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  1. I hope they aren't bringing back Strength-as-Con. It makes Str far too important early (as it basically does double duty) and then the entire mechanic irrelevant later. I'd prefer just straight AS subtraction like Fates/SoV used on some weapons.
  2. Outside of gacha, men tend to prefer male characters and women tend to prefer female characters. (I can assure you as a male who prefers female characters on average, I'm very much in a minority when hanging out in male circles.) Gacha this may be reversed for, I'm not sure. The decision to do the gender balance they're doing I suspect has more to do with who spends the most money: even if male and female characters are close in popularity overall, the folks who spend thousands of dollars are more likely to do so for females. Or at least, that's my best guess. That said I find the complaints about the gender balance in slightly poor taste here. Fire Emblem Heroes is very close to gender parity still (I think. Someone who isn't me can run the numbers, I don't know them offhand). It's certainly far closer than every single Fire Emblem from the original to Radiant Dawn, in which men typically had the advantage of 2:1 or more. If FEH's representation bothers you, then I would hope those games bother you more.
  3. Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn Tier List!

    Danved's two main perks are having the highest base speed of the Crimean Royal Knights (though Marcia tends to surpass him with her extra exp from the first half of 2-E) and not having a class weakness which matters in 2-E for dealing with the Horseslayer Paladin and the Bowgun Warriors in 2-3. That said I don't see a compelling reason to use him after the CRK chapters; if you want to favour anyone in 3-9, then Marcia and Calill certainly have more long-term potential, and I'd say Makalov and Kieran do as well because of their superior class. Danved should have had a 34 speed cap to make him more endgame-viable (would have been nice if the game used 3DS-style cap modifiers instead of fixing them by gender).
  4. Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn Tier List!

    Too high: Boyd, 18 base speed is bad and he has no exceptionally good stats to balance this. He should not be above Gatrie who beats him in everything except 1 move. Soren, I like Soren a lot but he's not that good. He only gets anywhere near that high if you give him the first Master Crown. I usually do but objectively there are other candiates and he's not very good if you don't. Again 18 base speed, and in Part 4 he gets stuck on the worst path for mages. Leonardo, as has been mentioned. He has some utility but above Sothe? Too low: Sothe is your MVP or co-MVP for a huge chunk of the game. Unless this is only an endgame worth tier list his placement makes no sense. Janaff and especially Ulki. They have great stats, flight (which is great in this game), and Canto. Ulki is basically immortal to boot, while Janaff simply has some of the best offence around. Yeah being a laguz has drawbacks, but they're great on basically every map they're available on until endgame. Elincia flies (as mentioned this is great), has good offence, and can heal. She's a great Endgame choice and is obviously good on all the maps she's forced. You have two Nullify scrolls, no reason not to give her one in E-2. That's literally the only endgame map with a significant number of archers.
  5. "Is Rebecca good?" Experiment

    This is the problem with doing these sorts of things as an experiment; if the character gets wildly different from average stats you don't actually learn anything about her performance. It's even more swingy with speed, for instance: a Bartre who is +2 or -2 speed from average by Level 10 will have crazy different performance. I really wish all FEs had a fixed mode option for science, even though I enjoy RNG growths most of the time.
  6. "Is Rebecca good?" Experiment

    As someone who argued against the worthiness of Rebecca in the other thread... Of course she's viable. In fact, one of my fond memories of FE7 is building a Rebecca who had >50 avoid against the Dragon; for a good while my suspend state on my GBA cart was of the dragon attacking her, her dodging, and countering for the kill. She just goes through an extended period where it takes more work to get her exp than it does for other options, and the payoff is hardly peerless (for instance, super dodge tank Rebecca can be mimicked by super dodge tanks who actually can counter at melee and/or fly, etc.).
  7. I don't hate Rowan/Lianna but yeah they don't inspire caring so of course I'd have preferred Eirika/Ephraim. I feel like they didn't do this because it would make one of the worlds (FE8 in this case, if we presume Lyon is replacing Darios and the Demon King is replacing Velezark) the "main" one. This would have resulted in a player cast which is like 80+% men, and no less sword-focused than the one we got. This certainly would not have appealed to the entire fanbase.
  8. From Conquest to Awakening

    Yeah, I'd recommend playing Hard Classic and avoiding low-manning (that is, raise a full party, and don't just make half of them pair-up bots). The rest will mostly take care of itself; most of the really OP aspects of the game only come into play if you let a few units become very overlevelled (e.g. invincible pairup combos, Galeforce). The reinforcements suck and the maps aren't the best but it's still a lot of fun and worth playing if you like other Fire Emblems.
  9. Whether giant or not, I want more bosses that I actually need to read and counter, as opposed to just spamming a move or gauge against. The lack of interesting opponents is pretty much the main reason I rank FEW below HW despite liking Fire Emblem far more than Zelda.
  10. Haven't been paying this game much myself of late, but I've been watching several others (friends/family) playing the game of late, and have noticed that PC mages seem to have more trouble dealing damage (with equal weapons) against high-res enemies like mages than PC physical units do against high-def enemies like knights. The mechanics suggest this shouldn't be the case. Is there a reason I'm missing or are we just crazy? I know that fighters have an easier time getting WTA (e.g. just send Frederick/Camilla/etc. against the knights) which helps but doesn't even in neutral cases this seems to be the case. Thanks so much for doing this, once again.
  11. How Does Heath Fare?

    I think Heath has two problems which keep him from excelling. One: HHM, the mode where he gets stat boosts, is also the mode which punishes him for low res. Normally with the HHM-boosted units I can unambiguously recommend them for that mode; with Heath I'm less sure. Two: His niche over the pegasus knights is concrete def... but, by the time he's actually caught up to them, we're entering the stage of the game where avoid is the best means to survive (storebought reavers and second weapons on promotion are a big help), and he's not as good at it, particularly when compared to Florina. He's still a flier which auatomatically ensures he's at least decent, and he's a reasonable choice to train despite being underlevelled, but he's not great.
  12. Rate the Unit, Day 51: Lucius & Rebecca

    Hawkeye: 3/10. Death Blow fodder. His statline is really quite poor - high HP and low speed is generally bad, res is a poor choice for a melee unit without DC as well (though less bad than it once was due to dragons becoming more prominent). Nino: 8/10. The memes about her are annoying but she's certainly good. A little outclassed by some emblem blade mages but there's no shame in that.
  13. Rath vs Rebecca

    I'm not going to defend Wil/Rebecca here but this is FE7, the game where average enemy defences even at the end of the game hover around ~10 (and of the two non-boss enemy types who do notably better, archers hit weakness on one). Tinking isn't a problem. Also Bartre is almost as bad as Wil/Rebecca with his "can't even double soldiers" base speed.
  14. I don't really have a single method since the games are structured so differently. GBA: I use mostly iron; steel is a sidegrade and I use it less than iron on average. Silver once it's available of course, but if I'm watching the Funds ranking I might still use lots of iron anyway. PoR: I've mostly switched to steel by the Begnion arc and mostly switched to silver by Crimea. Radiant Dawn: Forged iron rules the day in Part 1. Steel greatweapons (blades, etc.) are the order of the day in late Part 2 and Part 3 and honestly most of Part 4. Forged silver is nice for endgame. Awakening: Mostly switch as they become available and I have the weapon ranks for them. Fates: Mostly iron; forging iron is more accurate / has fewer downsides than steel/silver. I do use steel but mostly as a sidegrade option or for people who don't double much, silver I hardly use.
  15. Rath vs Rebecca

    Eh, I feel Louise is a bit underrated here. She has a free A support with Pent so that's essentially +1 might / +15 hit / + 7 avo / +3 def/res right there (and importantly, ALSO improves Pent by that much, who isn't likely to get a support otherwise), and she also starts with an A in bows, which helps offset her low power by being able to pull out Silver against anyone who needs it. I dunno that I consider her as good as Geitz or Rath but she's more competitive with them that she is with Rebecca/Wil IMO.