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  1. I...I think that conversation will be about something very different.
  2. Oh, I'll second this. We know she'll get a support with Elise though, so I hope it's not a one per game kind of deal. Please don't let Elise and Lissa compete over who's the cutest sister.
  3. Is there any way Darius won't betray the lemon twins, willingly or not?
  4. Because it'd be literally impossible to make a tutorial map otherwise! Duh! Don't you get that? I don't get it.
  5. Xander and Frederick: "My horse is better than yours!" - Katsuyuki Konishi Takumi and anyone outside of Fates he'd have good chemistry with: "You may be a dick, but you're the good kind of dick - no homo." Celica and Corrin: "We suck at strategy and planning, huh?"
  6. Do we know for sure it's the next one, or could it be the mid/late October banner? Of course, one of those should be Halloween.
  7. Noice. I can't promise I'll be able to join in or even be that helpful with translations but I'll hopefully be able to participate a bit.
  8. Pretty sure I saw it go for around 13 GB.
  9. Since the game takes a lot of memory, I don't think I'll buy it in Japanese like I had originally thought. On the plus side, that means I'll watch your stream if I've got the time! Hell I might even be able to help translate something if necessary. I'm a dirty European, however, so we'll see how it goes. Do you know around which hours you'd stream?
  10. I believe I've heard of them liking Genealogy before, but not Blazing Blade and Path of Radiance, since Ike and Lyn's popularity in particular are very West-centric. However, it's also possible that a lot of the fans there are tired of the 3DS games being pushed so heavily. Or the poll is conducted poorly or at a hardcore Fire Emblem fan site where the results get skewed.
  11. I don't know about the details regarding this poll, but it shows the Japanese placing Genealogy of the Holy War, Blazing Blade and Path of Radiance as their first, second and third favorite Fire Emblem games, with Genealogy having a quite big lead.
  12. Awakening is my favorite game in the series; I know all about people hating on something you love. But at the end of the day, those are just random people on the internet. You've got to detach yourself from it. When compared to other gaming communities I've been a part of, Fire Emblem ranks pretty high in negativity, I agree, but I must say I understand why a lot of people are disappointed now. This series spans almost 30 years and 15 games, yet we're only focusing on a fraction of them and the characters involved in a crossover game that should celebrate the entire seies. That's no small issue to have with a game. This is all strictly anecdotal. I've seen people complain about reasonable things in Heroes, like natures and occasionally an overrepresentation of new characters for the seasonal banners, but overall the the community around that game is probably more positive than any other in the series. As for Echoes, I've literally never seen anyone complaining about no avatars or a lack of S-ranks. If you think people being upset about the gameplay is annoying, then I don't know what to tell you, because I personally found it borderline comedic how little they updated in an experimental game made 25 years ago. This is a forum; people are going to have a lot of thoughts and opinions, both negative and positive.
  13. I'm not sure what on earth you're talking about. Yes, I also get the impression that the Fire Emblem fanbase is a bit more negative than a lot of other game fandoms, but this statement doesn't even begin to make sense. First of all, both on Serenes and on the subreddit, Heroes is widely appreciated, and in large part because you can play around with your favorites across the entire series and more are constantly being added, which is primarily what people wanted out of Warriors. It has also made Intelligent Systems truckloads of money. More importantly, however, the fanbase doesn't owe Intelligent Systems or Koei Tecmo anything. We're consumers who pay them for a service they provide; we're not biting the hand that feeds us. We're fully entitled to our opinions, and if the response is so overwhelmingly negative like with Warriors, then it's more than likely that it's the developers and their PR who are at fault, not random gamers.
  14. My list has 19, and we know of 25/26 characters so far in Warriors. That means you could add characters like Tiki, Minerva, Oboro, etc., and, like you say, also give characters alternate weapons.
  15. I still think they could've gone the all-lords-route and then pad out missing niches with suitable characters. Sword: 12 - Marth, Alm, Sigurd, Leif, Seliph, Roy, Eliwood, Lyn, Eirika, Ike, Chrom, Lucina Axe: 1 - Hector Lance: 2 - Ephraim, Azura Tome: 3 - Celica, Micaiah, Robin Breath: 1 - Corrin While it seems like we've got a handful of clones, we do have around, what, 11 sword users in the base game? I think this list would make a lot more sense, especially if you fill it out with characters like Takumi. That way you could even market to the people who have only played the 3DS games while simultaneously honoring the entire series.