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  1. What program do I use to patch the file? I used xdelta ui, but the rom is still patched with the original Heroes of Shadow patch.
  2. Hector and Florina, and Lyn and Eliwood.
  3. I'm personally unsure, but I'm not really a huge fan of Deen. He seems like he's just there, though he seems like he kicks ass as a unit.
  4. I had a lot of fun playing Birthright, even though Fates might now be my least favorite Fire Emblem, and I think that the Mila's Turnwheel in Shadows of Valentia kinda takes the challenge out of the game if you use it to go back to rewind to the time right before one of your units is killed. I think it's fine when you use it to reset the whole chapter though.
  5. For me personally, one of them was when Jedah killed Python with a critical hit, when Jedah had a 5% CRITICAL RATE. This game's RNG I swear.
  6. bump Actually, my Clive didn't do all that good, so I think I'll actually take him out of consideration in case he still ends up sucking.
  7. I'm considering making either Clive, Forsyth, Jesse, Atlas (he's a Dread Fighter already), or Randal a Bow Knight. Who do you all think makes the best Bow Knight out of these five? I'm actually also considering making TWO of them Bow Knights by the way.
  8. Why can't they just remake FE4, 5, and 6 at the same time I'm leaning towards FE6. Still, I hope they do remake Genealogy, Thracia, and Binding Blade at some point, and I believe they will.
  9. Okay, I've decided that Shade and Yuzu are going with Alm, and Emma and Randal are going with Celica. This thread is over.
  10. I'm planning on buying the Cipher Companions, probably sometime tomorrow. On this save file, I just finished the map in the desert with all the archers. I had so much trouble with the map I just let Boey AND Mae bite the dust, until I can "revive" both of them. My original plan was to have Shade and Yuzu on Alm's route (since I didn't make Faye and Tobin a cleric and mage respectively this time), and Emma and Randal on Celica's, but I see that things might have to change. So... what is your suggestion?
  11. I have Celica by Duma Tower, and Alm is at the point where he and his group had to fight the necrodragons. I may have missed some text, so I'm unaware as to why there is an X blocking the way to Rigel Castle. This is the first time I've played Echoes by the way. Oh, and NO SPOILERS PLEASE!
  12. I actually don't mind TTG (though it doesn't beat the original, and I've barely ever seen that series), I'm just tired of them airing it so damn much.
  13. I'm leaning on the support side of the fence when it comes to the death penalty, and I'm personally pro-life.
  14. J. G. Quintel, creator of Regular Show, is working on a new show for TBS called Close Enough. And yes, TBS is doing animation stuff now. Anyways, what do you guys think of this? I'm looking forward to it, personally.
  15. I know, but the problem is that they rerun way too much. There needs to be more variety. They air Gumball and the Ben 10 reboot pretty often, and there's a few other shows as well as some movies. They used to air Adventure Time pretty often, now it's very rare for it to see it on. I wish they play that show more often, especially since that show is going to end next year. Next week's schedule IS supposed to bring back reruns of Clarence and Uncle Grandpa, with Clarence getting new episodes to boot. (And I think UG as well, but they aren't even advertising it!)