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  1. I'm not gonna lie, I'm not your biggest fan, however, don't leave because someone or some people said some shitty things about you. Don't give them the pleasure of knowing their words got to you. Who fucking cares what people say, especially on the internet. If you need to take a break, then go ahead, we all need to detox from the internet sometimes, however, don't leave permanently, because there are people that will miss you, and I know that you will miss this site. Don't let a few people push you away from a place you very obviously love. Just ignore them.
  2. Here's the Christmas art @SSbardock84
  3. Uggggh Gaius and Tiki........ *drools* Too bad I don't play Heroes XD. Also I'm not surprised we don't have a Tharja in a bikini cause we already know she's getting a Christmas outfit and I don't think they would give units more than one special variant.
  4. Just saying, the Japanese version is coming out on October 5th for 7980 yen and has four extra games that the international release isn't getting, Panel De Pon, Fire Emblem: Mystery of the Emblem, Legend of the Mystical Ninja and Super Formation Soccer. I would be very willing to buy the JP version solely so I can have Mystery of the Emblem not on an emulator.
  5. I must have this console!!!! I couldn't get my hand on the NES Classic but I need this. Also, I may sound needy but I wish they released Mystery of the Emblem on here.
  6. Jelly filled donuts obviously, duh. But in all seriousness, I would imagine some pokemon are edible, I mean pokemon eat other pokemon and I'm sure some pokemon would eat a human, so I wouldn't put it past people to eat pokemon. Other than that their are non-meats and stuff.
  7. -Part 2 of RD is the best in the game. -Miccy should have been the main protagonist for all of RD. Ike should not have taken her spotlight and should have been relegated to a supporting character. -Eirika>Ephraim (Not sure if this is necessarily unpopular) -Alm>Celica -Dismounting was a cool feature and I wish they would bring it back. -Conquest was better than Birthright and Revelation in every way, gameplay, characters and story. While the story was not well executed, it had a better premise than the boring Birthright or contrived Revelation. -Kaga leaving was the best thing for the franchise I'm probably gonna get butchered for that last one.
  8. Annard or Manhya as most people would know her as. Still makes me cry.
  9. I personally gave up on making timelines a while ago cause the Outrealms. The only concrete timeline we actually have is (I call it the Marth Timeline for simplicity sake): FE4 Gen 1--->FE5--->FE4 Gen 2---.>FE1/11--->FE2/15---->FE3/12--->FE 13 Fates events take place sometimes before FE13, and I would presume in some form of alternate universe. Tellius could happen in the same world as the Marth timeline but we don;t have enough evidence except Priam, who could be from the Outrealms or heard of Ike and decided to pose as his descendant. Elibe again takes place in its own dimension. And then we have poor Magvel by its lonesome. Not trying to tell you your timeline is shit, I just don't see the point in trying to piece timelines much anymore cause of the Outrealms.
  10. Favourite: SoV Least Favourite: Fates As you can tell, Fates angers me.
  11. Out of the three girls who need a specific father for GF, Nah is the only one who doesn't really need it to be a good unit.
  12. Before this topics potential lock, I want to share my opinion on it. I honestly don't think Ike would marry. I honestly highly doubt he would ever settle down with one person as I think he is more of a nomadic guy, travelling all over you know. Also, I personally don't think Ike is straight or gay, if anything I find him to be the type of person that would just fall in love with someone regardless of who they are (For example I headcanon Ike and Elincia were together for a time after PoR but since Ike didn't want to be a king and Elincia wanted to stay as Queen of Crimea to help her people, plus the backlash they both would have received if Elincia married a commoner, they broke it off and I also ship Ike with either Soren, Ranulf or no one, depedning on my mood, based on RD's ending (But I mainly go the single route)). However, I do feel he would adopt along his travels. I feel like he would parent in a way similar to Greil was a parent to him and Mist. They would have a pretty good relationship, even though Ike would act a bit distant and would show some tough love, however over their adventures they would bond very closely and overall it would just be really fucking cute and shit.
  13. You need to beat the One Man's Trash sub-quest first which involves talking to the Scholarly Man in Zofia Castle and getting the Lima Armlet from the powerful entombed in the Deliverance HQ.
  14. They added voices to the DLC support convos.