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  1. Hello, Hi, Hey: I'm $$$ richh

    It's the opposite of the Time Warp, in a sense.
  2. Hello, Hi, Hey: I'm $$$ richh

    Oh, someone returning, huh.
  3. Hello, Hi, Hey: I'm $$$ richh

    Ah, three-day weekend! It's nice when they happen...
  4. Hello, Hi, Hey: I'm $$$ richh

    It's the eternal sonata of repetition.

    And so close to its nine years.
  6. How Would You Rewrite the Story?

    That's the point. Despite the ~99% neutrality and uninvolvement of Goldoa and Hatari, the situation at 3-E was already at the verge of waking Ashera. So despite everything said about the conditions of the promise to her, the terms were much easier to break than expected. Actually, no, nothing is ever mentioned of the ravens. We see Naesala, yes, but that's just him. Nothing on the rest of Kilvas. And as for Begnion vs the rest of Tellius, it all laregely relies on the circumstances. Splitting the game may sound fine on paper. Hahaha, heck, reminds me of SRW Compact 2. Specially with the set-up.
  7. Stardew Valley

    Oh, Stardew Valley. I like that game. Having played HM and RF long before, this seemed like something worth to try out. It's a fun little game, though lately I haven't had the time to play it.
  8. How Would You Rewrite the Story?

    Not necessarily. Remember that it only took Kurth and Ena to count for the whole of Goldoa. There's also the matter the ravens had long dropped out as well (asuming they're not being forced to fight offscreen like Begnion's army when the alliance was fighting Daein) save for Naesala. And if they count as well, Hatari likewise only had Nailah and Volug involved. So no, Daein as a whole would not need to get involved. Also, it's hard to say if such a statement is understimating Begnion's might. Keep in mind the writers could just have the Senate still be able to hold on despite having almost everybody against them, incluiding parts of Begnion themselves. We never really get to gauge the exact extent of Begnion's might. We only ever really see the Begnion Central Army. But, as its name could imply, there could be other divisions easily as large and powerful.

    It does. The glitch is here to stay, I suppose.
  10. Just saying, but, when I went to see it, most people in the theater clapped. Yes, they clapped when he spoke. Just saying... for the record, I didn't. I wasn't sure how to react on that, to be honest.
  11. Hello, Hi, Hey: I'm $$$ richh

    I wish I could rest on weekends...
  12. First video game crush

    Best I remember, my first crush on a video game character was with Blue/Green/Leaf from the Pokémon Kanto remakes. Although, considering that Pokémon main game protagonists don't really have what could be considered proper characterization (for those that don't have a significant role when not the PC), I'm not sure if she counts as a video game character. Making that distinction into account, then the first one would actually be Elli from the Harvest Moon series. Ah, this does brings me back. It was fun playing Harvest Moon... and becoming rich selling lots of sweet potatoes every fall... lol
  13. How Would You Rewrite the Story?

    Keep in mind that at it was ultimately how the writers wanted it to go. Which is the whole point. If they choose to made Daein willing to fight, regardless of reason, then not incluiding that detail when Pelleas and Micaiah lament they can't drop out, and only mention the blood pact, is simply not good writing. Because, again, the fact the people are so into it should matter. And it's worse when you consider the game did gave reasons as to why the people of Daein would want to keep fighting, but the main characters are only "blood pact blood pact blood pact". It's annoying, to be honest. I never said he was insane, only that potentially he could've been seen as insane for wanting to involve the country into a war they should have no business getting themselves involved with. Case in point, Daein should not really see Begnion with good eyes at the moment, so why would they be so willing to obey them? Funny, when actually under their rule, they refuse to obey. But when they're free... they're all for it. Well, actually, not funny at all. Not sure on the latter two. It doesn't really get brought up, so it's hard to say if Leanne really found out, or only got to see what Naesala felt about what he did. For what it's worth, Naesala knows better than to let his guard down when it comes to being near a Heron. He only ever blunders with Micaiah, since he doesn't know she's Heron branded, but Micaiah doesn't really prod beyond what he feels for Leanne.
  14. How Would You Rewrite the Story?

    Why wouldn't it be a good motivation? Also, 3-6 dialogue says the are bounties for each laguz kill. That's actually one of the reasons why the idea I gave earlier was that Begnion was paying reparations for the acts of the IOA. I'm not sure how likely the Daein government would be the one to issue the bounties, so I would think it's Begnion itself just enticing them further. Yes, it's "motivation" for the rulers, but there's also the not-quite-insignificant matter that they are them, and the people are the people. What if the people of Daein had not wanted to fight? What if insisting had led to a civil war since they think Pelleas is insane trying to wage war while they're still rebuilding? The Senate would not get the help it wanted, since Daein would be so busy fighting itself, their threat of the Blood Pact is moot unless Pelleas spills the beans, and that just leads to further problems. But since the people do want to fight, the blood pact is moot. It's much more interesting to go "They're my people, and fight is what they want. Do I let them even though I know it's not right, or I deny their wishes and do what is right at the cost of their support?" Good question about the ravens. You'd think that, if they're going that route, the story could've had Micaiah and Naesala talk on the matter (I don't think anyone of the PC's outside Naesala even knew Kilvas had a blood pact until 4-E-1), which could've be an interesting subject to explore. But no joy there either.
  15. How Would You Rewrite the Story?

    I would disagree. Any sense of blackmail falls flat because the writers also made the people of Daein so willing to fight, then ignore that anytime the pact was brought up as the only reason Daein can't withdraw. Remember, dialogue like in 3-11 shows it isn't just their racism, they buy the Senate's lies and zeal also drives their desire to keep fighting since they were in a "down with the false Apostle!" mindset as well (if I remember correctly, they were pretty much treating Micaiah as if she were the Apostle; delicious irony, if you ask me, considering things, yet it's never used by the game itself so it becomes wasted potential). So if anything, the writing needs to expand and explore more on the will of Daein to fight, and make it as an issue as big as the blood pact for the main characters. Blood Pact only really works if Daein itself also doesn't want to fight. Same thing can be said of the ravens, as well. We never hear what they thought on the whole thing when Naesala told them to backstab the hawks. And yes, ravens aren't all saints, but they do have their fair share of hatred against Begnion, so to suddenly switch sides to help them would've been something the game shouldve shown. And yet, they just go MIA for the rest of the plot sans the PC ravens.