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  2. Hello, Hi, Hey: I'm $$$ richh

    Well, I've certainly found one right now with the Intrepid Knight of Floor 59. Man, I've already lost several times to it. I've looked up Charming it is a good strategy, so I have a Narcissus with Marin Karin and Charm Boost, but either it's still a low %, or I'm just unlucky, haha. Party is around levels 21-19, so maybe I just need to level up a bit more. I'm in June 20 so still got plenty of time to get Document 03 for Elizabeth's request. Could just one or two trips dedicated to level grind a bit first... or just get better luck with Marin Karin...
  3. Hello, Hi, Hey: I'm $$$ richh

  4. Hello, Hi, Hey: I'm $$$ richh

    Well, I'm still only in the first 60 floors of Tartarus, so who knows if that will change higher up, but for now I go for knocking them all down. At least knowing they gang up I know that if they do bring an enemy back up, it will be just one. I only worry of being ganged up by the enemy if I fail to knock them down. Which doesn't help for enemies whose weaknesses I can't exploit (I've found myself using Jack Brothers for that, even if it's not reliable in knocking all of them at the same time).
  5. Hello, Hi, Hey: I'm $$$ richh

    Yeah, controlling them directly is much better than just having guideline commands. But still, gotta give credit where credit's due. They just attack instead of using SP if what they target has low enough HP to just die, they do exploit weaknesses, prioritize healing, etc. What mainly has me annoyed is they always go for the same enemy. Good if ganging up means they kill faster, but bad when they do stuff like exploiting a weakness, but still attack the same enemy instead of going for triggering a group attack. Or when the enemy is able to act instead of wasting its turn getting back up since being attacked makes them stand back up. Mostly that. So I'm a bit divided on the issue, eh...
  6. Hello, Hi, Hey: I'm $$$ richh

    I don't know if to cheer or yell at Persona 3's AI. Mainly over who they target... dammit people, that enemy was just Charmed, don't attack it!
  7. General US Politics

    Wait, they are? Huh... Although, isn't it at midnight EST? Still some time for that.
  8. Hello, Hi, Hey: I'm $$$ richh

    More like going oldschool with Godmars, Dancougar (original one, too bad it only shows up in Z2), Tetsujin (even if it's not the original one), VOTOMS, etc.
  9. Most if not all of the PSX (Complete Box (2,3,EX), Shin, 4 Scramble, F, FF, Alpha, Alpha Gaiden) games are in the PSN. Also the first Z game is also in the PSN. And of course, PS3 and PS4 games have their digital releases. Outside of that... no idea. At least Nintendo-wise. I know the rest of the PS2 games aren't in the PSN. So, I doubt licensing is an issue. Considering the Alpha Games and Z have big casts... heck, Alpha has Giant Robo, whose liscencing price nowadays is through the roof. It's certainly no problem. I've already bought Alpha and Alpha Gaiden from the PSN, so I know my way through the Japanese online shop, hahahaha. I think it was stated 64 won't be making an appearance in the OGverse, though I don't remember the reason why. But it's not because they dislike them, that's for sure. I'd think. As for Team PTX... well, in Alphaverse and OGverse canon, they're all dead except for Irm and Rin, though that's likely how they chose to not have them show up, not because.
  10. Every single Super Robot Wars game that's been in a Nintendo console/handheld.
  11. So About Micaiah

    Exactly. If no Apostle had a need to use Sacrifice, then how could it be something heard of? It's unlikely every Apostle had a need to use every power they had. But again, there's no confirmation they all had the same powers, or only manifested a few from a list on a case by case basis. There's also the matter the world has been 20 years without an Apostle. Likely many people, specially in the younger generations, would simply not know. For one reason or another.
  12. So About Micaiah

    Nothing is ever said other than being able to hear the goddess, so there's no evidence against it, either. If anything, Micaiah is meant to be a guide on what an Apostle can do. There's also the circumstances to consider. Just how often would an Apostle find the need to use Sacrifice in an enviroment like the middle of Sienne, unlike say... Micaiah in the middle of the Nevassa slums?
  13. So About Micaiah

    On the subject of Micaiah's abilities, they are heritage-based. Not really different from many other FE protagonists. Like Marth, Chrom, and Lucina with Anri, or the Genealogy characters with the Crusaders, or Eliwood with Roland. Micaiah's seems unique only because Heron branded are rare. And then Lehran was just not any Heron, either. But that's just one of your standard protagonist tropes. Special bloodline due to having an ancestor who did X.
  14. Hello, Hi, Hey: I'm $$$ richh

    Hahaha Though I'm with Tom on this one. I can't believe the game is only two months from release... If only I had the means to actually play it. I know it will have a PC release, but I doubt my laptop has the specs for it...
  15. Hello, Hi, Hey: I'm $$$ richh

    Ah, that reminds me. I need to replay SRW D again, to unlock Haman. I suppose I could've gotten the kill requirements on the first run... oh well... Wish I could've imported SRW J when I did the others... maybe now I should buy Z... and why did the other PS2 games never got placed in the PSN!?