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  1. Let's create super Freddy's! hehe Haha and yeah! I agree about everything you say about him! He's awesome like perfect and would love to meet someone like him IRL :p. Hopefully he appears in warriors!
  2. Your +Def definitely sounds cool! If we ever get +def seals, he will be my first candidate for that :p And yeah I really like him too as a character! He really needs more love
  3. I just upgraded a +atk -res Frederick to 5 stars and he's great! I love him so much!:p He already has a permanent spot on my cavalry team. This battle was indeed relatively easy.
  4. I have Rebecca as a leader 9405242145
  5. I'm on team Cherche now because I didn't want to fight Palla, but after this round I'll go for Minerva for sure, with all my accounts lol
  6. Yeah if only! :( Oh and yes Bunny Lucina got me a bit of trouble to appear but at the end I got lucky. I hope you get your bunnies soon!
  7. Aww I'm in the opposite of you, I have three bunny Chroms and I'm looking for bunny Camilla just to have all 4 bunnies!
  8. +1 yunjaelove
  9. Hello it's been a while since I posted but I'm willing to trade: Series 8 SR +Shannan SR Seliph SR Julia R+ Teeny And a bunch of Rs Series 6 SR Leo R+ Flora I'm looking for SR Altena SR Paty SR Frederick SR Aversa R+ Lucina R+ Larcei Also I'm looking for the sleeves of Sumia and Lissa, I can exchange for the ones of Deidre or others that you ask. I'm not from the US so I ship internationally Thanks!
  10. My two accounts バダ 0932056524 bada 6620427194
  11. Well if you're not sure about Lucina x Inigo, Brady x Lucina is a better one! Actually I was going to switch that before hehe Brady x Lucina is fun because of their VA who are also married IRL so yeah I'll change my pick for this one!
  12. Inigo x Lucina Owain x Noire
  13. You're not alone, I do prefer the characters of Awakening than the ones of Fates for reasons stated here or in the other thread, specially Hoshido has more boring characters for me and i personally like more the designs of the Awakening characters. After playing Fates since it's release in Japan, I've been replaying Awakening and some of the older games and enjoy all better since I do care more about characters and story rather than gameplay.
  14. Hey I live in Mexico too, actually it's not very expensive to send mail to other countries but as you may know it's very slow :( I would love to exchange with you but I haven't bought my box yet, (probably the first days of November) and if I don't pull a Deidre SR+ and pull some of the others you want, I will be happy to trade with you if you don't mind waiting till I get mine!
  15. For me: Severa: Stahl or Vaike because she can get Luna that way, and with Stahl the Myrmidon class tree as well Inigo: Libra or Henry for Vengance, Frederick and Stahl are also pretty good fathers for him. Nah: Vaike or Henry are great for her. Yarne: Virion or Gregor. And Sumia is actually a better mother and wife for Lucina and Chrom respectively so you're fine and better that way. Also if you want Libra with Maribelle it's actually really good for Brady.