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  1. New Heroes: Children of Fate

    According to the popularity polls for Awakening and Fates, the Awakening kids generally ranked higher. According to the CYL results, the three most popular second generation characters are Owain (#37), Morgan (#46) and Severa (#47). The most popular child unit in Fates according to CYL is Selkie (#59). Those are the numbers we have to work with.
  2. It's about what I expected, with the biggest exception being how positive people are to Echoes. I wonder how much recency bias plays a part in that.
  3. Thanks bud. Wasn't logged in so I didn't get that option - I realize I should've tried hat first, but I'm lazy.
  4. Where are people seeing the results, again?
  5. Official Pull Topic

    174 orbs now, spent 25, got a bad natured Fae as opposed to Bike. I need Steady Breath more than any other skill in the game, but that 8% banner is too appealing. I have no idea wha to do. I wasn't made for decisions like these!
  6. Tempest Trials: Less than Heroic!

    Jesus Christ. I have none of the green 8% units and I want a lot of the available SI for the other guys I do have...but Steady Breath is the skill I want the most in the entire game for my adult Tiki. Of course, I spent 25 orbs on the TT banner and got a +HP -Res five star Fae for it instead.
  7. Yes, but consider this: Ophelia.
  8. Crikey, this is a lot of content. Quests, orbs and Heroes, woo! Children of Fate, huh...So two banners with Siegbert, Forrest and M!Kana on one side and Shiro, Kiragi and F!Kana on the other?
  9. Oh sure, but I mean...can't this one girl wear pants? I feel like we need some variety here.
  10. It'd be pretty baller with a woman wearing pants. I mean I appreciate thighs as much as the next guy but this girl is from an ice kingdom, isn't she?
  11. NotGanondorf, Not!Severa, Sonya's edgy cousin and a girl who's severely underdressed for where she lives, huh? I wonder if we'll get any of them, though we've yet to obtain Bruno and Veronica.
  12. This is the cutest shit. I wonder what other character interactions we'll see.
  13. Loneliness....

    Feeling lonely is dreadful, and I genuinely hope you'll find yourself in good company soon, if that is something you seek. However, since Johann has already covered the basics, I will give some tougher love. I won't pretend to know what kind of circumstances you have since I don't know you - hell I don't even know where you live or how old you are, but I will speak generally. For starters, I feel like your attitude towards friendship and other people in general seems strange. Case in point: This is not a healthy thought to have. Being mindful of the company you keep is one thing, thinking like this is another matter entirely. It borders on paranoia. You call people that smoke and eat meat "ill mannered and uncivilized". Now, again, I don't know what kind of blokes you work with - maybe they try to throw slabs of meat at you or blow smoke in your face, in which case they're most certainly assholes, but referring to people like this is generally a good indicator as to why someone might want to keep their distance from you. I say that as someone who dislikes smoking more than the average guy. I'm not saying this to be mean to you and kick you while you're down, but rather try to offer as neutral of an opinion as I can based on what you've written here. If you want to go to therapy, than I believe that you should; someone who can get to know you better and help you out more than we on the internet can sounds good to me. I'm confused though, you work, yet your mother has to sanction you going to therapy?
  14. Do we get more Alolan forms? Please just answer yes/no and don't reveal which pokes, if any.
  15. I'd say what holds Fire Emblem back in general is its conservatism. I rarely feel like a Fire Emblem game is treading new ground outside of the Tellius games; IS generally plays it safe with premises, themes, villains and for the most part playable characters. When you compare this to, since we're talking about them already, Black & White and Sun & Moon, the supposedly more mature series feels rather childish.