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  1. Not even a little surprised you turned out to be this time of person. Easily offended, bro?
  2. Video that shows localizers actually put thought into their job? Sold. Totally buying Fire Emblem Switch. Thank you for the easy decision, OP.
  3. what u DONT want to see in FE Switch

    What I miss in Fire Emblem since the GBA era is paired endings that do not involve love. I'd like to have S supports that link 2 units to a possible paired ending. (And so they don't need to limit amount of supports to 5.) Obviously that wouild also mean that no unit should be able to support every other unit, but I am okay with that because it means no pairings would need to feel forced. (Or perhaps limit who can S support with who.) And obviously some pairings will involve love/marriage, but that should not be the only type of paired ending. And scrap kids entirely unless they already existed before the plot happened ffs.
  4. Favorite of each Class/Criteria: BS Edition

    These are pretty much the ones I find most useful. Thief is weirder though. I like Legault as a thief, and I also like Jaffar but only use him for combat.
  5. Mistakes or errors on the site 2

    For FE6's Sidequest Chapters page, both 10A and 10B have the same requirement of visiting the rightmost village. 10A should say you must visit the leftmost village.
  6. DLC characters announced

    Way too many girls. -_- At least Niles and Owain are likeable. Edit: I will admit that Minerva and Linde are great choices though.
  7. It sold exclusively for the New 3DS, not the 3DS in general, so I doubt there are all that high expectations for that version. Most people who have a 3DS aren't going to buy the new one when it can't play that many more games than the regular 3DS. I really don't see the logic in people thinking that FEW sales need to be on par with that of HW.
  8. Takumi, Camilla, and Leo look fun. Although I would enjoy Owain, if he is playable.
  9. Team Leo complete? (spoilers)

    If Rowan can't be gay with Niles, I don't want him.
  10. FE Warriors at TGS

    ?? I don't see any pants on her. Looks like her normal FE7 outfit.
  11. FE Warriors at TGS

    Can someone tell me how to watch the Fire Emblem TGS stuff coming up?
  12. KT won't tell us how big the roster is.

    Edit: concerning Azura People are jumping to conclusions about a card that we barely see the edges of. Not saying they are wrong or she won't be in, but I am not convinced that was her. Check the "Fire Emblem at TGS" topic to see for yourself.
  13. Warriors Appreciation Thread

    Looking forward to this game so much! All the negativity about the game's roster really affected me and I became really negative for a while. The leaks really got my excitement back up though (especially Celica)! This game may even surpass Hyrule Warriors as my most played game. :)))
  14. New characters leaked

    The amount of told-you-so I feel towards all the naysayers of the leak (whom had no evidence) is strong right now! So glad Celica and Lyn made it into the game!!! :)))))