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  1. I was trying to figure out a way to make Hector survive against Spring Camilla, so to stop him from getting doubled, I sacrificed a Effie to give him Wary Fighter...which cancels out QR on Armads, derp. Also, I wanted to use a Brave Sword Zephiel that could be used outside of an armor team, so I gave him Threaten Attack 3...Wasted a lot of SP before I realized that Threaten Defense is way better for the Brave Sword. Edit: My avatar is appropriate for this thread.
  2. Save for the Archanea(and Valentia by extension) games, I think the worlds are only connected when the writers want to make an excuse for a crossover. Elibe is the only one I can imagined being tied to Archanea because they share dragon lore. I haven't played FE4&5, can someone tell me the relation to Jugdral and Archanea?
  3. Favorite: Blazing Sword -Change support system to be like Fates (but with a limited support pool and S supports just being used to mark paired endings) -Branching promotions -Fix some plot problems such as Quintessence being a bit inconsistant -Make the gaidens easier to unlock -For alternate chapters, let the players choose which map they go to. Least Favorite: Fates (It's actually Shadow Dragon but I can't remember enough about it to state all the fixes it needs) -Cut Anankos, Azura, Valla and Revelation -Write better villains -Make Conquest about a war for resources -Make Birthright's plot more engaging -Add a shit-ton of world building -Make Corrin's dragon form a recessive genetic trait of the royal families -Make Corrin blood related to the Hoshidans and remove all sibling romances -Make Corrin a simple PoV character instead of Dragon Jesus -Let Corrin be flawed and called out for his actions -Let him keep some memories of Hoshido so he has a reason to be attached to them -Let Mikoto live longer -Merge Leo into Camilla and Hinoka into Ryoma -Make the children 1st gen characters -Give more supports to Avatar-sexuals -Reduce the support pools and save marriages for the epilogue -Make the Personal Skills more useful
  4. Didn't SoV have more unique pallets compared to other FE games? Barring a few characters, I was mostly okay with how characters look upon promotion. The loss of unique unpromoted models is unfortunate, however.
  5. I have a number if ideas for what I'd change for a remake, but in regards to Alm being the exact same as Berkut, I think Alm could become a proper foil to him. Where Berkut cares only for power and ends up sacrificing his love to get more, Alm would learn compassion from Celica and avoid becoming a vengeful, hate filled person. You misunderstand, Loki. I thought I made it clear that SoV isn't Fates levels of atrocious, but it has similar flaws, on a smaller scale. It has flaws all over the place, but the two main comparisons I made were between Alm and Corrin (The Deliverance was hopelessly outmatched until Alm showed up and made them a juggernaut, literally overnight.) and Rudolf and Azura (a needlessly convoluted and immoral plan that the story tries to pass as moral and sensible.) Your mention of Clair reminds me of another flaw. Lukas blames himself for Clair's capture because she was too inexperienced to handle command, but later he makes Alm their leader despite a lack of experience. That's a good point. Rigel is no Ashnard!Daein, that's for sure.
  6. You have my bow. tfw Priscilla gets another banner but she shares it with 3 other colorless which is already kind of a shitty color to roll on
  7. Using it enables the character to get HUGE.
  8. There are many ways a character can be bad, but to me, the worst thing is a character with negative traits that aren't acknowledged by other people. Asama is total douchebag but he's allowed to be a royal retainer and people can somehow fall in love with this jerk. Pieri is a serial killer, but most characters treat it like a quirk instead of serious mental instability. In a more general sense, characters with gimmick personalities are somewhere on the sliding scale of meh to bad. I really don't care for people like Kellam and Setsuna who are just there to convey a single joke, over and over again.
  9. (Forgot to respond to this point) While a more neutral appearance would help, I find that to be the least problematic thing about him. Jedah, and the rest of the Duma faithful, are shown time and time again to be cruel and sinister. Even outside of the white hair and blue skin, they really seem like they belong to a religion of evil. Jedah has an okay-ish start by telling Celica that she could help both Rigel and Zofia by sacrificing herself, but he then blows it by continuing to attack her friends and being sinister. Rather than act like an evil wizard who delights in the suffering of men, he should do things that build trust. Imagine that when Berkut does his mirror trick, it was Jedah who dispelled it instead of Celica's charm? Jedah would be actively helping de-escalate the situation instead of appearing like he was holding Alm hostage. I can acknowledge that Alm was being groomed to be the bridge between nations (for as little as we see of Alm's upbringing), but Celica's role still feels a bit lopsided. She and Alm are the children of fate, barers of the brand, two people who are destined to be together and shape the new era. But Celica isn't needed for fate, she isn't needed to temper Alm's (Duma) fury. Alm is the complete package and Celica could be cut from the story. I like that both Jedah and Celica represent the negative aspects of following the will of the gods, but I think Alm should have lacked Celica's compassion so they actually need each other to realize the ideal country.
  10. I hope people don't take my review as an attempt to rally people behind negativity. The goal is to look at the game as a whole and point out that it's only better than its predecessor because Fates is just that much worse. All discussion is welcome here. Yes, Slayde has a character, but it's not so complicated. He's an arrogant coward who only cares about himself. In short, he's a jerk to people for no other reason than he's a jerk. Had his prologue synopsis been "Mr. Meanie tries to steal all the berries from the woodland creatures so he can have them all to himself" it would be in-character for a selfsh jerk, but still Saturday morning cartoon levels of villainy. I can take him being a jerk to Clive or Mycen because he knows them and has a reason to express his contempt, but a couple of kids who he's never met? Naw, that's mustache twirling territory. While Alm being perfect and praised constantly is a little obnoxious in itself, I feel the themes being contradicted is te greater flaw. At the end of the game, Duma says that the new Valentia should have Duma's (Alm) strength and Mila's (Celica) compassion, but Alm has compassion in spades. It doesn't help that Celica's journey basically amounts her becoming a damsel in distress and her values of depending on the gods being all wrong. I heavily encourage you to watch the DLC chapters and read/listen to the DLC supports. They are excellently written and make Fernand into a likeable, human character. I do like your suggestion that Fernand lead his own rival group to maintain his own values. His outright betrayal of Zofia is out of character. I think Fates suffered more from that arrangment than SoV did. Granted, SoV had Gaiden to build off of but Fates felt hollow, like they made a game out of the first draft, just the scaffolding of a real story.
  11. I wonder if we'll get another banner on 6/27 besides the healer gauntlet (because who is going to spend precious orbs on the chance to get a random 5* healer). Is it still too early for another batch of new characters? I'd roll on a Fury banner for Eldigan and I'd probably just get Hinata
  12. In addition to what Ice Dragon said, I'd just get rid of the bonus units. Bonus units are good for Arena to keep the meta alive and interesting, but in TT, it really just rewards players who happened to draw one of the characters. The mode was a chore even with the bonus, I wouldn't want anyone to have to suffer through TT without it. Also, with survival rated as it is, you don't even need to use the bonus character seriously. You just put them on your first team, surrender and continue with your real team.
  13. I claimed the Finn request, @Luna of Dragonblood Thanks for staying on top of things.
  14. I think Rudolf showed a callous disregard for Berkut, basically throwing him under the bus for Alm's sake. Had Berkut been privy to Rudolf's plan, he could have handled the transition with more grace but he was raised to think he should defeat Alm or die trying. There is no way Rudolf couldn't have known that this would end in tragedy. Rudolf was able to tell a random amnesiac (Zeke) about following the barer of the brand but he couldn't tell Berkut.
  15. I meant to say that like the Phantom Menace, SoV isn't just one or two flaws in an otherwise great story. There are major flaws all throughout, from start to finish.