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  1. GFE1R [Generic FE1 Remake]

    Something I'm wondering, are characters' classes going to all remain the same or will some be changed to be less redundant (since as we know FE1/FE11 is full of a lot of cavaliers)?
  2. We sure have come along way in voice acting since the times of Path of Radiance/Radiant Dawn haven't we?
  3. "Cantor" is certainly is the localized name for Shaman now. Celica refers to him as being "a Cantor".
  4. I find it amusing that they even kept the character recruited fanfare for this (you hear it in the video after getting Silque).
  5. That was most certainly Silque as a sage and not a saint or cleric.
  6. Thanks for that Vincent, it looks like there's a couple more enemy only classes that weren't in the original Gaiden? E.g. titan and deimos don't appear to be in the original gaiden enemy list.
  7. Related to the above but I found this on the FireEmblem wiki: It implies that this is his playable sprite, and he looks to be wearing his unique outfit here. I'm wondering why what Vincent found has him wearing the standard gold knight attire? Does it have to do with how the files are arranged?
  8. Just wondering, when a unit is at their worst biorhythm state, is it intentional that an enemy has a 100% hit rate despite the player having the WTA? I'm guessing this was put in to make biorhythm have more of an impact? Also you make have discovered it already, but in chapter 1-1 the villager who mentions giving you an axe gives you an ellight tome. I suppose that text will be properly altered.
  9. That's pretty interesting how this is turning out, more than just a game re-balance hack now. Can we also expect some expanded roles of secondary characters (e.g. the dawn brigade)?
  10. Bloodlines (2.4)

    So I gotta say, in chapter 1-4
  11. Just curious DLuna, will there be more dark magic enemies in the game further on? There are barely any in the base game. I also noticed you mentioned in the unit data Miciaiah getting dark tomes at tier 2. Can we expect dark magic to be more present for the player as well then?
  12. I think I know the problem because this happened to me as well. What you do is apply the numbers patch to the rom first, then patch the translation in ups format not ips. There must be some sort of weird conflict if you patch both in ips form.
  13. Bloodborne

    Just wondering, did any of you go to the forbidden woods and drop down past where those snake creatures are? Oh yeah the axe is good and really helpful, especially in it's halberd form. Its charge attack is spin to win. What I really love about this game is how much personality there is to the enemies, from the beast infected townspeople to the armoured executioner with his terrifying swings and jump attacks.
  14. I get the feeling you were one of the few (if only) people here who also played Wolfenstein:TNO.

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      It's certainly a nice game though (well despite the ridiculous download size). Also, for some reason I found BJ's inner monologues amusing, not sure if that was intentional though.