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  1. I 1cc'd mof easy on literally my first try before I had even done any of the games on normal the bomb system in that game just completely broken
  2. not as good on stages :^)
  3. oh well. i really dont know what to think of the game at this point. initially i liked it a lot since it brought back the team mechanic from IN, and the cast/music is all top notch, but damn the game is a grindfest. i honestly feel like i should've just nabbed the hard mode 1cc and called it a day but fuck loonys are so tempting. at least it has a pretty cool ex stage though. gonna play it some more this summer just cuz i dont have much else to do, but i doubt ill go too crazy with it again.
  4. putting it anywhere near ufo or lolk lunatic is most definitely overrating it
  5. you know i honestly think SA lunatic is a bit overrated difficulty wise. the really only TRULY difficult stage is stage 5, everything else can chip off your lives but there's never really anything too overwhelming so it just means that getting the 1cc takes a LOT of attempts to get those first 4 stages right, then lose a ton of resources on stage 5, and pray you still have enough for okuu. and stage 6 is one of the easiest lunatic stage 6's in the series ive 2cc'd it multiple times o-okay maybe im just salty about my uhh past experiences with it, but honestly playing it again today it really feels more frustrating than actually impossible.
  6. so the dark souls...........of dark souls............
  7. get grindin fam
  8. why are all strategy games on steam remove kebab simulators
  9. yeah I feel the same way. meanwhile yameme has a lot more rng to her, specifically her first spell, where if she feels like moving her ass to the middle of the screen you're fucked.
  10. its amazing how much more clarity you get going back to touhou after taking a break. i had this mental block where I just could not do yuugi's 2nd to last non spell in SA. did it today with no problems whatsoever. captured that, yuugi's midboss spell, and got ridiculously fucking close to capturing satori's first spell with 0 power, all stuff that were pretty much auto bombs back when I was going for 1cc. but of course im so rusty on a ton of other shit it barely even matters. made it decently far into the stage 5 bossfight but that's all i can report also is it just me or is stage 1 in SA way more troublesome than stage 2
  11. the one on top is a to use bombs you press x
  12. 2hu thread is eternal whenever summers comes around I always get back into the games
  13. Well Sakuya's B's spell card iirc is one of those spellcards that's more for gaining score than it is for doing damage. Sakuya's A bomb is pretty lethal though. also a general tip about ddc -use auto collect a lot. Whenever you have the chance, fly up to the top of the screen and you'll automatically collect all the resources on the screen. You'll get rewarded with bombs and even extra lives for this, and you can get a ton of resources this way
  14. DDC's a good game to start out with Sakuya's a bit tricky to use at first but not too difficult and she's really good, and I used her for all my DDC 1cc's are you using Sakuya A or B?