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  1. I cannot disagree with you more. There was talk earlier about how on the blog, some items' URLs had numbers that skipped some others, which indicated a new character would be coming in with a new song dedicated to them, which obviously did not happen with Isabelle who showed up with Tortimer Island music. Without hindsight, Isabelle would be an unlikely guess. You also still have not explained how K. Rool was easy to guess in your eyes.
  2. Sorry, but if you're expecting a 3.0 update without anything as much as a Feh Channel to hint at it yet, we understandably will be questioning such expectations when they pop and (especially including those who are not aware of this conversation) are under no moral obligation to stop questioning. You'll have to deal with it. Remember, Ver. 2 was two weeks after the Feh Channel advertising it.
  3. If you mean possibly dragon/heron Laguz, sure, but otherwise I confidently can say I can't see new laguz being added until possibly 3.0. Anyways, I might likely go for Laegjarn, speaking without knowing her stats. She's pretty awesome and noble. :)
  4. Oh, Emile. :P Speaking of Chuggaaconroy and his interests, I'm gonna guess we'll get Rex/Pyra this Direct. Not only does the whole delay talk earlier sorta expose that the new character has a song associated with them, but it would go along with the Xenoblade 2 DLC coming out around this time (which I also expect to be covered here).
  5. I mean, I know of a pun-loving Let's player who once lost his innocence thanks to his choice words describing putting Daisy on a hard difficulty in Mario Party. :P
  6. What popular franchises do you dislike?

    I wouldn't say "dislike", more just have no interest in, but... Metroid - I dunno...Super Metroid, as popular as it is, didn't really grab my interest. Most FPS with realistic visuals - A common sight and sorta boring in my eyes. Splatoon is a breath of fresh air (no pun intended :P). Bubsy - ...what? It's popular in the infamous way. :P
  7. Excuse me, that is clearly a man taking up Marth's name. :P But yeah, I don't think IS really gives too much damns about gender balance, patterns or consistency in Heroes. They just seem to do their own thing.
  8. Eh, might skip this banner. Save for the fact that I recently killed an enemy NPC named after Silas in a D&D game, I'm not feeling much interest in anybody. Though, I'm curious; is that Anthony Del Rio? He sounds lighter; closer to his Pit voice. I'll give that him being the only guy in a 4-person banner is ehh, but let's not play the sexist card and start dreaming up conspiracy theories on IS being sexist people just because the only guy in the banner happens to have less skills. I get Silas is yo boi, but...
  9. Why not Anna?

    I think Anna can work. I don't really care about the whole Awakefates arguments because screw that, Anna appears in most games anyways, and I can see her wielding a large variety of weaponry from bows to axes to lances to daggers to etc.
  10. Then hope you're fine with me being cool with the Ravens or Browns. :P
  11. As a Steelers fan, I honestly wouldn't mind the Browns just randomly out of nowhere becoming one of the dominant NFL teams after their low expectations. :P If I recall, didn't the Chiefs get off to a strong start one year after almost going winless the year before? :o plus as a pirates fan i know that feeling As for the Steelers, hopefully this isn't the Madden curse trying to infect the whole team instead of just AB. yes im superstitious stahp looking at me like that That bunch of turnovers was...yeah.
  12. Octopath Traveler

    Yeah, that's a bad design choice. They call your first character the "main protagonist" yet the tavern restriction is the only thing main protagonisty about them in this game. Dunno why they thought it was a good idea.
  13. New Nintendo Direct at 9/13/2018 3pm PT: New date

    Jeez...Japan is just having the worst luck with natural disasters. Hopefully people there are able to minimize the damage any way they can.
  14. Voice actors [Scattered Fang complete]

    Laura Post is Primrose in Octopath and Valentine in Skullgirls. The latter was quite some years ago, actually.
  15. New summoning banner: Doorway to Destiny

    Well, they might be throwing in beasts as its own new weapon in a big update since it could potentially change the meta, so that's probably where the laguz are. :P