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  1. An issue with FEditor

    No problem
  2. An issue with FEditor

    "Unique Base Anime" in the character editor is set to FF. Setting it to 0 appears to solve the problem.
  3. An issue with FEditor

    But since the poison sword works fine in vanilla, you've clearly done something more than that. Possibly accidentally without realizing you did it. It's impossible to help you without knowing what you actually have. It wouldn't hurt to screenshot the edits you've done to the class, too. Or better yet, make a patch from your rom and upload that. That would be the easiest way to let someone figure out what's gone wrong.
  4. An issue with FEditor

    Does the character actually have an animation for swords? That plays when using other swords? If so, screenshot your poison sword. It's hard to say what might be wrong without knowing what you've actually done with it.
  5. Issue with imported sprites

    Same way, you just have to manage to grab the mouth part instead. You could (and frankly probably should) also try using FEBuilder instead - it's generally better than FEDitor and has a different interface where you can specify the mouth/eye positions by number, so it's easier to know what you're moving.
  6. Issue with imported sprites

    If you can't get it right by dragging the mouth part around in feditor, you'll have to re-edit the file you're inserting so it aligns properly. I explained how this works pretty thoroughly here. (Also: uploading the actual image file you're trying to insert would be more useful than the giant video.)
  7. Are the P3 movies good?

    I'm responding from a story enjoyment point of view. That's the thing, though. Yes, technically, it's the exact same story. But changes in the graphics and gameplay changes the manner in which it is told. Any given scene in FES will show which characters are present, where they are, and what they are doing. It actually shows the protagonist getting up, moving to leave, and being intercepted by this rando. P3P does not give nearly the same context or information, because you don't see any movement beyond portrait changes. It is telling the same story, but in a less immersive and engaging manner.
  8. Are the P3 movies good?

    Original P3 still has the exploration and the animated cutscenes and character models missing in the PSP version, but there's no reason to play it over FES. So... If you already decided that, why make this thread? The first couple, never got around to the rest.
  9. Are the P3 movies good?

    Watching a movie later (potentially much later, because P3 is long) is not going to change the gameplay experience you're having right now. Whether you watch them or not, as a game, for the experience you get while actually playing it, FES is the best way to play P3. Emulating a PS2 game is not terribly demanding nowadays, or you might be able to borrow a PS2/3. But it's up to you if you feel the portability is more important than more immersive cutscenes and exploration.
  10. A thread with sprites in it. I guess.

    So anyway, I finished the attack animation I started on literal years ago. Still needs crit animation, but it's progress. Also I made a buff priest a while back, but I felt he was lacking something.
  11. Battle and Spell Animations Thread

    Cool! I made a zip and added a link under the battle animation, so it's all available in one place.
  12. Why make a sequel to anything? Why make a romhack? Why even have any hobby? And they have a thread on this very forum where you could ask them yourself.
  13. Battle and Spell Animations Thread

    Yeah, I wouldn't be posting it in a public resource thread if I didn't want anyone to use it. I don't usually do map sprites, but I actually did make one for axeLyn. It probably needs to be formatted though, and don't ask me about that because I've never done it.
  14. FE8 - Rewrite (Prologue-Route Split)

    In that case, since you're adding and changing scenes already, wouldn't it be better to simply auto-recruit such characters? I don't think it'd be too hard to shuffle events around so Joshua joins at the start of the map instead of like two turns in. (You could just throw one or two extra enemies on the field if it seems like that'd make the map too easy.)
  15. Battle and Spell Animations Thread

    Because of Reasons™, I ended up making a bigger, buff-er priest. One is just a regular priest, while the other is an attempt at a more Moulder-esque head. Someone might find it amusing.