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  1. Literally had to Google him. Literally getting stomped under Walhart's glorious boots/10.
  2. There's no need, because we all know Walhart is the strongest. Praise Walhart.
  3. I think the lack of humor in some of the earlier titles was to the series' detriment. Dialogue already didn't flow as naturally as it should have, making it sound like people were having two separate monologues rather than a dialogue at the worst of times, and the lack of humor could make the characters come across as uncharming and cold. Naturally, this doesn't mean I think the focus on humor should be felt everywhere, nor that I'm a fan of walking gimmicks. A good story can balance out serious moments and characters with humor, and the best example of this that I can think of is the Ace Attorney series, which can naturally and convincingly completely change the tone of an entire scene at the drop of a hat. I think Echoes manages to strike a nice balance between being serious and lighthearted, with convincing dialogue between characters when it doesn't relate to the plot.
  4. A 15 minute stream? That's a lot of potential information. Too bad it's so early in the morning for me, but oh well, I'm just excited to ge some news. This sounds like it could be related to the CYL banner.
  5. I have no idea if I want the next banner to be good or not. On the one hand, it'd be amazing to get new, awesome Heroes joining the fray. If they're my favorites from Tellius, for example, I'd probably pull. However, I've got a high pity rate on the summer banner, and the CYL one is coming up way too soon, and I'm pretty confident those fan favorites will be deliberately be made to be very powerful. Lollipop.
  6. I agree, the lack of solid numbers is odd to say the least. They did release Ever Oasis, though, right?
  7. Yeah, this'll be a draw with both of them realizing that studying the other's style has improved their own skills, and that they cover something they previously lacked.
  8. Dragon Age: Origins plays a lot differently from Inquisition, so there's always that. The biggest difference is in the quality of the cast and the writing, but since you just started playing Inquisition, I won't say more. I really do recommend playing through Origins first though.
  9. Dragon Age: Origins is one of my favorite games of all time, and I'd hesitate to even call the other two games in the series average.
  10. Yeah I sort of noticed. I could never reach his dudes, and even if I did, they were too strong with the buffs. I got thoroughly floored, but at least I don't feel as dumb now after having cleared this on Infernal. Sure, it might've been the easiest GHB, but my shattered pride will take what it can get.
  11. Yes, that's a possibility, but we can't confirm it. Hell we're even shown the contrary when both Jedah and Berkut get to go through with their plans for defending Rigel's borders. However, even if Rudolf intentionally weakened Rigel, that doesn't change the fact that Zofia is probably one of the most weakened countries in the entire series when the game begins. Also, unlike in other games, Zofia pushes into Rigel immediately without needing allies - it's like if an even weaker Crimea managed to push back Daein without allies. Rigel is at the very bottom of this list based on what we see in game.
  12. We'll never know, the game practically went against its own established worldbuilding. Based on what we know, Zofia was a broken mess of a country due to Rudolf, with droughts, famine, rampant bandit problems and a civil war, yet it still managed to beat back Rigel. Even if Rudolf discreetly helped out as much as he could - which we have no proof of - it doesn't change the fact that Rigel is probably the most pathetic villain country in the series in terms of the threat it poses.
  13. I can't believe I beat this Grand Hero Battle on Infernal yet never even once came close to beating Berkut on Lunatic. Anyway, I used: Reinhardt (5 stars, +HP, -Def) with Moonbow, Attack +3, Lancebreaker 2 and Goad Cavalry (I believe that's the name?). He also has Swap for some reason I can't remember. Olivia (4 stars, neutral) with Dance and Hone Attack 3. Summer!Gaius (5 stars, +Res, -Def) with Astra, Vantage 3 and Defense Ploy 3. Eldigan ( 5 stars, +HP, -Res) with Bonfire, Fury 3 and Reposition. Lots of room for more skills for many of them to inherit. The problem is that I've mostly got units which don't have a lot of things they'd find useful. Anyway, the important lesson to take away from this battle is that Reposition is broken.
  14. I'd say we don't have enough info to go on. Walhart was a dreamer and wanted to create everlasting peace no matter the cost; I think it's safe to say he had some kind of plans for the future, though died before he could realize them.
  15. Valm is weak. It's united through Walhart and Walhart only - one of the strongest humans in the series, sure, but he's still only one man. It's rotten on the inside. Had the Valmese Empire stuck around for longer and Walhart weeded out dissent and created a more stable empire with fewer internal revolts, it would've been able to rank very highly though. I'd say Begnion is the strongest country, myself. It was the dominant force on the continent for pretty much the entire history of Tellius.