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  1. This was quite a surprise. Greil's now the first non-Awakefates character to show up in an "alternate" sense before a regular version. Also, Soren's outfit actually looks pretty awesome. Oh, and looks like red mage Titania's there, too. why did you have to say this
  2. Maybe not intentionally, but again, I know people can be biased and think otherwise from what may be considered right from a more objective perspective, especially regarding a hated rival. You definitely have shown a hatred for the Pats plenty of times here (especially with your strikethrough snark shot we're arguing about right now), so that's part of why I'm skeptical, to be blunt with you. Sorry, but until I see someone show me video proof that Brady wrongfully whines and goes into fits more often than the average player, I can't take your word for it. For all I know, it's just more biased hate against him like Crosby gets just for being the guy often in the news and the championship scene.
  3. ...yeah, sorry, but sources. I know that sports fans can be heavily fueled by bias and exaggerate, especially so soon in the aftermath of a team they despise winning a championship. I'm aware people accuse Crosby of whining to the refs as well without giving video proof (never mind that complaining to the refs is something many sports players do anyway, right or wrong based on what they players see, which is a double standard), so I'm holding a "I'll see it when I believe it" mindset towards this in this sports world. If you know he does, then I'd like to see the clips of his fits with contexts as to why said fits happen. Otherwise... *shrug*
  4. Hey, it's not like they were playing for the Steelers' sake. You talk like they owe you a favor. :P But yeah, sorta boring SB on account of a high defense from both teams throughout the game. Defense may win championships, but offense sells tickets. :P It's more boring seeing the Pats win again, but being a Penguins fan with our recent history of Stanley Cup wins, I admit to being a hypocrite. :P Surprised Brady isn't done yet, but as physically alien of a man as he is, I think he's going to wear down soon. Everyone's got a time limit.
  5. What is your unpopular Fire Emblem opinion?

    I think the story being poor on all three routes is a very popular opinion, actually. I know I didn't care too much for the stories in Fates.
  6. Choose Your Legends 3

    But Celica already has a tome named after an event regarding the world being ravaged, isn't that an alternate version already? :P In any case, I'm pretty satisfied with the results. Alm and Micaiah get more time in the sun, and Eliwood winning out of nowhere is a surprise! Shame Marth's out again, but eh, can't use the vote split excuse this time. what if alm functions as a beast unit where he has a pet cat and sics said cat on his enemies similar to grima summoning his dragon head
  7. The "mistake" which is planning DLC characters later...? In any case, it's not definite all DLC characters will get these guidances. Depends on when the characters were planned compared to when the scripts were written.
  8. Choose Your Legends 3

    I missed some days, but I personally voted for Lethe in hopes that in the event that she doesn't show up for a while, she'll rank high enough to at least be included via the runner-up banner.
  9. no wonder dedede's more perfect than kirby he can inhale gordos
  10. Because I haven't been active around here when Raven does it or actually noticed him doing it to the level you did? I feel like it's more of the former if not entirely such, so it's not exactly fair in that case (especially if it's from long ago, in which case that's even less of a reason to call him out). And just because there isn't a Bengals fan here doesn't mean someone of that sort who is actually respectable could come along any time, see that, and not feel welcome, even if the amount of NFL fans on this forum isn't exactly plentiful. @Phoenix WrightOkay, then at least answer me this. Can you point out why he's scum outside of those sexual assault allegations with sources? Anything underhanded he's done since that I may not be aware of? Not necessarily denying such a possibility, just curious.
  11. Way to make Bengals fans feel welcome here. :/ And if you're joking due to the strikethrough, it's not coming across well as a joke. I agree they have their share of jerks, but let's not stereotype whole teams by their notable players making news for the wrong reasons.
  12. New Heroes: Rulers Of The Laguz know I was joking around, right? Hence me using the strike-through? :P
  13. Er, can you give examples (save for Ben's accusations which we're well aware of and would open a can of worms as well as Bell and Brown which you got me on as of recently, so points there)? Can't help but feel some aggression from you there and it's making me feel like you're saying I'm cheering for a team of scum. <:P
  14. New Heroes: Rulers Of The Laguz

    is this because liam is well known for one of his d&d characters who is a guy with an association with ravens