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  1. Heroes Team Poster Requests

    Very nice. :D When I saw this topic, I knew I had to come out of my exile one last time, and boy, was I ever right to do it.
  2. Heroes Team Poster Requests

    Can't make up my mind on which one, since I alternate, but these three are among my current teams. Not sure which one I want, so please, just surprise me with one of them. :) Don't want to be greedy. Team 1: Camilla, Clive, Chrom, Mathilda Team 2: Peri, Maria, Barst, Laslow Team 3: Alfonse, Bold Hero Lyn, Ninian, Clarine Quite the assortment isn't it? :P
  3. Opinions on Fan Fiction

    Seeing as I'm going into exile, can someone please lock or delete this, please? I prefer deletion, as I'd rather wipe all traces of me away.
  4. Let's share our dreams and aspirations.

    I'm the one who doesn't have dreams anymore. I had quite a few growing up, like designing video games, even some that carried through into my early adult years, like becoming a published writer. But I suppose with time comes the realization that none of them will ever happen, so now, I've pretty much written them all off as idiotic fantasies.
  5. I would like to say farewell.

    I won't try to talk you out of leaving, nor will I encourage you to do so. The way I figure it is people will do what they've made up their minds to do. However, as someone who observed the general chaos, it was a matter of everything getting blown well out of proportion, not just by you, and not just by others. I don't think it's a good decision to leave just because of what amounts to a petty squabble over a minor issue. Seriously, we're fighting over a video game. Now, as someone who's committed himself to a personal exile from this place, I don't think everyone wants you gone. I know I don't. But in the end, it's up to you. Just don't make your decision in haste because sometimes, it can't be taken back, and I know this from experience.
  6. Favorite characters in the Tellius games.

    That's a bit interesting to me, since I don't really find Naesala all that sympathetic. Yes, there's the angle that he had no choice in a lot of his actions, but I also think that most of what he did, namely all his acts of piracy was of his own accord. I always thought him to be a slimeball, and even knowing what I did in Radiant Dawn, I still couldn't feel sorry for him.
  7. Favorite characters in the Tellius games.

    He is amusing, I'll give you that, but he's more suited to be a court jester than a knight. I know. I kind of wish more of the Royal Knights or Crimea in general got more screen time in RD. But still, great game as it was, but seeing it's Fire Emblem, I'm biased, especially towards Tellius. If I may just step in a bit, I do agree that Geoffrey can be a tad boring. I mean, I would have liked to have seen a little more to his character, beyond the chivalry. I wouldn't exactly call it obsession between him and Elincia myself, although I do agree that it seemed a bit weird that he can marry her having been raised as her brother, which he is in a sense. But in a larger context, it's probably best he married Elincia. Being queen, she'd be pressured to find a husband, and you can imagine everyone would be in line to try their hand at winning hers. Not to mention, most would be looking to their own self-interest. So, it could be seen as a way for him to protect her. But yeah, I can only imagine it would be very weird for both of them sleeping together, literally and otherwise. :P
  8. Favorite characters in the Tellius games.

    I can pretty much get behind this, although I wouldn't count Bastian among my favorites. He's a bit too weird for me. And Makalov is just an idiot so I can't really count him. I wouldn't say every part of the Crimean cast is my favorite, but there's so many good ones to choose. I like Elincia, especially how she becomes in RD. Let's face it, she learns to take nothing lying down, so I'd definitely pity the poor fool who'd ever even think of challenging her. Lucia is another favorite of mine, although mainly I like studying her character, since we get relatively little. And also among my list of favorites is Soren. The guy can be downright amusing without even trying to be, and you can just about hear the amount of snark in his voice just reading his lines. I also get a kick out of Gatrie, mainly because he's such a doofus when it comes to women, but does he ever try.
  9. 2017 NHL Playoffs Discussion

    Well, I'm coming out of exile just long enough to say, in good sport, congratulations. :) I may not be happy with it, and I'd be lying if I said I was. But even so, congratulations.
  10. After all these years I have found true beauty.

    Well, then call me a Philistine. XD
  11. Who's your favourite character and why?

    It's hard for me to nail down my favorite character just because I have quite a few. Mainly, I like examining the characters I like, drilling down deep into them. I admit to being a fan of Elincia and Lucia, because they have such a close bond that nothing can shake, and if anyone had more of a right to be bitter, it's Lucia. But I also find a certain sadness to their relationship as well, just because of how it's had to change with Elincia taking the throne. I also like Elincia's development, especially in RD. She really gets shown exactly what she's made of, and I like that in a character. I'm also a fan of Soren, just for his attitude alone. He's the guy who can amuse you without ever intending to. I also admit to liking Chrom because I find his own struggle quite interesting, in that he, like Elincia, probably never wanted the throne, but he had to step up and become a king himself. To me, I find the unspoken tension in that situation intriguing. And there are plenty of others.
  12. Opinions on Fan Fiction

    They troll me just for the heck of it, it seems. I know I've got one little punk who enjoys letting me have it, and I suspect it's because one of my pieces wound up getting a little more exposure last year. I have the same opinion of 50 Shades as has been expressed, that it shouldn't have been published and that it's a complete piece of trash. Having said that, I was rather impressed when I read about its origins in the paper. I've considered trying to adapt some of my short pieces into a collection of short stories. But it'll never happen, and I'm okay with it. I'm still a little torn over it myself, my opinion on it. I love the writing process, tedious as it is, and I do enjoy taking characters even if they're not mine, and exploring scenarios that actually are mine. But in the grand scheme of things, I know this is all completely pointless. It was one thing when it was practice for bigger and better things, but now that it's just for its own sake, it just doesn't mean what it used to.
  13. Should I marry Scarlet or Felicia?

    Well, being a bit partial myself, I'd pick Felicia.
  14. For all you Heroes fans [Brave Roy and Lucina ]

    Geoffrey looks like he's taking that in stride, but yeah, this would be very embarrassing. :P Looks good. :) I needed a good laugh, even if it does come at their expense.
  15. Greetings, fellow Lucia fan. :)

    1. Azzurohr


      Hello there Freelancer :P I'm actually tirelessadvisor from FFN :P but, due to procrastination and just completely losing my tact to write, I disappeared off (that and I...kinda ended up really not liking FFN ^^"). I mainly roleplay Lucia on Tumblr now, that works better for me these days for building her up and being challenged with her in different situations :P (oh Luchi and I are long-time best friends btw)

      But, nice to know you're here mate! I actually do wanna ask you what headcanons you've got for Lucia (especially after that recent one-shot you wrote about her first kill) and see if I'd like to adopt some of them, as well as change up how I write and view her :).