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  1. Fire Emblem Warriors overall scores!

    ...then you shouldn't be calling them "mixed" so prematurely. o.o
  2. Eh, sorry to say, but since it looks like the characters already in the game are more "partially" in the game (aka unfinished), I don't really have much of an urge to cry foul play here. It looks like they are indeed unselectable because they're just the pizza in the "uncooked pizza dough with sauce and cheese on it" stage. If they're truly adding in plenty new content for the NPCs already in so they function as playable characters, I think it's fine.
  3. Fire Emblem Warriors overall scores!

    Again, why do you consider the average for FE Warriors reviews "mixed"? They look mostly positive to me considering most of the scores are 7s and 8s.
  4. Best Fire Emblem: The Object

    I chose the Shield of Seals. Not only is it used consistently for both plot and gameplay purposes in Archanea, but it also consistently gets called the Fire Emblem. Lehran's Medallion...did it only get called the Fire Emblem once? I only remember one time, and that was just to say "oh, and this thing has a nickname"; it feels...forced.
  5. Fire Emblem Warriors overall scores!

    Yeah, it's sorta silly. It feels like 1 - 6 is "bad", 7 is "acceptable", and 8 - 10 is "good" now.
  6. DLC characters announced

    Well, there's more content than just the characters, but seeing the NPCs already in the game yet still being paid DLC is, while sort of expected, disappointing (though less so if the observations of them not being finished are true). That being said, the character choices are pretty fine or expected and I feel the newbies will make up the price tag; I'm not gonna play Tharja, but I could feel she was a candidate. I'm happy to see Minerva, Linde, and Azura in, too. wheres wrys though
  7. Not entirely; he calls History Mode superior to HW's Adventure Mode. I'll also give him props for stating in a discussion video that he wanted to settle his thoughts first, but I do see how he makes too much comparisons. Not his best review.
  8. He likes streaming FE, at least. He's gone from FE7 to 9 so far and is the best FE fan out of Andre and Ash, so it's probably just personal taste. I'll concede that he made the mistake of comparing the game too much to another, though, now that I rewatched the video.
  9. Fire Emblem Warriors overall scores!

    ...8/10 is quite good; dunno where you're getting "mixed" from. It's clearly above mediocrity (5).
  10. The bunch of XDs is sorta obnoxious. But Derrick didn't just "call it trash". He gave fair points, like the lack of a focused villain and said the story was not expected to be amazing for based on prior Warriors games' stories (not that I'd know). I didn't feel like Derrick really extended his grumblings about the roster to the whole game, let alone harp on the character selection from the games at any point; just their movesets, and even then he said he got over it. He gave plenty of positive points about the History Mode being better than Hyrule Warriors' Adventure Mode, claiming FE Warriors stands out with its strategy, praises the option for quality or performance, believing the visuals get the job done... You spread "XD"s out, but aside from how he worded his opinion on the music, I think he was fair in his review. I don't have the right to believe his claim about the comparison between FE and Zelda (nor do I want to), but I don't think his review was full of "garbage-throwing".
  11. You sure? I dunno...Derrick doesn't seem like the kind to be biased- or want to be biased, anyways. He's streamed the older FE games recently and is more familiar with FE than the other two GX guys. He also seems to have experience with other Dynasty Warriors games, but I admittedly don't know much about that. He mentioned in a discussion that despite playing the game, he wanted to play it some more to settle his thoughts; I don't think he'd want to just wing it. Sorry if I'm missing something; Derrick just doesn't come off to me as a bad reviewer, despite what Jedi says about him being "pure rubbish" on apparently anything not Zelda-related.
  12. Dual audio has been confirmed in the form of a free download. OP, can you edit the topic title to avoid misleading people?
  13. Voice actors [World of Holy War complete]

    Say, anyone know of Brina Palencia's prior works? This is the first I've personally heard of her knowingly.
  14. What an explosion. Honestly, the reasons I'm cool with Nowi are her...well, sorry to say, voice (I don't see what's wrong with Hunter Mackenzie Austin's performance) and personality (I dunno what you mean by "personality of a Sonic OC", but I think she was an enjoyable pal to the Shepherds with some adorable moments). I'll give that her outfit is in no way appropriate for her age, though (but her hair and face are not bad), and marrying her is awkward as hell, but Nowi isn't really largely hateable to me.
  15. Huh, Erica Mendez is finally voicing an FE character. Let's just hope Dierdre doesn't lose her way.