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  1. Well, of course. I was just trying to make the Doylist-Watsonian differentiation.
  2. I'd say, about the only thing that wouldn't match is the choice of color. Skimpy or not, darker colors are not the sort of stuff you'd want in arid hot places (unless you go for the inverse, full-covering clothes that actually retain your perspiration within the boundaries of your outer body to cool down). Hence why you see depiction of Ancient Egyptian clothes as being mostly white. Still, we are talking of a world that has magic, so temperature regulating spells regardless of cloth color is something that could exist (considering the sort of stuff that hexes and curses can do in their setting, it's quite sensible).
  3. hhh

    Possible, but southern Mexico is within the Cocos-NorthAmerican plate boundaries. Considering both epicenters were far apart from each other, it might be more that than volcanic activity. But who knows. That said, it does make me worry a little. Not same area, but my place is also quake-prone, due to the San Adreas faultline. Today's quake certainly carries a demoralizing blow, I'd think, since today was the 32th anniversary of the earthquake that struck Mexico City back in 1985.
  4. hhh

    Geez, my country can't catch a break. It's not even two weeks and there has been another earthquake over there.
  5. hhh

    Sure. Though that may take quite a while. And then who knows if I could. I still remember we returned the permits late, and we got warned we might not get them if we ask for them again. But who knows.
  6. I'd say, since it's likely to be an unpopular opinion, I'm not bothered with all that. I know some people don't accept it even if it's a work of fiction, but for my part, being a work of fiction means I don't care as much as it would be in real life.
  7. He did. But it was only known around these days. Well, outside the place he was living.
  8. hhh

    Of course Mexico's. It was this last weekened, haha. No, I just happened to notice the line because it was on the way home.
  9. Yep, to say it was a close call would be an understatement. From what I remember reading up, Petrov wasn't even supposed to be there that day. But he was replacing someone who called in sick or something like that. If that's true... well, that only makes it even more extraordinary, since then things might've gone differently.
  10. But then how is the place gonna ever get its eternal respite if people will keep posting?
  11. hhh

    Man, the line to cross into the US has been the longest I've seen yet, hahahaha... I can only suspect it's all those returning after coming here for Independence Day. Maybe.
  12. hhh

    Ah, Indepedence Day. In a short while the Military Parade will begin...
  13. hhh

    About the only thing I'm not going to like of tonight is people starting to set off fireworks due to Independence Day. But hopefully, there may not be that many. Or that could be heard here.
  14. Lacks some more cat layers.
  15. hhh

    This will stick for months, still.