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  1. this is the highest level of strategy
  2. play it for the food
  3. the disease of ltp
  4. y-you ok
  5. who was in the wrong here
  6. idunno if he is now but I know before the election he was at least very strongly anti-hillary. i think he was gary johnson back then idunno.
  7. >ein getting called an incel this is serious discussion kino
  8. sakuyaB is dope
  9. congrats chen, once again
  10. part of the reason I've found people enjoy Ys so much is because of that, they're just plain old simple fun, with no bullshit or strings attached. of course I rarely see anyone also say Ys is their favorite game ever but it's just really hard to form a negative opinion of it. as for tits, I hear a lot of its charms lie in the details. I havent played them but from what I see they look much better than most of the average JRPGs getting shat out these days, at the very least
  11. the cursed video
  12. hai
  13. Uh-oh! thats a trait of introverted narcissists! XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
  14. oh well we're all shit people one way or another