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  1. I hope we do get at least for the Awakening DLC Owain: Lucina Lissa Marth Tharja: Camilla Leo Robin Olivia: Azura Lissa Navarre Also I hope they expand for the characters already in game like Lucina with Lyn the two most popular girls.
  2. Of these games Awakening Anyone really but if I had to choose: Severa & Inigo because their mothers and Owain and Lucina are there. Cherche so Awakening gets their wyvern rider Nowi because manakete Gaius because Tharja and Cordelia are there Shadow dragon Camus of course Jeorge Ogma Costumes for the whitewings Fates Charlotte Effie because we need more Lancers plus armored I'd say Saizo/Kagero but there are not daggers
  3. Official Pull Topic

    Got Inigo with my free summon! Unfortunately hes +spd -atk but I can't complain since I really wanted him, and after 80 orbs sniping colorless I got Olivia! +Def -hp so I'm ok with that. I only wanted those two so I'm done with this banner :D
  4. Your unit wishlist (Current pool)

    Eldigan Sonia Saber Genny Katarina Mist for collection purpose Oscar Jeorge Titania and Celica that are not -atk
  5. Official Pull Topic

    Had 175 orbs and snipped reds. Got Seth (he didn't appeared when I wanted him), Gray and my third 5s Roy (+Atk -Spd, not sure if I merge him with my +def -hp one +1 or the other way around but that -spd hurts) and even bought more or less 40 orbs Then I got sad that I didn't get Elincia, cleared some maps and tried again with 14 orbs and just 3%, saw 3 reds and the last one was Elincia!! I was already happy and when checked IVs I got blessed with a +Atk one!! Not sure if her bane is -hp or -def but I don't care, I'm super happy with the results! I'm back to 0 orbs since I used the 1 to upgrade barracks but I can't complain now.
  6. Focus: Dauntless Crimeans

    Going for Elincia for sure! I've waited for her since forever although I'm not a big fan of her art, but I liked her voice and ofc seems strong. I hope my 170 orbs are enough to get her.
  7. Who are you Supporting?

    I paired summoner with Reinhardt because I want him even stronger and is my most used unit but might change to Cherche. As for pairs I already did Reinhardt/ Cecilia Eirika/ Ephraim Bunny Lucina/ Nino Hector/Tharja Stahl/Titania Tana/Innes Azura/M!Robin Cordelia/Cherche Brave Lucina/Selena I'll be thinking of others that either have good synergy or just want them together.
  8. Voting Gauntlet: Choose Your Legends!

    Welp Lucina lost :( Well now I want Ike to win for sure, but probably will join team Hector for the multipliers and then Ike for the finals. I hope Ike wins the gauntlet!
  9. Voting Gauntlet: Choose Your Legends!

    Team Lucina here, I'm not sure if I'll go to Hector team for more feathers, or just settle on Ike, if Lcuina doesn't win this round I was going to Ike for the finals anyway. I just added u btw I currently have Klein as lead but I'm switching with Reinhardt or Hector mainly.
  10. Voting Gauntlet: Choose Your Legends!

    Added you my ID is Bada
  11. Official Pull Topic

    I got super lucky Tried my luck first with 80 saved orbs and there was Roy! With somehow neutral stats. Then a bunch of nothings till I wasted all, then got a few more orbs and on first green got Ike! +Spd -hp I think he doesn't need the extra speed but I'll take it! Backed out since the others were green and red. Then I risked the remaining orbs went in again and pulled one colorless and got a perfect neutral Lyn! So for the freebie choose Lucina obviously as was the original plan :p Got my first Soren Merric and Roderick with all those pulls as well as other good fodder so can't complain
  12. Official Pull Topic

    Spent my saved orbs for Tana and got first a 5star Clair +def -hp, kept going and finally got her with neutral stats which are more than fine by me. I also wanted Seth so I played the new paralogues and TT, opened the session but no red orbs so I opened a colorless one and got Innes! I think he's +atk -def so that was a pleasant surprise! Now I have the four set of SS siblings! Seth will have to wait until he drops to 4stars as I have to hoard orbs again for CYL.
  13. Sacred stones banner

    So that's an even better reason to don't give up! And there will be more orbs before the banner ends so you still have a pleanty of chance if you don't want to spend money. Hope you get him real soon!
  14. Sacred stones banner

    Something like that just happened to me when looking forma Tana and Claire broke my rate, but i insisted and finally got a neutral Tana, so dont lose hope! Specially if he Is your favorite!