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  1. What popular franchises do you dislike?

    I really don't like Grand Theft Auto. I feel it normalizes and glamourizes crime and violence as a fun thing to do to pass time. Gameplaywise the open-world adventure doesn't appeal to me anyway, but GTA goes beyond just "not for me" because I feel it did a lot to poison the video game industry as a whole. The way the game journalism circles heap praise on it feels like the equivalent of giving best picture Oscars to brainless violent action flicks, and helps prevent gaming from being taken more seriously by the world at large. (I also resent how you can hardly find any journalist willing to give the game a bad review, even when people like me are hardly uncommon; I feel unrepresented.) Most other gaming series top out at "not for me, but I can see why someone might like 'em". As an RPG fan, among the more notable ones for me are Xenoblade (exploration does nothing for me, and I really didn't like the gameplay) and modern Persona (mostly basing this on 3, which I found extremely offputting due to some skeevy dating sim elements + not actually seeing anything I liked about it).
  2. Opinions on Lyn

    As others, I like her but don't love her. Good design, endearing enough. Complaints about her not being important enough to the plot reflect more on FE7's plot than on her IMO, since the playable characters don't really drive the plot much in that game, beyond Eliwood somewhat. As a unit she's okay, good speed early and good avoid late, though being infantry with only highly limited 1-2 range is definitely a downer.
  3. General JRPG Topic

    Anyone else here played Octopath Traveler? Kinda surprised this thread seems silent on it, given that it's apparently one of the better-selling JRPGs in recent years. I haven't played it yet, but I watched my wife play through it and it seems really solid. Battle system has shades of Bravely in it, but moves away from the Dragon Quest-style round-based combat in favour of a different, but still engaging, turn-based system which focuses around hitting elemental weaknesses to break (stun + take extra damage) enemies at the right time. Writing... well, as the name suggests it's about 8 different small stories, which range from endearing at worst to being interesting takes at best. Nice music too. Seems very solid overall, and that's speaking as someone who lacks the romantic attachment to sprite graphics which seems common among the game's target audience. Another great game I've played recently is Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle, but that certainly pushes the definition of a JRPG. Still, labels don't matter; it's good! Highly recommended to fans of Fire Emblem and/or XCOM; liking the irreverent style of other Mario RPGs is also a plus but not necessary to enjoy the game.
  4. Hm, I'm a bit surprised that there's no Soren or Calill here, as RD mages definitely need a bit of a stat push to excel but obviously are quite good if they get it, since 1-2 range and targeting Res are good as always. Calill's omission in particular surprises me since you said you wanted to focus on the CRK, and she's one of the more useful ones. Obviously the other notable omission is Zihark but your explanation that he just missed makes sense.
  5. This game needs more ways to get sacred coins.

    Yeah my experience is different from a lot of people here. I have around 700 unused refining stones. And I'm not hoarding them; I've burned through a lot. I use 52 different units regularly (enough to field one main team and 12 elemental teams for AA, naturally I can mix and match those units as needed for other content), plus some more I've discontinued regular use of, many of them having received refines of some sort (too lazy to count, but it's a lot). As long as you're actually going AA regularly (and frankly that's the only game mode that needs lots of different units) it feels like you should get enough refining stones. Maybe not enough to refine every single unit in the game but I'm okay with the game forcing you to pick and choose somewhat there. There's even plenty left over if you choose to say, shift what refine you want someone to have. Dew seems near endless to me because you can change stones into dew whenever you want. Sacred coins I agree with are more limited, though I'm fine with the rate we've gotten them personally.
  6. Started playing Final Fantasy VI for the first time

    Hmm, I thought the Figaro encounter was unrelated to the events that happened later. Checking a guide I trust seems to back me up, but I'm admittedly not 100% confident.
  7. Started playing Final Fantasy VI for the first time

    FF6 is a favourite of mine, I've played it too many times to count. It shows its age in a few ways but I hope you enjoy it anyway! Wait, really? If you're referring to what I think you are, you miss something permanently if you do this, so I don't recommend this at all. Anyway, the biggest piece of advice I'd give you is that there's a certain earlygame spell which is shockingly OP (spoilers in case you'd rather find out for yourself) Also status is really useful in this game. Most of it always hits unless the enemy is immune. If a particular enemy is giving you problems, chances are several status attacks can ruin it entirely, and most bosses have several status holes too if you feel like experimenting.
  8. Master of Arms is so underrated

    For what it's worth I find Hana much more effective as a Swordmaster, at least using relatively simple builds. Hana's concrete durability is bad and a minor buffs to her HP/Def don't change that; she's still going to be 2HKOed by almost everything. Swordmaster provides a considerable boost to her evade, which is how she stays alive. With WTA and Duelist's Blow, Hana can typically zero out enemy hit on the player phase (use the dual katana against blues, naturally); she has much more trouble achieving reliable evasion figures in any other class. Additionally, although this can be fixed with a little cross-classing, I value Swordfaire considerably more than Life and Death; +10 damage received puts lots of enemies into "OHKO Hana" range, and the offence difference is only 5 (Swordfaire Hana 2HKOs basically everything anyway). It's possible I'm underestimating the number of OHKOs she secures with LaD but I'm not sure it's worth it even if I am.
  9. Is there a possibility of Surtr showing up as a Stage Boss?

    Do people actually like Surtr? I thought he was really unpopular. Seems an odd pick to me. Then again almost any FEH-specific content would surprise me (outside of easy stuff like music and trophies of course). I think even most FEH fans would rather that content came from the main FE series.
  10. Which Bayonetta game was better in your opinon

    Both are good, but overall I definitely preferred the first game. I barely remember any of the enemy designs (gameplaywise) of Bayo 2. They blur together. Whereas, even after my first playthrough of Bayo 1 I could instantly tell you how to fight Graces and Glories, or Joys, or Fearless and Fairness, among others. Bayo 1 has a well-thought out enemy design which is only matched by the original Devil May Cry among games I've played. That counts for a lot for me. Bayo 2 has some elements I prefer, like fewer gimmick sequences (I particularly disliked the space harrier section of Bayo 1) and QTE deaths, but it's very much a game that went in one ear and out the other gameplaywise by comparison. Boss fights are a bit more comparable, aside from Bayo 2 having a dud of a final boss. Narratively I don't have a strong opinion; both plots are pretty dumb. However, the first game definitely has a better cast - even the second game relies on it pretty strongly, whereas the new characters it introduced fell flat to me. In the first game, Bayonetta herself is very appealing and memorable, Jeanne's an effective foil/opponent, Balder is suitably creepy, Luka/Rodin/Enzo provide good comic relief. Whereas I didn't really care for either Loki or Bayo2's main villain who is unmemorable enough that I've forgotten his name. Bayo2's better visually; the Masked Lumen fights in particular stand out as glorious setpieces. Music I could flip a coin over, but I ended up voting for 1 because you forced me to choose.
  11. CYL3 winners predictions

    I'm sure your "conclusion" is very well-researched. How do you square it with the fact that Camilla is a popular character with (straight) female players? You can go back and dig through old threads on the Fates boards here and find plenty of female Camilla fans. Camilla is my wife's favourite character, by the way. She is indeed extremely powerful gameplaywise; Eclipse covered that point well. Her personality/backstory is actually fairly unique in the franchise. "Revolutionary" would going a bit far but Camilla has a number of traits that aren't normally seen in FE women; she's got a messed-up past and is violently overprotective. Her design also sticks out, and not just because she's busty; she's got gorgeous hair and looks like a powerful warrior woman who could carve a foe in two with her axe. Demure, kind, petite young women are a dime a dozen in FE; Camilla is very far from that, so a lot of players gravitate to her. As I said before and as you ignored before, Fates being "known for weak writing" is not a universal opinion and generally does not extend to its cast, which, along with Awakening, is one of the two most popular Fire Emblem casts as seen in Choose Your Legends.
  12. CYL3 winners predictions

    I actually feel like "it's her dad" is a better excuse than many Camuses have. Filial piety is a big thing (and often biologically rooted); children can and do stick up parents even if they are abusive assholes and it's not in any way an unrealistic creation of video games. Additionally, In Laegjarn's case, what little development she's had shows family is very important to her.
  13. CYL3 winners predictions

    Three Houses is slated for release in Q2 2019, CYL polls have thus far been Q1. Xander is actually the most popular Camus by far (#42 in CYL1, next highest was Ishtar at #136), so being like him is a point in her favour, not against. Is that me? If not, make it two. Selena's "the emperor was nice to me, so I'll forgive him for trying to resurrect satan" is nonsensical even for a Camus. :-p
  14. CYL3 winners predictions

    The post gap is nearly an order of magnitude apart; I don't think your explanations come close to accounting for that. The game just isn't as popular. Its characters do far less well in CYL too, which perhaps is what I should have cited. By rallying around the person behind her in the race... like what actually happened in CYL2. It's impossible to say how much of that is people rallying for Veronica and people rallying against Camilla so I don't really want to speculate, but there's more than enough anecdotal evidence of people hating Camilla to make me believe that it's some of both.
  15. CYL3 winners predictions

    I wouldn't hold your breath on Echoes alts. FEH is "pushing aside" Echoes because it isn't that popular. If you don't believe me, go back out to the Serenes Forest forums mainpage and take a look at the number of posts for that game compared to Awakening/Fates. It may surprise you but a lot of people like Camilla's personality! You don't, that's fine, but you don't have to whine about it. Also a lot of people don't agree that Fates has bad writing, at least where its characters are concerned, which is why they do so well in CYL. --- Anyway, thoughts on who we're likely to see: Women Camilla: I really hope she wins this time after just missing twice. I think she will in a fair contest, but her hatebase is strong (see: even some posts in this thread!) and I won't be totally stunned if her haters rally around the halftime #3 again. Eirika: Might have won CYL2 if she hadn't just gotten an alt, who knows? She's certainly comparable to Ephraim at worst, and one of the few remainining female mains. Corrin and Micaiah: I don't think they're as popular as Eirika but they're the other remaining female mains, so I do think they've got a shot too. Some villain OC, maybe Loki?: It's been said. People want to get these characters in the game and so far this seems the only way it'll happen. I don't think Bruno or Surtr are popular, but Loki or one of the sisters seems possible. Men Marth: He's a shoe-in if they finally combine his votes. If not I won't be stunned if he's left out again... he's that guy that most people seem to think "should" be in but doesn't have a large dedicated fanbase that will make it happen. Chrom: Smash will help here, I think? Awakening dropped off a lot between CYL1 and CYL2 for some reason and it's a bit of a wildcard in terms of CYL3, but Chrom is legit popular. Alm: Maybe, if Celica's voters do indeed transfer over. I'm a bit skeptical but if he has no alts at all by CYL3 voting it could create the perfect storm for him. Eliwood: As Alm, he's relying on votes for his game's more popular lord(s) to transfer over to him. I don't think it'll happen; Eliwood just isn't that popular. Robin-M: Like Chrom, depends a bit on where Awakening's general popularity is. I feel like Robin himself has waned, but Grima was a big success... but again, dunno how much of that will carry over.