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  1. Overall, I like the art. I don't think Hidari will ever be topped for me, but that might changed once we see more characters who don't wear practically the same thing. I like Byleth's design a lot. If he is the avatar, I will probably stick with his default. I hope the fem version is really good too. Edelgard looks really nice. I love her eyes and her hair is nice too (I really like white hair). By the looks of it, she seems to be rather determined, possibly headstrong as well cause red is passion and shiz. She seems to be lady like, befitting of her noble status, but can and will kick ass with her axe if needs be. I have a feeling she may be the Eliwood of the trio, who is the main lord and has the most agency of the trio in the story. I am actually a fan of Dimitri's design. His hair could be improved, but I feel like it adds a bit of dishevelment to his rather composed look. He's definitely gonna be the serious one of the group, no doubt. He will probably be quite cold, yet have some quirk that makes him less up tight, ala Leo and his collar. I can also see him as a semi-Camus, who is rather blind to the church and its corruption and is the last to accept it. Claude is probably my favourite of the bunch, mainly because he reminds me of Niles, who I think he will definitely be like minus the sexual innuendos.Basically he'll be snappy and witty. His design is nice too and I like the addition of the earring (Which is hot af btw) and braid. I definitely see him as the Python to Dimitri's Forsyth or Sain to Dimitri's Kent. I also low key hope he isn't gay/bi since that would be three very obviously gay/bi archers in a row, and I'm tired of it. But I also want him to be, cause I want to husbando him. TLDR; I like all the designs. I also really like the lack of a blue haired lord. It's refreshing.
  2. I want griffons. The blue crest on the map seems to have a griffon on it, so I hope that means they are back. They were shit in FEA, but I still liked them since I just really like griffons.
  3. I chose traditional, since they are all dressed similar and look like they will be apart of the same Army like TheDanMan said. Though I do feel, we will be able to pick our main lord (Ala Eliwood/Hector mode) which will have some effect on the story but it will overall come to the same ending.
  4. For me: Byleth is more than likely gonna be the avatar. I'm hoping that they play a small role in the overarching story. Based on the snippets, he seems to be a teacher, so I can see him acting as a mentor (Obviously) to the other three, possibly helping them express other sides to them Possibly silent, which IMO, would be the best case scenario, but I'm not betting on it since more than likely these four will be in Heroes (They all seem to use different weapons so it would be a prime summoning focus). Edelgard I can see as the middle woman of the main three. A strong, dignified woman with either who is a bit feminine yet is strong/has a tomboyish streak and a valued warrior by her peers. I see her as maybe a bit Sailor Jupiter/Makoto Kino, if you get my drift. I don't see her as being naive ala Eirkia. If anything, I can see her being the voice of reason between the trio/the leader of the group. Probably teacher's pet, maybe in a love triangle with the other two and has to decide who to marry to strengthen bonds between houses, hopefully not though. Also, hopefully not overshadowed. Dimitri is definitely gonna be the wet mop of the group. He'll always try to be logical in everything he does, he is very serious about his noble status and is possibly blind to any political corruption, if they decide to go that route. They most likely to betray the group if that also comes up. Will more than likely have some quirk (Ala Hisame and his pickles, though not as absurd) that he is embarrassed about to give his character flavour. Most likely to fall in love with a commoner and feel bad about it/has unrequited crush on Edelgard (Or hell maybe Claude. Maybe Nintendo will shock us and make Dimitri the gay one and Claude straight, and honestly, I would prefer this for the shock XD). Claude is gonna be the opposite of Dimitri, a complete go with flow, doesn't give a crap about his noble status etc. (Though, here will be an arc where they both envy the other and how the other is strong in areas they are not). Gonna be a massive flirt/jokester. Will love taking the piss out of Dimitri and Edelgard. Possibly gay/bi but I don't wanna stereotype. Just saying, if he is, I don't want him to be like Leon, let Claude have a character (But like if he is and Byleth is an avatar and there is marriage, let me marry him). Will more than likely be the victim of a massive loss/have experienced one in the past that give shim his serious moments/sad moments. Overall, I'm excited to see how the four we know of so far turn out. I have a feeling I'll like them all no matter how they are but I still low key hope Dimitri is the gay one just for the shock factor cause ya'll stereotype too much. EDIT: Just some other things I was thinking of: -I can see Dimitri and Claude possibly being good friends rather then people who conflict with one another over their opposite personalities like others and myself have predicted. I semi hope this is the case since it would be interesting, though Dimitri would still be the butt of all the jokes by Claude. -I can actually see them as like Forsyth and Python lite version. -Edelgard will more than likely have a crush one one of them (Byleth included), I would be surprised if it wasn't the case, though I don't think (Well I hope), be her whole character. -Continuing on with Edelagrd, I feel like she will be the main lord, like Eliwood, with the most prominence with Dimitri and Claude also being prominent, though secondary to Edelgard.
  5. Fire Emblem Three Houses

    So far, I like what I see. I like the addition of the generic mooks in battle, it makes the scale seem bigger. I also like all character designs so far. I personally wont mind too much if we have an MU (And I say we do), but I hope he/she is silent and plays less of a major role. Also, I like the castle roaming, I hope there is a lot to do, since the area looks massive. Overall, I'm happy. The only thing I dislike is the date of release, but I kinda expected a delay. Also, rip leak thread.
  6. My skin is clear, my grades have went up, my crops are growing and my wig has been snatched. LOONA really knows how to fuck a man up.
  7. Favorite class in the series?

    Probably Peg Knights and promotions. I have yet to find a single one that I dislike (With Subaki being my least favourite, but I don't hate him tho). I also always use one or two every time I play FE. Wyverns and Manaketes would be close seconds, but I find most Wyvern Riders unmemorable compared to Peg Knights and I just prefer Pegs to Manaketes.
  8. Jarod as a Disciple of Order?

    I don't think Ashera would have brought him back to life since it would have went against the order of the world and Ashera is the Goddess of Order. But it would have been cool to see him since he was pretty cool IMO.
  9. Why are Deen's growth rates so low?

    I mean, he didn't really need growths in the long run since DFs were overpowered in Gaiden. Just promote him, slap the Shadow Sword on him (Which he is immune to hanks to DF nulifying the curse in Gaiden) and bam (Or just keep his Brave Sword since the Shadow Sword only has 70% hit). But also he was a late game prepromote 5 levels away from promotion with competent bases that would easily carry him through the game. Though Sonya is objectively the better unit in Gaiden due to having Excalibur and she actually gets Seraphim in this game (Albeit late at level 14).
  10. Wyvern Rider weapons

    Start with axes or lances then get the other upon promo. Preferably they would start with axes since there are relatively very few unpromoted axe classes.
  11. Currently nearing the end of my second last year in Secondary School (A.k.a High School). My summer exams are coming up soon and then I'm off then I go into 6th year and work towards my Leaving Cert, which is pretty much one of the biggest exams anyone in Ireland does. Hopefully, if I do well, I'll get enough points for my coarse in college. Right now I'm mixed between Psychology, Social Work and Primary Education. I'm hoping I'll find a coarse and eventual career where I can kind of combine the three since I'm passionate about them all (Though I am leaning more towards Psychology).
  12. Cav ain't that bad. My Cav!Kliff was great from the outset and later on down the line became a 2nd Mathilda with actual bulk. Though I will agree, it is still the third best option after Merc and Archer.
  13. Oh I really like the new banner and the larger avatars is great. Thanks Vincent.