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  1. Have you seen him break castle walls? :P
  2. RD Hero Ike sorta looks a bit gorillaish to me. At least, I think his portrait pose is like that. :P
  3. Well, well, looks like four of the notable mercenaries are here at last. :P Also, huh, Greg Chun is Ike here. Guess the devs couldn't get Ike's original VA and decided to call up the guy that voiced Ephraim. No wonder Ike looks disgusting. Also, if Ike's title of "Young Mercenary" is anything to go by, he's likely to get the same "young and old versions" treatment Tiki got. Might hope for Soren or Titania in the next banner since I've got a bunch of 5 star reds right now and two greens in the form of Nino and Camilla.
  4. Based on the quests' time remaining, I'm thinking we'll get Celica's side after the 26th since the Whitewings' quest board has 13 days left as of now. Otherwise, I'm down for a Greil Mercs banner. I'd anticipate Ike, Mist, Boyd, Titania, Soren, and Mia rounding out the roster (no Elincia since she's just a client). It'd also throw three more greens into the game (I expect Soren to be a green mage cuz wind), especially axe greens.
  5. Despite Micaiah being a lord-esque character and Ardent Sacrifice being a better fit for her as potentially being a part of her starting learning skillset? It's a more logical fit for her than using a staff when you consider the effects, so I'm expecting her to use a tome.
  6. Micaiah likely will use a tome over healing staves. She'll probably get Ardent Sacrifice anyways; it's too perfect-fitting of a skill for her, and would be pointless on a healer.
  7. What, you don't randomly sprout armor out of hammerspace when you attack with great power? :P
  8. I think Anna mentioned a charity in a support convo with Tiki in Awakening... :P
  9. Can I have your luck, please? Anyway, did my 5 orb quest with Cecillia. Thankfully, due to sorta liking the character, I already had trained her up to 4 stars at Lv. 35 to take out some enemies. I'm sitting at 17 orbs now.
  10. All characters in that DLC temporarily had their hair dyed blue, so that's why Owain has blue hair in that art.
  11. Oh, Sages! I remember starting to watch him when he played Tomodachi Life. Cool dude, in my opinion; he's not as bad as that thumbnail's style of humor suggests. I think he also made some thumbnails using the unit chibi sprites (and yes, I believe he does make his own thumbnails).
  12. Rename it German Suplex, and you've got a deal. What no I don't watch wrestling
  13. Fae was always her name since FE7. She was only "renamed" when Fire Emblem got localized for the first time. You have a point about the Faye thing, though.
  14. Ana, I never said you weren't allowed to dislike her. But moving on, now. Sorry, guys. Starting off, tried the pulls a few times. Sadly, no 5 stars yet let alone adult Tiki even as a 3 star. Say, what are my chances of getting adult Tiki for each red orb, anyway? She's available in 4 and 3 stars, none in 5 stars.
  15. Well, when you don't even say "imo" in the first place when speaking negatively about my favorite character and state logic I don't understand, I feel a need to debate. Also, you said initially that her voice was not fitting for a dragon, period. Couldn't work off more than that to determine anything other than that you must have thought dragons were only allowed one accent. Tiki and Nowi likely weren't even raised in the same place, for one thing (let alone different times; hell, we know nothing about where Nowi is raised, and a continent is too wide of an area to excuse your logic), and Fae is from an entirely different world. Not that dragons are supposed to have one accent and location means everything anyways; I strongly disagree with such logic. And young Tiki DOES have an accent. Tap on her in her character screen, and you can definitely hear it. Oh, and you DO know you're offending English people everywhere by laughing at the thought of having an English accent so obnoxiously, right? I don't think you intended, but you made a bad approach at wording your argument. There aren't even "better" or "worse" accents.