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  1. meanwhile I just finished Dishonered today in literally 8 hours time to replay for other ending I guess
  2. http://www.thejimquisition.com/persona-5-review/ *teleports behind u* *kills zelda metascore* *kills nier metascore *kills persona 5 metascore* Mass effect andromeda - 8.5/10
  3. Soul Hackers is boring as hell. But I liked it up until I quit it cyberpunk is so comfy
  4. https://pbs.twimg.com/media/Cl7qw8lVYAE8dFS.jpg:large
  5. play smt2
  6. SMT: fates best persona game
  7. I've only played persona 3 and 4 I liked persona 3 quite a bit, but 4 was pretty cancer. Like while persona 3 did have lots of waifushit and power of friendship memes, it still felt like an SMT game. Atmosphere wise and all. Persona 4 was Anime was a Mistake - the game.
  8. http://i.4cdn.org/v/1490656514051.webm
  9. heh....kid.....you don't know what ur missing.....................
  10. for now :^)
  11. The rings restore you living weapon guage If you use living weapon, you can literally stay in living weapon state forever, and even tank a few hits with it.
  12. I've heard some people who've proposed an fe4 remake say that they'd just make Oifaye the MU. I could see that working out fine
  13. I considered the possibility of them doing another remake after fates' success, but the fact they chose gaiden of all games was completely out of left field