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  1. Aether Raids General Thread

    So, about those four losses yesterday - I forgot the bonus building in offense. I thought I did it when I prepared for next season's defene, but then forgot that I had a match left so I never did it. That explains quite a bit.
  2. Official Pull Topic

    Spent some 70 orbs and got quite a haul. Not only Sumia from before but also Selkie, Kaden, Ares, and Mikoto. I kind of wanted Keaton and Velouria the most, but oh well. Selkie broke my "same nature for Fates" curse; all five star Fates units this year have been +HP -Res for me, but she was +HP -Def. 355 orbs or so remain. I wonder if I should go for Velouria... Her weapon could be fun, and you gotta love that design.
  3. Heh, now even the game itself misspells Alfonse's name; in her 800 point conversation, Selkie has a line with that typo.
  4. Official Pull Topic

    I've only got 400 orbs so I'm not sure I dare to; I keep telling myself Cynthia is right around the corner. Can't waste orbs on swole warewolves. Good luck on your quest.
  5. Official Pull Topic

    Hey, congrats! I got a Sumia after four orbs and now I'm not sure I dare to continue. She keeps haunting me with her scary art.
  6. Aether Raids General Thread

    Four losses in a row, which is entirely new to me. I usually do decently in this mode and sit comfortably at tier 19, but today I went up against armies of armors and people hiding a ridiculously tanky Surtr on the other corner of the map and couldn't really do anything about it. I think I need to rethink my team for this week.
  7. New Heroes: Kitsune and Wolfskin

    I was thinking of the Ophelia banner, Adrift, Lazura, hot springs, and now Fateslandia Beasts. No need for the sass, my boy.
  8. New Heroes: Kitsune and Wolfskin

    Oh sure, I agree with that, but we've had a metaphorical downpour of Fates recently and it frustrates me. I'd almost take Sain over this. But, I am happy for the people who have waited for these units, so I'll just wait another month for Cynthia.
  9. New Heroes: Kitsune and Wolfskin

    I'm pretty shocked at seeing yet another Fates banner. They've really cranked it up since October, and I would much rather see other games being represented now, but at least these characters are new and many have waited a long time for them. Seeing people's reaction to Selkie's voice is also fun. Surprised at just how powerful the weapons seem to be. I expected Selkie to be super strong, but Keaton seems very good as well. Hopefully Velouria demotes.
  10. Oh, I must've missed that. I'll have a look at what everyone is saying. While yet another Azura would be absurd at this point, it would be fun to get an evil Lyon.
  11. Reddit had discussed the possibility of a new Fallen Heroes banner because Rena Strober mentioned in passing having worked on a "crazy Azura" at the same time as Smolzura. It'd be very early for yet another Azura this quickly, but if they were to repeat the timing of last year's Fallen Heroes banner, it'd be around now. What do you fellas think? I'm building a bunker just in case; the trailer might drop tomorrow already.
  12. Sothis

    Heh, you'll get no counterargument from me. Well, aside from thinking that a lot of the Fates child characters were subpar, but that's neither here nor there. I do hope Sothis doesn't just became another Mila's Turnwheel, introduced as a big deal and then just used in gameplay.
  13. Sothis

    I think people still like second gen characters. It's just that the setting has to accommodate that, otherwise it feels forced. The Fates children were such an obvious afterthought, with the baby realms making the first generation characters seem like callous assholes, which is why the reception was so poor, I believe. I was mostly joking about Sothis allowing for child units, but you never know with Intelligent Systems. Hopefully her role will be more intriguing, and this time power will allow for nifty story and gameplay opportunities, rather than creating a lot of plot holes which many time traveling stories tend to do.
  14. Sothis

    Please stop, these theories are too good to ever happen and that makes me sad. Sothis will probably just be the excuse for a second generation. "Hand me your babies and I can turn them into adults immediately!".
  15. Sothis

    One has to wonder just how big a role all this timey-wimey stuff will play in the plot. Mila's Turnwheel was promptly forgotten about, but if Sothis appears frequently in cutscenes and everything, I'd assume it'll affect the plot somehow; it seems to have already saved Byleth's life. Or that was a one-off and Sothis just appears to unlock new gameplay abilities.