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  1. i use Rein to tank things in emergencies sometimes i need to kill someone dangerous quickly and Rein is left in another enemy's range with no allies that could reliably get him out of the way or i use him to bait someone that's dangerous on a tricky map so they'r not a problem for my other units or to split up enemy's but most of the time its irrelevant
  2. My current Reinhardt is +1 +res-spd and i've had a four star one for a while i had never really bothered to look at since i liked and was perfectly happy with my Rein's performance. anyway i was considering making him +2 so i checked the four star ones stats and it was +atk-def so basically if im happy with my current Rein is + 3 atk really worth a loss of 4 def and 3 res from 27/29 - 23/26 when and if i decided to +2 him I think its pretty cool that Rein is capable of deleting things on player phase so well while still being a pain to kill on enemy phase and don't really think its worth possibly losing that but am here for a second opinion since i regret a few of my earlier merge decisions
  3. Voting Gauntlet: Battle on the Beach!

    go team Gaius he probably needs more support than Corrin It might be fun seeing how far he can go after all this also more feathers if thats your kind of thing obviously up to you though go with whoever you feel like supporting more
  4. Grand Hero Battle: Legion!

    i feel like such an idiot after spending heaps of stamina and finally finishing infernal then realizing i could have just inherited axebreaker to someone for a much easier time...
  5. Tempest Trials MVPs Thread

    my current team is Linde, Tharja, Anna and Genny but it changes around regularly to share around hero merit theyr all pretty great but my Mvps are my backups that i can rely on to clean up if something happens My particularly noteworthy Mvps are +resRoy: for taking minimal damage from annoying Hectors(or any axe user),healers and non blue Mages and deleting them in return Ephraim:i dont have any 5star greens besides Anna who cant handle armors and Julia who takes multiple turns and support(or a pillar) for it so having Ephraim to smash through lance armors is pretty nice +resRebecca: pretty great at filling in for killing mages and anything non tanky if any of my colour counters are missing +defATiki: has quick riposite so easily deals with most green axe enemys as well as dagger users, archers and alot of red swords 4star frederick: if my Ephraim is somehow gone hes can deal with the lance armors very well
  6. What IVs are most common for you?

    Definitely +res for me probably +res/-spd
  7. Happy Birthday!

  8. Favorite Unit by Color

    Red: Sword- Roy Tome- Lilina Dragon- Adult Tiki Blue: Lance- Ephraim/Oboro Tome- Odin Dragon- Nowi Green: Axe- Sheena Tome- Julia Dragon- Fae Colorless: Bow- Rebecca Dagger- Matthew Staff- Wrys
  9. Voting Gauntlet: Battle of the Mages!

    want to thank all team Julia for supporting her it made me happy seeing her do so well also gratz to team Tharja and Robin on winning round 2 and cheers to team Leon too
  10. Voting Gauntlet: Battle of the Mages!

    I'll be voting for Julia this time my Julia has been consistently amazing since she appeared as my second 5star pull so now its my turn to support her
  11. i don't think watersweep is amazing or anything but i like it and its somthing ild use against annoying quick riposite, vantage users and units with charged specials as well as safely killing units i need 2 units to defeat anyway
  12. Arena Dream Team!?!?

    My current dream team is Roy Ephraim Fae and Chrom i already have Ephraim and Roy i also have a 4star Chrom which ill promote sometime but not right away as i have plenty of good reds atm so ill prioritize promoting a green melee unit i like first preferrably fae but ild need to draw her first. my arena team is stable atm so getting feathers for it isnt much of issue for me I just have to be patient my Roy also has an unprefered nature so if i get another ill be really happy but if i dont i still have a Roy so im still happy Roy should be able to handle green melee units and mages easy and quite a few reds if he needs to and help movement a bit with his shove My Ephraim is +def and can easily kill red melee units and situationally oneshots random units with an attack boost, threaten def, moonbow etc Fae i dont have but have been trying out alot in the current voting gauntlet(because apparently only one of my friends is on team Tsubaki:p) but i like her alot and think shell be able to kill blues very reliably and look after herself. also drawback is good Chrom will be back up incase i need anything smashed and to stand next to people to make them even more tanky
  13. Changed my name from Chiyuu to マリ it shouldn't change again also Leader is usually 5star Roy
  14. Ill vote for Tsubaki this time though his chance of getting anywhere is pretty bad. hell still get all my flags though when hes out ill jump to either Palla or Hinoka for team Pegasus