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  1. Idea 1: Daein Liberation Zihark (Red Sword Infantry), Jill (Green Axe Wyvern), and Tauroneo (Blue Lance Armor) Pelleas as a TT unit. Maybe a colorless magic user? Izuka as a GHB. He can be a red mage or something. Idea 2: Crimean Knights Geoffrey (Blue Lance Calvary), Kieran (Green Axe Calvary), and Marcia (Blue Lance Pegasus) Astrid as a TT unit (Gray Archer Calvary) or Lucia as a TT unit (Special Sword Infantry) Ludveck as a GHB Idea 3: Laguz Royals- Colors are difficult to make Nailah (Red Wolf), Rafiel (Colorless Mage/Refresher Infantry), and Tibarn (Green Hawk). Reyson can potentially replace Rafiel as a (Colorless Mage flying) Ranulf as a TT reward (Blue Cat) Dhenginsea as a GHB. (Idk what kind of dragon. Maybe a Gray Armor Dragon to make him really OP)
  2. Anna is a given- she's the mascot, so she should be represented in some way. She doesn't need to be playable, just present. However, if she is playable, it would be cool to see what class they've picked for her this time. I'm also up for the Cipher characters to be DLC. And that's it really. The only repeats I won't be as annoyed with are a different Awakening trio. Fates set it up as all of the kids were swept up and taken to another dimension so they can exist without causing a paradox or something in their world. I could see them adding Noire, Gerome, and Nah as the next trio.
  3. Names you like

    I really like the name Farrah for some reason. Sounds like pharaoh, but feminine. I like a lot of 'F' names, like Felix, Frederick, Felicity, etc.
  4. Playing the Binding Blade... again.

    You have to beat it 9 times with at least one of those times being hard mode to unlock Guinivere. I believe Zephiel only requires you to beat the game 7 times. So OP is almost there to get Zephiel. It's weird that Guinivere takes more work than her brother.
  5. I'm not sure if this is something to admit or not.... but I spent way too much time myself thinking of which girl would be the most likely to end up with Roy taking political ties into consideration. I also think Larum also has some sway in Etruria too. Her father is a trusted general of Elffin and she did help save/hide him, so she has ties to Eturian royalty as well. Plus, her ending is the only one where it mentions that she gained the respect of others. Granted, I prefer her with Oujay or Perceval, but they don't have any paired endings.
  6. Recent update with Kaga

    I'm so excited! I really like how passionate Kaga is about his work.
  7. New seasonal Banner: Land’s Bounty

    Ippei did Dorcas again so there's nothing to fear this Halloween. Maybe it's because I really hyped myself on this banner, but I feel slightly disappointed. IDKY, but I'm not going to pull too hard for this one. Mia will (hopefully) be my free pull. I currently don't have her, and I like her costume hear. I wanted someone like Elincia or Erinys to be the first flying healer, but I'm OK with Mia. WAH. I like Kagero, but I'm just not feeling her? I was never too crazy about her character, and dealing with her Poison dagger in the arena so much has somewhat soured me on her. Her Spring seasonal was a while ago, but idk, I feel like they could have put another character here. I was hoping for Oboro, Felicia, or Sonya instead tbh. I may go for Niles. I need more blues and bisexual legends. Myrhh will be an arena monster. I bet she'll have 180 BST. Her outfit is cute, BUT something about the length of it bothers me a little bit. WAH.
  8. Halloween silhouettes for the 10/10 banner

    Someone on Reddit (u/Fudgepops313) pointed out that the figure on the right looks like Oboro's Halloween Costume. It looks pretty fitting to me. Oboro is pretty petite as well. Also from reddit, someone (u/damselfly) drew Felicia as the right figure and here's how they drew ponytail + witch hat:
  9. Halloween silhouettes for the 10/10 banner

    I wonder who it's going to be. It seems like this banner has more people stumped than usual, and I don't think they'll give Camilla another alt so soon. Someone drew using the right figure's outline and it was Felicia. Personally, I can see Felicia being a flying healer/staff unit, since maids also wield staves. Plus, it would be right after the banner her sister is the focus of and Jakob, her male counterpart, was the focus on the Halloween banner last year. The one on the left could be Camilla, but I could also see it being Tharja or Sonya. It would make sense for it to be Sonya, since she's affiliated with Witches the most, but that's just me. The best surprise, IMO, for the figure on the left would be for it to be some male character in drag. THAT would be a gag.
  10. Who Would You Want To Be Your Mirage?

    I think my personality would complement Lute's or Raigh's pretty well, so them. Maybe Serra too. EDIT: I'm also fine with Matthew, because we share the same name.
  11. One note I want to touch on is that Rahna was more of a Queen Regent than a straight up Queen. Lewyn's father was seen as the true ruler,; Rahna just ran things until Lewyn was of age to take the throne IIRC. She didn't have Holsety blood, I believe it was Lewyn's father. This partly ties into why he feels guilty for leaving Silesse, he's not just the Heir, but he was supposed to be the King by that time. Chivalry may be in place, so the fact that Seliph + Leaf were (good looking) men, leaders/faces of the revolution, and were marketable than their sisters. Julia has too much association with who they just overthrew and Altenna wasn't fighting in Lenster like her brother was.
  12. That seems really excessive. PoR isn't even a short game to begin with.
  13. I guess we'll reddit together. We're both trash.
  14. Tips for FE3 specifically

    I would also put Phina in that list. I'd recommend leveling her up for dancer shenanigans (Hardin is quaking)
  15. FE4 Newbie-Rate my (Planned) pairings

    I kind of like how Arthur's caps are smaller; it's balanced out by the fact he gets a horse and has the best availability of the Holsety users, so there's some balance there. (Balance in a Kaga game?!). Although I think Tine has the best conversation with Lewyn, I do think Lene benefits the most out of his daughter exchanges, since she's the Gen 2 girl with the least amount of dialogue unfortunately (although her rise in popularity thanks to Heroes may change that.)