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  1. It really depends. Sometimes I like it and sometimes, I just like to have linear promotions. Though, I wont lie I tend to prefer linear promotions.
  2. Oh I forgot the two most important ships, Atlas x Bench and Witches x Forsyth bait.
  3. I don't think Genny and Saber are meant to be canon tho since their endings still refer to them getting married even if one dies. I mean ship away, but still.
  4. Ugh, this is so hard to decide. Alm has way more varied units and also his maps are way better. Whereas Celica, IMO, has better characters with more personality. Also, I like how all of Celica's units have more personal reasons for fighting rather than 'Fuck Rigel'. I think Imma just pass.
  5. Obviously, all the canon ships. So Alm/Celica, Gray/Clair, Clive/Mathilda, Zeke/Tatiana and Boey/Mae. Other than those, I really like Jesse/Silque. Also, Sonya/Deen is a ship I ship simply because it's tragic (I blame the Gaiden manga).
  6. I'm pretty sure she does since I think it was in on of Linkmastr's videos, but he had Faye as a level 20 Titania with Again.
  7. I like them, but I don't use them much, even on my current hard/classic run. I find that if I do use them, they are more so used as the final blow.
  8. Overall, I like them, I'm just not pleased at how all their costumes are the same. Alm and Celica look really cool. Pretty sure Alm got Bowrange +1 and Celica got Aura, don't know why though. The Geirolul seems to literally just be more move and just being stronger in general. Spartans seem to have gotten a new skill. Pretty sure it's Big Shield. The Mach class is pretty much just Dark Flier which is cool. Not a fan of the costume tho. Morgana seems to have gotten enemy spells (Except Miasma and Medusa). Whereas Titania seems to have gotten a new spell for increasing Res and another one. Yashka has gotten a new skill, but I don't know what it is (Or I could be wrong but). Also the Elephant class has gotten Bow Range +3 which is insane (Gives Parthia 9 range which Trance Shot WTF!). I'm also probably the only one who is happy it is not an actual elephant. Solomans are basically Cantors now which is cool. Also their bases seem crazy.
  9. Any spell that would be learned at a later level then your promoting level has it;s own formula. Basically, we'll use Celica who gets Ragnarok at level 20. If she promotes at say level 15, once promoted she will learn Ragnarok at level 6. The formula is basically (Spell level - Promotion level)+1.
  10. No, the first one will not be available until the 25th of May. You must have the specific weapon/shield/ring that has the skill in order to use it. If you don't, you can;t use the skill.
  11. You do get a Gradivus in the final dungeon, however, to get the other two, and more Gradivuses (Gradivi?), you need to forge the Blessed weapons to 3 star then evolve them to their respective regalia. Do note, it takes 5 gold marks each.
  12. What's the backfire rate on the Shadow Sword and do Dread Fighters still negate it?