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  1. I'm probably gonna support Mist partially because of her VA, Sarah Williams, who voices a certain murderous classic cartoon cyborg in another game. :P The other part is that I like her design and personality. Nothing big, but still likable to me.
  2. You should be ashamed for suggesting pirating. Pirating a game (let alone one by NoA) is a more repulsive act than putting memeish lines in a video game by far. No thank you. I'd like to not overreact to the existence of memes and obey the laws when obtaining video games.
  3. ...meh, not that big a deal to me. I'd rather not let it get to me.
  4. Can you quote it, word for word? I'm sorry, but I'd rather judge for myself what NoA's track record is. I just don't feel even close to certain that NoA would take a game and make a bad localization "intentionally" because they "don't care about the fans", let alone avoid considering 8-4 or pretending the Fates fiasco never happened. Yes, they flubbed up Fates bad and had some controversy with someone working for them (whom they have parted with, I emphasize). But that's something they gotta learn from now. I'll wait for the script to come out to judge their work...if they don't go to 8-4 again.
  5. Uh, what line, for those of us uninformed...? Also, are you certain the UK uses NA translations? From what multiple sources I've read (although admittedly not official), Nintendo's games tend to regularly get localized in Europe, and not just for the English language; they also localize for other European languages such as German and Italian. Splatoon is one notable example, not to mention people like the NA localization.
  6. Let's not pretend we "know" anything. All those projects Treehouse localized; that was before the Fates fiasco. Things may have changed, and I won't be surprised if they did. Maybe Treehouse does localize this but doesn't make the same mistakes, having learned and known of the backlash, or Nintendo gets 8-4 to aid them again out of fear of instigating more anger from the FE fanbase. We don't "know" anything; all we can do is conclude, but a conclusion on our part is not a definite answer. It's a "wait and see" type of deal.
  7. Let's wait and see the actual translation (let alone team) before we start throwing the word "sadly" around. Getting pretty presumptuous there.
  8. I heard Color Splash's writing is actually funny to some. Honestly, though, the game's mixed reaction and swarms of biased opinions make it hard for me to trust a stranger's reactions on it. And Treehouse is the reason Europe gets more "cool stuff"? This is news to me. I searched it up, and I got nothing that suggests such. I saw some remarks about how NA gets games earlier than Europe, though. Unfortunately, if you can't bother explaining much what you mean by etc., I have little reason to trust your word that NoA is so atrocious as you claim.
  9. I searched it up and only got the same article you linked as a relevant source. So far, the only thing you've said Treehouse has screwed up that is backed up by others is FE Fates, excusing Xeno X and TMI. You mentioned "etc."; what other games are there that they apparently flubbed up?
  10. 1) I've noticed 8-4 has had no mention anywhere in this article. From my perspective, it looks like an error on the article writer's part on who did localization. 2) Well, not sure of that either so... *shrugs* Regardless, Gustavos is right; this isn't just one man or a small group taking care of everything, let alone things they simply aren't supposed to take care of. Asking for Reggie to be fired is rather rash.
  11. The "over 9000" thing is just a guess on your part (not to mention one small example), and this is the first I've heard of the latter two. Can you provide sources proving they had such a strong influence? I have my doubts.
  12. I think one of the guys on Treehouse said you'd be able to turn off the pausing.
  13. I FINALLY GOT TIKI GROWN-UP I mean, she's +Atk and -HP with an HP seal... BUT I'M GONNA TRAIN HER UP AND 5 STAR HER WOOOOO [/casual] now i won't have to keep focusing on reds yaaaaaaaay
  14. That's the point; not too much hype now means lower expectations means higher chance of pleasant surprises later! At least, that's possible.
  15. I answered that. Like I said before in the post you quoted, I'm guessing from a marketing standpoint, gameplay and appearances of the confirmed characters was enough for now for them, and they would build up hype later down the line by revealing the unconfirmed characters, and said characters using different weaponry would help get rid of the "too many swords" stigma among critics and boost hype from the originally-lowered expectations. At least, that's how I guess it'll go down with the information we have. You got me on swords, though.