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  1. do u need me to buy coffins for all of us
  2. Not as old as us. I think ):
  3. @Arcanite @Rezzy @SatsumaFSoysoy @Vaximillian @mampfoid @Alkaid 1. Why is her armpit exposed 2. Big sister is so strong now!
  4. Official Pull Topic

    Congrats! I don't have Lucina either D:
  5. Grand Hero Battle: Robin (F)

    There's a Baneposting joke somewhere to be made, but I'm not creative enough to think of a parody script.
  6. @mampfoid Im gonna give her Galeforce once I get enough feathers :)
  7. Grand Hero Battle: Robin (F)

    WTF LOL u gotta let me try her out next time ;)
  8. @Arcanite @Vaximillian @JSND Alter Dragon Boner @mampfoid @Alkaid @SatsumaFSoysoy
  9. Are the Whitewings gonna do sexy poses before they combine weapons?
  10. It wasn't anything special either. Est carried Mercurius to Marth by herself though so she needs a Prf in this game with 20 Mt, obviously
  11. They need something cooler :P Yeah I know about that. Palla needs something though! Right now onee-sama is the weakest of the three ):
  12. My +Atk Est needs to rise higher than all the other fliers! And yes, I'm using my old account~
  13. I redownloaded FEH for the time being just to see what it's like. I probably won't play THAT much until the Whitewings get their own signature weapons >:( @JSND Alter Dragon Boner @Rezzy @Vaximillian @Arcanite @SatsumaFSoysoy @Alkaid