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  1. They troll me just for the heck of it, it seems. I know I've got one little punk who enjoys letting me have it, and I suspect it's because one of my pieces wound up getting a little more exposure last year. I have the same opinion of 50 Shades as has been expressed, that it shouldn't have been published and that it's a complete piece of trash. Having said that, I was rather impressed when I read about its origins in the paper. I've considered trying to adapt some of my short pieces into a collection of short stories. But it'll never happen, and I'm okay with it. I'm still a little torn over it myself, my opinion on it. I love the writing process, tedious as it is, and I do enjoy taking characters even if they're not mine, and exploring scenarios that actually are mine. But in the grand scheme of things, I know this is all completely pointless. It was one thing when it was practice for bigger and better things, but now that it's just for its own sake, it just doesn't mean what it used to.
  2. Well, being a bit partial myself, I'd pick Felicia.
  3. Geoffrey looks like he's taking that in stride, but yeah, this would be very embarrassing. :P Looks good. :) I needed a good laugh, even if it does come at their expense.
  4. Greetings, fellow Lucia fan. :)

    1. Azzurohr


      Hello there Freelancer :P I'm actually tirelessadvisor from FFN :P but, due to procrastination and just completely losing my tact to write, I disappeared off (that and I...kinda ended up really not liking FFN ^^"). I mainly roleplay Lucia on Tumblr now, that works better for me these days for building her up and being challenged with her in different situations :P (oh Luchi and I are long-time best friends btw)

      But, nice to know you're here mate! I actually do wanna ask you what headcanons you've got for Lucia (especially after that recent one-shot you wrote about her first kill) and see if I'd like to adopt some of them, as well as change up how I write and view her :). 

  5. Eh, true, but with how she looks, most probably assume that's why I use her. Plus, in Revelation, she can't take as much near the end, at least I think so. I can agree on Donnel too. I mean, he takes a lot of TLC, but he's great once he promotes. I made him a bow knight, and wow, was he good. I guess another of my guilty pleasures is Sumia. Maybe it's just me, but I see a lot of dislike for her, and I fail to see why. When paired up with Chrom, she was one half of my dream team. Rarely anything could touch either of them, so I certainly think she's solid as a unit, and what can I say, I find her likable.
  6. Been a while since I played Fire Emblem in general, but I do know one of my 'guilty pleasure' units is Lucia. Is she the best unit? All evidence says no, and yeah, her availability in Radiant Dawn means she'll be outmatched, but she's always worked well for me. Give her Alondite in the finale, and I had her killing dragons with no problem, and dragons are tough. Camilla would be another one. No, not because of the obvious fan service design, but because I genuinely think she's an interesting character. Yeah, gameplay wise, I can do better, but I like her.
  7. I watched until the third Pens' goal, and then I changed the channel. Needless to say, I've pretty much given up hope on them getting out of this round. >_<
  8. Don't be too sorry. I'd probably be bragging it up too if it was the other way around. I just hope we can come back and kick your butts on Saturday...and for the rest of this series too.
  9. Well, better luck next season. :P Actually, believe it or not, I'm more than a little nervous. They thought the Caps would win last season - didn't happen. They're predicting the Caps will win this time too. But maybe this Leafs series will help give them the tools to beat a speedy team, like the Pens. Too bad I won't get to see the game, but gotta earn a living.
  10. Chrom/Sumia Olivia/Donnel Libra/Tharja Those are the ones I've shipped with any sort of consistency.
  11. As a former fan fiction writer, I really don't have a problem with OCs on a whole. I mean, to me, fan fiction is about expanding the world set up in game, and there are more people without names. I know in some of my pieces, I would give names to background characters, if they had any significant action with the canon characters, just to make them seem real. I even had one OC that did have a crush on a canon character, but I never actually intended to pair them (the OC would have died at some point in the story).
  12. I cried when I saw that last score...j/k :P Well, prepare for some more knocking around when the Caps meet your Pens in the second round. This time, we are going to kick those black and gold butts. Now, I just need to convince myself of that. :P Is it just me, or do the Leafs seem to be playing a little dirty themselves, like Anderson holding onto Backstrom like that or the checking even when one of the Caps falls to the ice like in game 3?
  13. Well, there is hope for my Caps yet.
  14. As big a fan I am of Fire Emblem, I would actually be afraid of them doing something like this. Movies based on video games have not been a winner, at least historically. The only one I even remotely liked was Prince of Persia. Fire Emblem is such a huge game with a wide range of characters, so it would be hard to pack all of them into one movie and do them all justice. Plus, like if they did a Path of Radiance adaptation, they would probably shoehorn a romance between Ike and Elincia. If it's done right, I could be behind it, but I don't know if anyone could do it right.
  15. Well, I know I don't mind if it gets skipped this year. This was only going to be a one-time thing for me anyway. I did have fun doing it though. :)