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  1. Help w/ Nightmare

    Make sure you didn't move the miscellaneous files around. If you open the .nmm in a text program, you'll see that each module has its own path. If that path doesn't correspond to the modules actual path, it won't open. Either that or you accidentally edited something in the module, which you can check by opening the . Nmm in a text program as well.
  2. Problem with the Tiled Map Inserter?

    In addition to what Prime said, you could also check to see if the area you define in the tiles in the properties area, say (6,7) for example, 6,7 is the upper left hand corner of the defined area and not both the upper left and lower right hand corner. It's one of those things that may or may not have been obvious but it was one of the things I ran into before.
  3. How do I make Boss Conversations?

    Locate your desired boss conversation input offset from Nightmare modules and then go to that input index in FEditor, change your text to whatever you want and voila.
  4. Hey thanks for the review, I appreciate you spending your time playing! I will be using your comments to further improve BoE! Most of the things you mentioned Auduhlma is attributed to those chapters not having the final touches on them yet, such as the dialogue involving the story missing is because I haven't inputted them yet. Now I'm going to be honest and say that version 1.23 is only suppose to be chapters prolg to 8, but there are versions out there that contain prolg to 15 or so. No one's fault but my own for not keeping track properly. But I'm mentioning this only to remind everyone that Book of Eden is constantly changing so it may or may not be completely different couple months from when you downloaded. I'm not sure which version you have exactly but anything after chapter 9 is expected to have bugs and errors so just keep that in mind. For those of you who do have some version that lets you play past chapter eight, you can tell how much work it takes to release a patch so I urge you to keep that in mind as well. As for a progress report, I've been working with the team to update some of the existing mugs and more polish to the maps from chapter nine to twenty. There's not much to show but here's a couple portraits, some already done and inserted, others are still being completed. https://gyazo.com/eafcdaa7bd12592f5018dca1431c477c I also want to thank Ghast and everyone else who took the time during FEE3 to take a look at Book of Eden. It's great to see interest slowly being generated. I know progress is slow at the moment, real life tends to do that, but rest assured, progress is still being made, however slow it is. Here's to a speedy next patch!
  5. Lyn_t or just Lyn?

    I'm going to save you some trouble and time by saying that if you ever plan to use supports in your hack, I suggest you use Lyn instead of Lyn_t so you don't have to change all the Lyn_t to Lyn in each of your event files down the line. All the tutorial characters' supports don't work properly in non Lyn mode.
  6. Fire Emblem: The Grand Archipelago ~ V1.1 now available

    I have to say, the progress you're making is phenomenon! I look forward to seeing what you come up with next!
  7. He's adopted hahah. He was found abandoned in the mountains and was adopted by King Desmond. He is suppose to be a barbaric like character that doesn't care how he looks.
  8. Sure, that would be great. What did you have in mind?
  9. Alright, I released a patch that addresses some of the aforementioned bugs and glitches and as well as a few that were pointed out by my testers. Let me know if something doesn't work! There are also some minor features added into the patch in preparation for the next major patch. So as an fyi, the support system got an update but is not fully fleshed out so be aware of that.
  10. Total planned chapters: 32 Number of chapters done and released: 8 (First Patch/Book) The next major patch will contain a whopping 14 chapters. I think that's one of the reasons why it's taking so long, I want to iron out as many of the bugs as I can before I release it. A long and tedious process for a team consisting of mostly one, but I'm almost there! It goes from chapters 9 - 20, which includes 2 gaiden chapters thus far.
  11. Thanks for the feedback guys! If you could give a visual indication of where the tiles don't match up, that would be great. I'm not the greatest map maker and am still trying to improve. We've been aware of some of the bugs and are working on them. Keep an eye out for the next patch which should be out within the next couple weeks.
  12. Checking in to say I'll be submitting something for my hack as well. Where do I send it to you Ghast? Serenes? FEU? Somewhere else?
  13. Reclassed FE7 or 8

    Maybe you should just create whatever it is you think it should be and not worry about what others think. Cause it'll become your project and not other people's project, afterall.
  14. So it was suggested to me that I should post updates in regards to my progress every now and then, seeing as I rarely if ever post updates besides when the actual updates themselves are ready to be released. I'm currently ironing out some kinks in some of my class animations and spell animations, so they will be ready when I release "part 2" of my hack or book 2 or however you want to see them as. I like to call them books as the story is based on a book I've been writing that I transferred to this ROM hack. Here are some of the things you can look forward to: -Complete and proper weapon icons for all the current weapons in the game -Complete set of affinity icons (more like just me changing the affinities to match my universe lol) -Revamped affinity bonuses according to what I think they should give -First half of the support system will be in place, meaning all the currently available and will be avaliable characters will have their supports in place, minus their actual conversation. I will do the writing for those later as I'm still developing some of their backstories. -You'll see more custom weapons in this part 2 of the hack Here's are a few screenshot of several maps in the next patch.
  15. [FE7] Question about Luna

    just wanted to ask, sometimes people don't like it when things are used without permission and I can never tell before it happen lol