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  1. Cecilia x Reindhart M! Robin x Azura Cherche x Xander Chrom x Ephraim And friendship duos Klein & Stahl Lucina & Eirika
  2. Updating Xander -promoted Cherche- promoted Summer Frederick x2 +SPD -RES the base one Summer Robin +DEF -ATK Lachesis +RES -HP An extra -ATK Azura that got meged with my +SPD one Next ones to upgrade are +ATK -DEF Kagero and +ATK -RES Stahl (I don't care if he's good or not, he's one of my favorites like Selena and others not so strong that I upgraded or plan to)
  3. Got Summer Robin! But -ATK +DEF -.- Well at least I have her and now I'll look for Gaius before I try to go for a better nature Robin with free orbs for the moment. Trying to look for Gaius and a better Robin got a second Azura and a second Summer Frederick which I merged with the better natured ones I already have.
  4. Oh well she is not unpopular either, but yeah after seeing her loose to Priscilla I started to thought that, more like in the middle of the road of the Awakening cast at least, but I do like her
  5. Well with Lissa around, Fred (hopefully) gets more chances to be in since I think it would be odd that the Yllissean royalties are around without their knight :p like the Fates free dlc, and Lissa isn't exactly popular so who knows. Anyway I can't wait to see the new reveals!
  6. Got Summer Frederick after around 110 orbs (80 were saved so just bought 30 for now), he is my most wanted from this banner so I'm really happy! He is +SPD -RES I don't know if he needs the speed but I'm super glad he's not -ATK like my only bride Cordelia or Spring Camilla. During my summons I also got my first Kagero and she's +ATK -DEF, just 4 stars but she will join the line for a future upgrade with that nature. I still want Gaius and Robin but they can wait the whole month till I save more orbs before spending more money
  7. No! Don't leave permanently, I barely post but we have talked about Frederick stuff around, I want to see when you get him in Heroes or if he appears in Warriors!
  8. I had the same reaction! Lol When I saw on Reddit the datamined info I thought it was a joke, and when I saw the artwork and all I couldn't believe Frederick was featured on this banner! I want everyone and i will whale for at least Frederick and Robin, and I also like Gaius so I won't mind if I get tons of him before I get Frederick :p I hope my almost 100 orbs saved will get me at least one of them.
  9. I'll support Maria first since I have two 5 star of her and whenever she loses I'll switch to Lissa if she's still up.
  10. I have 37 in total Xander and +ATK -RES Cherche are next to upgrade
  11. Yeah she deserves it, and i know people that would like her amiibo as well,I hope Nintendo is smart and release her as well as some other player 2 characters. And yeah I really don't dislike him, just makes me tired seeing the pairing (and some others often) and also how he overshadows her since the release of the amiibo that she got shafted in Fates. I like him but i like F!Robin waaaay more
  12. I strongly agree with this and your previous post and that makes me dislike F!Corrin more, they are the same character! Also agree with this, I like F!Robin much more than the male one, (except for the Chrobin thing but M!Robin has the Robcina which I dislike even more) and it's unfair and sad that she still doesn't have an amiibo while both Corrin will have :/
  13. Ups I forgot about his lances in Awakening :p yeah either Lance or axe paladin would be awesome! I can't wait to see more reveals. On topic I think they might add besides the ones revealed Archanea: Caeda, Minerva, Camus, Tiki, maybe Hardin Merric Linde and someone of the Pegasus sisters Awakening: Frederick, both Robins one as a skin, Tharja, Cordelia, Gaius, Lucina, Aversa maybe the Awakening trio (hopefully with their Awakening versions because I liked them better here than in Fates, and it would be fun if they have supports with the Fates royals and say that they look like their retainers, so we can keep the multiuniverse thing). Fates: Takumi, Leo, Camilla, Azura, I'm not sure about the Hoshidan sisters since they aren't super popular, and I don't know who else since I don't pay too much attention to Fates. Others: Ike, Roy, Lyn, Hector
  14. I really hope Frederick is in too! He would be a great addition as an axe cavalry unit :D we need more axes in every form so :p
  15. I like most of Awakening characters, but my top would be Lucina, Severa, Owain, Inigo, Noire, Cynthia, Gerome, Brady Kjelle (mainly their FP and Drama CD versions), Frederick, Cherche, Stahl, Sumia, Cordelia, Maribelle and Vaike.