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  1. I'd be a fan of Cormag, Duessel, Knoll, and Natasha. The first three seem to be requested pretty commonly, and when you add Natasha, you get a 4 person banner with a uniting theme to the characters chosen and no color overlap. Selena or Caellach would obviously make for a good GHB choices, but I'd also like to see Orson as the GHB. I really want to hear him voiced, and I feel like he'd be a good contrast against the banner I listed.
  2. New Calendar!

    Ephraim & Myrrh is the first time a character's gotten a second Bound Hero Battle, isn't it?
  3. All 7 to Eirika. She's my favorite, and I'm still a bit upset about the bad timing of Sacred Memories.
  4. @Jotari It's Gerik for me.
  5. Voting Gauntlet: Fated Battles!

    Just sent a request, IGN is "Lamfada".
  6. Just checked for myself. It bears some similarity to #19, but the symbol on his cape (and left spaulder) doesn't match any of the crests.
  7. Info from Nintendo Topics

    Speaking of Mythological references, Fódlan is almost certainly named after Eriu's (namesake of Erin) sister. Fódla's name is also used at times as an alternative name for Ireland.
  8. New Heroes - The Branded King

    And Gerome's here too it seems...
  9. So, what's going to be Brave Celica?

    I expect her to be a Green Tome or a Staff user. So far the pattern has given all of the Brave Heroes a weapon they were capable of wielding in their own games. The color distinction in Tomes is more of a FEH thing, but even if it weren't, Celica has Excalibur in her spell list, so she's perfectly qualified to be a green mage (she could be a blue mage too, but I expect Ephraim to take the blue spot). She also learns recover, so she should qualify for a staff based on that.
  10. If it were as simple as you're trying to present it, it certainly would be hypocritical (and there's a degree to which I feel it still may be a little bit hypocritical). It is not as simple as you're trying to present it.
  11. The implications you're making here are more than a little disingenuous. The reason there are four Lyns versus three of Chrom and Xander is because people voted for her. With that in mind, a more honest claim would be Lyn getting her second seasonal versus Chrom and Xander getting their second seasonals. Is there a degree of hypocrisy here? Perhaps, but there are a few key differences still. Chrom and Xander got their second seasonals during a time where seasonal banners were almost exclusively from Awakening and Fates. A good few people had the sentiment of "if you're going to keep doing seasonals from just those two games, could you at least have some more variety in which characters you pick from those games?" Lyn's Second seasonal came out in the first seasonal banner to not include anyone from Awakening or Fates, and so a portion of people were just happy about that. It also came right after the Happy New Years Banner, which had two characters getting a second seasonal (Azura and Camilla). It was still a step in the right direction, even if you think someone else should have gotten her spot. As far as Lyn getting a Legendary version, I firmly believe she should. Due to having a second seasonal in a still active banner, I do think she should wait a bit though. However I believe that as things are now, each of the lords should be given a Legendary form, and Lyn's second seasonal version should be no more disqualifying than Chrom's second seasonal version. Plus she's one of only a few options amongst the lords for a colorless Legendary.
  12. Instead of CYL winners, getting Legendary variants, I'm suggesting that the pattern suggested by L!Ike and L!Ephraim is the lords. Especially since they likely plan far enough ahead that Legendary Ephraim was conceived before CYL2 voting started.
  13. I actually think it means that the lords are all getting Legendary Hero versions.
  14. Navarre's Blades is essentially a refined Hauteclere at base. So not only should that not be given a refinery effect, you're basing it on something the game most likely doesn't track. Definitely too much. Flame Shuriken is essentially Felicia's Plate but with the smoke effect 1 tier lower and an added spd +3. Refinery effect is a mix of refined and unrefined Cymbeline. Questionable, but I'll avoid saying definitively one way or another. Jakob's Tray is just short of a 14 mt refined Smoke Dagger+ but with an added Steady Stance 4, so it doesn't need a refinement. Opponent HP threshold effects typically target 100%. Too much again. 16 Mt and +6 Atk/Def when initiating already makes Oboro's Spear similar to Siegbert's Dark Greatsword (16 mt +4 Atk/Def) in form, but superior. Adding the Wo Dao effect is already absurd. Any refinery at this point is way unnecessary, but the killer effect is a really underwhelming at the same time. Waaaaaaaaaaay too much.
  15. A Hero Rises - WINNER ANNOUNCED

    Warding Breath on Joshua does sound like a good idea. I wasn't sure what to do with Vanguard Ike, so I might have steal this idea for myself.