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  1. I've largely given up trying to pronounce things, but I pronounce it as kind of a mix between the two - sehr - en - ess
  2. @The Geek I see. Well, thanks for finding what you did. I was hoping to find something to help inspire me a bit. It's funny - that bust was the piece I found on DA. Still, I really like that one. I'd just draw my own, but I can't draw worth beans.
  3. I can believe it. Like I said, though, I'm loathe to say it, the Pens have a good team. Still, as a Caps fan I have to take what I can get. And I say this with absolute sincerity, I am sorry that they've lost so many of their best players.
  4. Just after I'd blocked such a personal tragedy from my mind. XD I'm in the same boat, of course, I never lived anywhere near Washington. So, I'm happy for you, even if I am required to diss your team. lol Speaking of which, I saw the final score against the Flyers. I'd like to say I'm sorry for that blowout...but I'm not. XD
  5. I think it's just a matter of preference. I like the Tellius pieces and I like Fates. Now, I do see a difference between them, and I do think Fates could have improved its story a bit by looking to some of the old-school games. But to me, it's all personal taste or bias. Now, that's just my opinion. And believe it or not, I don't mind the blood pact thing. They already had Pelleas set up as a perfect dupe for them, so now they wanted to make sure they could use him as their puppet ruler of Daein. What better way than to trick him into basically selling his soul to the Begnion Senate?
  6. Better luck next season. :P Sorry, couldn't resist a little jab. I admit the Pens are a worthy rival for the Caps, and I can't believe I'm saying this, they are good. And yes, their games are always thrilling, especially that one. And lucky you. I'm lucky if I get to watch a handful of Caps games, but I do have tickets to go see the last game of the regular season.
  7. I very much doubt there is, but have you ever found any Takumi/Camilla art? I've only ever found one myself, so I was curious.
  8. Eh, no harm no foul. I tease Penguins fans too, at least I would if I had any around. :P I live in the Midwest, so it's hard being a Caps fan. Anyway, if they meet, may the best team win.
  9. As a Capitals fan, I could get really mad at that post. But I won't, but I haven't forgiven the Pens for the last time either. :P I'm hoping this will be their year. Since some of them will be free agents next year, I'm hoping they can finally get the big one.
  10. Kind of funny. I'm just now thinking of a piece that probably would have had a lot more punch to it. And it probably would have been better written too. Go figure. And hey, it's nice to meet a fellow sufferer of block.
  11. Well, you can skip mine, and I wouldn't blame you for it. Heck, I wrote it, and I'd skip it after seeing the other, more well-done entries. You're telling me. I'm leaning towards casting my vote for that one. I understand that. I'm really in doubt about mine. I probably should have done the same as you, but fan fics are all I have. I can't draw, compose, or sew. Seeing a lot of these, I'm thinking I can't write either. :P Well, you and I can suck together then. Not sure which visual I'm voting for yet. There're so many good ones.
  12. I think I had that same look when I read Too Much Not Enough. Now, that was an amazing AU piece, and normally, I hate AUs.
  13. Well, one thing about my work. I'm extremely critical of it. So, yeah, I tend to think of everything I write as second rate. Plus, there's so many other great pieces submitted from much better writers than myself. Of course, I don't really care if I win or lose.