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  1. FE Heroes x Dragalia Lost Colab Coming

    I feel like FEH would have done a collaboration by now if they had any intention. Cygames loves their collabs so it's expected for Dragalia. The Fire Emblem IP has so many characters to work with already, I think they have all the 'spice' available. I'm honestly surprised Cipher characters have not appeared, especially considering they were considered close enough to the core games that they appeared as DLC in SoV. And while I don't care for them at all, there are also spin off titles like Warriors and TMS.
  2. Aether Raids General Thread

    Woo, finally made it to T22 because of a Fortress advantage and favorable bonus units which let me facetank most compositions with double blessed Myrrh. Time will tell if it was even worth it now that I'll be swimming in the same pool as the whales but I'm a little proud of myself. I heard flier teams and IP shenanigans are common up here. I wonder what new strategies I'll need to stay afloat. Currently my most common teams are Myrrh with Brinian + Kaden support and NY!Laev using CC + Pain and dancer team. Maybe something with Galeforce but I don't know who would be best besides L'Ephraim and Tibarn who I don't have.
  3. Gender and Outfits in Heroes

    I think we must assume that all pegusus riders are female because all pegusus' are heterosexual males/homosexual females with a human kink. "Sit on me." "...what?" "I mean, er, uh..." *Innocent horse noises* According to developer notes I just made up, Florina was originally the pegusus' mount for Lyn and they later kept her personality and made her human.
  4. What is your unpopular Fire Emblem opinion?

    Perhaps less of a "unpopular opinion" and more a response to a common comment I've seen but... It grinds my gears when I see people say "Fire Emblem got pegasus lore wrong. In mythology they were ridden by male figures. They were actually thinking of unicorn mythology with how they only appear before maidens." Like, god forbid Fire Emblem make its own lore. Strangely I don't see people saying "Achtually, dragons don't need magic stones to transform in mythology. I know this as I am an expert on made up creatures."
  5. I think we can infer further that Claude is the descendant of Niles and Odin. Tanned skin and Odin's yellow outfit. It all checks out. If you need further proof, look at the middle part of Claude's name. "von" or perhaps the v is actually a poorly written r, so the word is ron, which spelled backwards is Nor. I rest my case.
  6. What could Heroes take from other gachas?

    In addition to the above, I think FEH would benefit from GBF's special ticket deals which let you get a character of your choice and a full pull for $30. That's extraordinarily generous by FEH standards but that's because FEH is extremely greedy with its 'deals'. Offering such a deal in FEH would encourage normally F2P players to pony up for a character they really like when they never would for the equivalent amount of orbs. GBF is even more generous considering you don't have to bother with natures or pulling more than one copy of a character. While on the topic of GBF and probably other gacchas, what I don't want to see is excessive grinding (particularly for event exclusive items). I wouldn't mind if there was the option for non-essential resources, like feathers/coins/stones, but it should never be for something essential in order to keep up in the game.
  7. Any worries?

    It's usually a matter of cliches and/or crass fanservice. Not all anime archetypes and tropes are bad, but how can one not roll their eyes when you have a "woops, fell into your cleavage" gag or "technical adult, not a child despite appearances and behavior" character? Give me some class and nuance in my anime stories, please.
  8. New Heroes: Kitsune and Wolfskin

    I'm irritated by how exclusive beast units are. 10 beasts are in the game and 7 are 5* locked and another 2 are GHB so they're competing for your grails if you want to merge them. Even with dragon emblem, they had 4 dragon dragon units at low rarity since launch with all colors covered. With beasts we have 2 blues and a green (who is a dancer so you can't really use him as a green combat unit) available to everyone and everything else is premium. I know we've only had two beast banners but this is ridiculous. Beasts are meant to be played with other beasts so you're looking at an expensive team unless you add in dragons, but then they don't share class buffs. They could have at least given us Velouria. She has a good stat spread but her BST is going to become the new infantry standard anyway and her kit is unimpressive.
  9. What is your unpopular Fire Emblem opinion?

    Perhaps you'd be a different kind of Fire Emblem player but you'd still be a fan. If you enjoy the experience of playing Fire Emblem, it doesn't matter how you engage it. I think the game is more enriching with perma death but that's just my personal experience and opinion. It's not like other people are "missing out" if they prefer a casual experience. At worst, it would discourage them from playing other games in the series that don't have casual mode, but again, if that's not their idea of a good time, it really doesn't matter. Everything in Fates is a waste or underutilized but I appreciate Scarlet for at least giving us a even a shred of worldbuilding.
  10. What is your unpopular Fire Emblem opinion?

    While I agree that the Turnwheel is a better learning tool than Casual mode, it's not really anyone's place to decide how the game should be played. If Casual mode is how certain players want to engage the series, that's on them. How they choose to play doesn't affect the experience of those of us who choose to play classic. I'm a bit mixed on the topic. On one hand, there is plenty of room to set up a grand story of racial tension, politics and scheming that culminated in the conflict known as the Scouring. All we really know about that time is that humans started some shit, the dragons fought back and ultimately lost. Why did the humans attack? There must be a villain behind that. It's not like all of humanity has to be on the same side, at least, not in the earlier parts of the story. On the other hand, the dragons being outnumbered (specifically because humans have the ability to reproduce quickly) is a critical point of the story so it wouldn't be right to say "well, they also had a bunch of humans on their side." I don't think it would be impossible, per se. You could always make a variety of dragon classes that correspond roughly with human classes in the game. That said, i think the biggest hurdle for the story is that the humans are the villains of the story and you'd need to reframe the conflictso you're committing genocide against a blameless race.
  11. Who do you think will be the main Villain?

    I think it will be the church but I'd be 100% behind Sothis being the main villain. Having your personal helper hype you up as being the ultimate savior would be the perfect misdirect for her actually manipulating the protagonist (and player). Alas, I suspect they'll be playing it safe with villains.
  12. The inevitable school festival

    Heh, the pre release period sure causes a bunch of weirdos to come crawling out of the woodwork. I wouldn't pay them any mind. I wouldn't be surprised if it was just one guy. All the people responding to you talk in the same way, how curious. Maybe they could use festivals and other school events to advance subplots instead of just one-off banter, like ongoing relationships and developments at the school. Characters interacting with NPCs that don't join your party etc.
  13. The inevitable school festival

    Bold of you to assume that the things I'm asking for specifically would not please me. I appreciate the world building we've seen so far, but I'm still wary of the precedence set by recent games. You really have an axe to grind with certain members of the community, I've seen.
  14. I would really like to be a student...

    That's honestly the best way to go about it. Nothing could save Fates but going in with zero expectations allows an unbiased first experience. For one example, Conquest would have a, well, not quite as bad reception if you didn't hear the "change the country from within" pitch in the promotional materials.
  15. The trailer made it seem like the school would remain the central hub with your party being dispatched as part of "school business". I hope they leave the school but I wouldn't count on it. If they did leave the school, they could easily replace the framework of the unit management by having them in a camp, however.