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  1. What is your unpopular Fire Emblem opinion?

    I don't really agree with this personally. I love FE5 however, you know there is something wrong with a game where you need a guide to playthrough it. Maybe it's just me and the fact I'm not the best at FE but still. As for FE4, its story is decent in Gen1 but Gen 2 really goes down hill as it becomes your bog standard FE plot. Also the gameplay is some of the worst in the series alongside FE2/FE15 and FE13. I get what they were doing with the 'Giant maps to portray the giant conflict' but it didn't work. I know its mainly down to personal preference, but to say they were the best games in the series is a far cry.
  2. I loved the voice acting. It really helped me get attached to characters that I don't think I would have otherwise and also, in my opinion help increase the quality of story telling. For example, I can't imagine listening to Berkut's iconic 'Uncle' line without Ian Sinclair VAing it. If anything, in the case of Berkut, having full VA actually made Berkut a better character in my opinion, since otherwise, Berkut is a pretty typical and boring villain. And it's the same for a whole load of other characters. I also think it helped that character death quotes and also the post-battle mourning quotes which also help add a depth of personality to characters and you attachment to said characters.
  3. How should weapons be handled?

    I get that, but I'm really not a fan of Fates' system and I see no other alternative other than durability. And honestly, it wouldn't be that hard to make durability more bearable by simply adding a weapon repair system ala FE4 accessible before the start of a chapter. Of coarse that would mean certain stronger weapons like braves, reavers etc would have to be less common but I still think it would be better than what Fates had.
  4. Worst Fire Emblem Lord?

    I know you said you were done and all but I can't ignore this. There is a massive difference between being the worst lord and being the worst unit. I mean I consider Corrin the worst lord, but she is far from the worst units. And the same goes for Roy. Yeah, he's pretty bad, but he is far from being the worst unit. TLDR; there is a massive difference between being the worst unit and the worst lord and to say there isn't a) is extremely over exaggerated and b) just shows your massive anti-Roy bias.
  5. Best and Worst Lords.

    Best: Marth Mainly based on his SD incarnation as FE1/3 don't give him much personality and the personality is pretty generic and NMotE ruins his SD development, but SD saves him enough to be my favourite. He's kind of typical in his 'I don't wanna fight' shtick but he knows he must because he is the prince and that is his duty. I mean he literally says 'I am a prince before a brother and a son' after he finds out his mother is dead and his sister was kidnapped by Gharnef and instead of mourning, like Nyna said he should, he goes out to greet his people after having liberated Altea. There is just so much to like. A close second is Leif but I've played SD more so I have a bigger attachment to Marth. Worst: Corrin This is pretty self explanatory since I'm sure we've all read numerous essays on how bad a character Corrin is. As of late I like her a bit more thanks to Warriors, but she is still my least favourite. I would have put Kris here, but I don't consider them a lord. I consider them more of a tumor that ruins what should be my favourite FE game.
  6. A Second CYL Poll?

    Personally I would like for them to do another one, maybe on the 1 year anniversary. Personally I never participated in the first one, but I definitely would in this one. Also with how SoV revamped all of Gaiden's cast and with how Heroes exposed newer fans to older characters, it would be interesting to see how Awakening/Fates cast place.
  7. I think the main problem people have with Robin and Corrin is that they are avatars and thus are supposed to represent them and with how both are treated, being worshipped by many characters, it can get grating. Also the fact I can't have Robin and Corrin make decisions that I myself would make. Well at least that's my issue. If they weren't avatars and just their own characters, I myself would have less of a problem with them and I think other people would too.
  8. Would you like to see the Twelve Deadlords again?

    Unless its a remake of the Jugdral duology, no.
  9. Worst Fire Emblem Lord?

    Yeah, but his flaws never seriously effect him. All he ever gets is a slap on the wrist and never faces any long term repercussions like Leif or Eirika. For me personally: Story wise, the avatars, namely Kris and Corrin. RJWalker's write up about about sums up my opinion of Kris. For reference. As for Corrin, they are just generally bad. I don't mind Corrin as much nowadays cause Warriors gave me a bit of appreciation for her however, she is still a shitty lord none the less regardless of the route. Runner ups are Ike, Ephraim and Seliph. Gameplay wise, Marth from FE11. While I love FE11, Marth was debuffed horribly from FE 1 and 3 it's sad. Thank god his character is decent tho.
  10. For me: -The maps. They should have been made smaller, have the enemy density boosted and had more objectives. Like the Southern Outpost map could have been seize. The map where you face Berkut for the first time could have been defend/survive for X turns where you were in the center instead of Berkut and co. with constant reinforcements coming in. -Dread Fighters looping. I know it's a bit petty, but it annoys me. -Mage, Sage and Priestess move being 4. It should have at least increased to 5. I mean Saint has 5 move. -Like above but Baron only having 4 move. They should have had 5 move also. -Dread Fighters having too much move. 6 move would have been enough. It makes them a bit too OP and Greith a pain. That's about it for me.
  11. Fiana Freeblades: Leif (Sword Infantry, unique Light Brand that tragets Res), Nanna (Staff Cavalry), Finn (Lance Cavalry), Eyvel (Sword Infantry), Orsin (Axe Infnatry, unique Pugi that has distant counter) More Sacred Stones: L'Arachel (Staff Cavalry), Ross (Axe Infantry), Ewan (Red Tome Infantry), Myrrh (Green Dragon, has Hone Dragons) Dawn Brigade: Micaiah (Blue/Green Tome Infnatry, unique Thani that does effective damage vs. Cavalry and Armours), Sothe (Dagger Infantry), Edward (Sword Infnatry), Nolan (Axe Infantry), Leonardo (Bow Infantry) Children of the Future: Morgan (M) (Sword Infantry), Morgan (F) (Red Tome Infantry), Gerome (Axe Flier), Noire (Bow Infantry) Tokyo Mirage Sessions: Itsuki Aoi (Sword Infantry, has Falchion), Tsubasa Oribe (Lance Flier), Touma Akagi (Lance Cavalry), Kiria Kurono (Green Tome) Cipher Companions 1: Emma (Lance Flier), Shade (Blue/Green Tome Infantry), Yuzu (Sword Infantry) Cipher Companions 2: Randel (Sword Cavalry), Alice (Staff Cavalry), Valjean (Sword Armour)
  12. Yeah, I agree. I did like that her support was more traditional. I just wish she had one with like Celica or even Atlas where the whole 'I'll treat you like a little sister' would have worked better then with Celica. Not saying her support with Sonya is bad, it's actually one of my favourites, but the fact that you have to pick between Sonya and Deen and Sonya is Genny's only support, while Jesse at least has Saber if you don't pick Deen, is a bit aggravating.
  13. How should weapons be handled?

    Personally: Durability should come back. While it worked in SoV with the nature of that game, it didn't work in Fates. I wasn't a fan of the debuff system since by the end of the game most of my units were still using Irons and also I felt the debuffs for Silvers was way to extreme. Also I fell like durability is enough of a debuff for stronger weapons. Weight should return but done like SoV, being Spd-Weapon Weight. Ranged lance or axes should be able to double when at 1 range but not at 2 range. Bows should be the go to 2 range weapon IMO. As for bow range, I feel like normal bows should be either only 2 or 2-3, longbows should either be 2-3 or 3-5, depending. But their should also be another option, ala javelins and hand axes, being crossbows that have 1-2 range and don't do effective damage vs fliers. For forging, SoV is the way to go IMO. Though I don't think evolving weapons really needs to come back. It made sense with SoV but I don't think it would in other games. I personally however would not like Combat Arts to come back. Personally I would like the traditional skill system from either FE4/5 or FE9/10. As for magic it should either be the GBA triangle or just one weapon type ala Fates and SoV, having different effects like killers, effective against certain types etc. As for the WT as a whole, I prefer the older one versus Fates'. I actually think Heros has the best WT with the physical and magical triangle on top of each other and bows, daggers and stvaes being separate. Personally I would like to see Swords/Fire/Anima<Axes/Wind/Light<Lances/Thunder/Dark<Sword/Fire/Anima.
  14. I'm fixed between Sacred Stones and Shadows of Valentia for the best. Both do their characters justice in that SS had some of my favourite supports in the series that really helped develop characters you wouldn't normally expect to be like, seriously, read Forde's supports, with anyone but Vanessa, or just watch Ghast's support science. While SoV, yes lacking in the support area since most were simple chatter and IMO there were too few, looking at you Genny, the voice acting really helped. I mean look at Berkut, a for the most part, pretty run of the mill, weak villain is in my mind a stand out solely because of his fantastic voice. Bless Ian Snclair for his voice and Wendee Lee for being amazing at voice direction where were you when Fates was being voiced?;___;. As for worst, I would say SD, but since it barely developed its characters I can't really say it had a bad cast personality wise, since like only 5 units had personality, so I'm gonna have to go with Fates, specifically Birthright. I actually quite enjoyed Awakening cast, since most had substance in their supports like Lon'qu and yes, Tharja, in any support where Robin is not mentioned, and Conquest also has some characters that I thoroughly enjoy too like Niles, Charlotte, Benny, Nyx. Actually I like everyone but Corrin and Peri in Conquest. However, Birthrights characters are just plain bland, the only exceptions being the royals sibs, minus Hinoka who I genuinely forgot existed until Warriors, Oboro, Kaden, Reina, albeit is still forgetable at times and Shiro. Pretty much everyone else is super forgetable and I honestly have no qualms killing any of them when I play Conquest, except the above mentioned, and Scarlet. Fuck she died brutally.
  15. Something ala SoV with Thabes but with more story. Or some trial maps like BB and PoR where you can play as villains but with more story. Also possibly a NG+ could be cool but some story changes or just alt stories in general like Eliwood mode and Hector mode.