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  1. Dorcas Emblem 2.1

    Thanks, I'm glad you guys enjoyed it!
  2. Dorcas Emblem 2.1

    For anyone who doesn't want to play the entirety of FE7 again just to see these, I've put together a video showcasing the new animations.
  3. Battle and Spell Animations Thread

    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA yezus f christ don't tell me you're doing all that shit manually. Look, just... just take this, okay? It's properly positioned and crunched down to 16 colours (the original has like 34 so it's not insertable), someone will still have to arrange piercing frames and script it (read: not me because fuuuuuck scripting animations) and do something about those flashing frames if they're going to be used but holy shit man some things should not be done by hand. edit: whoops ^ missed the above post, but you still shouldn't have to write a script when there are things that will do all this for you.
  4. Accepting Volunteers - Team Shingetsu

    Look at the forum you are in. It's 19 pages long, stretching nearly 10 years back. Each of those pages represents multiple hacks that never got past the idea stage. Anyone who has been involved in fan game activities for some time - as most posters in this forum have - has seen many, many people confidently claim that they'll totally make this awesome game and they'd never give up, only to one day disappear and never post again. If you're serious about making a game, don't whine that people ~don't believe in you~ when you have nothing to show off. Make some goddamn progress and make them believe in you. You will get a much better reaction if you have even just a couple of chapters to show off, even if they are incomplete and use placeholder graphics. And if you remain active and update regularly - then you will be able to find people willing to help.
  5. Dorcas Emblem 2.1

    Got a crash report and seemingly fixed it - version 2.1 is up in the op.
  6. Dorcas Emblem 2.1

  7. Dorcas Emblem 2.1

    Good to hear - that is about the reaction I was hoping for!
  8. Battle and Spell Animations Thread

    Sure, I guess, I edited it in the post above. Also, fixed the hand on unpromoted Lyn hand axe stance.
  9. Battle and Spell Animations Thread

    Yes. That was me. (And on a different note what the heck did this fucker do to my poor, innocent gif?! It looks like ass and is more than twice as big as it should be! This is the original.) On a different related other note, I have a couple of things someone might enjoy. First up: It's a fighter, but with a sword! A sword fighter, if you will. I needed this for reasons. Comes with Hector's sword, but also a more generic one. Nothing fancy here, it's just the fighter animation with a sword. (And one of these things, I have no idea what I'm doing.) Second: It's a Lyn, but with an axe! Again based on existing animations, but hey, it works. Contains animations for both promoted and unpromoted classes, including hand axes. (Edit: Fixed unpromoted handaxe stance, the hand looks better now.) And third, by request, this replaces Hector's critical hit with a punch. It looks like this in action (image linked for flashing and size).
  10. Dorcas Emblem 2.1

    Have you ever got a feeling like, Well then! Aren't you in luck. Presenting Dorcas Emblem 2.0! Featuring all new Dorcas content! Individual Dorcases now somewhat identifiable! Text and graphics overhauled to scratch that Dorcas itch! Obligatory mutton memes! Shocking surprises, and much, much more! What are you waiting for? Play Dorcas Emblem today! So yes, this is basically a FE7 reskin, but there are some gameplay changes as well - though all in the spirit of fun rather than obnoxious romhack difficulty, and honestly only to the player's benefit. I made the first version of this a little over a year ago after seeing that post at the top. Version 2 has individualized Dorcas portraits for everyone (except the original, who's the original, and the lords, because this IS Dorcas Emblem after all - but don't worry, they all got some love as well, in one way or another) and a few more graphical changes, along with a few... tweaks here and there. It's available as a UPS patch and requires a FE7 rom. Please report any errors, oddities, or instances of unDorcased individuals! Edit: Version 2.1 is up - fixed a crash bug that happened when fighting generic enemy monks and tweaked Lyn's unpromoted handaxe animation.
  11. Fire Emblem 7 Redux

    When doing this, remember that the string "erk" shows up in multiple locations. If you aren't careful, you'll run into the BersLute staff and fight BersLuteers later in the game. He'd have to be a lot stronger to be unbeatable without it. He has 4 res and doesn't move, you have Lute, and there's an armourslayer on the map. Bool actually tells you it's the end of the hack when you kill him. I'd expect anything after that to be unfinished at best.
  12. Fire Emblem 7 Redux

    Gave it a shot. Cut for images and things. All in all, aside from the portable ballista breaking the game balance over its knee, the changes are... okay. I don't see anything I outright hate and there are some neat ideas (staves giving bonuses when held), but it comes across as padded because there are more enemies and they seem to take more hits than they used to, and it doesn't make the maps more interesting, just longer.
  13. Sprite Editing help

    The mouth and eyes move on an 8x8 pixel grid. You can drag and drop the parts in feditor, but only in those steps of eight pixels. This is how it should line up. The cut-out part should consist of eight whole 8x8 tiles, two high and four wide. This is how your mouth actually lines up. As you can see, it cuts across several tiles, rather than fitting perfectly inside them. Solution: Move the mouth cut-out three pixels up and four pixels right... ...Like this. And now, it works. (Though the mouth still needs polish.) As a bonus, I also fixed the eye placement (same rules apply). You also had a single black pixel on the forehead while the eyes and background were using the same colour. I changed the single pixel to outline colour and made pure black the background colour instead. Otherwise, the white of his eye would also be transparent.
  14. A thread with sprites in it. I guess.

    Movement how? FSN is fun, I'll take any excuse to watch flashy mythological figures beating the tar out of each other :V
  15. Blade’s Sprites (Critique & Feedback)

    It depends a lot on which FE style you're going for. FE8 tends to use the outline colour more than 6/7, sometimes a lot more. As for my own comments, I'm bad with mugs so take it with a grain of salt, but I feel it looks desaturated, especially the skin - you typically get full 255 for the R and G values, with some variance in B. Also, I think the neck is a bit blobby. At that angle, this thing feels like it should be breaking it up and adding some shadow. Again though, mugs not really my speciality.