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  1. Another FEH Channel Confirmed on Monday (for most)

    Camus' name being pronounced as "Cam-moo" triggered me so much lmao. Grand Conquests are also giving me flashbacks to Final Fantasy Tactics Advance.
  2. Spiderman x Lucina?

    You already did.
  3. Official Pull Topic

    Okay I got both a SPD+ ATK- Spring Catria and RES+ HP- Brave Lyn last night. Probably gonna try to get Sharena and Kagero, if I get Leif.
  4. I don't have an April Fools joke btw Also Happy Easter.
  5. Official Pull Topic

    I deadass just pulled a RES+ ATK- Mist on my free summon in the new banner. I was deciding whether to pull from blue or colorless and meant to choose blue and I thought I did but it was on colorless. Then Mist from the middle of fucking nowhere. Mistakes into miracles, I suppose. I couldn't help reference that meme because of this banner, I'm sorry
  6. The Branded King (New Heroes Banner)

    Intelligent Systems does not want to leave my orbs the fuck alone, do they? Then again, given my luck recently, I'm not getting any of these characters for a while save for the character that's gonna get demoted (which will probably be M!Morgan)
  7. Official Pull Topic

    Used all of my 50 orbs to try to get Performing Azura only to get a Siegbert. The good news is that he's SPD+ RES- of things but fuck me.
  8. A Hero Rises. Who should we vote for?

    Maybe Vanguard Ike, especially if I don't get him.
  9. Maybe it'll be some type of crossover this time? Some Sacred Stones characters and some from Radiant Dawn, I really like the sound of it.
  10. The hell with Ike (for the most part), I'm happy with Performing Azura coming back. Also Summer Xander, I already had him as my first ever five star and hopefully I can get him at better IVs. Well okay SPD+ HP- isn't the worst thing in the world, but HP- does hurt his Infantry Pulse viability a little bit.
  11. Does anyone else feel like that it's also possible that a Winter Olympics banner will be the next special banner? The Winter Olympics starts the same day as the special banner if I recall correctly. And I can honestly see it's VERY possible that there would be characters from older games. Mage Flier Florina please?
  12. If Ross, Tethys, and L'Arachel are in the banner then I might summon here. Otherwise I might just save for the anniversary legendary hero event.
  13. Official Pull Topic

    I summoned a bit on this new banner and got Rhajat, who is RES+ ATK- of all things as one of the few ATK- units I've gotten recently. Also got a Fae (RES+ DEF-) and Frederick (don't care about his IVs, I already have a ATK+ RES- one that I'm using).
  14. How many 5 star units do you have?

    Here's another update!
  15. I don't really hate anyone exactly, but I've never liked Deen. As a playable character, he's a good unit but story wise he's just there, and all around boring. It makes more sense for him to just be a boss. Also don't like how Faye's character primarily revolves around being thirsty for Alm.