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  1. Awakening DLC Famitsu Scans

    It could be another situation like with the Fates DLC in that it is being released later then scheduled but rather then just the west being affected, it's everywhere.
  2. Awakening DLC Famitsu Scans

    Typically updates in Japan are at 9 am which is 8 pm EST. Unless it is an hour later cause DST.
  3. Awakening DLC Famitsu Scans

    Well mines not updating. It keeps saying I'm using the latest software
  4. Awakening DLC Famitsu Scans

    Yeah it should be live in about 20 mins.
  5. Games you are waiting for.

    Crash Bandicoot: Insane Trilogy for the Switch. I was gonna get it on the PS4, but since it's gonna be on the Switch and I prefer he Switch over the PS4 Imma wait. Spyro Trilogy remake for the Switch. I'm hoping we get this like we did with Crash and if we do, I would assume we get it on Switch. Hyrule Warriors Definitive Edition for he Switch, May 18th. Fire Emblem Switch, whenever. Bayonetta for the Switch. Kirby: Star Allies for the Switch. It's obviously out now but I don't have the time to get it currently. Das about it.
  6. Awakening DLC Famitsu Scans

    That could be the older update that didn't do anything though. Though maybe it would be smart to download now before the actual update in case it makes it take longer.
  7. Awakening DLC Famitsu Scans

    Cease and ban yo self. On a more serious note, I'm happy Olivia is in. I hope she has good support options though, like I really want her and Azura or her and Niles.
  8. Awakening DLC Famitsu Scans

    Though I;m wondering, since we know each new HM map is based on the character's recruitment and Tharja is recruited in Emmeryn's death map, who's gonna play Emmeryn? Lissa would be likely, but I don't think they would do it that obvious. @Otts486 I believe they originally said they didn't want to have kid characters in the game due to their nature of only having a set mother, but Lucian and Owain were both pushed by IntSys, which would explain why the likes of Inigo and Severa were passed over. Also, that would be a whole swords pack.
  9. Awakening DLC Famitsu Scans

    Last post I swear Apologies, that's poor wording on my part. I never meant that you had to change your mind or that I was trying to force you to buy the DLC. @Anomalocaris no I'm pretty sure it's just three (Unfortunately). The original leak from the Australian EShop said three costumes for this pack. Also Fates got 5 costumes.
  10. Awakening DLC Famitsu Scans

    But thing is they were only selling characters, not new maps, weapons, skills, costumes, broken armour models etc that Koei is. But also Koei are a company, they have to make money. And you're a consumer, if you don't like it don't buy it. Though as Florete said, I''m gonna leave it here since you don't seem to want to change your mind.
  11. Awakening DLC Famitsu Scans

    I don't why you keep stating the fact Freddy wont have a BA model. As others have said, everyone has gotten one so far, they wouldn't exclude him. Also I don't see how Koei is greedy when what they are doing is basic business practise and exactly what they did with HW and HWL.
  12. Awakening DLC Famitsu Scans

    I don't know if you have been following the DLC, but every character has gotten a broken armour model. They always only show of three in the Famitsu scans, so both Robins and Frederick will get a broken armour model. Also, not every character in each pack got a new costume. All the Fates royals (But Corrin, Azura, Takumi and Camilla), the Fates DLC characetrs, Anna, Celica, the SD DLC characters and now the Robins and Fredericks along with the Awakening DLC characters have not gotten costumes.
  13. Awakening DLC Famitsu Scans

    According to BlackKite on twitter who I got most of the translations from, yes, the DLC is out tonight. Side note, Owain's render is based on one of his Cipher cards:
  14. Awakening DLC Famitsu Scans

    Owain actually isn't the first, both Takumi's and Sakura's renders are different from the OA.
  15. Awakening DLC Famitsu Scans

    It's from FE Cipher, like Ryoma's and Xander's promotions.