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  1. ur not allowed to change it?
  2. r u actually exceedingly distressed or is that just a subtitle joke like "*laughs in spanish*"
  3. Don't know how this works... but I'll ask anyway. Can someone do a banner of a pillow fight between Fae and Young Tiki? I don't know if there are sprites for pillows but I saw Arcanite with a tomato sprite once so I assume they can be made too. The image will be the two of them with a tossing pillow animation with other pillows fallen on the ground around them with feathers emanating from them. The feathers will come out from the pillows just like when a unit has hit the right amount of HM to earn feathers. The background can be the default castle lobby. I guess the other dragons can be on the sidelines cheering them on too. Will this work? :)
  4. I like how F!Corrin says she thinks of him as a father figure but then can shag him in the next support. Corrin is immune to the Westermarck effect! Or maybe she has a daddy kink
  5. All right, that's good to know. If you do need to know anything else, I'll try to look up resources with the stuff I have from school :)
  6. have u ever tasted ur own piss? 

    what do u think about mixing ur piss and ur jizz into a smoothie and letting ur d8 taste it? You're curious about all this, aren't you?

    1. XRay


      Taking photos and talking about excrement is one thing, but actually touching piss and poo is not something I am particularly fond of. And I do not want to see any girl I plan to sleep with to touch that stuff either; it is good for laughs but not good for my boner.

      Are you interested in scat play?

      I am fine with people touching and consuming reproductive fluids.

    2. GuiltyLove


      No I'm just really curious because you seem to have no qualms about doing most things. Do your dates usually drink your "milk" from your reproductive organs? Do you think that this is something that most of this forum needs to know? I know you mentioned it once so I was just wondering what your thought process was

      Scat play is probably a little too weird for me though

    3. XRay


      I have not kept track. Some do some do not. I do not really care about receiving it, but they usually insist and reciprocate when I dine on them. I prefer to get to the main course as soon as possible, but it is harder for me concentrate to satisfy them when they do the same thing to me.

      I do not remember exactly why I said it and I do not think people needs to know, but it is not something I am embarrassed about so I do not care if people find out. I think people were joking around and I wanted to contribute and have some fun too. Maybe it was too much fun for me.

  7. I'm going to use Nowi once I promote her. I just have 6k feathers left to go. I really hope we get a gauntlet again! I gave her Aether today after I leveled my Chrom to 40 and heard his confession. It's just for the arena points and I don't expect to ever activate it
  8. The feathers are worth it! I hope we get another gauntlet because I need to promote Nowi soon... Yeah true ppl can just watch stuff later
  9. Yeah I'm sure nothing is as bad as being European I MEAN. THAT SUCKS. You can just view it in the morning :D
  10. For healthy adults, the amount of protein you typically want to consume in a day is 0.8 g/kg of body weight. It may be harder to count calories when you are cooking, but you really only need an estimate. Sites like are useful for that. I have some booklets in my room that also estimate calories, carbs, proteins, and fats for common foods. If you are interested, you can PM me and I'll show you some pictures. I'm in a nutrition education program so I'm learning about this stuff right now. I won't pretend to be an expert, as I am still a student, but I have access to some resources at least :P Carbs can quite complex too, with all the different types of sugars, so you shouldn't just look at the numbers by themselves. You have to look up what specific types there are in various foods. For exercise, just like Arc said, you should take a break from doing the same muscle workouts on consecutive days, as your body will have to repair the muscles to make them stronger. Since I am planning on going into this profession, I will do my best to help if you have any questions. Just don't expect professional advice (not for a few years!) :P
  11. tru MAYBE NOWI ASKR JULIA (TO KILL REINHEINY)) XANDER (FOR HECTOR?) I dunno Im bad at team comp
  12. East coast time sucks!
  13. lame I don't want to use armors
  14. dang man i'm very behind then. i got my highest this week and it was 4820