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  1. Happy Birthday Jingle Jangle!
  2. As in the title i would like to know, how the local coop feature work in the game, and for which modes and when is accessible to the player. Thanks!
  3. I have seen that some subquest can be missed going on in the later chapters, did someone know which and where? Second, There is anything that has a real value from this quests? because until know (chapter 3) they give me only usless things..
  4. No waifu, no sexist armors (both male and females ones). 1 max 2 support conversations for characters. No forced love stories, no childs. Completely rewrite all the 3 stories,
  5. Horrible S support conversations

    Sorry i completly forget about mozu. On my previous message i was referrig for the lack of nice supports conv on revelations, that right now is the only playthrough i'm doing for first. (i have finish nohr on the japanese version 1 year ago, but ofcourse i didn't understand anything at all, other than what you can understand with the images and reactions of the characters) I have tried to see Laslow/Peri S, and it seems really nice. I hope to find more like this one..
  6. Horrible S support conversations

    Damn, felicia is the only neutral character (female). Mmmh i still didn't play nohr and hoshido, but on revelations the support with azura are preatty bad.. You was referring story wise talks?
  7. Horrible S support conversations

    I know that, i'm asking about NICE support conversations
  8. I'm still on the mid part of my first playthrough on revelations, and i just find all the support conversations i'm doing with corrin (S for marriage) really horrible. They all seems really forced, with no feelings at all, like the previous A support were talking about nothing at all, or boring stuff and the next one is marry out of the blue.. I want to know your advice for see nice S supports generally and especially with corrin (male). The only one it seems not forced is the love story with camilla and azura, but they are still not that great.. ps. I'm already aware of the nice supports of oboro x corrin.
  9. Can i ask which are the corrinsexual for revelations? And if there's anywhere a page about missable items (important ones only) on the chapters?
  10. Like the title i'm asking if there are any missable contents, like recruitable character or events or even missable weapons that you can't find anymore after the end of the chapter. Thanks in advance
  11. Europeans/Australians Unite Part 2

    I was wait soo much for this release, and i almost manage to not get spoiled by all the videos on youtube and sns... Until now. I just can't wait anymore.. I'm searching anywhere things about the game.. I'm spoiling myself.. PLEASE STOPH ME
  12. Europeans/Australians Unite Part 2

    I will probably receive my copy for the end of the week, and i hope so too ah! How many maps packs are there this time?
  13. All i need to know before start..

    Ok Then i play Nohr normal on my second play.. What i have to know before start revelations ?(classes, spoiler of story and more) , which benefits i have in this version (other than almost all the units of both the versions) How much long it is, and is the story good? What are the bad things of this version in comparison to the previous ones (some units not in here, bad maps and more) ? Right now i'm almost sure to start from this version, now that i know i can, because i want to make a endgame team on my first playthrough and after play the other two versions.. I have read that on revelations you can farm and grind even without dlc, that the difficulty is of the middle from conquest and Birthright, is that true? Gameplay wise is better than Birthright? i have seen that conquest have best maps and Birthright have more open kind maps like awakening (i really hate them.. ) I'm sorry about all my questions, but i will not have many hours to put on the game right now, due to work and real life :/
  14. All i need to know before start..

    1) Ok it seems that hard conquest is really really hard then.. But how much? Like normal difficulty of fire emblem 7-8? Or even more? I'm a old time fan of the series, and usually play a lot of rpgs and srpg, and always focus my level ups on 4-10 units, not more. But the frustation of resetting 6+ times can really get my nervous :D 2) What is the point of changing classes if i can easly beat people online and buy skills? 3) Eternal seals can get my stat on cap? Around what level? (99?) 4) rng still suck? ( i get always a bad luck, like 1 lev up skill ahaha) 5) I have buyed special edition, can i play revelation since day one, or need to wait till some kind of release? Additional to that, i don't care a lot about story spoilers, because general videos about the game already told about all the plot twist of the "real enemy of the game", than rather than spent 100+ more hours on conquest i would like to focus on the "definitive" edition.. I just feel that i don't want to put many hours on building a team on a game with not all the units and not the "real" story of the game.. 6) can i change always the difficulty of the game, or only on the begin? Difficulties change something, other than ofcourse how much is hard? (like different rewards, more support dialogues .. .. ) Thanks all for soo many replies! I really didn't expect them ah! I did forget about how much helpfull this community was..
  15. I know that probably there will be or was been many topics like that, but i didn't find a general thread talking all the general questions i have in my mind right now.. 1) Should i start conquest on hard or is better to start on normal? I will only play it and revelations, i'm a oldschool player of FE series but i can barely manage to complete a game too much punishing (i'm thinking about lunatic/lunatic + without grinding/farming) 2) What mechanics are changed from Awakening other than the weapons triangle and the weapons durability? I still didn't manage to understand how class changes works in this game.. 3) There is a tier list of best weapons/units? 4) Can i start revelation without finishing other games? (even if i only buyed other games but didn't finish them) 5) Is the story of conquest "that" bad? 6) Did you have any advice for my first playthrough? 7) There are secrets tips, or secrets map, or secrets farming/grinding tips on some chapters? (i have seen that there is a chapter in conquest where you can literally grind over characters because units go back and heals when they need.. 8) Best supports conversations in conquest? Thanks in advance for the reply