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  1. I mean, Anankos' mere existence renders two thirds of a game inconsequential and obsolete. I think it's hard to compete with that.
  2. To everyone praising the story and not the storytelling, are you done with the whole game, or are you just going by what you've seen so far?
  3. I had a bit of fun on a Gaiden save file by giving Silque the Angel Ring and resetting every level that didn't give her Speed or Defense. By the end of the run, she couldn't be hurt and doubled everyone.
  4. While the Switch isn't a powerhouse, it's still capable of quite a bit more than the Wii and the 3DS; I believe they'll take full advantage of that and go for 3D models and make a comparatively flashy game.
  5. It's a Fire Emblem game though, so I guess it doesn't matter; if they were cousin, maybe Faye should've been even more suspicious. Oh. Well, there you go! I must've missed that both while playing myself and watching Ghast's playthrough. Who says that?
  6. Wait, was it years? I got the impression Celica hadn't been there for long at all. I mean Faye didn't even know Celica wasn't Mycen's true granddaughter until the day she was forced to leave - hey, maybe that's why she gave her a chance in the first place.
  7. You know, I know the Thief Shrine has a Mila Statue, but I feel like leaving Silque there is just pretty mean. Wait, really? She missed her "biggest rival" but flat out doesn't give talking to Silque a chance? He's not the most charming guy, but man, leaving him seems to make him even more miserable. Thanks a lot for this, Vincent!
  8. Welp, I don't have much to add here. I will say that some of the story elements bothered me a bit as well though, some of which could've been rather easily avoided. Echoes is a good experience, but it's unfortunately held back by a number of things, and I don't see myself returning for as many playthroughs as Awakening or even Fates. It definitely sets the standard for the next Fire Emblem in terms of presentation though, that much is clear.
  9. Azura goes above and beyond to represent her team in Heroes -
  10. Easy there, tiger, we still have no information on Fire Emblem Switch. I'm unsure we'll even get a teaser at E3.
  11. Hell, I'm game, I've never played it. However, I also want to play the fabled Jugdral games, so I'm not sure I'd like for them to skip them. Shadows of Valentia has proven they can "go back" with their remakes, but still.
  12. I've had it confirmed that it is not a factor, though i haven't tried it myself. For me, when I used this in chapter 5 and 6, the AI followed this every single time save for one instance on the very last boss, who followed the pattern before and after that deviation.
  13. That's fair. I always took it for granted; I even thought they spelled it out at one point. Hell, I'd even say All but confirms it, but of course, it's not 100% proof. Not that this really detracts from Walhart.
  14. I'm fairly sure he is. I believe on the Japanese Awakening website, Virion says Walhart is what Alm might've become without Celica (something that seems unlikely given Echoes, but hey, Awakening!Alm was very different). Gaiden/Echoes end game spoilers: Thank goodness for that. One of the cool things about Walhart is how he started off with nothing - even less than most lords in the series - yet conquered everything in spite of that. Pff, yeah, if everyone's just going to start fighting in 2000 years again, why even bother, am I right?
  15. To me, I suppose the short answer would be that it's a bit too faithful to the original for my liking. The series, and gaming as a whole, have come a long way since Gaiden was released, yet they opted to keep a lot of design choices or results of technological limitations that I feel didn't benefit the game in the first place. For example, I don't believe many here will argue that it's a good thing they reused maps again. While I don't mind games taking their time, I feel like playing through Echoes is too much of a slog than it should be. Many units move short distances and there are a lot of maps where your movement is heavily restricted, the terrain bonuses are immense, and the Cantors are simply not fun to fight against. Dungeon exploration didn't do much to alleviate this, as you often run into enemies due to either some wonky controls or the poor camera/field of vision. A special mention has to go to the AI, which they admitted they tweaked to be more in style with Gaiden. As people have brought up, Witches are not very fun to play against, but a real deal breaker for me has been the fact that the AI prioritizes Illusions, at least the weaker ones, meaning that Genny can completely trivialize the enemy phase and you can cheese the entire game that way - that's how I dealt with chapter 6 without grinding. Overall I used far less tactics in this game than other Fire Emblem games and relied more on brute force. Echoes does many things right that I would love to see in future installments, but it does bother me they didn't iron out more of Gaiden's flaws while they were at it.