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  1. I've got a regular adult Tiki who is -Res +Def. I've been thinking of turning her into a merge project, but I'm conflicted regarding whether or not I should turn her into a mixed tank. I've got a -Spd +Res Tiki just waiting, but I'm afraid of my current version losing her ridiculous tankiness in favor of patching up some Res. In short, purely physical Tiki or mixed Tiki? Which do you think is the best/most annoying to play against?
  2. August Legendary Banner Expectations

    So, a female character with a Fire affinity, and the story might progress this month? Sounds like Laeg or Laev are possible candidates; I wonder if they'd release a legendary Celica to what I can only assume is close to CYL. Of course, there's always Corrin either with a sword or a red dragon form. Gonna guess Laev or Laeg. They gotta hand out those Book II chaps while they're still quasi-relevant.
  3. Well, perhaps you're right. Now, about Chrom's face...
  4. The hell? Isn't Roy just Marth? I thought the joke was Chrom and Ike were too similar, which is why he "missed" Smash 4.
  5. I was at work and missed chunks and had low audio; was Chrom an echo of Marth or Ike? He seemed to have the former's side B and latter's up B.
  6. So, think we'll get the trailer soon or will we have to wait another day, give or take? Hoping for the former and expecting the latter.
  7. He means the Binding Blade character. A bard that's borderline blind.
  8. I'll guess the remaining two are Elise and Sakura. I don't expect more than half of the banner being guys, they haven't had a seasonal in a while and it'll be even more of the whole contrasting symmetry they're obsessed with in Fates.
  9. Going to guess either Severa and Owain due to not having seasonals yet and having worn yukata in the DLC, or Leo and Elise with Ryouma showing those crazy Nohrians how to enjoy a Hoshidan summer festival. Because who'd want Hoshidans to get to enjoy what's most likely going to be a Hoshidan festival am I right? Hopefully Oboro, Ophelia or Nina can slip in but I doubt it. What are they in face of the omnipresent Fates siblings?
  10. I want the seasonals to spread the love and let older characters get their time to shine. However, I was expecting Awakening or Fates for an eventual yukata banner due to Hoshido and it having been used in both Awakening and Fates' DLC. However...Ryouma and Xander? Again? Why? Why not go with the characters that wore yukata in the DLC? Where's Oboro? This is about the most boring thing they could've possibly gone for, just lik with a fourth Camilla and Takumi in the summer banner. Rather than having a few other characters catch up in seasonals, they keep using the bloody same.
  11. I think this is harder to make in a Fire Emblem setting. Don't get me wrong they don't care much about that at all, but I feel like it's easier to come up with an Elibean Valentines than saying they've all got baseball. Not that it wouldn't be sick though. Well it'll be a summer banner but it'll most likely not be beach themed.
  12. So what is everyone's prediction for the upcoming seasonal banner? Even though I'd rather other games got some more attention, I'm expecting a yukata banner with Awakening and Fates units on them, since the garb has been featured in both games' DLC. Owain and Severa both lack alts in spite of some popularity, Oboro is a Hoshidan fashionista, and both Ophelia and Nina have worn yukata in the DLC as well. I could see any of them appearing, or a non-shapeshifting Selkie due to her apparent popularity and kitsune-ness.
  13. I stand by my comment that Tellius is still the one with the biggest, most glaring hole in its representation. If you can split Genealogy, Awakening, and Fates into two groups of characters (first gen and second gen), then you can do the same with Tellius (Beorc and Laguz). I realize we don't have any beast units in the game right now and that Binding Blade hasn't had a single proper banner so far, but that doesn't mean Tellius doesn't feel underrepresented and missing a core part of its cast.
  14. Legendary Archer: Lucina

    So far I believe the portrait of the each story chapter has corresponded to what Legendary we get. Last time it was Nino and we got Hector, this time it was Olivia and we got Lucina. We should know from which game the character comes when the next story chapter arrives. Edit: Reddit had this, though it seems like it's not a perfect theory:
  15. Legendary Archer: Lucina

    While not set in stone, I believe the pattern points to the next legendary being a woman. I think Lucina proves that it can be just about anyone wielding any weapon at this point, but it could also be Laegjarn or Laevatein.