, lot of fanfics, fanficy ideas or predictions about Fates people had were better than the final product, and continue to be better. Kind of have a problem with the stigma fanfictions have, it's understandable, since, most are bad quality, but still.
  14. Soul Calibur VI!

    How to say this... Is it heresy that I completely forgot about Maxi ? I fell like it is.
  15. I think we'll get what Soleater said... but damn, your idea is just too badass.