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  1. Huh, apparently Chrom's victory theme got changed to Id Purpose instead of the traditional FE theme. Dunno why he got saddled with a different theme before, but looks like he's fixed now.
  2. Do you gamble?

    @~ Yuri ~May I point out the hilarious irony to your avatar? :P Anyways, I don't do so with real money, but I went to an event where I gambled tokens through playing Blackjack. I did really good in that session.
  3. Forgive me if I missed something, but wasn't the maintenance done last-minute because of the error and wasn't scheduled in the first place? I remember there was another maintenance done earlier before that which was actually scheduled. Sounds like this particular person is misinformed.
  4. Special Heroes Silhouettes for April 19th!

    I mean, you literally said the game in another post. :P I also get the reference and I'm sorta mad at you for it? :P
  5. April Legendary Banner Expectations

    I don't think it'll be Tellius since I think there will be a lot of banners on it this year due to trying to get more beast units into the game. My guess is a unit from Jugdral or Celica.
  6. New event calendar (April-May 2019)

    Consider me part of the "not surprised there's a seasonal banner" squad. It looks like they're doing a pattern of New Heroes = Forging Bonds and Special Heroes = Tempest Trials. From a personal standpoint, since I'm not necessarily too fond of utilizing seasonal gimmick characters with some exceptions, I'm sorta glad it gives me time to stockpile orbs again for new characters I may want to grab next month. :P
  7. Forging Bonds: A Trust Earned (April 10th)

    The Awakening sons and daughters were often called children despite being grown-ups and at least that time travel plot made more sense, so it's more consistent that the Fates sons and daughters were called the same and Velouria's the pup, Deeprealms writing or not. Velouria also calls Keaton "daddy". Definitely childish compared to the "mother" and "father" nouns others use.
  8. Forging Bonds: A Trust Earned (April 10th)

    Nope, I think Velouria was the one with the dust balls habit. also rude to keaton and velouria yo, don't shame silly gross characters :P She didn't. She told Hrid and Ylgr she wanted to fight with the Order for the rest of her shortened life.
  9. New Heroes Arrive : Out of Gallia (April 10~)

    I got Lethe in two pulls (though she's -ATK), then while aiming to get another Lethe got my first Laevatein and my second Leif. Not bad; now to grab some more orbs from maps I've yet to clear. Though, I noticed the Gallia banner's only 16 days compared to the month-long Binding Blade banner. Dunno what that was about last month...?
  10. I'm shocked they're keeping the video up still; you'd think Nintendo would hide it given their past tendencies.
  11. New Heroes Arrive : Out of Gallia (April 10~)

    No matter how you said it before, keep it consistently clear that it's just your opinion. Knowing what you said before does not excuse saying your opinion so matter-of-factly. If anything, it makes it look like your preference turned into "this is morally wrong and I won't think otherwise" and not a simple trivial opinion anymore.
  12. New Heroes Arrive : Out of Gallia (April 10~)

    @AnacybeleLike I said, Ctrl+F and type the words "laguz" and "royals" when you click on a chapter script. Saves a bunch more time. And hey; sometimes if you want to prove something, you gotta dig into that extra effort to find the evidence. Edit: Also, "first his color is wrong" sounds WAY too matter-of-factly to merely just state a trivial opinion, and blatantly comes off as you claiming this is not morally right when put into an "IS is doing so much wrong" rant. No "I think", not even the weak "imo", nothing like that was in your post. "Just your opinion" or not, I don't blame XRay at all for reacting as they did when your word choice suggested otherwise.
  13. New Heroes Arrive : Out of Gallia (April 10~)

    ...Ana, we're on the forums of Serenes Forest, where there are and have been scripts to PoR and RD on the site for years. You don't know? If you remember the dialogue, then you can easily find it and link me to it (if you remember the exact words, like "royal", click on each chapter and CTRL+F to find the text). When people ask for a source, they don't expect only your word; that doesn't count as proof, at least in this situation. That's basically saying "well x said this, trust me" minus actually saying the "trust me", and I'd rather see the dialogue for myself.
  14. New Heroes Arrive : Out of Gallia (April 10~)

    Again, source. Link me to the dialogue that says so.
  15. New Heroes Arrive : Out of Gallia (April 10~)

    Source? First I've heard of him being the "canonically strongest cat".