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  1. Famitsu Articles Coming Out

    You can't make out much of what little we see in the article, and it's basically vague character introductions. The article itself also just says that we'll be getting an article about Three Houses about once a week until release, which are big news, but not exactly nitty gritty details of the game. The only major thing about the game that this preview shows is that someone, most likely Sothis, can't remember anything but their name.
  2. Famitsu Articles Coming Out

    There's the Fire Emblem expo on the fourth of May in Japan. I definitely thought we'd have to wait until then to get any news, but it seems as though we'll be getting weekly news from Famitsu now until the game is released.
  3. Famitsu Articles Coming Out

    Not 100% confident in my translations, but here's how I interpreted what I could read: Male Byleth is called べレト (Bereto) while female Byleth is called ベレス (Beresu). Sothis: It's no good, I don't know. I can't remember anything but my name. [It's unclear if she speaks of herself, Byleth, or someone else, but I believe chances are good that she's talking about herself] As an instructor you guide the path leading to destiny [liberties taken here] The young leaders who will carry of the future of the continent on their shoulders [more literally: the next versions' young bellwethers who will bear the burdens of the future of the continent on their shoulders] I can't fully read the bigger text introducing Sothis. I might give it a go soon but some of the kanji are a bit blurry.
  4. First (and only session until I know what the next banner is) gave me Brave Ephraim and Adrift Corrin, the latter being a new one. Weird, but I can't complain.
  5. Genny and Mathilda eh? Makes me wonder if Alm and Clive will be the other two, but that'd make three from Alm's team and one from Celica's. I reckon they'd make the banner a 2-2 split and leave the eventual third character for one team for the TT. Casual clothes Silque or Mae would be very cute, so I'm hoping for them. Would be weird if we didn't at last get an Alm alt.
  6. New event calendar (April-May 2019)

    I heard that the next TT was called "Heartstring's Ties". Could be an early, or the first of two, bridal banner. Provided that's correct. Edit: oh, it was the tap battle. Derp. Nevermind.
  7. Official Pull Topic

    215 orbs spent. The first ~20 gave me Karla and Ranulf (-Spd +Atk), and the last 16 gave me Caineghis (-Spd +Def) and Lethe (-Res +Atk). I got really worried there in the midst of it. I've now gotten three Karla without ever having rolled for her. She joins L'Ephraim in my "highest number of five star exclusives" club, and I've never rolled on a banner where she was a focus unit. Weird.
  8. Definitely, but if a literal one minute epilogue is better than anything else in the story earlier, then I'd argue that's a weakness of the game. Dragon Age II was more or less treated as a way to set up Inquisition, but that final twist kind of makes Inquisition seem like a set up for the fourth game. The conflict they seem to want to move towards is standing still, all while they keep cramming in build-up for other potential plots, and that's not a good thing at all seeing as how clumsily they handle the payoff for that; the mage-templar conflict, which was all Dragon Age II was really about, was supposed to be this massive event but, well, you know how that was solved in Inquisition.
  9. Fully agree with this one in particular. Overall, I think many of the series' problems come from them being far too protagonist-centric. The support cast members have so little time to interact with each other, and the fact that there are so many of them doesn't help. The "supports" are usually only between Rean and one other character, and during both during the main story and specific events outside of it, there are usually so many of them gathered that no one has any time to stand out or contribute with something important. The writers also seem to have a bad habit of trying to make everyone say one line minimum, at least in CS II, which often boils down to generic responses to what they're being told during exposition. I shuld also say that I agree that the games are good. The gameplay is good, the music is good, and there are good moments in the writing, there are just unnecessary missteps in a series that has proven that it can be so much better than that. Not when it comes to villains though.
  10. I'm aware that EA's tentacles reach deep into Bioware, but as the recent article about the behind the scenes of the development of Anthem shows, Bioware has plenty of internal issues as well. Hell, for Inquisition they were given additional development time when they asked for it and they still produced a subpar product.
  11. I'm good, thanks. I'm still not over Fates after almost four years. I think it hit me particularly hard because I care so much about the series and because it's such an old franchise with experienced developers working on it, so such a script shouldn't be possible. It wouldn't have been the same thing if a small indie studio had written that (I'm not saying that's what you had in mind, just in general). Hear hear. Though I think it reached its peak in CS II, although the second Sky game was also very fond of that, though it was more the villain crossing their arms smugly and laughing about how weak the protagonists were. By all means, the floor is yours. I'm curious to hear it.
  12. I think the plot is more offensive than the gameplay, and that's saying something. You accomplish numerous monumental feats and solve problems that may have riddled the world for centuries in about an afternon after you've accepted the quest. This continues until the bad guy makes a suicide charge at your seat of power and then goes out like a whimp. Why was anyone ever afraid of him? The bloke was an idiot.
  13. Kreia. She's creepy, manipulative, cynical, and mysterious, all traits done exceptionally well.
  14. I normally do some non-spoilery research around the games I buy and adjust my expectations accordingly. That said... Fire Emblem Fates - The worst written video game I have ever played. It feels like a rushed first draft containing elements that shouldn't even have left the idea stage. By far my biggest video game disappointment of all time. Ace Attorney 5: Dual Destinies - Major plot holes in a visual novel game that relies on its story. Silly plot, character regression, a new character added to a bloated cast and given all the attention and she's thoroughly unlikeable. Dragon Age II & Dragon Age Inquisition - Dragon Age II was as rushed as it feels. Awful, repetitive, button-mashing gameplay, generally boring cast and infuriating plot. Inuqisition is a single-player MMO in terms of gameplay and an equally dull story, albeit the cast is slightly improved. Trails of Cold Steel II - Great gameplay, but a bloated cast and over the top anime moments drag down the entry since it's in a series renowned for its incredible worldbuilding and attention to detail. It's unforgiving in its repetitive nature and worthless villains, which go hand in hand; I believe the vast majority of (human) boss battles end the same way but with a different coat of paint: you beat them, but then they gain the upper hand in a cutscene and you need to be saved in a timely fashion by someone else. It's absolutely infuriating.