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  1. I'm not sure if it's ok to make a new topic but I wanted to share and don't waste, the thing is I was lucky before and managed to get a special edition from Amazon because I thought it wasn't going to be available on my country but it was, so now I have a spare SE so if anyone is still looking for one, send me a message.
  2. I got tempted to pull Celica so I pulled reds in hope of getting her and after a 4% rate she finally appeared but unfortunately she's -atk +res, I'll make her work somehow anyway since I won't pull again until next banner maybe
  3. Aww yeah while training him I noticed and also give vantage making use of one of my spare Lonqu :( but it's great anyways and thanks!!
  4. After a lot of attempts at getting Tharja on the female mages banner and getting 3 Sanaki instead, 5 star Caeda, and a repeated 5 star Maria (because there were only colorless on that session -.-) and a bunch of 3 and 4 stars mostly Lonqu, Olivia and M Corrin and Henry , I got a 5 star Ryoma with a great boon of +speed-def!!, I hope the - def doesn't hurt too much but at least is not a -attack or -speed. I'm set for a while until the next limited heroes come out.
  5. FE 1-3 Lena, Julian, Sedgar, Wolf, Hardin, Nyna FE 4 Ayra, Rex, Lewin, Beowulf, Erynis FE 6 Percival, Guinevere FE 7 Oswin, Rath, Pent, Louise, Sain, Kent, Fiora, Farina FE 8 Marissa, Tethys, Gerik, Kyle, Forde, Vannesa, Syrene FE 9-10 Geoffrey, Elincia, LucĂ­a, Marcia, Kieran, Oscar, Boyd, Mia, Ilyana, Haar, Jill, Micaiah FE 13 Sumia, Maribelle, Gregor, Vaike, Noire, Brady, Kjelle, Cynthia, Gerome , and the real versions of the Awakening trio Fe 14 Orochi, Keaton, Kaden, Silas, Charlotte

    Which one is better? Stahl! Gerome and Gregor!Nah Or Gregor! Gerome and Stahl! Nah I know Henry and Panne are one of their better options but I already paired those two together so they're not available. Also is Vaike! Severa good? I usually do Stahl! Severa because I like that pairing support wise and aesthetics and all, but I want to change a bit in this new file. Thanks .
  7. Aww I wish my pulls were like that! Ive been pulling for Tharja but i got a couple of Sanaki instead lol, and with bad nature's nonetheless.
  8. +1 fuujin +1 SalShich10N + yunjaelove
  9. Let's create super Freddy's! hehe Haha and yeah! I agree about everything you say about him! He's awesome like perfect and would love to meet someone like him IRL :p. Hopefully he appears in warriors!
  10. Your +Def definitely sounds cool! If we ever get +def seals, he will be my first candidate for that :p And yeah I really like him too as a character! He really needs more love
  11. I just upgraded a +atk -res Frederick to 5 stars and he's great! I love him so much!:p He already has a permanent spot on my cavalry team. This battle was indeed relatively easy.
  12. I have Rebecca as a leader 9405242145
  13. I'm on team Cherche now because I didn't want to fight Palla, but after this round I'll go for Minerva for sure, with all my accounts lol
  14. Yeah if only! :( Oh and yes Bunny Lucina got me a bit of trouble to appear but at the end I got lucky. I hope you get your bunnies soon!
  15. Aww I'm in the opposite of you, I have three bunny Chroms and I'm looking for bunny Camilla just to have all 4 bunnies!