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  1. Warriors Maps - This Ain't It, Is It?

    Yeah I'm doing Hard 5 where every enemy is level 35. Did it over 20 times already and with 23 enemies every time it should be easy. Unless both units need to get kills?
  2. Warriors Maps - This Ain't It, Is It?

    Can someone confirm this for me? These maps don't seem to count towards support development. I swear I did this map over a dozen times already and am still on B-support.
  3. Your First 5 Star

    My boi Roy. He's -atk but that did not matter. he was still.... errr. Worse then my 4* +atk Hana which is still being picked over him.
  4. Your Biggest Mistakes

    Does spending orbs on CYL banner count? 240 orbs for nothing. (Technically not true. Got a Perfect IV 5* Lukas at the end but still)
  5. Who are you Supporting?

    DO I have to download the update outside of the game because I see no support options Advanced growth only shows Unlock Potential, Inherit SKill and Merge Allies.
  6. CYL TV Spot?

    I did the math too. BK stats just from that snippet in the trailer. HP: 52, Atk 34(50 with weapon), Speed 24-32(Or he has Wary fighter), Def:37(Since I assume ALondite will give +3 Def), Res: 14-22(To get the right BST).
  7. It's better then Fates. It's good in it's simplicity by having just a solid base for the gameplay. You just got to see it as a mobile game and not a retail game.
  8. Summoning Focus: Brave Heroes!

    I've saved up lots of orbs. I will pull first and then choose whichever I didn't get. But it's got to be any of the non-Lucina ones. I don't care for Lucina.
  9. Turn-count maps

    I pulled Sanaki with a blue mage on the bottom left on turn 1. She'll attack again and suicide on turn 2. Then Bartre went in and whacked Niles before going toe to toe with 3 armours which did not stand a chance.
  10. Technically the summer lasts till the 21st of Septembre, They still got 27 days. Note that the FEH thingy will most likely be just an announcement for the release date (And maybe something on the sacred coins too?) I'dd say we're likely still at least a full week away.
  11. Blárblade+

    The Blade tomes get huge boosts from the horse emblem buffs (you can inherit skills from Gunther and Jagen). Leo and Cecilia are the logical red and green cav mages to use if you want to sacrifice a Nino and Tharja too. I believe Reinhardt is best kept with Dire Thunder but if you get Olwen or Ursula they will make great use of Blárblade.
  12. Sacred stones banner

    I don't know how acurate the trailer is but Amelia there has 38 HP. The closest among the armoured is 45 on Sheena. Maybe this will mean Amelia has incredible stats.
  13. 2nd Hero Fest characters revealed!

    The banner only lasts 7 days. So little time to scrounge up 20 more orbs.
  14. 2nd Hero Fest characters revealed!

    200 orbs. No 5* Is it too early on the day to start drinking?