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  1. Make a banner with Glade, Macellan, Roger, and Beck in it.
  2. I'm hoping they have a Radiant Dawn banner in November since this November is the ten year anniversary RD was released in North America. I bet for a Dawn Brigade banner, they will definitely have Micaiah (who I personally think would be a Green Mage) and Sothe. I guess the other two would be Edward, and maybe Leonardo. Or for color diversity, Micaiah, Sothe, Edward, and Aran.
  3. Also, I hate Jakob from FE14. I don't like anime butlers for some reason, while Jakob is an asshole to most people, including Dwyer. But despite that, I also really like Azama. I like how he's somewhat of a troll in his supports.
  4. I got another unpopular opinion: I try to use units in that were playable in Fire Emblem Heroes and/or as Spotpass units in Awakening, even if the unit is mediocre, (like Cecilia, Jeorge or Sheena), hard to train (such as Gwendolyn or Sophia), or if the unit is in the same class another unit was in earlier on (Brom, Fir or Hawkeye). I'm also willing to let units stay dead if I'm too far in a chapter.
  5. I had Faye as a Cleric, but then decided to make her a Mage, and I reclassed Jesse into an archer for the post-game due to all of the archers I had already getting killed.
  6. Pretty much this. I'm also thinking that the main protagonist would be female, and is a dark magic user.
  7. Okay, good news: I got the patch working. I got the xdelta ui from RHDN, and patched the HoS rom, and did just about everything right... except for dragging the output file into the emulator when the patched rom is open. My mistake.
  8. I'm pretty sure I did patch the clean rom with the 3.01 patch that came out on December 7th, 2012. And then I patched HoS 3.01 rom with your translation, and it seems like it's still the original patch on the rom because "Hero King" didn't have a dash in the intro. Also, some names are unchanged, like Roderick still being called "Rody".
  9. Has it already been reported that there's a glitch at the end of Pent's tale where there's a soldier running all over the map and it never ends? MAJOR SPOILERS FOR PENT'S TALE BELOW!!! I think I'm using the build before the april fools build, idk.
  10. I would want to be a Swordmaster, but in actuality, I would probably be an Archer or Mage.
  11. I want to play Hector's mode because of the extra stuff there, but I feel like Eliwood's route is a bit more canon, and I try to go for stuff that's canon.
  12. Here are two of my personal possiblities. #1: This game will be a prequel to Awakening. This game will happen in the time of the First Exalt, and follow his quest to slay Grima. The continent is still known as Archanea. #2: This game will be more technologically advanced compared to the previous games. The game will have some steampunk elements to it, like some steampunk robots, and a new playable class that uses guns and muskets. The game would take place in maybe the 19th century. That's pretty much all I've got. What are your thoughts on what this game might be?
  13. I wouldn't mind S-supports coming back, but I'm fine with it not coming back either. I think we should leave character creation out, and don't even bother with the children, unless they might do some time-skip thing like in Genealogy of the Holy War, but I doubt they'll do that.
  14. The one time I got to the endgame, I believe Edward was the only one that I brought to the endgame.
  15. Most of my 3DS games are rated E, none of the 3DS games I own are rated M, and only three of them rated T, which are Castlevania, Order of Ecclesia, Fates Birthright, and Shadows of Valentia. I have more T-rated games on PC, such as Neverwinter Nights and Skullgirls and even some that are rated M like Saints Row 2.