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  1. Does anyone know who the English VAs for the Cipher characters are? I can piece together Emma and Randal's VAs, but I can't figure out Shade or Yuzu's.
  2. I think you can reword that to say "I don't think FE7 prepromotes are overpowered and I think FE6 prepromotes are very unbalanced". No need to call out a group. Just a heads up.
  3. @Tybrosion @Poimagic ...welp good points
  4. I can't help but see Glen as just a GHB right now. With all we know of Tempest Trials (which is admittedly little, being only 3), we've only had characters that are regularly playable or alternate costumes of a playable. All enemies with the exception of Reinhardt (from very early on) have been GHBs so far.
  5. Have you tried contacting customer support or something? You're jumping to quite the conclusion that you'll never be able to play again. Maybe it'll fix itself out or you'll stumble upon the solution.
  6. That's technically a theory, not an opinion. Opinions are liking or disliking stuff. :P
  7. So on my free summon, I got a 4 star Fae. Already got a 5 star fluff-dragon, so I got Renewal to potentially teach to someone. Sweet. Only thing is that not many strategies I've read up online suggest it, let alone for the units I got. How useful is Renewal?
  8. I'll just focus on one for now: I don't understand why people claim Est is a cheater. I get why people criticize her for how much she gets kidnapped, I'll give that, but her FE Mystery ending? I easily interpreted that Est felt grief for what happened to Abel (or felt super guilty about how she easily get kidnapped and worries her loved ones), likely told him he deserves better than her, and then it escalated into an argument that had Est run off in sadness, with Abel chasing after her to try to calm her down. It's more akin to her personality than randomly deciding to cheat out of nowhere, literally immature (fitting for a 16 year old) as she may be.
  9. Not factoring in gameplay-mechanics, I'd be fine with seeing pirates from the GBA and different types of mages like in Tellius again. Going off the mages thing as well, I'd also love for Manaketes to come back except have one for each magic type, as long as they're not the limited-use nukes again and function as one-space magic users. It'd be refreshing to have dragon characters that aren't special and are "normal" (for dragon standards) for a change.
  10. And Lissa's base class is a cleric, but here she is acting as her promoted class of war cleric instead and swinging good 'ol Fred around. :P
  11. Welp, Tiki's out. Guess I'll support Robin and use regular adult Tiki now.
  12. Speaking of not enough dragons, I wouldn't mind generic Embla manakete units. They already have the only bow knights, so why not throw in the only one-range magic units as generic enemies?
  13. To be fair, not too much Tellius names have been said audibly. :P Zihark, Lethe, Caigh...neh...however you spell it, Skrimir, Sothe, Ilyana, etc. still don't have their names said yet, if I recall correctly about those mentioned.
  14. Eh, I adapted and went with Tih-tahn-yuh. I usually adapt to the official pronunciations. :P
  15. Well, some of the people in the comments were consistently rude to him about pronunciations, so he's sorta trolly with it as a retort. His fans (myself included, I've followed him since his days playing Tomodachi Life) know why he does that and understand what he's doing.