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  1. Sorry, but it's very likely that not every change was revealed. For one thing, Marth got an English VA, yet Roy hasn't been revealed to have one yet (and Ray Chase, Roy's VA, really likes the character, so I wouldn't be surprised if he lands the role). However, while Marth's playable in the demo, Roy is not. This may suggest Roy is getting new VA work, but recording hasn't finalized yet. Similarly, Robin is not available at all in the demo (and fellow avatar character Corrin was, so do with that what you will), and I find it odd that he's not available. He's already got a quick Final Smash, so there's a good possibility Chrom was taken out for whatever reason and maybe implemented as an Echo fighter behind the scenes, waiting to be revealed.
  2. Xenoblade Chronicles 2

  3. Xenoblade Chronicles 2

  4. So 8-4 isn't localizing Three Houses

    Uh, just so we're clear, how has Treehouse's localization efforts been recently? I know they got memey with Triforce Heroes (though, to be fair, the plot for that game is silly as well, but intentionally), Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon and Fire Emblem Fates, but has there been anything else since then that was considered "too memey/censored"? I heard there was some sort of shake-up among the staff or something and I haven't really heard any new meme/censorship horror stories since then.
  5. GameXplain's Three Houses analysis

    Erk...yeah, him thinking that's Tiki is pretty ridiculous, given that's a different hairstyle. And of course, he misidentified Claude and thinks avatar = romance. Derrick needs a new analysis machine. :P
  6. Wait a sec...that black hole item isn't a reference to the Melee glitch, is it? :P
  7. Fire Emblem Three Houses

    Count me on team "I love what I see do far". We'll have to see how everything functions, but Edelgard looks pretty!
  8. Well, I know Ray Chase legit likes Roy, so perhaps so. Otherwise, he'll be the odd one out, which would be awkward consistency-wise. Also, yeah, new Smash rocks. Worried about the possible small amount of new characters, but then again, Sakurai's known for his trolling. :P
  9. That sounds about possible. Funny enough, Erica Lindbeck was in another similar situation when Celica was confirmed for Warriors in Japan, and she just played dumb and posted pictures of the similarly-named Toyota car. :P I assume in this situation she just got alarmed by an incorrect listing, per the context of her Tweet.
  10. Legendary Hero: Ryoma, Supreme Samurai

    @SSbardock84Your opinion or not, it's illogical to call giving Ryoma a legendary hero alt "garbage" and "stupid" because of your personal bias. Not saying you didn't give other points, but yeah. Also, why would lightning blessing be a thing in the future? There's no real indication for it, and it'd just make desired seasons less likely to occur. @Ice DragonI don't think so...? Even if it's electricity, it's still logical for one typical person's mind to default to water because of storms. "Electricity" and "lightning" can commonly be associated with each other. You do have a point about wind, but at the same time, water's not exactly unrelated. ...actually, now that I think about it, Mikoto's from Valla and birthed Ryoma from Sumeragi, right? Can someone confirm or deny this?
  11. Legendary Hero: Ryoma, Supreme Samurai

    @Ice DragonTrue point, but it's not necessarily global knowledge. If you asked 100 random people whether they'd associate lightning with water or fire, I'd assume water would get more votes based on thunderstorms being more common knowledge than thunder being plasma. So at the very least, water is very justifiable.
  12. Legendary Hero: Ryoma, Supreme Samurai

    When I think of thunder, my first thought goes to thunderstorms and rain, not thunder striking trees and causing fires. I also think wind is more arguable than fire since storms are windy.
  13. Legendary Hero: Ryoma, Supreme Samurai

    Garbage? Stupid? How? Ryoma lacked an alt until now. Probably because the Rajinto's electricity, and lightning commonly comes alongside storms of rain. Wind could also fit, perhaps, but water's not too far off the mark compared to fire or earth.
  14. Legendary Hero: Ryoma, Supreme Samurai

    Kinshi Knight Ryoma with a sword? That's a shocking (no pun intended) yet fresh surprise. And they even kept Senri for his art! :P I know a certain someone who will be pleased
  15. 30th May's Legendary Hero Predictions

    Well, looks like we have our legendary hero... Ryoma on a kinshi WITH A SWORD. Ryoma got his alt, and boy, did he ever. ana will be very pleased