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  1. LOONA finally released details on their debut album and there are 4 fucking versions. Guess who's not gonna even be able to get one ;______;
  2. Do you like your body hair?

    Eh, I'm mixed on it. I don't mind facial hair, but mine always grows out really blotching so I'm incapable of growing it out so I shave it. As for other body hair, barely any grows on my chest so I just leave and I really only have hair on my legs and armpits, though I'm half considering shaving my armpits cause I hate armpit hair.
  3. I definitely prefer some of their other Red concepts to this, but it's still a bop. They also seem to do Red concepts better than they do Velvet concepts
  4. So apparently Hyuna and E'Dawn have been dating for several months now. Honestly I'm shook, but also not shook. https://entertain.naver.com/now/read?oid=213&aid=0001051409
  5. *Screams in Orbit* AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! They are debuting next week holy shit I am not physically able to handle all this!
  6. KARD's comeback is so good! Having been with them since the beginning it's awesome to see how far they've come and J.Seph singing, shook to bits. Also this happened: SCREAMS IN LEGGO!!!! SOLJI THE QUEEN IS BACK!!!!
  7. I don't play Heroes often but I really like Hrid. He's hot (Ironic), seems nice and if he dies I will write a complaint to IS. Personally I see him as maybe a sword!cav or maybe even sword!armour since he is pretty bulky looking. I think he could be the legendary hero this month, though apparently we are supposed to be getting a blue hero this month so I dunno.
  8. Well most lords would probably fit into the saber or rider class with a few exceptions. Celica would obviously be a caster (Though her possessed self could show up as a berserker). Lyn I could see as assassin with how fast she is or an archer/rider. Hector I can see as berserker actually though rider and/or saber would be more likely. Ephraim would be a lancer no doubt. Miccy as a caster or hell even assassin if Red Assassin (What ever her name was I can't remember) from Apocratha is anything to go by. Ike could also go berserker based on cipher. And that's about all I ever thought about.
  9. I played on Normal/Classic and a bit of DLC was used (Mainly just the star shards to help boost growths). Hero!Alm w/Regal Sword/Falchion (Depending on if I was fighting a dragon) Saint!Silque w/Dragon Shield Saint!Tatiana w/Dragon Shield Saint!Genny w/Dragon Shield Dread Fighter!Saber w/Brave Sword Dread Fighter!Jesse w/Ilwoon Dread Fighter!Kamui w/Ilwoon Dread Fighter!Gray w/Zweihander Bow Knight!Tobin w/Killer Bow Bow Knight!Leon w/Killer Bow Not a very diverse team, but they all got the job done. The healers obviously provided healing and sometimes summons (Mainly Silque with her DFS) and also if they were needed to kill off some stray terrors with seraphim. The dfs were obviously amazing with how broken they are. Enemy mages did nothing and more often then not, they critted enemies so they mostly died within one round or two. The bks were around for range. They also critted a lot thanks to killer bows being broken af. I also made all dfs and bks had support partners (So Saber and Jesse, Kamui and Leon and Gray and Tobin). I was originally gonna bring Celica instead of Silque (Since Silque is arguably the worst saint not having pyhsic) but Celica was a liability with how if her or Alm died it was game over so I brought Silque for the extra heals.
  10. Titans and Shazam Trailers Dropped

    I can see that, but I still hate that they had Dick of all people say 'Fuck Batman' cause no matter how angry Dick would have been, he would never say that. And yeah, Dick would never kill. He was practically raised by Batman, the patron saint of do not kill (Unless it's the DCEU). I just hope he gets better throughout. I sure hope that is only their civilian garbs because, yeah, I don't like them. I do agree, Diop has gotten a lot of backlash for the creative teams fault and it should stop. It really sucks for me though that the DC streaming service is the only way to watch these since as far as I heard, it's American only and I live in Ireland so... yeah...
  11. Titans and Shazam Trailers Dropped

    Shazam looks pretty decent overall. I'm actually excited to go see it and hopefully get some laughs. The suit is a bit rubbery looking but overall I'm excited. I have been waiting for Aquaman since we knew Jason Momoa was playing him. I hope it's good and it turns into another fluke like WW was. My only worry is trailer really failed to convey the plot and it looks like it may be a massive hodgepodge. I just hope it has little bits of comedy sprinkled around so it isn't as serious as the other DCEU movies. As for Titans, oh boy, what a mess. That is not Dick Grayson and I refuse to accept that. If that is any Robin it's Jason Todd or Damien Wayne. Dick admired the fuck out of Batman and only stopped being Robin since he was growing up and wanted to be in the spotlight rather than the shadows (Which is a big part in his contrast to Batman). The costumes all look horrible still. I will say Starfire's costume looks better but that wig is atrocious and her iconic star bolts should be green not actual fire. Beast Boy looks ugh and Raven looks like a generic 'It's not a phase mom' teen. I'll tune in to Titans to see how it goes since I love the Teen Titans and they were the super heroes I grew up with, but I have very low expectations. Thank god Young Justice is coming back though.
  12. Well, I haven't listened to all their discography yet (But believe me, I already have the whole thing downloaded XD). My fav song from what I heard is Fast Pace. I really like jazzy type songs. As for member, Won Woo definitely left an impression with his 24/7 line in Fast Pace which just spoke to me. Visually though, DK is really attractive. Plus, I tend to really like main vocals in groups (Solji from EXID, Chuu from LOONA, Yijeong from HISTORY) so that certainly has an appeal. Also I know the vocal unit will probably be my favourite since I just love over the top vocals and ballads (Which I assume the vocal unit has a good amount of). Also @seventeen thanks for all the tips. I'll definitely start with their variety. I still have to watch all their mvs too since I only just watched Oh My today. Thanks again for all the help!