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  1. How Public Was Altena's Survival?

    No, actually, Altenna was already around 3-4 years old when Quan and Ethlyn died. It was Leif the one who had just been born.

    Had they really stopped?
  3. Hello, Hi, Hey: I'm $$$ richh

    Eh, you can go ahead, I'd say.
  4. The Last To Post Wins!

    Ah yes, la tabla de castas...
  5. Anyone else miss fog of war?

    I don't miss it, but wouldn't mind it coming back, either. With some proper adjustments (like the enemy also having to follow its rules) done first, of course.
  6. The Last To Post Wins!

    Philemon, is that you?
  7. Possible new Pokemon games leaked?

    Well, trainers is one thing, and even then it's probably only as a comparison. I doubt people like the Scientists, Swimmers, Fishermen, Engineers, Black Belts, etc. don't at least reach a considerable fraction of the number of older and younger trainers that appear in-game. Even then, actual NPC amount would be another thing.
  8. Possible new Pokemon games leaked?

    I'd agree on Kanto being less than an ideal place when under the lens, but can't say I'd ever bought that war theory. Only time war is mentioned, that I remember, is the one Lt. Surge participated. But considering that Gen I took place on actual Earth, and him being American, and the game being released back in the mid-1990's... sounds to me Surge was talking of the Gulf War. Then again, that's nothing really proven either, but it made sense to me. And does Kanto really had a low amount of Adult Male NPC's in comparison to the rest? Unless you don't count the Rocket grunts, of course, but I think that's taking "Fiction's Population Density segregation to Real Life's", tying it with the war mentions, and making up a theory that doesn't really hold itself well...
  9. Laguz types, huh. Putting classification asides, I'd think up Ahuizotl Laguz. I could see these guys excelling in agility (Skill and Speed), with perhaps something like Defense being their weak stat. Or something. Also, no movements penalties on water-based tiles. Going with this further, I was considering if they'd have the gimmick of being pragmatic when it comes to fighting. Like, Laguz forgoe using Beorc weapons for fighting as a pride/cultural thing, but even then, their shifted forms aren't really capable of using them anyway; save the dragons, as their claws and bing biped could still make them capable of holding them. While the ahuizotl have monkey/human like hands, they are still quadrupeds... except for the fact their tail ends in another hand. They could still hold stuff with that fifth hand without imparing movement, so why not go the extra mile and use Beorc weapons? Which is why I mention the pragmatic angle. Most laguz are pretty much 1-range locked (save for dragosn due to their breath), and from a realistic standpoint, it's best to keep your distance. So why go at it directly with claws or jaws if you can throw a javelin. Or a tomahawk. And that could be the only practical use, really, since the tail faces the wrong way from one's eyes for direct-contact weapons. Fighting with those would be impractical save to cover your 6 O'clock somewhat reliably. Though perhaps a shield would be better there. I don't know, makes sense to me, but the whole point of Laguz is they're not Beorc or fight with their weapons. Still, if there were Laguz who did fought with those weapons, I could see these guys doing it, due to the hand-tail. Could be an interesting novelty if they did existed, who knows... Oh yeah, while unshifted, they'd be like the beasts, keeping the ears and tail of their shifted forms. The extra hand could perhaps be more useful in that state, heh...
  10. Possible new Pokemon games leaked?

    The position and shape matches, though. The game's map not showing the entire island is simply due to Sinnoh/Hokkaido being the main focus. Same way how the Pokémon League is in one of the Kuril islands. If you want to say Sinnoh has fictional landmass, you can go better mentioning Iron, Newmoon, or Fullmoon Islands.
  11. Possible new Pokemon games leaked?

    There is. It's the southernmost part of Sakhalin Island. The part with the Battle Island does exist, then. Anyway... I'd say, I'm not really feeling it for it being "Kanto after a cataclysm". I'd hope that isn't true... but who knows.
  12. The Last To Post Wins!

    Of course not, they don't use numbers. The day actual info comes out will be the day...
  13. Well, with Camus there's actually no issue, since he only went to Archanea once word of Hardin's rule going downhill reached him. Depending on the timeline, and assuming Act 6 does happen, that could leave enough time. Personally, though, I would think Act 6 may just be part-canon.
  14. Hello, Hi, Hey: I'm $$$ richh

    Dying? Admitedly, I stopped checking this place everyday as of late, but that didn't seemed to be the case, from what I could see.
  15. Personally, I'd think it might be fine, so long that adding to the word count doesn't come with a descrease of substance. One of the things I worry of a Genealogy remake is that not everything could survive the transition.