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  1. While I don't use him often (there are so many sword units who I actually like for their character) I'd say M!Corrin is fairly underated. I've seen him compared unfavorably to Marth but with his refine and Fury, Corrin has a pretty solid stat line and great support potential. Give him a dual spur and spur seal and watch his support buddy get +34 stats. And if you're feeling especially bold, give him a double rally for an additional 6-12 stats. This is such a powerful utility for Arena where you want to power up your bonus unit, I'm surprised more people don't talk about it.
  2. Surtr is my favorite Heroes OC, fight me

    I believe in the books one character suggests that he wait out the winter at the wall because the snows were getting bad but he was adamantly against it as he would only get weaker as his enemies grew stronger. Stannis was reduced to a beggar after Blackwater and with winter threatening to wipe out his army, it seems in character that by the time they were getting close to Winterfell, they would win or die. The main issue I had with Fjorm was that her character was entirely defined by what happens to her rather than who she is. Despite being the mascot of Book II, we hear so little about her own personality. Most of her lines are devoted to exposition or reacting to Surtr's (see, we're on topic) latest dickery. At one point Anna actually has to report that Fjorm acts differently when speaking about Surtr, like we couldn't understand the most basic part of her character unless the game pointed it out. It goes to show how little we really saw of her. Giving Fjorm more character depth would make me more invested in seeing Surtr fall. What will Fjorm do after the war? Is her obsession with revenge leading her to forget who she is? What was life like back in Nifl? What was the relationship between Nifl and Muspell before Surtr showed up? Ultimately nothing matters and she'll die soon.
  3. Surtr is my favorite Heroes OC, fight me

    I agree with this, partially. In the show, he has the infamous shirtless scene (when Yara tries to rescue Theon) and his "twenty good men", which could be considered plot armor. His raid on Stannis' camp struct me as the most bullshit moment in the writing, but the subsequent battle (Stannis' army was in terrible shape for a myriad of reasons) felt realistic. Roose Bolton said it rightly when he chided Ramsey for being overconfident after "mowing down tired Baratheons". I don't think these moments compare to Surtr's teleportation or "JK I actually have two layers of invulnerability". Concerning the Winterfell politics cut from the show, I don't think they are needed to explain why Ramsey loses. Jon wasn't "the right hero who just happens to beat him". Ramsey loses because he didn't anticipate the knights of the Vale showing up (and everything leading up to that was Ramsey pissing off a lot of people leading to Jon and Sansa rallying armies to defeat him). More than his physical feats, however, the point about Ramsey I want to stress is that I never grew tired of him, and his villainy made me more invested in seeing him fall rather than just eager to see the story end.
  4. I wouldn't be too concerned about 1 seasonal when it comes to how available skills should be. I'd say the Brave Bow Bold Fighter build for him is far scarier.
  5. Surtr is my favorite Heroes OC, fight me

    Agreed with this. One can experience a lot of catharsis from seeing a truly vile villain get their comeuppance, I felt nothing when Surtr died. I was just relieved the story was over. I think there are a number of factors that went wrong 1. Surtr is extremely one note, even as pure evil characters go. We don't know anything about his past or motivations. He just wants to destroy and make people suffer, and that's all he can remind us of when he's on screen. 2. Surtr has frustrating plot powers. Things just happen in the plot regardless of our actions, which makes the heroes' journey just feel insignificant. Surtr magically knows where Gunnthra is and teleports there, wasting all the time we spent looking for her. Surtr's god mode has two layers, making all the time we spent getting the Rite of Frost feel wasted. The entirely of Book II is the heroes running away and failing at everything they do until they get to the final chapter and win because the story has to end. 3. None of the heroes are really interesting enough for us to care about their plight. Fjorm is as flat as a piece of cardboard and she's the only emotional connection we have to the villain. I didn't care about her succeeding which made defeating the villain equally unengaging. 4. The FEH story moves at a snail's pace, taking months for significant developments to happen in the plot. This is not an excuse for why it can't be helped that the storytelling is unsatisfying, it's the reason why their storytelling needs changing. You CANNOT have such a flat, repetitive villain when it takes from weeks to months to get the next chapter. You CANNOT undo entire story arcs in a Book when it took us months to get there. Let's talk about a villain who is told much better. Spoilers for the Winterfell story in Game of Thrones. Ramsey Bolton is one of the most depraved villains in the entire story. He tortures and murders people in horrific ways, mostly for his own pleasure. If that was all there was to him, he'd quickly grow stale and utterly detestable in and outside of the show. But what sells the character is the varied ways he demonstrates his cruelty and cunning, as well as understanding the drive and purpose behind those actions. The foes he faces are sympathetic and interesting in their own ways as well, so when Ramsey is finally defeated, we were looking forward to it, and it felt damn good seeing him die. The moral of the story is, satisfaction with a villain necessitates making the viewer care about what's going on.
  6. Sprite Thread Revival

    Relax. I was implying you are the primary person completing requests in this new thread, which is a compliment more than a condemnation. The issue of requests getting ignored was around since the last thread. The point is, whether or not I make a list of requests, people work on what they want to and if they didn't do a request before, it's usually because they weren't interested.
  7. Sprite Thread Revival

    It was a surprising amount of work and formatting to keep the request list up to date. I have to link the posts, the people who made the posts and check every post for requests that are completed or new ones made. Ultimately, people (mostly you, ever since the first thread was nuked) would make whatever requests they fancied and the posts no one wanted to work on just got ignored and forgotten, even when they were in the list. No accusatory fingers here, but that's the way it happened. I trust that if there are people who got skipped over and still want their request done, they can bring it up again and see if anyone bites. There is one thing I want to do, before I retire into greater obscurity. I still have all the completed works from the last Sprite Thread saved on my computer, sorted by artist. I could reupload those and add them to the OP later. But I don't have as much time to keep the request list up to date.
  8. Favourite Heroes OC

    I'd credit Alfonse, Helbindi and Laegjarn as being the most developed and agreeable, but Laegjarn is my favorite. Many have discounted her as "the Camus" because it's a familiar story/character trope in Fire Emblem, but I think she has traits that make her stand out from others in the archetype. Apart from the nobility Camus' often show, Laegjarn proves to be a cunning commander who immediately detects the heroes' misdirection, and is able to escape after being captured. She also shows a great deal of compassion and patience for her sister, trying to teach her critical thinking and keeping her safe, even at the expense of her own life. There is a strong human element here that I think many characters in FEH lack. What makes her an especially good Camus is that she doesn't serve a evil despot because of 'muh loyalty', rather it's to protect her sister from her mad father. Surtr's apparent immortality and extreme brutality also creates justification for why Laegjarn wouldn't even consider turning on him, where other Camus' would be less justified. Her appearances in the manga are incredibly wholesome. While she technically 'does stuff', I find that hard to really attribute that to her character. She's the leader, but she doesn't contribute any ideas or direction to the group. She's basically the commander of scene transitions, telling the group to move forward or back based on the flow of the battles. She's a neutral voice because the plot doesn't want to elevate Alfonse higher than Sharena for leadership and Kiran doesn't have a voice.
  9. Renewal, Guard, CC, Spd and Atk Tactics are the big ones for me. QP and Armor boots as C skills would be nice too. I don't think CC needs a nerf but a nerfed DC would be a good compromise for a seal. There are a number of characters who are basically made with DC in mind (low def, high res melee units) but don't have it, requiring rare fodder just to fulfill their intended role.
  10. FEH's Next Top Model

    You voted and we heard your voices. The winners of this round are~ Results: Remember: In the case of ties, the character posted first will be ranked higher. If you vote for multiple characters for the same accessory, I'm only going to take your first choice as your vote. ON TO ROUND TWO!!!! Next up is Yellow Ducky, Hand Towel, Askran Hairpin, Swim Goggles, Spring Bunny Hat My suggestions I really like how Kaze looks like he's about to run super fast with his bunny hat.
  11. Surtr is my favorite Heroes OC, fight me

    While I won't hold it against Heroes that it doesn't hold up to such fantasy epics as A Song of Ice and Fire or Lord of the Rings, I'd like to address these anyway. Ramsay is certainly comparable in temperament (and at times seems to have plot armor), but the character stays fresh for the variety of ways his cruelty and cunning is displayed. There is also psychological drives that explain some of his behavior (although at the root, he is a psychopath). Sauron is likewise pure evil but as he doesn't directly interact with any other characters, he simply represents a malevolent force rather than being a character by himself. I'm not opposed to pure evilness as being the idea behind a villain. But I think a story needs other agreeable characters if the main villain is going to be so flat. I'm down with the Demon King simply being a force of evil because we have Lyon for a more nuanced antagonist. I'm also okay with Sauron and Ramsey because I care about the heroes in those stories and what they're fighting for. Surtr isn't a strong villain, but equally damning is the heroes not getting me invested. I don't want to derail the conversation with a general "the FEH story suxx!" but I do think the story needed more engaging characters all around. I cared more about Helbindi and Laegjarn than the combined rest of the cast. I'm on board with you here (although I haven't seen these 'sappy backstory' advocates recently). People often hoped for some kind of sympathetic backstory for Garon, but that was because the plot called for Nohr being a morally gray nation, and they didn't deliver. I don't think Surtr needed some hamfisted "Nifl killed my dog and for that they must pay" excuse, but I think they could have given us SOME motivation. A character can absolutely be monstrous but what gets people invested is knowing what drives that character to do what they do. To give an example, Ganondorf's motivation in Wind Waker boils down to envy. He's absolutely a villain but we get an idea of what set him on his course. No half-baked sappy background required, and it was delivered in exactly a single scene. FEH could try harder with its writing.
  12. Surtr is my favorite Heroes OC, fight me

    I think you're misunderstanding the Joker in the The Dark Knight. He's a lot more like Ashnard than he is Surtr. In the Dark Knight, the Joker has a motivation and personal philosophy. He wants to upend all the established orders, both those of the law abiding citizens and of the organized crime. What makes him a good villain isn't just "he's evil for no reason", it's that he challenges Batman's ideals. Batman is the the highest moral standard that the Joker tries to break and ultimately he fails (while causing a lot of hurt to Batman and the people of Gotham). I know you say "just improve the writing", but the Joker and Surtr are not remotely on the same level, even in principle. What does Surtr's monotonous "DEATH BY FIRE" do for the plot or characters? I guess we get one line about Surtr being happy that he filled Fjorm with the spirit of vengeance, but it was one line and hardly a part of a character arc. It may just be a matter of tastes, but I don't think "sappy backstories" is really that serious of a problem as Fire Emblem villains go. Ashnard is a better "he's just evil" villain than Surtr by a long shot. Really, the most poorly received villains have always been the "I want to destroy the world just cuz" and Surtr somehow finds himself even at the bottom of that list.
  13. Surtr is my favorite Heroes OC, fight me

    I don't know what can be said in her favor. I can't tell you anything about her personality and her plot role is just to suffer and spout exposition.
  14. Surtr is my favorite Heroes OC, fight me

    Whew lad, there certainly are some... interesting opinions in this thread. But to give my own take on the matter: Surtr is the second worst villain in the series (second only to Iago who is an idiot on top of being one dimensionally evil). While Ashnard is insane and evil, he has a personal philosophy and drive to create a new world. That's what we call a motivation, which isn't something Surtr has. I'd disagree that Surtr is even better than Garon, for the problem with Garon wasn't so much the character as it was the Nohr siblings' refusal to see him for the evil despot that he was. Surtr is most comparable to Grima in Awakening (before SoV and Heroes added more characterization), a force of nature that destroys just because it can, but even then Grima ties into the themes of Awakening, representing the fatalism that the heroes oppose with their determinism. Surtr started off refreshing. He was imposing and brutal, a cruel force of nature that could only be run from. But that's the entirety of his character. He doesn't have a motivation beyond cruelty and each subsequent appearance is just him going "Muhahaha, I burn you". Again and again for 13 bloody chapters. He doesn't inspire growth in the heroes and he doesn't become more nuanced himself. It certainly doesn't help that Surtr has convenient teleportation powers and plot armor in order to cause the most suffering for the heroes. If I want despair porn, I think I'll just watch Fate Zero, thanks. The only positive I can say about Surtr is that his nigh immortality creates a better basis for Laegjarn, a character I actually enjoy, being a Camus. We may have even been able to tolerate Surtr if the writers made the heroes' party interesting, but we got Fjorm instead.
  15. FEH's Next Top Model

    That Leo looks pretty good. Too bad I don't have the resources to build my Leo properly. I think your links are broken.