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  1. No word on TT seals yet? Also, cool, glad I can get Angry Boi in the 4* pool.
  2. Names for Alternate Seasonal Units

    I heard Loveliwood as a nickname for Valentine!Eliwood
  3. Sprite Thread Revival

    You're more than welcome to post as often as you like. Your works are popular. But if you could spare some time to help people with their requests (which was the primary purpose of this topic before it got nuked), it would be appreciated.
  4. Sprite Thread Revival

    Who else will post the new assets every update if not for you? You are a living legend. --- But seriously though, someone should probably answer some of these requests. The oldest one is from February.
  5. Sprite Thread Revival

    I leave for two months and I get back to find 9 pages of Jugdral discussion and Peev making this thread his personal art gallery. I'm not upset, just confused. Is this why I was summoned @SoulWeaver? Here is the request list. It hasn't really changed much since I last updated. It's been 3000 years... 1. Hayato for @Poimagic 2. FE7 Scene for man of culture, @Interdimensional Observer 3. Custom for @SoulWeaver 4. Delmud for @Fala~of~Velthomer 5. Custom for @Grima the Fell Dragon 6. Anthony for @Hero_Lucina 7. Hoshidan Corrin for @animefreak425 8. Shiny Chrom for @SoulWeaver 9. Fates and Awakening Anna for @Grima the Fell Dragon 10. Weapon sprites for @NoahStratos It's not the easiest solution but you can click on your name in the top right of the page and then click on My Attachments. You can't delete them directly from there but you can see the date you posted them and search through your posting history to find them.
  6. I don't think Ryoma lying to you is really part of his character by design. It's just convient excuses for gameplay that shits on the writing. The writers probably didn't mean for the entire cast to be horrible parents either, but here we are with the Deeprealms.
  7. Fire emblem and "modern" anime trends

    I've heard it said in this thread that shipping is nothing new and has been in the series for a long time. It's true we've had marriage as early as FE4 and supports are all about pairing people up, but I'd argue that modern shipping is a lot more "anime" since the introduction of mass supports and avatar characters. The "everyone can be paired with everyone" support system of Fatewakening means A LOT of supports and the easiest way for the writers to pull this off is to pull character tropes from anime so you can have "when trope A meets trope B". Some past characters were equally tropey (Ilyana for example), but the larger number of supports does call for contrived anime sillyness. The presence of avatar characters is another shift in writing dynamics because now characters need to be designed to appeal to specific tastes so people can pick out their "waifu/husbando". Characters exist less for themselves and more so players can pick their object of affection to get attached too. This is very apparent with features like Skinship where characters have their agency removed so you can feel them up. I didn't read the LN but I found the anime to be terribly boring. While I can appreciate the deconstruction of the isekai and fantasy stories, Grimgar wasn't very exciting. They make progress at a snail's pace and do a lot of moping (some of the moping is justified). I think a problem with the story is that there are other people trapped in that fantasy world who are having great success, which makes the protagonists look incompetent. This was probably true for SoV. While not nearly as bad as Fates, it still had a variety of problems, including a (not-as-much-as-Corrin) Mary Sue protagonist and difficulty delivering its themes. People seemed to like it, however. I'm sure FE16 will get a similar "not Fates/10" rating from many.
  8. Moments that changed your outlook on Fire Emblem

    I'm a passionate Classic fan and I used the turnwheel on occasion because SoVs gameplay was a bit of a slog. I didn't want to reset just because the 7th skeleton to attack my character that turn landed a 2% critical hit.
  9. Improve your favorite character(s)

    I always thought the second gen would better serve as other nobles or relatives to the royals, like cousins. We don't really have a feel for either Hoshido or Nohr's upper class or government, so why not fill it up with these "child" characters?
  10. The plot of Fates: More than enough has been said about this but I really thought the premise was the most original and fascinating to date. Camilla: Camilla hints towards an interesting backstory (some of the only worldbuilding/politics in Fates) but it's never properly explored and she is used as another tool for fanservice and player worship. Her portrayal in spinoffs just gets more uncomfortable. Rinka: Oof, ouch, owie, her stats. She's not impossible to train but she sure does take a lot of pampering to get there. A shame, i really like her design. The plot of SoV: It's probably because of Fates that I really wanted a taste of some good writing, and while it succeeded in some areas, it was too faithful to Gaiden. None of the original elements like Conrad or Berkut are allowed to shine and could be completely cut without consequence. Berkut has a powerful moment near the end of his story, but too much of the game is him getting his ass kicked, and then Alm/Rinea forgive him even though he didn't deserve it. Celica is another character I could have loved if not for how she is framed in story. Her very human flaws are stretched beyond what I can believe, and she just comes across as overemotional and foolish (which really hurts because Alm is Mr. Perfect.)
  11. Moments that changed your outlook on Fire Emblem

    After Radiant Dawn, I lost interest in the series for awhile. Shadow Dragon bored me to tears and I thought the Awakening characters looked dumb, so i didn't try the game until long after its release. I got back into the series around the time people were speculating about Fates (what a glorious, naive time). Also, before I didn't really look up character data to see their growths or really any game data. Now I want to know as much as I can about the game system.
  12. Fire emblem and "modern" anime trends

    What "too anime" means to me is an over reliance on shallow character archtypes, fanservice and cliches. Not all tropes are bad and you're inevitably going to see some in games with casts so larges, but I appreciate more nuanced story telling and characters. There have always been "waifus" but it seems that Fateswakening revived this phenomena anew, with self-insert protagonists and characters who are (sometimes) just designed to appeal to a certain crowd rather than having a reason to exist in the world. I guess what I want to see is a game with writing that respects itself. SoV was mostly a step in the right direction but Fates was so absorbed in wanking the player off, it descends into practical self-parody. All of this. Heh, that's surprisingly apt. Birthright is literally this.
  13. What is your unpopular Fire Emblem opinion?

    She probably will win considering a lot of people stopped voting for her because of her first alt being revealed (before anyone knew alts on new banners were going to become the new regular and Eirika wasn't unique in this regard). Still, I think OCs are just going to get more popular. Veronica and Loki both ranked highly and I could see the other Muspell girls fighting for the top ranks (Laegjarn please). Not all Heroes players played Sacred Stones, but all have played Heroes.
  14. Splitting Magic

    I would like to see light/anima/dark make a return, with each magic type having unique spells to make them diverse. Light magic would deal less damage but have crit/hit bonuses. Dark would deal more damage but less Avoid and Crit Evade. Anima would be in the middle. They can all share tome rank for simplicity's sake. I don't see a need for a magic triangle, however.
  15. In defense of Peri

    As others have said, the issue is less the concept of the character, rather why she is allowed to be with the 'heroes'. Xander is somehow more critical of Laslow's womanizing and Charlotte trying to seduce people (maybe Xander is just a prude?) than he is concerned with his personal retainer who is an active serial killer. Corrin is a messiah figure who is very against needless killing but his response to Peri is "I'll just hire servants who won't die as easily when my wife gets stabby". Poor Felicia. And this is not "reflective of the state of Nohr" as some people suggest. Hans and Iago are hated by the protagonist party for their needless brutality. The only playable characters who are comparable are Niles and Beruka, and while they have shady pasts, they're stable enough to only hurt people who are threats as opposed to random innocents.