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  1. Are you sure...? I've seen several a person in Twitch chats, Twitter, etc. say "waifu" or "husbando" to refer to a favorite character, even if their reasoning is influenced by their love for the character in terms of their personality or backstory, even if that's the main reason and the appearance is secondary. I don't use the term myself at all and opt not to use it, so I know that does not necessarily mean liking a favorite character necessarily means a waifu, but I also don't feel confident in trusting the definition you've given as the only "correct" definition based on what I've witnessed. I guess it's just one of those things where a made-up word comes into existence somewhere, gets popular, then the word eventually gains multiple definitions that people attach to.
  2. Well, did those people you remember saying such things mean that so passionately (of course, not to marriage levels), or just as a figure of speech to say "hey, she's got a nice design?" Because that's a figure of speech I've heard plenty of times to know it is usually said without really meaning it that hard. Also, I wouldn't say Tharja is only fanservice (if Ghast's video on her is any indication) and that's it. Looks like her personality (in the English version, at least) was partially intended for comedy (whether it was comedic is a different story) with her obsessive tendencies and her creeping out the others with her dark attitude and talk of spells and hexes. Yes, the "obsessed with Robin" thing gets fanservicy, but it's not the only thing about her personality. Camilla in most cases, however, you got me.
  3. I mean, isn't liking the personalities part of how people decide "waifus"? I think you may have a slightly different definition of "waifu" from what I usually hear. And I don't see too much of an issue of at least liking the character design but not the personality, or even caring about it. Also, funny you mention worrying about mostly/all-female banners when we got 3 guys in the Valentines banner compared to two girls (including the TT reward). :P Cancel out this one with Valentines, and the bride banner is the only odd one out.
  4. @FrenzifyEr, the Fallen Heroes banner isn't considered a seasonal banner, and the units are still in the summoning pool, I think.
  5. I honestly have no clue who the units could be. Seems likely we'll get a non-Awakefates game based on last banner, but otherwise the little string of hair on the left character seems like the best clue, and even then I still dunno.
  6. Bound Hero Battle: The Shepherds (Chrom & Lissa)

    Not related to the difficulty, but I noticed Chrom saying "without you-know-who, we don't have a strategy". ...How did the Shepherds get by before Robin?! :P Unless they had some sorta average nameless tactician who wasn't there either.
  7. Which FE Characters would you want in the new Smash

    Uh, Celica's popular, if I'm not mistaken, given her votes in a recent Heroes poll. To add, sales numbers are not a good reason to downplay the characters or game (see Ike), and Gaiden being the "weakest game" sounds more of a trivial opinion that not everyone necessarily agrees with, not to mention irrelevant to Celica's popularity now.
  8. What makes a good avatar?

    I think making a custom character an optional unit with no set personality/not much personality and no plot relevance is the way to go.
  9. Which FE Characters would you want in the new Smash

    Nah, I think characters as alts would be fine. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think the Smash community really has an issue with characters being included as alts? If there's only so far you can take it before it feels forced, then take it until you have to stop behind the forced line. (Of course, I can't see Celica as a Robin alt since I don't think even reskinning the spells into just fire would look good.)
  10. lucina

    Either give her a new moveset or do away with her very identical moveset to Marth, make her an alt skin, and have her play exactly like Marth. I'm sure they'd figure something out for the latter.
  11. I wouldn't call my argument on Champion Link's sudden yet unfocused appearance being a clue that weak despite your downplaying, but I guess I won't press that issue further. I do think the branding is a significant clue by comparing the differences between trailers compared to other big ports however, although I'll give that it's likely early. As for the new game stuff, I wouldn't say 90% or more of it would be new. I think the content and gameplay retained from the prior game is way too much for only being 10%, especially for a competitive fighter where characters and mechanics are very important. I'd say something like 60% is new between Brawl and Sm4sh...? Not certain. I do still lean towards "new game", but I don't see it as a certainty, only going as far by the branding argument. Next trailer we get, that likely will be what hammers the nail into the coffin for one side. Probably should have used different wording than "all the signs point to".
  12. lucina

    I think Lucina should just be a skin for Marth, but keep her in. From what I observed, she has plenty of fans from Smash and/or FE, even as a clone. Cutting her or keeping her as a separate character will cause a blizzard from some party. At least keeping her wouldn't hit one party as bad as cutting would another, but either way, the game would get more hell than just converting her into an alt costume. Lucina stays in, people see that "slot" "open up" (not that I believe in slots, it's all up to development effort), less people angry.
  13. I mean, in that case, all prior Smash games are partial ports, although from 64 to Melee is a little debatable as the quality difference is very noticable there. Reusing animations, same/similar movesets with tweaks (especially for all returning characters), reused audio clips, some returning stages that remained untouched, etc. Honestly, I'm guessing it's a new game. A new logo with no deluxe subtitle and a change arguably more drastic than recoloring part of a logo (the farthest I've seen a logo edited for a port outside of adding the subtitle), no familiar Sm4sh transition in the trailer, BOTW Link being used as a shadow when a port would ideally use the traditional Link (which is default) and save BOTW Link for a separate trailer as an extra alt costume instead of him being Link's main costume...I feel all the signs point to this being a new game, partial port or whatever.
  14. Which FE Characters would you want in the new Smash

    No, because at least some Annas are known to fight, especially recently.
  15. lucina

    Personally, I consider the DK series as part of the Mario series. Still got a point about Mario's star power, though.