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  1. I like the promotions, rings/shields, forging and skirmishes from SoV. I just like the promotions in SoV in general cause they are linear. Rings and shield should be a staple in every FE game (Just give us an accessory slot IS). Forging I think worked best here and I think being able to upgrade weapons was very satisfying. Skirmishes are just nice to have (But make them skipable so you don't have to battle them every time you want to pass through). I wasn't a big fan of arts tbh, I kinda still prefer characters just having skills that are either personal to them or class based (a.k.a GotHW). Villages, spells, the route split and shrines only really work with a game like SoV. Cantors and witches can burn.
  2. Damn, I never would have taught SD would be a the bottom plus the fact BSFE beat it, now that's depressing. Ah well c'est la vie, it's still the best in my opinion.
  3. Who should do the artwork for the game?

    For previous artists in the series, Hidari, Senri Kita or Sachiko Wada would all be nice. However, for other artists not yet involved with the series proper I would like to see Ayame Kojima (a.k.a the artist for the Castlevania games), cuboon (Who did Palla, Olwen, Reinhardt, Lukas and Tana in Heroes) or mayo (Who has done Jeorge, Sheena, Sully, Stahl, Bridelia and Summer Robin in Heroes).
  4. Ah, I see. Thanks for correcting me, it's been a while since I played Gaiden.
  5. Yes, which you can reach before even starting Alm's portion of Ch. 4.
  6. Was that not from the manga? I may be misremembering but I had Alm promoted before the Dragon Maw in the original Gaiden.
  7. DLC characters announced

    Based on the datamine, we know that the NPC quartet were cut in favour of adding Cordelia, Anna, Celica and Lyn. There were also lots of empty space between the data so that means that some there were several supports finished before the four were canned.
  8. DLC characters announced

    Well yeah, but I meant at the time before the LE leak and shit. If you look at character gameplay, you can clearly see how Owain shares his moveset with both Ryoma and generic myrmidons/swordmaster and the same with Niles and all archers in the game. Oboro, while being the most unique, you can see her moveset is a clone of generic soldiers/halberdiers. And I mean, if they haven't so far, I'm not expecting better for Minerva, Linde or Tharja (Though I'm gonna risk being optimistic for once and hope Linde and Tharja do get unique movesets). Really, I would only expect Azura and Olivia to be unique (And I think it would be the biggest piece of shit if at least these two weren't). Fuck it seems like I'm not excited for Warriors, but believe me I am.
  9. DLC characters announced

    I mean with the latter two points, with the info we had at that time, knowing that SD, Awakening and Fates were the main focuses of the game and with what HW the villain trio and Medli, you can't really blame people for thinking those things. Though I do agree people were being over optimistic by thinking we'd get more beyond SD, Awakening and Fates.
  10. DLC characters announced

    I don't really see how this argument stands. Cia, Volga and Wizzro all had their own unique movesets and were in the base game. Then they were added as playable via a free update. Considering the NPC quartet all have clone movesets, and lets be real, other than their specials and awakenings, they aren't getting unique movesets, this is pretty much disk DLC. While I personally don't mind, it's still shitty when they could have made room for more characters to diversify the roster.
  11. DLC characters announced

    She got 8th, being the 6th most popular 1st gen female after F!Robin, Tharja, Cordelia, Cherche and Tiki. I hope this is the case. It would make a lot of sense IMO.
  12. SPOILERS: All Cutscenes In English

    The cringe~~~~ But tbh, they don't sound half bad, even the twins. And Alexis Tipton as Lucina is growing on. Also, I like how Lucy reacts to Darios killing his father. It's the little things that counts.
  13. DLC characters announced

    On one hand, I'm annoyed. I think adding the NPC Quartet as paid DLC when they released the villain trio and Medli for free with HW is pretty scummy, especially since they are all ready in the game. But on the other hand, the amount of content we are getting is amazing (3 hm maps per DLC? Yes please) and I do like the character choices (Azura was expected as was Minerva and Tharja but Olivia and Linde were nice surprises. Though I would've preferred Merric and Severa in all honestly). I'm personally guessing that Tharja and Linde will have a unique moveset from Robin but share one since I don't think they would match Robin's style. Also Azura and Olivia better have a unique style too since they are dancers and just wouldn't match any of the current movesets. Also is it just me, or are there a lot of females? I don't have an issue with it, just pointing it out. As for costumes, it seems each character is getting one per pack. However, the SD has an extra 3 costumes, which I'm hoping are Palla, Catria and Est skins for Caeda, Cordelia and Hinoka. Turns out I'm wrong only 4 costumes with SD pack and 9 broken armour models. Welps there goes my hope for the Whitewings. Also curious what those broken armour models are.
  14. Holy war banner

    I know I'm a bit late, but I was hoping for Quan so I could have Sigurd, Eldigan and Quan together. Also, does it annoy anyone else Tailtiu doesn't have Thoron+. I know it's not the best tome, but it's the only one we don't have and I just want a unit to have it for completions sake.
  15. @VincentASM Here is the full list of max stats from the Japanese wiki page.