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  1. The Last To Post Wins!

    Well, I'm finally heading over to watch Detective Pikachu. Heh, thought I wasn't going to...
  2. José decided to take a seat as well. Talk quickly turned into designating a leader; and soon he was being asked on the subject. Truthfully, back in his working days he did ascended to positions where he had people answering to him. Even if it was still just a middle point (often on the lower end) of the hierarchy, that was still something. "Well, I do have experience on that matter," he began. "However, I'm not sure if I can apply that to here. That said, one doesn't live as long as I've had without picking up a few things on the way, so if someone else is chosen, I can give advice if needed." He then chuckled. "By the way, I don't mind that shortening of my virtual name; but as an aisde, I don't mind either being called by my real one. So if any of you think Ocelotlalli is a mouthful, just call me José."
  3. As it turned out, the whole monster ambush ended up being a quest, with a reward big enough to advance a level. Before he could do something about it, he had received the friend request. He accepted it without word, then focused back on the level up. Allocating skill points, huh. It didn't took him long to decide where to spend them. This first battle had showed how a liability being weighted down by his armor had been. So there they went, to his Heavy Armor subskill. However, that hadn't been all. I can also learn a spell? This surprised him. I suppose it's due to my secondary class, he deduced. Out of the available options he settled on Divine Favor, something to aid his physical offense. It was much more reliant on chance compared to his defense, so an extra boost served as some nice safe net against the whims of chance. That done, he focused back on what the others were saying. He caught that one of them had been friends with the boy Edwin had killed; and of wanting to find their other friend first. "I can go as well, if you want," he offered. If one thing had gone right during the battle, was being able to protect others. It should be less dangerous with the monster horde gone or mostly gone; but better safe than sorry. However, the idea they should all remain together was brought up. That was a better choice, ultimately. "It would be for the best if we do that, yes," he agreed.
  4. The Last To Post Wins!

    This reminds me how my dad said he lost interest in the movie when he learned the protagonist wasn't Ash. Yeah, he said that. Personally, I focus more on the fact he decided to see the movie on his own.
  5. The Last To Post Wins!

    Just remember. We are still far from Fire Emblem being Crusader Kings... Still too far...
  6. The Last To Post Wins!

    “We penetrated deeper and deeper into the heart of darkness.”
  7. José watched the fighting unfolding around him. A particular kobold seemed to prove hard to kill. Perhaps the desperation of being close to death had given it an adrenalin boost. José briefly looked at his lance. Perhaps I should try as well. It was a risk; but he decided to gamble on it. Ultimately, it failed. Still weighed down by the armor, he too failed to finish the kobold. Eventually a new arrival did the job; and soon, a horde of knights arrived to take care of the monster problem. Well, at least there was a silver lining to this. Though, for some, perhaps it was too late. Then the once-injured catgirl made her question. He pondered this briefly. I suppose it is something that has to happen at some point. So why not now? "I wouldn't mind," he replied.
  8. The Last To Post Wins!

    It's okay. Human foolishness trascends borders.
  9. Perhaps high and dry would've been best, José, now Ocelotlalli, deadpanned. As if the park hadn't been high-strung enough, now there were monsters to deal with. It was a good thing he opted to gear up before coming here. This was the sort of situations to always be prepared for and be able to act accordingly. Unfortunately, the armor he had weighted him down considerably. Not enough to be a hindrance; but he was certainly not running fast any time soon with it. If he was to fight or help anyone here, it would have to be with those nearest him. As luck would have it, nearby a skeleton almost struck down a catgirl. The monster was dealt with in short order by other players, fortunately. Safety in numbers... I guess it's a good choice as any, then, he thought. He made his way over to them. "Can you heal yourself?" He knew everyone got a potion as part of their starting inventory; and from her looks, she likely could use a spell as well. However, it never hurt to ask on these things. "We'll cover you, either way." Okay, sure, he didn't knew if the other two would do that or focus on the monsters instead; but he would do it if no one else. He took a defensive stance, shield and lance at the ready.
  10. That man is mad, was all José thought. Quite the understatement, considering things. Specially the live performance of the whole 'die in the game, you die for real' thing. What a twisted experiment. Dread filled him. Retirement was meant to be a more relaxing affair, not getting tangled into a perilous ordeal! He had done enough of those already. In the end, he sighed. Being angry at him would solve nothing. Only by doing what he wanted would set them free, it seems. When the option showed up to keep his avatar or return to his real appearance, he chose the former. I didn't went through all trouble that just to discard it shortly after, he reasoned. That also meant going by his chosen avatar name, Ocelotlalli. Well, they were called 'role-playing games' for a reason, even if that last word no longer applied here. It was then when he finally took full attention at the further changes brought by Edwin turning things more 'real'. I suppose it was a good thing I chose to remain human, he thought. Still, that included the effects of his stat set-up. It made him reminiscence of his days working the fields. If it wasn't for his appearance, he could almost think he was at least fourty years younger. He certainly felt that way, at least. Except now he wasn't going to pick up tomatoes and the like; but fight monsters, traverse dungeons, that sort of stuff. He wondered what should be his next move. Would Edwin had something else to say or do? Was it more prudent to get to work right away on preparing for the Labyrinth? Either way, with how most of the crowd looked, perhaps it was best to leave the place right away.
  11. For anyone curious: here you can find more info about the whole thing. If not done already.
  12. Well, it'd be true it will be a big hit. Though it will mean the games will simply be released as-is on the rest of the world. At least until they pass their own bills. Who else has this kind of law passed already? I know Belgium has. Anyway, I've seen discussions on the matter. Some think it may not pass. Either due to Democrat opposition (this bill is being proposed by a Republican), or that lots of bribes will be incoming. Or that in the end, loopholes will be exploited or that it may end up being a toothless tiger or something like that. In general, I've yet to see much alarm over the bill. Perhaps I haven't seen the places where the opposite opinions abound. Perhaps. Well, support for the spirit of the bill, yes. That's something. Personally... well, I don't live in the US. I'd still be on the lookout if my home country ever begins something like this as well.
  13. Let's see here... well, it wasn't that complicated to set this up. Very well. As the first time perhaps I should not stay in there for too long... well, maybe I should see how it goes first. For someone of his age, one would think José would've tried something else to adopt as a hobby for his retirement. Even if it had to be video games, the VR was still thought as too much. Regardless, it was something he was willing to try; and there had been little to be done to convince him out of it. As such, on the day the MMO would become available, he was ready to dive in. As a first-timer on the whole VR business, he was quickly impressed. Such advancements in technology. What a time to be alive... Even if the statement would likely change to apply to some future date, it was still something he'd think of now. Character creation for the game soon came up. Now then... He decided on the Knight class, not much of a big decision behind it, though character race was a definite sticking to Human. Virtual game or not, sixty-five years of being one says I'm not stopping any time soon, he chuckled. For appearance itself he was pleased to find he could make himself look as old as he was in reality. Sure, he could've made himself look younger to relive that part of his life again; but to him such a thought was more of a whim he felt little need to fulfill. It didn't mattered as much. For naming it, he went for something reminiscent of his old country. Ocelotlalli. Very Nahua-esque, even if he wasn't sure it was a valid one. He only knew (or remembered) what his maternal grandparents taught him, who were fluent in the language. Eventually, the process was done; and soon found himself in the game world itself. After reading the announcement, he opted to spend most of the time waiting just wandering around the place. He also took that time to gear himself properly with his starting gold. All in all, he was enjoying it. I know it's not real; but it certainly feels as if I'm quite a few years younger. No matter how good he took care of himself over the years, he was still in that age range where things just started to head downhill. It was a firm reminder. No matter, he had long come to terms with it, after loosing enough family members for one reason or another related to age. Not that it was going to stop him from enjoy a, if virtual, chance at being as active as he once used to be, nonetheless. By the time of the announcement, he was already waiting in the proper place. Then the Game Master dropped his... bombshell of a news. Unlike most people around him getting worried or starting to panic, he merely frowned. Part of him was still skeptical; but nonetheless was going to hear the rest of it.
  14. Another Eden: The Cat Beyond Time and Space

    Ah, Another Eden. I wish I could play this; but I just can't. It hasn't been released over here. My phone can't handle it, either. I guess at the end of the day I'd have to try it on the Switch... if I ever get one. What a pity. Though I've seen it might be possible they might have the mobile game finally get a release in Europe and China, so I still have some hope for my place getting it as well.
  15. The Last To Post Wins!

    The more the merrier, I suppose.