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  1. Looks like we've got a new meme on our hands with "Shut up, Tobin". I wonder if that'll be this game's Nohrian scum or blame Takumi.
  2. And happy birthday Lucina. That's far more important, am I right, lads?
  3. It's not exactly easy considering you can barely make a turn while dashing, and the camera is really poor.
  4. I ended up giving one Res to Celica, Saber and Mae, seeing as they already had some bulk in that regard. The idea of making Valbar a juggernaut is fun, but three Resistance won't help too much, I figured, just like you all said.
  5. Lots of things impress me in terms of presentation, but the dungeon controls are downright terrible. Alm and Celica go berserk if you so much as nudge the circle pad while attacking, and the controls are ridiculously floaty.
  6. Interesting. And we have no idea what the Goddess's Gift is? Why would we want to be able to make our characters super strong though? Will there be challenge maps later, or is it just for chapter 6?
  7. Hello everyone. Minor gameplay spoilers ahead. The Lion Head Statues from Gaiden make their return here, usually allowing you to permanently boost a specific stat of any unit of your choice up to three times, though you normally have to choose between two separate lion heads which share the number of uses and offer different bonuses, meaning there's a lot of tinkering that can be done here. Right now, I'm being offered to raise either Resistance or Experience. Thinking it won't be too hard to get levels (and the growths are rather low so you can end up disappointed anyway), I figured I should go for the Res. The question is if I want to patch up Valbar's pathetic magical defenses or simply improve the units which are already good at resisting spells. Anyway, feel free to discuss which stats you give to whom!
  8. Holy shit, Tobin's level up quote when he only gets one stat caught me by surprise. I started laughing out loud. So far the beginning of this game is pretty neat. A very cheesy prologue, but that much was obvious from the first trailer. Edit: first level up with Faye gave me a +1 Res. Those 3% growths are coming in handy already!
  9. Yes, I can play it. Checking the intro now!
  10. Gotta head to sleep now, guys. I'll respond more tomorrow!