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  1. Well, obviously there is some magical component as crests enable one to use special abilities sometimes. Perhaps one ability to to project that image, as other magic (maybe by checking blood) can be used to detect them.
  2. They could have written their account better if they were serious about making propaganda. "Liberation King" is generous for a guy called Nemesis I'm not saying this other faction is evil, but if the church is aligned against it, it makes one wonder why the church would say "these crests are good and these are bad" if they're all from the goddess.
  3. This feels like a strong theory but at the same time if all of the crests are said to be gifts from the goddess, then why would half of them belong to an 'evil' faction? Would they be the fallen angels in some rebellion against the goddess or something?
  4. This sure is an enduring archetype in the series. Likes: Swords Dislikes: Things that don't involve swords
  5. Edelgard: Your family name turned out to be "Legend"? Avatar: Why else do you think my dad named me "A-Fookin"?
  6. It's cool when some characters don't have surnames (contrary to nobles and well to do commoners) precisely because they're nobodies. I'm fond of the "Given name" of "place name" for characters who don't come from prominent families. I wonder if Byleth will get a surname once his divine parentage (we know the mom is someone special, who ya foolin' game?) gets revealed.
  7. I had a thought. All of the students introduced so far have surnames, whether they're commoners or nobles. Several of the nobles have 'von' between their names but strangely Dimitri and Lorentz do not have this, instead they have middle names. I wonder why that is. It's not specific to a single country. I don't think a company has been named dropped before in the series but the existence of companies isn't exactly advanced for the economy. Trade guilds have existed for hundreds of years and a company is just an association of people who work together to make a profit. Fates probably had a company that owned and ran the opera house even if they never specified who. It's cool world building anyway.
  8. "Yare yare daze. All this popularity for a common girl like me?"
  9. Looks like we have another interesting backstory. Her being the sole commoner in the house will make for an interesting dynamic. This makes me more interested in Petra now. An earlier screenshot gave her a stilted way of speaking as if she's a foreigner but if Dorothea is actually the only commoner, then Petra being a foreign blue blood might have a special significance. We see Dorothea's expression change in her portrait in the video. I wonder how many expressions and variations each character has. I think it's better this way. A big world is nice but at the same time, when characters have relationships prior to those they created at the school, the world feels more connected and real. That Manuela was her teacher rather than someone her own age is even better.
  10. Ain't that the truth. Even for Ryoma who outright lies to Corrin about being their real family in order to get them to switch teams, when he makes this Titanic announcement to Corrin, it's just an excuse for them to bang. One of the cool things about Radiant Dawn is that some characters could actually switch teams from one good guy faction to another because their convictions and loyalties we're more nuanced than just "I'm on team good" (like actual humans). Doubtless, making friends at school and fighting alongside companions will start creating strong bonds (can I get a #relatable in the chat from all the Japanese high schoolers?) but if those bonds are way stronger than family or country, they'll have lost me.
  11. I can see it now... Edelgard: I see it clearly now. You decided to invade the rest of the continent because you don't have love in your hearts! Parents: Actually, it's because the balance of power was shifting against us, threatening our way of life. Edelgard: N-no, it's because you're old and mean! The true friends I made in volleyball club over this past year have given me clarity that you lack! Parents: You're right. We ARE old and mean. You've opened our eyes and we're ready to repent. Real talk though, I'd definitely hope there is a greater conflict of loyalty to their family and friends if it comes to that. I think that says more about your prejudice towards Sacred Stones, if you genuinely believe Fates is a better story.
  12. That would be preferable. I'm a bit suspicious of how games/anime usually cover this character trait but I'm hoping they don't do something silly like "Dudes are just too freaked out by how self-confident she is". Like, not all men have the same interests in women and surely there must be SOMEONE at the school or in the world who appreciates her.
  13. Likewise. I feel like just by name dropping things like the name of a city here or a company there, the world is starting to come to life. To roll out that well-worn Fates punching bag again, I feel like their character introductions were just "This is X, a retainer of Y. They are very loyal to Y and have Z character trope". Whereas with Manuela, you get a sense of her history and connections she has to the world. I am a tad concerned about the "hasn't found the man of her dreams" bit. I hope her love woes are just a part of her personality and it's not like she's constantly on the look out for some young tail. Why are these "Christmas cake" characters always bombshells? I can understand having some bad luck with one's love life but I find it hard to believe that a beautiful and accomplished woman would have trouble finding a partner. Japanese media likes to play this archetype up to absurd degrees like "Ara ara, you'd accept even an old maid such as me (age 29)?" Her haircut does suit and old lady though
  14. I'll repeat the sentiments about better writing. In particular, world building is something I always appreciate. I want a world for the characters to exist in with its own history and variety of locales. Luckily we are seeing some of this already with the different country bios. It will be hard to top Tellius in this regard but my fingers are crossed. I would also like there to be sub-stories with the supporting cast that don't directly involve the protagonists, for example, in Blazing Sword, the actions of the black fang end up affecting the lives of Ninian, Nils, Nino, Jaffar and Mathew. This feels more organic than the story events only affecting the main lords. Concerning Nergal and the value of "insanity" as a antagonist motivator, it's not my favorite plot element but in this case, it was a strong piece of world building that we see reflected in Brammimond and Canas' borthers. Nergal's story was also incredibly tragic which, for me, puts it above the typical "for teh evuls" villains.
  15. Alm is an improvement on Corrin but I think he's still pretty guilty of the instant adoration that the avatars get. The most concerning bits were when other characters openly admitted their inferiority to Alm. I just want to say I appreciate the civility and patience you've shown when replying to that crazy person. You didn't deserve that hostility.