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  1. 4 more DLC characters, place your bets now

    I'm still on the Rex bandwagon, but I would be cool with KOS-MOS from Xenosaga or a Mishima (or two if they make an Echo) from Tekken getting in as a Namco rep.
  2. SSB Ultimate Spoiler Thread

    Basically, the Mishima family hates each others' guts and like to drop each other's unconscious bodies from high altitudes, notably Heihachi and Kazuya, father and son.
  3. SSB Ultimate Spoiler Thread

    So in Heihachi's case, his costume was tossed off a cliff? :P
  4. SSB Ultimate Spoiler Thread

    Say, does this mean there's no Guidance conversation for Cloud as well? Wouldn't be surprised if that's the case.
  5. The Grand Hero Battle's Table: Gharnef

    If Gharnef doesn't demand an egg from me like Wesker, I'm turning him into the feathers of a creature that lays eggs. Looks like we got a second SD villain. Gharnef is from Shadow Dragon (Marth's game, originating from the NES days and remade for DS) and showed up in Warriors. He hypnotized Tiki before she and Marth met for the first time and I think is a manakete except he prefers using magic? In any case, he's not just some generic bad guy made out of nowhere for Heroes.
  6. New Heroes: Fire and Ice!

    Seems likely it's just a one-off. Hrid seems like either the Legendary or GHB coming up and then there's no more Book 2 characters to pluck out, so that must be why it's so condensed. Edit: @Sentinel07 comes in and steals my thunder. :P
  7. New Heroes: Fire and Ice!

    Feels sorta like IS is maybe trying to lower expectations before Book 3 comes in? This and the Adrift banner haven't had the most glorious fanfare with them being paralogues (the last paralogue that introduced at least three characters not already in Heroes (including outside the banner) that wasn't a Brave banner being Genealogy from last year), which has me wondering if they're saving the juicy stuff for when Book 3 starts. In any case, underwhelming to me, but eh, I don't really feel like it's worth me getting a molecule of rage over. Just means I can refill my orbs more after being stuck on low orbs for a while.
  8. New Heroes: Fire and Ice!

    Huh; curious that Hrid isn't in this, otherwise it'd avoided being the first ever 2-unit banner. Is he truly going to be the Legendary Hero folks have speculated on?
  9. That's sorta hilarious. Here, have a post to help you avoid double posting if you have any other remarks. :P Worried about facing the Saints, though. They've been slamming down everyone in their path.
  10. Man, Steelers aren't looking too well. Already some interceptions and no points overall the 1st half so far, even if the Jaguars, in spite of their record, have the 2nd best defense. At least we've held them to 9 points, but we need a wake-up call during halftime. Edit: Man, that roughing the passer penalty was a bad call by the refs, and I say that as it saved us a turnover. Edit 2: Holy snap, we just managed to snag that win amid everything. Phew...
  11. Least Favorite FE Character?

    With Valentia, I think the writing of the supports could have improved if they had supports take place at base instead of on the battlefield like what PoR, Mystery, Awakening and Fates did. On the battlefield, there's not really room to sculpt out what characters are doing and they can't do stuff like help with chores, relax around the area, etc. (at least, not without their support partner calling them out like Forde painting). At base, you can choose from more settings for supports to take place, including some unseen battle, a shopping trip, cooking, etc. Also, my least favorite character is Shinon. I find it bizarre they try to make him this teacher Rolf considers a role model yet have him racist against laguz for no known reason and don't bother explaining why or softening this hatred a good amount in the end. Like, sure, have a few teammates that hate the lord, but at least give reason to their negative character traits like Soren's own racism did.
  12. California mass Shooting

    I do agree with the idea. Without driver licenses, there'd be much more car crashes, so I'm thinking the same thing with guns by that idea in general.
  13. California mass Shooting

    Links to sources, please. To be honest, it looks blatantly like you're ignoring our arguments and assuming that they are what they aren't. You've failed to address my source with all the mass shooting information and my point about how easy it is to kill with a gun, among other things, not to mention assumed we want all guns to be banned. I merely want control, not an outright banning of all guns. Yes, there was a gun hero there, but there have been many more gun villains than the few we've heard about. In fact, you don't need to use a gun to be a hero.
  14. California mass Shooting

    You keep preaching "freedom", but that's the thing: too much freedom leads to chaos and discord, and that's why the US has the reputation for its guns for the worse. Yes, the person is the problem, but the problem is intensified by giving the problem a weapon that can sneakily kill multiple people in seconds from any range, or at least allowing the problem to easily obtain said weapon. Knives, baseball bats, etc. can't kill from range and are unlikely to be effective to murder multiples. Cars aren't easy to grab off the ground or even allow you to pilot them. Guns are. Ironic you talk about diversity being a bad thing; I thought you were all for freedom? (And it's very unsettling that you specifically state that whoever started the idea that diversity is good should be "shot"; we're trying to stop gun-related murder.) You seem to be ranting about how being nice means being weak and all that, but it sounds, ironically enough, emotionally driven by you, with how much you claim we rely on our emotions for pro-gun control as a hasty generalization. If you want us to believe these claims, then give reliable sources benefitting these claims, because so far I see minimal reason to believe this. Speaking of which, I'm curious as to what you think of the source I've shown. There is minimal emotion behind the studies' results and such; the numbers are objective. If you want us to believe otherwise, tell me why the source's information is unreliable enough that you feel compelled to outright ignore it.
  15. California mass Shooting

    ...yeah, I'm still convinced gun control's the way to go. It's not going to completely remove the issue of mass shootings, but I'm certain it'll decrease it. I'm not too knowledgeable on what sources have bad reputations or not, but according to this, the US has a staggering number of firearm homicides compared to other countries as well as a large amount of civilian-owned guns compared to the rest of the world. There's also been 1,300 mass shootings since Sandy Hook, with mass shootings including incidents where four or more people were specifically shot, excluding the shooter. There's also been 130 studies in 10 countries that in 2016 shows that countries with tighter laws in regards to owning or purchasing guns. If America's the land of the free, it should allows us to be free to live peaceful lives without worry. Gun control will help with that with the proper laws that make having or getting a gun difficult if people trying to get guns for unhelpful purposes fail to meet the law's standards. Freedom does not necessarily mean chaos.