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  1. Dragalia Lost!

    Yeah, I used literally 2.5k Eldwater to promote one character from 3 to 4* early in the game, and I'd been saving ever since then. Took so damn long. Not forgetting the fact that four of Celleria's nodes in her last mana circle (4 x upgrades to her co-ability) will need 6k Eldwater each to be upgraded - assuming the cost doesn't rise with each upgrade. :weary:
  2. Dragalia Lost!

    I actually fucking beat the Halloween Horrors challenge, with 7 seconds left on the clock. It looks like the combination of upgrading Celliera to 5*, obtaining the extra strength from doing so along with unlocking the +8% dmg at 70%+ health skill, along with an extra 5% from another sweet retreat level-up was enough to tip the scales in my favour. I earned like 9.8k tricker treats with the wyrmprint bonuses applied. Also yay for my first 5* character ever - Celliera.
  3. Dragalia Lost!

    This event is definitely more tame compared to the first, but it's still fine; I think it does what it set out to do. Would much prefer it if the hardest event was like the raid boss in the first event, though. Not a fan of having to fight through the waves and relying on the trash AI to actually do something useful, like dodge attacks. At least they keep the enemies off me while I run around killing things. I time out when the final boss is ~50% HP or something. Hopefully getting my Celliera to 5* will help, along with the continuous upgrades to the sweet event building.
  4. The State of Heroes

    Just think of it as a southern hemisphere Christmas, and it works out.
  5. The State of Heroes

    I'm honestly getting bored of Heroes, and this is not the first time I've felt like this. The content drought is a pretty serious problem that is making me, and people like me, turn away from at least picking up those monthly Orb deals. It makes me ill to think about the potential things they could introduce into Heroes that already exists within other gachas, yet they continue to sit on their millions as the game gets staler by the week. Which leads on to the arena bonus scoring system. Babying all the kills to one unit is a real fucking chore, and is in no way fun, unless you've got a competent unit. In which case, you've still got 3 very capable units just sitting around buffing one unit to do all the killing. It's obvious this was introduced to get whales to spend on at least one new +10 each season. As long as this is padding out profits, there's going to be no changes to this rather shit arena system. Let's not even talk about those A-skills that makes units score higher as if they have 170 BST.
  6. Do you love bacon?

    fuck yeah i love bacon
  7. Old Marcus (will be the best Old Unit on a Horse in Heroes) Dieck Lot (for some reason is a meme in Japan like Dorcas is for us Westerners, so could realistically make the cut) Chad (for chad memes, noting more) Lugh (since Raigh is in) Wolt (Blood bros. with Roy) Rutger Sue (another cavalry bow wouldn't hurt surely) Sin (same reason as above) Gonzales Echidna Melady Percival Niime Would of course love to see others as GHBs, like Idunn, Murdock and Gale.
  8. Heroic Feats

    I don't recall the 3 heroes quests ever giving out limited units. Or 5* exclusives, for that matter.
  9. Heroic Feats

    Making it an individual quest instead of a group thing would have been better. It would feel like a little bit of fresh in-game content, and we'd still get the prize.
  10. I'd love a Roy alt. He could look exactly like he does in FE13 or even Smash 4, and I'd be chuffed. I just fear that when they finally do drop FE6 banners, GHBs, Legendaries and TTs, they will completely forget about the game for another ~20 months or more.
  11. Stop kidding yourselves. We'll never get an FE6 banner with the way things are going.
  12. The first post is up to date now.
  13. Dragalia Lost!

    So many aspects of FEH are "one and done" and it's so easy to finish everything the game has to offer without spending a penny. Yeah we have our favourite characters to +10 and give the best skills to over many months, but there is no incentive to dive into the modes a couple of times a day, aside from when there is an event actually going on. Since it's FEH and the mainline games don't have anything like weapon levels for a little extra depth, I'm sure that there are other things that can be imitated in FEH to make it more interesting. I suppose that's for a topic discussion within the Heroes sub, though. In short, FEH can learn so much by looking at the things other gachas do to keep their playerbase engaged and actually playing daily, even when there's no events going on.
  14. Dragalia Lost's connection to FE?

    We're probably pulling at straws but there's also the thing about humans turning into dragons and stuff.
  15. Pikachu main in Melee, but dropped him since Brawl. Wouldn't mind trying to get back into him. Otherwise, I'd be going for Link.