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  1. The whole ordeal seemed really cutthroat and petty by Nintendo. Kaga helped create the series so they should at least credit him more. But they crushed him into the dirt and made him an unperson to the series history.
  2. Anyone Going to the Fire Emblem Expo in May?

    I'd like to go if possible. I'm already living in Japan. I wonder how fast the tickets will sell out.
  3. Death metal, or whatever this is called, doesn't register to me as music. It's just obnoxious sound, so that's a hard pass for me. I think if they had to have it at all, it should have just been an instrumental version instead of the screaming.
  4. Special Heroes (Gifts of Winter)

    I'm almost relieved that I have no desire to pull on this banner as I Iost my entire stash going for Laegjarn merges. (I feel worse about not being able to get Ophelia and Lewyn). Let's look at the positives (?). 1. Ephraim and Hector can continue to be meme bros who only stopped using their signature weapon when they traded weapon types for their Brave alts. 2. Fae is our Christmas KFC. 3. Cecilia is free and the only character I like from this group. Bring on New Years and Radiant Dawn.
  5. Aether Raids General Thread

    I actually do have dancer Micaiah on my defense team but it's not hard to pick off the one unit who could possibly harm Surtr.
  6. Who can we expect for the Radiant Dawn banner?

    It's Forging Bonds so it would be all 4 telling Kieran that he has the makings of a king, and that they have a lot to learn from him. --- Kurthnaga and Lethe are my preferred characters but I could see this being the banner of Laguz Kings. I'm pretty surprised they are opening with the big guns in regards to the Laguz. They could have gone with the less popular Laguz and people would still roll for them because they're new.
  7. Aether Raids General Thread

    Ugh, I'm sure "why is Surtr even a thing" already came up in this thread and others but it really is ridiculous. Stacking mythic hero blessings makes him pretty much immortal. He can easily walk into a choke and solo or stall anything. There is no strategy involved.
  8. What is a better Laegjarn nature? +Def, -Res or +Atk -HP? I'm leaning towards the former for a speedy tank but I'm open to suggestions.
  9. I think gameplay wise, you spread yourself too thin to have several factions that are playable so I think two playable groups should be the max. Naratively speaking, I'd love for there to be several factions. The two things I'd really like to see are: 1. antagonistic forces that are not inherently evil or are allied to the big bad. They would just be acting in their own self interest. 2. Things should be happening in the world that are not directly related to things the protagonist is involved with. For example, while you repelling an invasion by A nation, a large battle betwen occurred between B and C nation, changing the balance of power on the continent.
  10. Feh Channel on the 10th 3pm PT

    I suspect it will just be the Book III trailer, new banner and refines. Not much to do with 10 minutes. I thought 3.0 was delayed to not overlap with the Smash hype but uh... Maybe they blew their load with the AR Feh channel.
  11. Fighter Promotions

    I should specify my first Fire Emblem, Blazing Sword then. Mercenaries became Heroes, Fighters became Warriors and Pirates became Berserkers. I never stopped thinking of Heroes as being more associated with swords, even when they became a promotion path for Fighters in FE8. Fates seems to agree with this interpretation too with Heroes having a higher sword rank cap than axes. It's just a feeling for me though. Fighters ought to promote to axe focused classes.
  12. Fighter Promotions

    I ended up choosing Berserker/Hero as my favorite and least favorite, despite Hero being one of my favorite classes. I'm a GBA vet so Fighter means to me Berserker/Warrior. Heroes belong on the mercenary tree.
  13. Least favorite FE ship?

    The localization gave a "totes legal adults" line to Elise and Midori. I suppose they didn't care about the likes of Percy.
  14. There's an interesting discussion I'm having on Reddit with a guy who thinks if Micaiah was to be put in the same situation as Celica, she'd end up sacrificing herself for Jeddah. What do you think? 

    The arguments the poster brought up was:

    1. Micaiah was willing to work with Izuka so she'd do the same with Jeddah.

    2. Micaiah, like Celica, has no problems sacrificing herself. 

    1. NekoKnight


      I disagree with that argument. Celica's route plays out as it does because she:

      1. Has a huge martyr complex.

      2. Is very secretive.

      3. Is naive enough to think Jedah will keep his end of the bargain.

      Micaiah is self-sacrificing but not to the point of actually dying. She takes risks to her own health and is willing to tarnish her reputation to protect her people, but she's not jumping at the opportunity to end her life.

      Micaiah actually confides with her friends/advisor. Sothe is always with her and tells her when she's doing something stupid or immoral. I don't think she'd keep it a secret if she met up with Jedah.

      Micaiah didn't like or trust Izuka. She only put up with him because Pelleas wanted him around and in real life you can't just murder coworkers you don't like. That's what HR told me, anyway, when I asked if I could kill Steve for taking my lunch from the staff room refrigerator. I know it was you, Steve! Another important difference between Micaiah and Celica is that Celica just resigned herself to being Jedah's pawn but when Micaiah learned about the blood pact, she immediately looked for a way to break it. She didn't just follow Lekain hoping it would eventually work out.


    2. Icelerate


      Well Micaiah was going to sacrifice herself to save Nico, Laura and Pelleas so I do think she has Celica's sacrificial nature. 

      I agree. Some guy made a RD review where he ended up pointing out this very fact that Micaiah talks to her allies when devising a plan unlike Celica who keeps everything to herself (16:20). Though at the end of chapter 1-2, she told the DB to split away so that she can turn herself in and let Laura escape. 

      You're right, Pelleas was going to blindly follow Lekain before Micaiah told him he's obviously bluffing because it's in his best interest to do so. 

      I think Micaiah's intelligence is underrated. 

    3. NekoKnight


      She might have a selfless nature, but I don't think it's really the same as Celica. Celica's story basically has her give up, resorting to working with Jedah and dying even though he's insane. Micaiah I would describe as the opposite. She has a moral crisis in supporting Daein and Begnion but she's still fighting for a better ending than just "let the obvious bad guy win".

  15. Least favorite FE ship?

    What's the issue with Lucina? She's a technical adult in that picture. I'd say all the siblings couples make for an uncomfortable pairing with Corrin, especially Camilla. She's probably the only sibling canonically attracted to him and in their support Corrin says he wants to her stop with her advances, until he changes his mind abruptly in the S support. I know that some people like the contrast between the shy Florina and the brash Hector, but their support is honestly one of Hector's weakest and outside of the time her pegasus fell on him, they never really have meaningful interactions. I don't really have a dog in the race for whom Hector should be with but Lyn has way more dialogue to support a potential relationship. --- On topic, Cordelia x Frederick is just sad. Cordelia is settling and they BOTH know it.