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  1. Ursula Grand Hero Battle

    Thanks. I'll grind up and try it out.
  2. Ursula Grand Hero Battle

    I've been trying to clear this map on hard, and I could use some help. My units are the following: 5-Stars: Peri, Catria, MCorrin, Kagero, Setsuna, Lachesis 4-Stars: Marth, Sheena, Merric, Palla, Chrom, Cain, Donnel, Maria Chrom is level 1, Maria's 10, everyone else is between 20 and 29. I also have a 3-Star Olivia at level 1 (though I'd rather not train her or Chrom up at the moment if I can help it, not much time left). I do not know anyone's boons or banes. What team and strat should I use?
  3. It's been a while since the last FEXNA-sized portrait I've done. The face looks kinda odd to me but I'm not too sure what's wrong?
  4. I ditched the mounted mage animation (I'll definitely get back to it someday) because I wanted to focus on doing TGA portraits, and because I finally realized it was a mistake to jump into custom or semi-custom work so damn quickly. But now I (almost) finished an animation for once. It's a more armored version of the archer. Say, does anyone have the frames for the normal archer's unarmed dodge? I can't find them.
  5. Shep's Sprite Request Work Shop -full-

    Thanks a lot!
  6. Shep's Sprite Request Work Shop -full-

    Oh, sorry (I didn't know that site had a no hotlinking policy). Here are the images, hopefully you can see them this time.
  7. Shep's Sprite Request Work Shop -full-

    This guy. FE7x-size portrait. Thanks in advance.
  8. Knoll, Denning and Ursula (she came out kinda tall because Hackbox and I didn't want to shrink her body.
  9. I decided to try battle sprites again, starting with this attempt at a T1 Mage Knight class edited from Knight Lord. I need criticism on the base frame before I can start the rest.
  10. The mouth is a placeholder for until I make the frames (I tend to forget what sprites I used where with time).