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  1. Lynhardt has always had a counter (TA GronnRaven with bowbreaker) but it was annoyingly specific. As far as dragon meta goes, I haven't really struggling with most I've faced. You just let them attack you and they go down pretty easily.
  2. When will laguz be added to heroes?

    That much is true. There is also Poison Dagger that affects manaketes that are also weak to dragon-killers. Still, a point remains that unless all laguz gain a stat boost or unique function, there is no cause to lump them all together with a common weakness.
  3. When will laguz be added to heroes?

    I think people should keep in mind that we don't need to keep 100% fidelity to the original game mechanics. SoV doesn't have tomes, but all their mages use them in Heroes. Laguz can use beaststones and generic strike weapons instead of body part specific weapons. The reason for this is so that a single unit doesn't have multiple weaknesses. If there were all encompassing Laguz Slayers, bird laguz would have a weakness to them and bows despite not having any other strengths above other fliers.The same could be said of dragon laguz if they are weak to manakete killers (which are technically effective against breath weapons, which would include dragon laguz). You could make a beastslayer that only effects beast laguz (as in my mind, the beast would have a unique class that can move freely through trees) but the bird and dragon laguz are not unique classes.
  4. Which Weapons should an Avatar use?

    I said Anima/Sword (so grandmaster?). Dragonstones and daggers should be options too.
  5. Voting Gauntlet: Enduring Love!

    I think it always takes more than hour for Priscilla to catch up after Tharja gets the multiplier. You guys probably have this in the bag. I'm rallying hard for Priscilla though.
  6. When will laguz be added to heroes?

    Birds can be blue, beasts green, herons colorless and dragons whatever you want (like other manaketes). Dragons can share breath weapons with manaketes, and beasts/birds can share strike weapons. Herons could have a unique property of dancing anyone they heal. For beasts, I propose they have infantry movement but not be obstructed by trees. In exchange, they will have a weakness vs horseslayer weapons (to be patched over as 'beast slayer' weapons).
  7. It depends on your definition of weakness. Is weakness about personal strength or their effectiveness? I'd say she is wise beyond her years (though she isn't completely above it), speaks with conviction and fights against oppression even though it only makes more enemies for herself. Yes, she gets captured by the corrupt senators, but there is only so much a person can do. Sanaki is also like 13-15 years old.
  8. Who is your favourite FE lord? 

    1. NekoKnight


      Micaiah, individually, but I also enjoy the dynamic between Eliwood, Hector and Lyn.

    2. Icelerate


      Looks like you and I have the same taste. That'd basically be my answer if I was asked the same question. 

      For me, it is Micaiah, Hector, Lyn and Eliwood. 

  9. It's also short for maiden, ie unwed virgin. Mae mentions a pub to Saber, which could imply she's a serving girl, but my interpretation was that she was simply identifying a young woman.
  10. There are two ways i could see this happening. The first would be a well written story that effectively uses characters on multiple sides to tell a nuanced story of a conflict. Fire Emblem has stuck too closely to black and white conflicts with moral paragons as the protagonists. A good story needs developed characters that believably exist in their world. Which brings me to my second point, worldbuilding. A way they could improve world building is to have fully explorable towns and other locations. SoV had this to a degree, but we could go deeper. I'm imagining a "Tales of" level of free roaming within towns (you can cut the dungeons and routes connecting towns to save on development resources) with many NPCs to talk to and items to collect. They could even go as far as lore books ala Dragon Age. Optionally, I'd ask for story/gameplay where your choices can result is serious consequences.
  11. A few things, casual sex doesn't make one a prostitute and if she's a maid, that infers she's a virgin. Probably not a sex worker then. The meaning of "thanks" is ambiguous enough to possiblely mean sex or just flirting. Good on the localization to make it subtle. That's the best tone for Fire Emblem. I'm pretty sure age restrictions are a modern invention and are only included in games so they can't be accused of encouraging 'underage' drinking.
  12. Keeping Up with Fire Emblem these days...

    I don't have trouble keeping up with it but I haven't been 100% dedicated to the series either. Didn't buy TMS or Warriors (not having a WiiU/Switch is relevant, but I wasn't terribly interested either way), and it took me forever to complete the main campaign of SoV despite buying it at launch. Heroes is pretty easy to keep up on, and I'll likely get a Switch when the next Fire Emblem launches.
  13. I found her Mamui support rather annoying too.
  14. Rest in peace these legendary weapons

    Maybe it only works on cardinal directions.
  15. Rest in peace these legendary weapons

    Brynhildr with built in Hit-and-Run when?