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  1. What is your unpopular Fire Emblem opinion?

    For what it's worth I think Delthea is easier to raise than most Ests because she has high damage (and not just for her level) from range. That doesn't make her easy-to-use by the standards of average units, though. I really hope this is just you because I couldn't disagree more. IMO Conquest shows a lot more love and attention to detail in it than most games in the series. Map design and objectives are thoughtful and varied. Enemy placement and skill loadouts were clearly carefully chosen (sometimes this is subtle, but an obvious example is how the enemies were chosen to set traps in the hallways of Chapter 25). Pair Up received a clear overhaul to keep the parts that people liked while excising the parts that made it reviled by some of the veteran fanbase. Every single unit received a personal skill designed to reflect their personality, hardly something I would think of if I were trying to mail in a sequel for money. Even the story, problematic though it is, isn't that way due to a lack of love. The only place I'd give your argument any credit is the kid mechanic; it feels very obvious the devs didn't actually want that system in place but it got forced upon them by executive meddling, because it doesn't feel like it fits in the game at all and the narrative explanation for it is just silly. But even then, it wasn't totally mailed in; notice how they tinkered with the child stat formulas so that kids are now actually balanced, unlike in Awakening.
  2. What is your unpopular Fire Emblem opinion?

    Yeah the dating/pairing aspects of the games are definitely a big deal to a lot of players, even if probably not many of them hang out here relatively. I don't really go in for it myself and I think it has some unfortunate ramifications, but I certainly don't think the overall games have become worse because of it and I feel a lot of the hate that Awakening/Fates get are just from fans who are angry that their favourite games in the series aren't the one with broad public recognition.
  3. Which U.S. President represents your favorite musical era?

    Teenager in the 90's here, so Bill Clinton. With honourable mentions for Johnson/Nixon and Reagan/HW Bush (oddly not much from Ford/Carter though).
  4. How do you rank the FE stories from best to worst?

    From worst to best: Archanaea - It's somewhat hard to separate plot from characters sometimes, and this is such a case. The world is generic, the plot is generic, and bpth could have worked... but I'd have had to care about the characters. I didn't, at all. The game almost completely fails at developing them, both heroes and villains, to the point where unlike most FEs I typically felt absolutely nothing when one of them died. A game failing to engage me at all is worse than a game engaging me and then doing stupid things. Shadows of Valentia - On the other hand, it's easy to separate plot and characters here, because a number of Echoes' characters are quite fun! But the plot is almost entirely tied up in some of the stupidest things the series has ever done - Rudolf's crazy plan, Celica's weird trusting of Jedah - and the game sabotages its own themes (by having Alm be the Emperor's kid) and actively ignores its setting (with indolent Zofia crushing warlike Rigel in a paint-by-numbers FE war). Revelation - Revelation is boring and the way it resolves the Xander conscience crisis which is so important to the other two routes is like something out of a children's cartoon. It made me care about the characters though (or perhaps more accurately Birthright/Conquest did? Hard to score this) and nothing it did made me as angry as the aforementioned decisions by Echoes. Awakening - The arc about Gangrel and how the previous Exalt was partly at fault is neat. Then Valm is a mess and mostly irrelevant. Then the Grimleal are somehow more of a mess and some of the least compelling/believable antagonists out there (a country-wide cult!). But there's good in there at least. Birthright - Boring generic plot except the family drama stuff is pretty damn good. Most scenes where one of Corrin's siblings appear are excellent. Most of the rest puts me to sleep. Still, that's better than the above. Elibe - Both games are problematic in different ways. Binding Blade is kinda like Archanaea, with a mostly vapid group of characters who as a result fail to engage me. The setting work is probably the best of anything on the list so far but it's hard to care. The main thing the game has above all the rest is that Zephiel is a neat, well-developed villain, and that goes a long way. Blazing Sword, meanwhile, has some well-done arcs (the building intrigue in early Eliwood is solid, as is the stuff with Bern/Zephiel) but unfortunately its "main" arcs, involving a thousand-man band of assassins and a crazy sorcerer and his army of zombies, are Grimleal-level bad. Conquest - I embrace Conquest more than most people here because I think it asks some interesting questions - what will people do to justify war? Corrin basically pushes the war all the way to its end because she wants to keep her family intact. It's really bad from a moral standpoint but that's the point (people can easily rationalise the deaths of thousands of others). The game also has some excellent character work and some effective emotional scenes, though the setting is garbage. Path of Radiance - Okay, here we get some great setting work and a plot which overall feels well-constructed... for the first 75% or so. Unfortunately the arc in which you chase Ashnard into a different country is completely ridiculous, and feels like egregious padding, and does lower the game's score some. Which is a shame because right up until then the game was doing good stuff, even details like how the player army is seen as villainous by Daein. Sacred Stones - Lyon is an excellent villain who gets great interactions with the protagonists, and the game explores how the characters influence each other in a way that's really neat. Beyond that the game has some strong emotional resonance at points and does nothing really wrong. Radiant Dawn - Even of more of that excellent Tellius worldbuilding. It also has main characters in moral quandaries, something only Conquest does otherwise. It has a large, diverse cast of villains with differeing agendas and clear ideologies. I feel that petrifying the armies to stop the war is a bit of a cop-out but that's really my biggest complaint. It's still not a game that I would play for plot alone, but it is the series' best IMO.
  5. General US Politics

    Shobongloo already alluded this, but I'll make it explicit: if you're living in America, the Civil Rights Act outlaws certain methods of being a jerk, one of which is forbidding businesses from refusing to serve customers on the basis of race, religion, and nationality. It is arguably the most important/beneficial piece of legislation the US has passed in the least century, and is the principal reason Johnson generally ranks high on presidential rankings despite getting the US mired in the quagmire of Vietnam (and thus arguably causing hundreds of thousands of needless deaths). You can debate whether the particular example being discussed here should be treated differently from the cases enumerated in the Civil Rights Act (which as mentioned, does not make a provision for sexual identity, although the equivalent law in some other countries, such as Canada, does), but be sure, a business's freedom to be a jerk is not unlimited.
  6. What is your unpopular Fire Emblem opinion?

    The Renais twins promote 5 maps before Endgame. More importantly, the twins promote after the 16th map of the game (17th if you count the Prologue; I'm not counting 5x since no unit participates in both that and the earlygame), maybe 2 maps after the median unit in your army at most, while Roy promotes after the 27th, around 10 after the median unit in your army. It's a huge difference. Roy's support with Lilina grants 3 atk / 1 def / 7 avo (and some hit/crit), while Ike/Oscar grants 30 (!!) avo. I suppose it's fair to point out that Ike9 actually ends up with lower Atk than Roy for the midgame (scaling for the different atk averages in each game) because he misses out on this Atk, but I don't feel it offsets Ike9's other advantages or especially close.
  7. Holy war banner

    I don't think Nihil would affect skills which raise the core stats displayed outside combat (e.g. Atk+3, HP+5, the CYL weapon stat boosts), since that's both unintuitive (there's no easy way to see unequipped stats during battle) and not something Nihil did in Tellius (e.g. Crit+X skills weren't touched). That said, otherwise it seems very possible, and a good way around Sigurd's magic resistance..
  8. What is your unpopular Fire Emblem opinion?

    Roy is quite a bit worse than all of those. -He promotes significantly after all of them; only Eliwood Mode Eliwood comes close. This torpedoes his use as soon as his allies start promoting. -Lyn and Eirika have better base speed (and growth) which makes them far better at doubling. Both also get softballed some easy chapters to level up in, especially Lyn. -Eirika promotes to get a horse and a ridiculous 21-might (37 vs monsters) super-sword with a meaningful amount of game left. -Speaking of swords, all four have better first Prf weapons; Roy's Rapier is the same might as an Iron Sword. -FE9!Ike gets earth supports midgame which make his durability incredible (that Oscar support in particular is way too fast). Admittedly Roy gets some pretty good supports too, but not that good.
  9. General US Politics

    In this case it's mostly harmless because the customers have other options and (I would hope?) most of the community agrees that the business's stance is ridiculous so it will suffer. When the business is the only one in the customer's area, or its bigotry is supported by the general population (so that businesses are rewarded for pursuing similar policies), then you have a problem, and one that won't solve itself. I'm fine with letting the market solve the problems it can, but it can't solve all of them; it absolutely has rewarded discrimination in the past (less so now, thankfully). And protecting the minority from discrimination by the majority is one of the things we have a government and constitution for.
  10. General US Politics

    I absolutely agree. That certainly falls under refusing to serve a customer for their beliefs or identity, to me.
  11. General US Politics

    The claim that governments will force churches to hire gay people for religious positions seems completely crazy since they don't even force churches to hire women for those as is. Separation of church and state cuts both ways so churches get a lot of specific exemptions in terms of hiring practices and I don't really foresee that changing. Beyond that, I would generally argue that businesses should be allowed to refuse to serve at events they disapprove of or produse messages they disapprove of, whether that be a marriage between two gay people or an event promoting a certain religion. On the other hand they shouldn't be allowed to discriminate against customers based on their race, religion, sexual orientation, etc. I'd like to take the more libertarian stance of "let businesses serve who they want" but the potential for gross misuse is too much (imagine the only grocery store in town refusing to serve black people, etc.). A law essentially stating "don't disciminate against customers based on their identity or beliefs" seems reasonable. In the case of cakes: I don't think someone should refuse to make a wedding cake just because they know it will be served at a wedding between two men, but on the other hand I would consider it within their right to refuse to put two groom figurines on the cake. Either way the feelings of staunchly religious cake-makers seems a very strange hill to die on as far as choosing a political party goes, so I'm not surprised that some people just react to such claims with cries of homophobia.
  12. Who of the DB members do you bring to the endgame?

    Nolan: Along with Jill, he's arguably the best axe-user for Endgame, with good speed and his earth affinity. (Haar and Titania need less investment, but the payoff isn't as strong.) He's a reasonably frequent endgame member for me, and I'd argue the best DB unit to take there. Volug: Kinda surprised more people aren't mentioning him. Laguz Gems mean gauge only matters turn 1 in Endgame, and with his high speed/luck and earth supports he's close to invincible. Granted, being 1-range locked and losing that first turn does hurt. Aran: I've never broght him to Endgame, for all that I respect him as a unit well enough. With his low speed cap he doesn't really offer much, and there's too much magic for me to value someone purely for Def in Endgame. Edward: I guess he's fine here but I've never brought him, Mia and Zihark can put in similar-to-superior performances for less effort. Leonardo: Have used, but not recommended. Unless you get blessed far more than mine did his str/spd are just paltry compared to other Marksmen, so he's pretty mediocre. Meg: Have used. Actually reasonably solid in Endgame as a mixed tank, since both her Def and Res are very high, so she can duel dragons of any colour with Alondite (white in particular due to their lower def). Still, Marshals aren't wonderful in Endgame and getting her there isn't the easiest. Fiona: Have used. Realistically if you're going to bother with Fiona, you might as well go the whole way. Reasonably solid in Endgame with tankiness (earth affinity again) and good speed, although Str is a bit of a downer, as is the lack of Wyrmslayer compared to Seraph Knights, of which she reminds me. Laura: Have used. Is a staffbot, and not an impressive one due to the extra effort involved. Generally outclassed by Micaiah but Micaiah's forced anyway, and if you're planning to go for a combat-heavy Micaiah others need to pick up the healing duties more, so sure.
  13. Favorite games by letter

    Fun idea. Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth Bayonetta Chrono Trigger Devil May Cry Exile III Final Fantasy Tactics GoldenEye 007 Hyrule Warriors The Incredible Machine (empty set) Kid Icarus: Uprising Legend of Dragoon Mega Man 3 New Super Mario Bros. Ori and the Blind Forest Phoenix Wright: Justice for All Q*Bert Rayman Legends Super Mario Kart Theatrythm Final Fantasy Undertale Valkyrie Profile Wild Arms 4 Xenogears ... Yoshi's Island (technically starts with S, but whatever) Zelda II: The Adventure of Link Strong letters: F because of Final Fantasy, Fire Emblem, and F-Zero (X/GX). FFX, Radiant Dawn, and Fates all get strong, strong honourable mentions here; these three and FFT are near the top of my favourite all-time games. M because of various other Mega Man games, Mario Kart games, and Metroid Fusion. S because of the Super Mario Bros. games, Super Metroid, and Suikoden (3, mostly). Nintendo has way too many games that start with this letter. Ironically New Super Mario Bros. gets on this list despite the fact I like about 5 other Mario games more than it, but all the rest start with S! Weak letters: E, I, O, Q - None of these are games I hold in particularly high regard; they largely win by default.
  14. Why does everyone think Takumi is so great?

    I've played FE12 much less than I have most other games in the series (just twice) but I didn't find archers too useful when I did, same meh offensive stats and no melee counter as always. Is this specific to Lunatic Reverse (which does have a specific mechanic that makes archers more useful), or is it true in the game in general in your opinion?
  15. Why does everyone think Takumi is so great?

    Leo is only 2 internal levels lower than displayed, not 5 like Reina/Camilla. Ryoma with Bushido active has 18 def at base level, while Leo has only 16. True, once Leo reaches the same effective level, he'll be only 0.2 points behind (though it's a definite negative that he needs to gain 4 extra levels to catch up; on Revelation he joins one chapter later to boot), and thus will indeed pull ahead by 1 point or so lategame. I would consider that 1 point barely noticeable, especially compared to the fact that Dark Knight Leo is relatively sluggish and is in far more danger of being doubled than Ryoma is.