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  1. Why is Rinea popular?

    Yeah I'm going with this. Rinea literally doesn't speak to any other character than Berkut, unless you count her reacting to something Nuibaba says. She's more of an accessory to him than her own character, which allows people to kind of insert their own ideas of how she should, or could, be as a person. I also think her ending makes people more sympathetic towards her, but that is one of my very least favorite scenes in the entire series, so I can't say it does much for me.
  2. General Trails thread

    This is probably my single biggest complaint against the writing of this series thus far barring the - and I'm sorry to use this word but it will serve to paint a picture of how I view the narrative - edgy elements. Not only does everyone in this world have flawless timing (I knew Sieg would show up to save us from Walter because people ALWAYS show up exactly when needed; I could write a list of that happening just off the top of my head) but there's often a jarring discrepancy in cutscenes. There's also a nagging sense of predictability. Gee, a random lost kid who's "not at all like other kids", I wonder if she's a member of the Akatsu- sorry, Black Fa- ah, shit, I mean Ourobouros. The overall worldbuilding and character interactions are still great. I really like Olivier in particular, and the gameplay is generally smooth and interesting. It's just such a shame that fighting a group of clowns is the plot. I'm at the start of chapter three now, and I'm hoping it gets better, like you said.
  3. General Trails thread

    So is Second Chapter just a carbon copy of Naruto or what is this? Fighting all these circus freaks - or rather, their pets while they cross their arms with closed eyes and talk about how weak we are - is getting really old really fast.
  4. Special Heroes (Gifts of Winter)

    Oh nice, what a completely unappealing banner to me. Time to roll on the Hero Fest one!
  5. General Trails thread

    Thanks bud, I'll do that. I'll at least complete this trilogy when time permits. I really should get more things done right now buuut I kind of bought the second chapter.
  6. Special Heroes (Gifts of Winter)

    Oh wow, that does look very similar. I don't think it's him but I wonder if this is some kind of lead or if it's just a coincidence. The only other clue we have is that the mystery character has short to medium length hair, as nothing is visible in the silhouette. I also think the left one is Fae. Very short, and what little we can see of the hair matches her hairstyle. I wonder if it's an all mixed banner or of it's two Binding Blade reps and two from another game.
  7. General Trails thread

    Well he's been the worst part of the series so far for me so yeah, I don't think I'll like him. I'm afraid the second game seems less promising given a few things mentioned towards the end and the rather cringy attempts at being dark. That said, the first game was so good that I definitely want to try it, but I liked the smaller scope. More than Florence and Joshua and Estelle's last scene? Pls no.
  8. General Trails thread

    Beat the game. Overall a great game in spite of some qualms regarding the writing (and the camera); Florence was by far my least favorite part of this game, and it worries me he'll continue to play a part. I'll definitely pick up the second chapter when time permits...and I might make time permit as early as tomorrow.
  9. General Trails thread

    Sounds neat, my boy. I believe I am a new fan of this series. I like the gameplay, worldbuilding, and the plot quite a bit, even if there are some minor things nagging me here and there (seriously, people in this world have the best timing. I'm pretty sure it's a continental passtime to wait for just the right moment to do/say something just when someone needs it the most). Can't wait to see how the first game wraps up; I'm storming a villa now, which is fun. Edit: Goddammit, literally one minute after I wrote about the timing thing, it happened again. Although I'm always happy to see Olivier. Seriously, the guy cracks me up. Edit 2: What the fuck is up with the Florence boss battle? I hesitate to even call him a boss since all he does is heal, spam Earth Guard and Seal. Give him the slightest scratch and he starts healing up. I've been going at it for half an hour and he's still full health...and so am I! Edit 3: Did Florence of all people seriously pull the "huh, not bad, you forced me to use 10% of my power!" and then beat us in a cutscene after we beat him? Did this guy absorb all of this game's anime and inject it straight into his veins? I feel like I'm reading fanfiction here.
  10. General Trails thread

    Wow, thanks a lot, my friend! Man, this is reminding me of when I first got into the Fire Emblem series and had to learn all these whacky names and their place in the chronology. But first things first, Trails in the Sky is a trilogy and all released officially in English? That sounds like a good place to start.
  11. General Trails thread

    That sounds nice! I do like the customization options but sometimes it feels like I've got no idea what I'm doing. Oh well, it's working so far though. I also see why they're calling this "Trails in the Sky" though because you never manage to actually catch anyone; you're just always trailing them. Got to the final chapter of the first game just a few minutes ago, so I'm hoping all these loose narrative threads will intertwine. Joshua's past, Cassius' whereabouts, the revelation that the evil mastermind behind all of this also created Coldsteel the Edgehog... This game could also be called "Legend of Impeccable Timing" because people keep popping in exactly when it's the most needed. There were nine games, right? Is it always a different cast or how does it work?
  12. They were probably introduced to be killed off. Question is if they'll be revived like Sharena or not.
  13. Feh Channel on the 10th 3pm PT

    Tibarn has three movement. Aw man, my Cynthia C skill idea is ruined! Nah but seriously, I'm super glad to see him. It kind of makes me want to save my orbs. God I hated the bad guys' designs though, good lord.
  14. Feh Channel on the 10th 3pm PT

    Any final predictions or thoughts, chaps? Expectations seem rather low, and while the length of the video doesn't necessarily equate to quality, 10 minutes feels a bit short. We'll get the next banner trailer and refines, I'm sure, and a trailer for Book III, but I do hope we'll get more than that. Beast units would be fun. Edit: oh, all the predictions were on the last page. I suck at forum-ing on my mobile.
  15. Aether Raids General Thread

    Welp, I just went up against a team I practically couldn't do anything about. I could've maybe won with heavy casualties if I didn't mess something up, but honestly, that match showcased everything wrong with Aether Raids. Ophelia, Inigo, Olivia, Blyn, and Mage!Eirika all cuddled in a corner with no way to bait them out on the lava map. The fort blocked the left entry so I couldn't shoot them, and he had the only entrance lined up with traps. That map made it impossible to move. I guess I should congratulate him for a good defensive map, but making cancer defenses like that simply isn't fun, and it makes me wonder why some maps even exist when others are so superior.