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  1. you really should, the choreo is so beautiful and intricate! it reminds me of a seventeen choreo
  2. Can I implore you all to check out loona's first comeback? it's such a beautiful song and the mv has a great message
  3. More Female Enemies

    I guess the lack of enemy females comes from how traditionally there are few women in the army (though that's not as true today) but also, there is always kind of a stigma around killing women present in society (which Kaga pretty much displayed in the above interview). I think they should add more female generics (and I'm pretty sure in the Three Houses trailer I did see some in the brigades that follow your units) just for to be equal though I wouldn't be too peeved if they didn't since at the end of the day, they are generics. However I would like to see more actual female villains because I feel like that may spice things up a bit for the villain side.
  4. Black Eagles: Edelgard looks nice, very well designed and a nice difference from other main female characters in FE. Ferdinand is cute but also very punchable, like Virion. Bernadetta seems like a Katarina which I like a lot. I don't know why, but I don't like Petra, her facial tattoo (?) doesn't help. Dorothea is probably my fav female character, she's very pretty and reminds me of Rise from P4 and she was my fav character from there. Linhardt is plain, I'd need to see more of his character. I like Casper a lot tbh, like many have said, he's a lot like Akihiko, who I also loved. Nameless guy is okay, he seems like he'll be the Kliff of the group, as in, the pessimist. Blue Lions: Dimitri has grown on me, also I'm partial to him because of his lack of popularity lol. Ashe and Annetta are both adorable and I like them a lot. Mercie/Mercedes seems very motherly and I'm drawn to characters like her so I'l probably like her a lot. Sylvain is my fav male character because he is hot interesting. Him having a full name and that black beast having his family crest is intriguing. Blonde girl is cute, I can see her as a Maribelle/Clair type namely because of her atypical himedere design. The other guys seem cool I guess, I feel like white haired guy will be a gentle giant, no idea about blue haired guy. Golden Deer: Claude is my fav of the trio cause he's hot the best designed, he also seems to more of a strategist than womanizer which I like. Hilda seems like a Serra/Mae type which I like a lot. Rapheal and Leonie kinda remind me of Brom and Nephenee for some reason. Purple haired guy seem the serious type. Blonde haired glasses person seems cute. I'm pretty sure the white haired girls that we didn't see the faces of are twins lol. Overall, I'm leaning towards Blue Lions personally though Golden Deer could win me over once we know more. I do like Black Eagles a lot too, but I feel like a lot of people will go with them when it comes to let's plays so I wanna try something different (also I feel like they will be the 'canon' choice). I rather like most of the designs, but I will agree, they seem less inspired than previous entries.
  5. General theorizing thread

    -The house you choose will have a rather mild effect on the game. It will determine the 7 students you get (The other two heads of each house will join you no matter what I say) and the rest will not join you and will probably die tragically or smth -Continuing on from the tragically dying students, the school will only be your hub for a while (like maybe 12 or 13 chapters) and then something tragic will happen and the school will be destroyed, killing many of the students (including the ones whose house you do not pick) and some teachers -The two white haired girls seen in the Golden Deer CG are definitely gonna be twins, one using reason magic and the other using faith -Sothis is either a goddess that was sealed away and is somehow related to Byleth (possible descendant???) or she's his mother but younger -I'm 80% sure Byleth is gonna be a demon and we will have two churches fighting to get him first. The church of Seiros to control him so he doesn't unleash his demon self and the evil cult trying to take him to release his evil self (I feel like Sothis and him being connected could also be apart of this. Possibly she's there to balance him possibly) Das it for now
  6. I would like for him to not die since it would be a nice twist if the MC's parent were not to die in an FE game. Literally, the only main lord's parent who survives is Roy's, so it would be a nice change. In the unlikely chance he doesn't die, I can see him being the Gotoh of the game, in that he joins super late. Also, he's definitely not Byleth's biological father, or he just so happened to get it on with some kind of magical woman of some kind because their father-child resemblance is 0
  7. Sothis

    I have a feeling it's going to be very RD esc in that Sothis will turn out to be a goddess of chaos or smth (not chaos because that would be to close to RD) that was sealed away by the 'true' goddess and somehow Byleth is able to contact her through his/her subconscious and she'll either be a) a true villain all along which I would actually like if it were the case (and done well) or b) a goddess of something normally bad and was misjudged for that and sealed away unjustly. Or an option c) she's Byleth's mother in a younger form
  8. While I would love to see beast units, I don't see them happening, mainly because they don't seem to fit in anywhere story wise and personally I don't want another Taguel situation where we have barely any info on the species. Though I'm 95% sure we'll get dragons, Sothis probably is gonna end up being one tbh because some how she'll materialise in the real word
  9. I have a feeling, besides your class, Byleth will be uncustomisable. I think the whole 'Select form' rather than gender kinda reinforces this, you're basically just picking whether you'd prefer to play as a male or female (ala Persona 3 on PSP). As for the trio, I think it will be like the cutscenes in FEA and FEF where they will retain their base costumes but obvi look different in battle
  10. It's certainly a bit of a let down when compared to SoV's LE (especially the European version which came with two amiibo), however I'm probably still gonna buy it since I really want the artbook since I actually like the art so far. I don't actually know the price since it's not up for preorder anywhere for me, but if it's like €100~, I wont mind cashing out, as long as it's not like Fates' which was €120 (then Sov's was €110 which made no sense considering SoV's had way more stuff).
  11. The outfit isn't too bad it's mainly the leggings and the booty shorts imo (hopefully her class change options are better if Edelgards few outfits we have seen are anything to go by). Also her breasts look too large for her body also (though at least they are covered). Hopefully once we see her moving about in game (and having an expression on her face that isn't neutral) she'll look more natural since all we have is a still image, meanwhile m!byleth obviously has a lot more images of him in action moving about
  12. The more I look at Byleth, the more I am reminded of Persona. Like both Byleth and Persona's protag are mute characters that have access to a dream like place that no one else can go to (Sothis' realm for Byleth and the Velvet Room for Persona). If this is the case and Byleth is mute, I actually don't mind them being the center character, as long as there isn't any sucking up from other characters that is. Also them not being customisable as it seems helps this as it removes the personal aspect from the avatar that I felt made Robin and Corrin as meh as they were.
  13. I personally think that depending on the house you pick will determine which students you get. Based on the Black Eagle, there are six per house, so at least six units will be exclusive to each house. After that pretty much every unit will be you typical fe unit with one set class (ala that mage teacher that we had seen in the first trailer).
  14. It feels a lot more jrpg esc to me rather than srpg, which I don't mind. It's basically SoV's villagers times 10. The artstyle has grown on me and I don't mind the school setting tbh (reminds me of Harry Potter like others have mentioned). I really hope there is no kids, please... As for the pushed back release date, I don't mind. It's after my exams so I'm happy. I'll probably go Claude if we have to pick routes.
  15. Kris is really the only character I despise in all of FE (with Peri up there too, but she isn't that good a unit in Conquest compared to Xander or Silas) but they are like the best unit in the game besides Caeda, Palla and Catria which is agrivating