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  1. I have an extra Hector too. What do people think of Berkut's Lance+ and DC for Effie? 1 less atk than silver lance for +4 res when defending. I know Brave Lance is a popular build but I don't think that would combo well with DC. I could give it to Zephiel but I'd perfer to have someone who can kill red mages that Hector can't.
  2. I don't really like how it will affect predicting AI. Dancers are bad enough but now you'll be have to consider a whole bunch of units warping without any health requirements.
  3. It adds some flexibility and replayability, which is a good thing, but there are other ways to accomplish this.
  4. I've probably said it before but in the Japanese version, she's legitimately more creepy, something even the devs acknowledged in a recently translated interview by Kirokan. Maybe it was intended to be funny-creepy but these are real people existing in the world. Like Thane said, you would need to give her more attention to really examine what she does wrong and how it afffects herself and others. There are hints about her behavior being negative but her two supports don't really criticize her character (Alm still likes her and Silque is too much of a doormat to take offense). That's in the context of Corrin abandoning Nohr. "Everyone got super sad that you left." I don't think Camilla's mental health (that explains her extreme attachment to Corrin and behavior outside Birthright) is ever commented on directly unless you consider Camilla x Niles to be that.
  5. Kirokan, the hero Serenes deserves and also the one it needs right now. (Hey, if IS gets to make a Batman reference, so can I.) A very interesting interview that covers a lot of topics. I'm pleased that they are thinking a lot about what fans want and expect (such as the "removal" of marriage). This to me speaks of integrity that I saw less of in Fates. I'm also glad that they're thinking about themantic elements, granted they missed the mark on some (Fernand and Berkut aren't humanized enough and Alm is too perfect to be a foil to Berkut). It's interesting how Faye was percieved by the devs as being creepy. Also noted, 'Echoes' was indeed intended to be used for future remakes. I don't know if they'll stick with it but this interview lends credence to the idea.
  6. I'd like to see a return of Anima/Dark/Light, crossbows and hidden weapons. Crossbows could have their damage calculated by skill instead of strength and hidden weapons could be divided into 1 range daggers that prevent counter attacks and 2 range knives that debuff enemies. For new weapons, I could see guns happening if it's a Renaissance level era. I envision them being 1-2 range, not being able to double but having a high crit rate. They could use bayonets as well.
  7. One thing to keep in mind is that mechanics in SoV worked in the context of the other mechanics (ex. the relationship between terrain bonuses and spells). Some things won't work as well copy-pasted into a new game. To keep: -Villages/base conversations -Forging -Rings/Shields -Multiple protagonists To modify: -Artes. Have them replace proc skills and be tied to classes. The cost to use them can be either a limited number of uses or HP. -Terrain/Magic. Lower the bonuses on terrain and don't use fixed hit rates for magic. -Keep the turnwheel but give it more limited uses for Classic. Casual can have unlimited uses. -Use tomes instead of spells. -Give characters a 5-6 slot inventory. Give them a specific slot for shields/rings. -Archer range. Make them 2-3 range and magic 1-2 range. Snipers could have 2-4 range. To remove (unless conditions are met) -Summoners unless their summons are limited. -Witches unless their warp skill is tweaked so they can't warp literally anywhere.
  8. These are usually words said about Xander, not by Xander. I'd still hit it. Chromelia, did you say your name was?
  9. My opinion is mostly the same. Great music, a good supporting cast and some interesting gameplay mechanics. On the negative side, the story is a mess; not quite Fates tier but still pretty awful. Could have done without swamps and summon spam too. I'd say Rudolf's and Azura's plans are about equal. Both rely on a lot of uncertainties and cause a lot of needless deaths. In some ways, the Rudolf plan is even worse because it's not really clear why he needed to start a war, where Azura at least had the excuse (no matter how insane it was) that getting Garon on the chair would get the Nohrians to turn on him.
  10. The writing suggests that her behavior is problematic, but it never really goes as far as being a deconstruction. She is probably most similar to Tharja, in that while she's not mentally ill, her obsession and surrounding behavior are inappropriate. I think it would have been interesting if Faye was a cautionary tale of being too stagnant in one's life, but there would have to be more dialogue diving into how she's unble to change and it brought her misery.
  11. Cormag and Selena talk about past!Vigarde, both mentioning his charity and kindness towards the common people. I don't think it would be too hard to build a personality for Heroes. That said, a story chapter with Lyon controlling zombie!Vigarde would be pretty awesome. Throw in Orson's wife, Monica. Denning might be fun too.
  12. So, does Amelia's C skill only work for the first turn? I can't see how that would be essential for Armor Emblem teams.
  13. I think Vaximillian and Seafarer have some interesting ideas for dividing them into colors. I mentioned this in the other thread but I think it would be cool if beast laguz had a unique weapon (or laguz locked skill) that let them move through forests unhindered.
  14. Ah, okay. I'm running her with her default Distant Defense, but she's still pretty killer. Spur Spd + Rally Speed + Ragnarok brings her to effective 50 speed
  15. What is this sorcery? I have a +At Celica, and even if I gave her LaD 3 and a Hone Attack, she would only have 62 attack.