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  1. Tellius, A Shonen Series?

    I'm not familiar with Fairy Tail (my anime knowledge past ~2004 is terrible, apologies), so I don't know if it's worse on this particular front. However, a focus on individual strength as a highly quantifiable thing (as if Ike's "power level" would let him reliably beat Oscar in a fight, or whatever) is very shonen anime, and Tellius does have more of it than is the norm for Fire Emblem. Not usually to the point of killing someone over it, or endangering the victory of their army over it. Zelgius is shown as unhealthily obsessed with being better than Greil at swordfighting. Even the game doesn't think this is a good thing! You seem to be normalizing it with this comment which is really weird. You're kinda close, but not quite. The number one rule of nature is the fittest (best adapted to their niche) survive. This is frequently different from "strength", whether we define that as muscularity or ability to win fights. A tyrannosaurus rex is stronger than a platypus, and both were around in the late Cretaceous, but only one them has descendants which survived to the present day. Regardless, the laguz do a bad job of following this rule of nature, because they choose people for leadership for reasons besides their leadership ability. Statistically, the best leadership skills will not on average be found in the same individuals with the best fighting prowess.
  2. Tellius, A Shonen Series?

    Are you serious? This may surprise you, but war is not about how "strong" any given individual soldier is, not even remotely. (To the extent it's about individuals at all, it's about the best generals, who usually don't even fight... although geopolitical and resource concerns are more important still.) Shonen anime, on the other hand, very much is about the strength of individual fighters. Also, every other Fire Emblem game (except Blazing Sword to some extent) is just as much about war, and none of them are obsessed with the relative fighting ability of their various characters in the way Tellius is. You mention Zelgius' motivation in the very next paragraph: he wants to test to see if he's stronger than Greil, and later Ike. It's a major aspect of his character, and it obviously ties in to what I'm talking about here. Animals don't have rulers the way humans and laguz do. The most notable kinda-exception I can think of are social insects, but their "rulers" are chosen via genetic differences - queen ants are biologically different from workers, etc. Again, obsession with relative strength of one-on-one fighters is not something which is terribly important or relevant to real life, nor is it important to most media, even media that deals with war. However, it is very important to many shonen anime series (I googled "shonen anime" and it immediately turned up DBZ and Bleach, so... yeah), and the Tellius games take after that to some extent.
  3. Tellius, A Shonen Series?

    I wouldn't say shonen anime thrives on fanservice. DBZ is as shonen as it gets, and while I haven't watched much of it, I'm pretty sure I've watched entire episodes that were completely free of fanservice (mostly because they were free of women in general. I don't like DBZ much). Tellius does have some shonen elements that I don't really care for. As mentioned, there seems to be constant comparison of who is the "strongest", which is very much a shonen thing. The game makes direct comparisons of fighting ability between various characters on a regular basis and several characters (among them Zelgius and Ashnard) border on obsessed with it. The fighting ability of rulers is also keyed on repeatedly and it's even stated that this is how the laguz choose their leaders (which is crazy, but I digress). The Ike vs Zelgius duels are also extremely shonen affairs, right down to both being obsessed with others not interfering with the duel. (This also shows up with Zelgius vs Skrimir as well.) I still feel Tellius has the most interesting overall plot in the series, largely because it has such a rich, coherent setting, as well as a large variety of actors with their own agendas (rather than the usual monolithic good vs bad), but I do think the criticisms the OP cites are justified.
  4. Is Fire Emblem Fates a "Good" game?

    "Story is more important than gameplay" is not a sentiment I'd ever expected to see attached to Fire Emblem, a series which has generously pulled off a good story once, in the Tellius games. I fell in love with this series with Blazing Sword, and its story is garbo. Awakening is the best-selling game in the series, and its story is also a hot mess. It doesn't matter; they're excellent games, and so is Fates. So yeah I find the complaints about it in Fates a bit confusing. Conquest has some of the best gameplay of the series - and therefore the genre - and therefore among video games in general - and if that doesn't make it a "good" game then your standards are alien to me. (As a bonus it has some good characters and music as well.)
  5. Camilla Is Way To O.P.

    I'm not sure what Takumi does better than Camilla, aside from kill fliers. (As I've stated before, if Camilla's vulnerability to bows is deemed to outweigh the advantages of flight, you can seal her to a different class via an A+ or S support.) She starts substantially more powerful, and even when the latter has caught up, she has more power, more speed, more durability, can counter at 1 range (E-rank lances after promotion aside), gets access to L15 skills earlier, has a better personal skill, etc. I dunno, I don't think any of the younger siblings are must-use units myself (though generally they're above average at worst). For the actually powerful ones... yeah, Camilla and Xander are largely similar to previous powerful units like Seth, Titania, and Haar. In all cases, you can bench them (Camilla in Unhappy Reunion aside), it just involves gimping yourself. But as long as some units are the best, that's gonna happen.
  6. Touma rides a horse-...motorcycle-... thing in some of his special moves. I think he'd be a mounted lance-user in FEH if he made it, though infantry is certainly possible. Tsubasa is in a similar position. Anyway I'd be happy to see TMS characters in the game (particularly Touma, Tsubasa, and Ellie), but I don't think it's too likely. The fact that they didn't even show up as options in the CYL polls kinda shows that they aren't on the developers' minds.
  7. Thank Lord Arceus!!

    I honestly didn't find it that much harder on Lunatic than Hard for what it's worth. Lunatic's big upgrades on Hard mostly come later in the game.
  8. Camilla Is Way To O.P.

    If Camilla's arrow weakness is a problem, just reclass her to Hero or Berserker (easily achieved via A+ on her retainers among other options), and enjoy your giant statstick. RNG gonna RNG but normally Camilla is ridiculous upon jointime and retains arguably the best stat build of any character at equal "real" level (that is, her being +3 levels above Leo and +5 above most other units who aren't Gunter/Jakob/Felicia), along with having access to many great classes and skills. The idea that her unpromoted competition catches up to her is largely a myth.
  9. Spring Camilla: Spring Princess

    As a differing viewpoint I've found G Tomebreaker extremely effective on the same build. Yeah you can find very high-atk green mages who might pull OHKOs but the vast majority you'll run into, even in Tempest/Chain/etc. where enemy stats are higher, fall short. While I wouldn't want her fighting many Julias (the res is too high), G Tomebreaker lets her ORKO Nino and various other glassy green mages (potentially most of them depending on which buffs/goads are present). Distant Def seal can also help here; I find that she beats down archers well enough even without Iote (unless they have Cancel Affinity), and Distant Def improves her general matchups against the enemies she'll bait.
  10. Ilyana considered bad?

    Long-range magic is capable of either almost ORKOing or actually ORKOing Red Dragons without provoking a counter, depending on the stats/tome involved and difficulty mode. Hardly a novelty, it is in fact one of the best uses for magic in the last three maps. It can also ORKO Thunder Spirits who have only 28 speed, provided your user has 32. It's almost always what I bless for Sanaki, and in fact I'm not really sure why you'd bless anything else unless she somehow has the str/spd to double auras with Rexflame. Cymbeline lets her perform marginally better against the auras but has far less use overall (she won't be fighting Dheg and can not fight Sephiran). I'm not sure what "better safe than sorry" means here? You have Nihil, use it. No risk involved. Female Trueblades can tank Dheg just fine with Kurth's help, who offers +5 def/res and is effectively invincible in that fight. Certainly a safer strategy than standing beside Gareth or Nasir unless you're confident you're killing Dheg this turn.
  11. Ilyana considered bad?

    Calill is faster than Soren even before considering Rexflame (so's Tormod if you somehow get him caught up). Soren's main claim to use is he has a lot of availability and isn't significantly underlevelled at any point; he's rarely great (though if you give him the 3-3 Master Crown he's quite badass for a while), but he's satisfactory enough that he can make reasonable contributions, and he can do so for a long time. There's no reason to bring him to Endgame unless you like him (mind, I do <.<). It's true that blessing Wyrmslayer is only useful for Dheginsea... but to be honest, Rexbolt is little different; I'd rather bless a siege tome otherwise (Meteor has only 4 less might than Rexbolt, and is great for sniping; Bolting is also a great dragon-slayer if you snag it, though that's tricky whichever one you try to get). Whether or not I bless a wyrmslayer has a lot to do with what other weapons and units I'm bringing in. Sometimes I'll bring along Titania + another axe user, and the other axe user can bless Urvan while she blesses a Wyrmslayer. If I'm actually using Mist, who won't be used for combat, the best thing she can do is bless a Wyrmslayer then hand it to a better swordsman. Regardless, I only bring up the Wyrmslayer as a comparison to Rexbolt as a weapon blessed specifically to combat Dheginsea. (I rarely bless Alondite or a Tempest Blade incidentally; against bosses the higher hit/might of Vague Katti seems preferable. Those weapons are most useful at countering dragons and spirits, but you don't need a blessing for that... especially Alondite which already has infinite uses.) You're only risking annihilation by Ire if you forget about Nihil. Before E-3 and E-4 you should always give Nihil to whichever units you're planning on having fight the boss. Melee units don't generally need Cover to survive a hit from Dheginsea. Even the most fragile ones like Trueblades can typically survive 75 atk with Kurth's help at worst.
  12. Ilyana considered bad?

    If anything I think Rexbolt is the flashy accessory you can show off without much strategic value. Sure, it can do some damage to Dheginsea, but not really impressive damage, because it's only 36 might, and Ilyana can't double (nor can it benefit from Ena, and Dheg is fought before Nasir joins). You can get around ~30 damage out of it vs Dheginsea. Contrast, say, a Wyrmslayer in the hands of someone with 34 or more speed, which can easily do more than that: around ~40 with even typical SM/falconknight strength (more with a speed-blessed Ike). To say nothing of base Caineghis who can do 42 out of the box. Even if you want to talk only about ranged damage, Shinon and Rolf can outperform Rexbolt pretty easily. The one I consider more meaningful than this is Rexflame, because +3 speed lets you (a) double spirits, making it one of the few reliable ways to take down ones on Cover, and (b) double Ashera's auras with Nasir's help, making it one of the most effective weapons against corner auras. As well as being a general boon against other Endgame enemies in that ~30 speed range like halberdiers, warriors, and snipers.
  13. Just a grumbling female player...

    They are indeed. Of course, the key here is that the very reason birds have lighter bones is because they fly. There's obviously a disadvantage to growing lighter bones (they break more easily) so the only reason bird bones are so light is the evolutionary advantage for a flier to have as little weight as possible. A typical arrow weighs something like 10 to 50 grams. Metal armour weighs around 10 to 30 kilograms. An archer could carry more arrows than he or she could possibly use in a battle without adding as much weight as a single suit of personal armour, never mind what armour on the mount would add. While shooting a bow from a flying mount does indeed sound difficult, it doesn't sound significantly more difficult than shooting from the back of a moving horse, and the advantages to doing so are tremendous. Meanwhile, I think you're grossly underrating the difficulty of trying to strike someone with a melee weapon from a mount. If it's not very clean, the impact of hitting something with a lance or axe as you fly by them risks an impulse to you and your mount which would take you crashing out of the air. A flying soldier would logically want to avoid any and all possible impacts with ground targets - such a fall to the ground, even from minimal elevation, risks serious injury to both soldier and mount. There's a reason we don't attach battering rams to the bottoms of our fighter planes.
  14. Ilyana considered bad?

    PoR rains money at you so I don't consider the expense of forged Thunder significant, and anyway Soren can also match Ilyana's Elthunder might with his own Elwind by the 20/10 stats you posted. Fair enough that Ilyana isn't that much worse than Soren, but she does feel strictly worse unless the RNG gives your Soren some bad levels (or Ilyana some good ones). Tormod's obviously a bit of a project but I respect that he has genuine payoff if you go for it, Calill I respect for being solid at her role out of the box, joining around the time magic is ramping up in value (more laguz). I agree that mages aren't very good on the whole in PoR either; mounted units dominate to a crazy degree.
  15. Just a grumbling female player...

    This is a bit off-topic, but it's one of my pet peeves which I have to set the record straight on: It doesn't matter how high they fly. As long as they are able to maintain elevation in the air (and they clearly are), they must generate lift. The more they weigh, the more lift they must generate. This simple inescapable fact is why everything that flies tries to be as light as possible, whether we're talking about human-made constructs like aeroplanes (made out of extremely light materials) or natural creatures like birds (who are far lighter than they look, and lighter than mammals or reptiles of comparable size). Adding an extra 20-40 pounds to your flying weight is a huge extra expenditure of energy just to stay in the air (and a worse one when trying to gain altitude, whatever method is used). This in turn would mean your mount would not be able to gain altitude as quickly, nor fly for as long, and would most likely also have more trouble with general manoeuvering (if you've ever watched a bird carrying prey, you'll know it's much less graceful than one that isn't). This all adds up to a very big deal. (But yes, dracoknights and pegaus knights should 100% be peppering their enemies with ranged weaponry. If flying mounts existed, why would flying soldiers ever use anything else? Let the mount concentrate on flying and not absorbing impacts from its rider striking things with melee weapons, all while abusing your range/height advantage over your foes. As an added bonus, bows are even relatively light weapons! It blows my mind that we had to wait until Fates to finally get a bow flier.)