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  1. It would mean they would put more effort into a more popular thing knowing it wold do really good because of it's large fan base while they would put less effort into something that doesn't have as large a fan base or if they didn't think it would do amazingly well. But I could also be wrong and they just chose a pretty eh art style for the game.
  2. I agree. HW looked way better than this game, especially considering that was a Wii U games and this a Switch games (Well New 3DS games too but we haven't seen anything from that since the original teaser). But I suppose it just happens to be because Zelda is much more popular and has a much bigger fanbase. Meanwhile FE, while having become more popular since FEA, is still fairly niche when compared to Nintendos other franchises.
  3. I certainly hope those weird scenes where they are using their musous are fixed cause it looks really annoying when it clips. But other than that I enjoyed it. The voices, especially Hinoka, sound a whole lot better in game than in that trailer. Sadly Hinoka and Cordelia seem to be somewhat clones of one another, also they plan on differing them by growths possibly. I just hope they have some differences cause they look similar. Camilla looks hella fun to play tbh as those Takumi. Wish we got to see more Leo, but he's not one I was looking for in particular so I'm not peeved either way. I just want more character reveals. The lack of characters from either games that aren't super predictable worries me.
  4. I'm happy we finally got more characters and I'm suprised to see Hinoka tbh. The voice acting though, eww. While I'm suprised Sakura and Elise aren't in (Though I wish they were), where is Azura? I hope we see her soon. And another question, is this our male archer and female rider reveal or can we expect more characters at Gamescon? I sure hope so.
  5. It's hard to say. I mean SS has a fairly small roster (Explaining why they are getting jumbled in with Elibe) so it wouldn't be too far fetched to say we could get all major bosses. However, SS also has split promos and three trainees, so if they decide to put every character in every possible promotion path, like they have done with Awakening and Fates, I think it may be a while before we have every non-minor SS character. Though, out of all the games, I SS is the most probable to have every major character, both playable and NPC as a Cipher card.
  6. No one is telling him he is wrong. It's just the way he presents his opinions seem like he is trying to insist people who think the opposite are wrong, even if that is not the intent, that is what it reads like.
  7. Apologies, annoyed was the wrong word I suppose but you persistently reply to every point where people point out their personal dislikes about Thracia which they see as flaws and pretty much tell they are wrong for thinking it is a flaw in their opinion. Like so what if people don't like fatigue and if that being present is their deal breaker for not playing/liking the game. People have opinions and they are just as right as yours even if you don't agree with them.
  8. Well this topic has gone straight down the shitter. IMO, Thracia is not underrated. I mean the fan base it has hype the game a good amount and IMO the people that dislike have their reasons and said reasons are reasonable. As someone who has played Thracia and loved it, I can see why fatigue is a turn off, how Chapter 24x is a bitch (And it is. My least favourite chapter in the game by far), some of the recruitments (Xavier) and the cheap mechanics which make the game falsely difficult like staffs missing are all turn offs that even turned me off on it for a while. @Emperor I don't see why you are getting so annoyed at the fact people are just stating an opinion. You don't have to play a game to dislike it. I have never played a CoD game, but I know I dislike them. Just leave it off, cause you ain't gonna change no ones opinions.
  9. Interesting group of titles. My guesses for what they will focus on are: -More Laguz for PoR and RD since there weren't that many in the last green set that focused on Laguz. -More Future Past with M!Robin instead of F!Robin and F!Morgan with a Wyvern Lord ??? character. Also the rest of the Spot Pass characters like Yen'Fay and Walhart with more villains like Validar. -Subsitues for yellow. I mean we got Tristan and Jeanne already so why not give us the rest. Also more villains like Ishtar.
  10. The new OCs. Alice the Cleric. Barjan the Knight. Veronica. I reccomend visiting the Cipher English Twitter cause they have more images from the stream. Link to their twitter.
  11. I also agree that Marth's games should definitely get a new remake. Marth's games were all unfortunately held back by being made in the wrong time and both its remake, while good in their own ways, never really were able to remake the games to their full potential and I feel like the Switch could. But also, Marth's games have been solidified as one of the 'big three', so it's only right it gets a new remake within the next few years.
  12. In FF 10 forgetting to get Valefor's other Overdrive on Besaid so going back to Besaid and forgetting in order to get into Besaid again, you have to fight Dark Valefor, which I was horribly under leveled for at the point in the game. Also in Sims, after hours of making the perfect family and their perfect house (And not saving for those hours), 'Sims.exe has stopped working'. All drive to play the game is gone.
  13. Oh yeah, I know that not all the costumes were just recolours that referenced other characters, but the majority were. I guess I should have pointed that out originally.
  14. I don't know if this is really unpopular, but I do think a sc-fi Fire Emblem would be pretty cool and a nice break from the medieval setting. It would also be a good way for them to break away from the same evil dragon god trope that tends to persist in pretty much every FE game with the exception of like 2 which would be a breath of fresh air.