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  1. Cipher Trading/Selling Thread

    I'm willing to sell or trade Series 12 SR Lachesis SR Black Knight SR Walhart I have a lot of cards in my wishlist including some N or R so if anyone is interested in those let me know! I'm not from the US so the shipping must be international :)
  2. My favorites that I can remember now are: Stahl x Cordelia because she gets over Chrom and there are small details in the Japanese version even better than English like their last line. Frederick x Panne because we get some background. Cherche x Gregor because Minerva. Maribelle x Kellan I don't ship them but we get some background for him Lucina x Brady because we can see another side of her character and was funny to see her dominating Brady, also their VA being actually married. Cynthia x Gerome was super cute and she helping him to fly and all and he looks like a super hero.
  3. Fire Emblem Heroes | Serenes Friends List

    Bada 9405242145 Normally switch lead units but usually is +3 Bride Cordelia, +3 Nowi or +2 Adult Tiki
  4. Has anyone made a gallery of armor breaks yet?

    Yeah I was super happy when I saw shirtless Frederick! It's one of the best things about all the DLC <3. Since this is early Awakening Fred, he'll sure get beefier later :p I wish the broken armor models were equipable as costumes
  5. DLC Pack 3 Discussion Topic

    @Arthur97 Cool thanks! I'll work on that map then! @Sbuscoz In game I was neutral about the children but the Awakening Drama CD 3 and specially the Future Past made me love them all, so for me their Fates counterparts are inferior and they think mostly on their lives, so each to their own I guess.
  6. DLC Pack 3 Discussion Topic

    Ugh more Fates bias, if she didn't appear there either at least they should have let Frederick be there, that support was funny. Is the mission difficult? Which map is? Me too,but if Lucina didn't appear at all I probably wouldn't buy this game until it dropped price, second handed or until all the DLC got released.
  7. DLC Pack 3 Discussion Topic

    Yeah as you said earlier the devs must have something against her. But I don't have a good opinion about them, everytime there is an interview they say weird/dumb things like Linde's feet, that they don't want more swords yet their OCs wield them, when they said they had much Fates characters so they made Azura DLC, etc. Or their silence for almost the whole month about this last DLC. And I don't feel Owain as Owain and rather as Odin which bugs me because even if they're the same person, I loved Owain and hated Odin because they shouldn't been in Fates in the first place. But I have enjoyed Tharja and Olivia and I'm happy that finally the other characters got their prf weapons and armor break models.
  8. DLC Pack 3 Discussion Topic

    I wish that too. The others are Minerva & Olivia and Linde & Tharja
  9. DLC Pack 3 Discussion Topic

    Ohh yeah that's another disappointment, Chrom & Tharja support was another of my wishlist, and yeah Caeda should have had a support with Owain to mirror the Lucina & Marth one or with Lissa to begin with. I'm still mad that Owain didn't get one with Lucina ):<. Also Tharja & Leo would've been something. One good thing is that at least the DLC SD characters finally got something with Awakening characters.
  10. DLC Pack 3 Discussion Topic

    Yeah a lot of missed opportunities, at least she gets some special dialogue with both Owain and Oboro but a support conversation would have made sense.
  11. DLC Pack 3 Discussion Topic

    Yeah I've noticed that she doesn't have map conversations either while Niles gets plenty -.-. At this rate I'm surprised they gave her the bride costume.
  12. DLC Pack 3 Discussion Topic

    Yeah I got super disappointed that they didn't get a convo! What's wrong with then she didn't get any new support for the dlc and the same for Celica :s
  13. For Awakening: Gaius/Nowi for dragon stone, Severa, Inigo Shadow Dragon: Camus, Palla, Jeorge Fates: Kagero, Keaton, Kaden
  14. Season 2 DLC Wishlist (If It Happens)

    For the games already in the game i would like: SD: Camus, Cain, Abel I just want more horses Awakening: Severa, Inigo Nowi, Gaius or Cherche Fates This is my least favorite game but: Kagero, Kaden, Keaton Most are unlikely but this is just who I want
  15. Supports that should have happened

    Yeah of course I just said what I wish to be, I don't care too much about the fates characters and still disagree with the Awakening trio being in that game so I'm not interested