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  1. New Heroes: Those who Have fallen

    I'm a bit disappointed in Robin's art. I feel like more could've been done here, and he just doesn't look that good. Would rather take the female Robin Cipher card art instead. I also dislike the overwhelming number of armors we've gotten recently since I find them the least fun to play with. That being said, holy crap I didn't expect this. Very cool idea for a banner I must say, and I'll probably spend some orbs on it. I'm also curious as to what Takumi will look like and if he'll be any good. Skadi being a Brave Bow of some kind would fit considering it spawns a second copy of him in Conquest.
  2. It's like people calling recipes food hacks. Anyway, the trailer should be out in about six hours, I believe. Expect Thracia, hope for Morgan. (Though it really is Leif's turn).
  3. She reached #13 or something, if memory serves, so still behind characters like all the lords, Cordelia, etc. Still a very respectable spot. Too bad Cynthia is on spot 200 something. Don't we all.
  4. There was a thread about this on Reddit. For Binding Blade, it's 1) Bearded Hector 2) Idunn 3) Rutger 4) Lugh 5) Dieck Well there you go. That's actually pretty high up for Binding Blade characters, all things considered.
  5. There can't be a Binding Blade banner without Niime though. I mean those are just the facts.
  6. I mean the winner will get their own story mission, right? And Intelligent Systems are expecting Ike to win? Tharja being the people's hero would be hilarious, especially if you imagine the look on the developers' faces.
  7. Like I wrote above, I believe it'll be Leif, Finn, Nanna and Brigid. My other prediction would be some second generation Awakening characters, maybe with female Morgan and Owain due to their high placement in the most recent CYL. Laguz and other beast units are probably in the works but will need more time or a bigger update before they join. At least that's what I'm expecting.
  8. Binding Blade, like Awakening, has had no permanent additions so far, right? I'd spend a lot of orbs trying to get Niime. At first I thought the "???" for the GHB was to mask a special kind of character, but now I believe it'd make it easy to guess which banner will be next. I think the Laguz would need an update first, so I'm with you. I do think Awakening's second generation also needs to finally show up, too. I still can't believe the Fates kiddos got in first. Regardless, as the only main character not in the game yet, I believe Leif should be prioritized.
  9. So the next trailer should drop on the 21:st (for most of us), right? What kind of banner are you expecting? I personally believe we'll get a Thracia banner with Leif, Finn, Nanna and Brigid, though that might be because of my lack of knowledge of the game and I don't know other important names. I do, however, think it's finally Leif's turn to join now. Besides the Laguz and Leif, what other major/popular characters are we missing?
  10. I've never noticed any "hate", just people wanting variation, especially now in a time of frequent spin-offs where it actually affects the balance of the roster. I don't know if you confused people joking about how common sword lords are with hatred.
  11. Because the biggest problem with dragons or dragon corruption, apart from being beyond repetitive at this point, is that it offers a quick, get-out-of-jail-free-card in terms of plot and characterization. The evil dragon is killed, and all is well in the world. Rather than there actually being a conflict driven by clashing human ideologies or interests, there's an evil being that has to be put down for one reason or another which ties a nice little bow on everything.
  12. Hello everyone. So apparently there's a Cipher Festival in Japan next month. Since I'm close to Kobe, I might go to the one on the 4:th of March. Is anyone else going? Also, do you need tickets? I'd love to go there, buy some geeky stuff and show the event to people who're too far away to enjoy it.
  13. Grand Hero Battle: Robin (F)

    The combination of Sigurd and Reinhardt is insanely strong, I feel, which has allowed me to just use raw power rather than strategy in many cases. Armor, however, I find much harder. If you take Robin's GHB for example, I don't believe there's any way for them to trigger the enemy without getting hit by three different attacks from three different colors.
  14. How Long Does IS Plan Things in Advance?

    I think it varies. I feel like we've received a lot more content recently when compared to November, for example. I also believe they've got a banner or two ready at all times just in case; it wouldn't surprise me if some of the more popular characters are already finished and waiting for their turn. Leif would be one such example.