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  1. I mean, did they say "go into the arena screen and then back out"? If they just said "go to the arena", that easily could mean to fight and not just "go to the arena and leave", from my perspective. And even if you realized just going to the arena screen wasn't enough, it's not hard to realize you had to fight in the arena.
  2. I mean, is Fae's age or appearance "in dragon years" ever established, let alone at 5 years old? I would have assumed she looks at least 10 for human standards, if not 8. Also, I imagine it's tough for VAs to try for a 5-year old voice.
  3. ...I feel alone in thinking that Fae's English voice is adorable ._. Anyway, as for my favorite lines (in English)... Fae's rawring is pretty adorable. Cecilia's "HERE AND NOW!" sounds so damn epic. "I wonder if Mar-Mar is here as well..." The fact that adult Tiki can meet her friends again in the flesh and not just as simple memories of the past is heartwarming. I also love her consistent English accent between her ages. Nino's voice is pretty great as well. It fits her innocent and kind nature. And for Michalis... "How dare you lay a finger on me!" Well, it was my thumb... :P
  4. Like everyone said, Soren is likely gonna be a green mage due to his wind element, much like Merric. That being said, don't hesitate to make small speculative questions like this in the general discussion thread stickied above; no need to make a new thread. :P Soren likely won't use staves. Lucius likely was given healing due to being a light mage and his kind personality, something Soren does not really have, not to mention the wind mage stuff.
  5. Well, I said outside of the time the game's plot happened so there'd be no "shoehorning" characters into an already-established plot and instead putting them in a fresh new one so there isn't risking any drastic canon modifying of already-established characters potentially for the negative. Basically, avoiding a Kris situation. (Of course, I haven't read that manga myself yet.)
  6. Well, it's more of a Fire Emblem Heroes general discussion, which means we should discuss stuff about FE Heroes, not just "anything". :P So, how about those new Helping Hand special quests? Any thoughts about them? Personally, I'm just thinkin', "Eh, cool."
  7. So far, I have male Robin, young Tiki (the latter two I got in one set of summons!), Lyn, Roy (again, two in one set!), Lilina, Seliph (I actually got two Seliphs in one set as well! I merged them, though), Rebecca, and via potential unlocking, Fae. I've only paid $1.99 so far, and the three orbs spent didn't net anyone special, if I remember correctly.
  8. If it helps, not many people dislike the game, either, from what I've observed. I also watched an LP of the game, and it's pretty good from my perspective, at least. :P
  9. The problem with making an anime of an army's adventures is that there's so many characters that it would leave little room for character screentime. However...I could see there perhaps being an anime that takes place in one of the FE worlds already in existence (like Archanea or maybe Magvel), but instead of an army engaging in wars and stuff, it's a small group of friends consisting of new, original characters traveling on a journey to stop some evil (yes, like plenty of JRPGs in fantasy settings, I know). Along the way, the characters can meet up with past FE characters once in a while to interact with them in some way while battling new villains, and they could also visit towns from the games that we could really only see from a top-down map perspective in the past. It would probably be best to have the anime take place outside of the period of time the world's game's plot takes place in to avoid any "insert characters into this plot" complications and instead make a fresh, new plot. Just throwing out an idea.
  10. I theorise Ike may show up in a "Greil Mercenaries" banner. Like, maybe alongside Soren (green mage infantry), Titania (axe cavalier), Mist (healer infantry), Boyd (axe infantry), and either Oscar (lance cavalier, to have a blue in there) or Mia (she'd be another sword infantry, but to balance out the gender ratio).
  11. Actually, how many people do you know that voted for both Ikes (or one Ike) with the mindset of "I want there to be three Ikes"? Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think it was ever hinted that the 2nd place person would get another version of themselves until the vote ended, so for all we know, people could have simply voted both Ikes just to help make sure at least one Ike gets a costume. And again, both Ikes are pretty much the same personality-wise, so I'm saying we should wait until we get alternate versions of characters as a regular thing before we get three Ikes. I get you probably want buff Ike, but for many other people, that'd be too much to have three Ikes so soon, I bet. Heck, I can see some would argue "Smash Bros. fans pandering". And you didn't even bash any characters just now without reason nor did anyone try to call you out on character bashing, so I don't get why you're bringing this up.
  12. You say that like everyone who voted for Ike expected three versions of him and not at least two, or that there aren't many people who didn't vote for Ike who could potentially be sick of the "special treatment" he'd get. Ike may have gotten first, but if you combine both Ikes, it's still about 50,000 votes out of about 1,200,000. And why is it fair that Ike gets three versions of him over Lyn's two? Just because "he's more popular"? I know I could potentially be crossing a hypocrisy line with there being two Robins and Corrins that share the same personality (with there perhaps almost being three Robins due to the Christmas outfit), although of different genders, but we'd have three Ikes which are practically the same character personality-wise. It's not like the case with Tiki, who has a young version who is childish and playful while her adult self is matured and wise with instances of her childhood on occasion popping up, or potentially a case with two Karels, with FE7's Karel being a fight-hungry dude while FE6 Karel is more chilled out. (I don't think Bartre would get much of a pass, though.) Until alternate versions of the same character with a same personality become a regular thing, the amount of Ikes should be kept to two.
  13. One problem is that unless they start unveiling same-character variations outside of the vote, people will likely complain that Ike is getting pandered to too much, especially with his status as a Smash Bros. fighter being a strong reason why he's popular. Actually, has it been established that the vote is for the unit dressed in a different outfit or simply just different art (not including differences in stats, weapons, and skills for either outcome)? I sort of forget what the exact wording was for the winners.
  14. Well, then they need to account for dragon-effective weapons already in the game which are shown to be effective against characters with stone icons in general and figure out how to separate dragons from the other species.
  15. Okay, let's not go too far into joking territory. I think that's reserved for the "Far from the Forest" forum. :P