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  1. I think she had a buff from Fortify Fliers and maybe a defense or HP seal. I forgot Hope you get good fliers soon! I want Hinoka too... I have never gotten her
  2. haha i actually missed these posts and only saw Rezzy's back then thanksss :D I've been wanting this type of glasses for a few years
  3. So strong! I used one of those in a VG. I had too much power :D >Hone Atk 1 Hope you like her! She was one of the first units to hit 2k HM for me. I SI'd her away to Katarina afterward since she had a better nature
  4. Are you wearing boxers only in the first pic? lol Or are those pajamas? I have not seen pants that look like that before
  5. I beat Infernal in one try! Lunatic took two because of Hawkeye's different placement... >_> @Xaos Steel Wing I'm using Onee-sama for a lot of stuff in this! Love Palla Here is my Infernal clear:
  6. Hector would be proud. Maybe he'll finally come back to me!
  7. Meanwhile, I'm looking at her hair
  8. I killed a Summer Xander with my level 1 4* Lilina in Arena Assault
  9. Dark magic powers. I got... Henry -_-
  10. You should go~ It was good from what I recall. Then again, most of the stuff in the SGV was good. I don't think I have any reason to go there now, though. Most of the restaurants have branches in Irvine...
  11. Yes, that is true. NYC heat is... unbearable. It's as hot as Taiwan and just as humid, but I would much rather be in Taiwan because the food there is actually good! I went to Tasty Garden in Temple City for my birthday once :D (I think it was in Temple City...)
  12. Arcadia? As in the one in San Gabriel Valley? I've been to the SGV twice I haven't been there in a long time... I wanna be back in SoCal (except for when it's hot)
  13. The power! +Spd is so fast. i wish I got one of those
  14. Innes is actually Lil B
  15. I'm sorry to hear that. I had to fight a Bow Lyn and two Reins accompanied by a Xander Needless to say, I lost