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  1. So we finally hear about the soon-to-be fan favorite. I like Dorothea. I didn't like how her hat looked photoshopped on at first but it's grown on me. She reminds me a little bit of Rise from Persona in terms of Design and backstory, so I will probably like her. She's currently the only Black Eagles character I really like so if she has access to the songstress/dancer class she will probably be one of my favorite characters. It would be interesting to see how she interacts with the other Black Eagles, since she's the only commoner of the group. I do hope they mention class difference in her supports, because the Empire seems like a much more serious/orderly culture than the others. It would also be interesting to see her interactions with Manuela, since they seem to have a pre-established relationship, so it would be interesting to see how they develop. She also seems to flirt with Byleth, which makes me wonder... In general, a theatrical company isn't exactly a corporation. In most cases, the Company part is just part of the name. They're probably more akin to an opera troupe rather than a corporation. A corporation implies that Mittlefrank Opera Company is like a brand/chain that is owned by shareholders and whatnot. It's most likely a medieval Broadway.
  2. Nice eye. I really hope more personal touches are put in other than just a banner. Maybe how the desks are organized can gives us a glimpse into the characters' personalities.
  3. I'm fond of Golden Deer the most. The cast seems to be the most varied/weirdest. Since they seem to care about noble status the least and have a more democratic style to them, I wonder how their group dynamic will work. Claude seems to be the easy-going type, but also a strategist. I feel like his character will be really clever and will have entertaining dialogue. Hilda's portrait got upgraded and she still looks like Serra. The fact that I can make her a healer will make this all the better. Raphael's shirt gets me, and I hope he's more than just a "lovable oaf" type character. Big, not-so-handsome guys like him are usually portrayed as dumb, so I hope he's at least average. Leonie is giving me Sully vibes. Lorentz looks like a villain to me. I'm interested in what his personality will be. Ignace seems to be the nerdiest of the bunch and I wonder how his model will look if we assign him a brawny class like brigand. Lysithea is the prettiest girl to me so far and kind of looks like short female Robin. Marianne seems like she'll be a pessimist, so let's hope her writing is good. Now, I'm not trying to be edgy, but the Black Eagles stand out the least to me. Their designs are varied, but I'm not sold on any of them. None of them look bad, but I'm not particularly fond of them. Edelgard is pretty, but I think her dialogue will be the most boring of the three. (I hope I'm wrong and it's entertaining). Caspar, Petra, Ferdinand, and Dorothea look interesting. I do wish Dorothea's hat was different. The shading isn't that great and it looks slapped on with photoshop. The lack of detail of where the hair meets the hat also bugs me. The hat should be bigger and come down on her head lower. It looks way too small like Hey Arnold's hat. Her earrings are cute, but surprisingly modern. Maybe she's the fashionista of the cast. Now to Blue Lions. I like them. I know most people can't get past Dimitri's hair, but it truly is one of the most iconic hairstyles in all of Fire Emblem now. That's a fact. It looks better in pictures that show movement. The fact that his character is said to be really polite and eloquent makes me wonder if he'll have a cute/innocent side. Mercedes and Sylvain seem like interesting characters, as well as the no names. Blondie has a spot on the calendar and I feel like she may be really important. If she's not a relative of Dimitri, she seems like the kind of girl that would be his love interest: the hime trope. Silver doesn't look like a student at all; he looks really old. I hope that's a running joke in-game. I also like the female teacher. To reply to the 2 quotes above, she could also be Dimitri's love interest? I don't know why, but she looks like the kind of noblewoman that was raised her whole life to marry the King. It could be that it is all the same classroom. Maybe IS took inspiration from Western high schools where the teacher stays in the same room and not Japanese classrooms. When the students are in there, it could just be different periods. This raises the question of how time/periods will affect classroom gameplay. Does this mean we only have a limited time with certain factions every day? Is this the game's way to spread EXP to all factions?
  4. Best girl is back

    I wonder if a student dies due to a school mission, that the parents have a right to sue. But I feel like this is the type of school to make all parents sign a contract saying they can't sue and assume all liabilities.
  5. New Anna is interesting. She reminds me of the Annas from the SNES era. FE4 Anna had longer hair than most Annas and FE5 is the only other Anna that doesn't wear a red outfit. I also like the asymmetric design of her shirt. She has no right sleeve. I wish her hair had more red, but other than that I really like this iteration of Anna.
  6. Famitsu website has some new screenshots

    I like how detailed the 3D models are. Even the promoted renders look good. But removing Dorothea's hat is a travesty. It makes her head look so naked now. Lysithea seems interesting. She'll probably be one of my favorites.
  7. Weirdest/Oddest Experience in your Entire Life?

    The legal drinking age here is 19 (International Age) or 20 (Korean Age- Koreans add a year). My drunk friend and I were both legal there (I turned 21 a couple weeks after this party).
  8. Weirdest/Oddest Experience in your Entire Life?

    Not sure if this is the absolute weirdest, but it's one of the weirdest in recent memory. I was at a friend's birthday party, and we all got drunk. Me, being the lightweight I was, was stumbling all over the place and my friend (the birthday boy) just kept smiling and telling me "I'll take care of you!" in a rather drunken fashion. Since the party was on the rooftop on the apartment complex we were at (common in South Korea) and we just hugged and started at the lights of the city. Then he kept kissing the side of my head. Granted, we only met a couple days prior to this party, so I thought it was weird that I was getting kissed on the side of my head by this drunk guy I met 2 days ago. Had a wonderful time still.
  9. Which seasonal themes are your favourites?

    Performing Arts and Valentines are the only ones where the outfits don't look too gimmicky, so I like those the most.
  10. March/April 2019 Special Heroes Silhouettes!

    I saw someone (jokingly) say this was Lucius and Raven and I want that to be true so bad.
  11. Stories About Your Jobs

    I would love to join this conversation, but I think my job prohibits me on giving out too much information. But let's just say some of the clientele I've had to work with had expectations about what we do that we have never offered nor have we advertised.
  12. New Event Calendar (March-April 2019)

    I'm hoping this means we're getting Three Houses info during late March/early April and they don't want Heroes to be overshadowed... But this is just me wishful thinking.
  13. More Female Enemies

    Good point there. Plus I tend to not really view the enemies "as human" as much as I do with the ones I control anyway. It probably wouldn't bother me while I'm playing the game. There is only a handful of times where killing an enemy made me feel bad, and that's usually with the Camus and a select few (Ishtore + Liza, for starters). This is probably due to how little the antagonists are developed in FE.
  14. About the blonde lady (No, not the queen!)

    I'm not sure about her being related to Claude. Her outfit consists of red and white, which I believe to be the colors of the church. She may be the "Camus" of this game. I think it's too early to assume her origins as well. Leicester isn't the only country to feature tanned characters. Faerghus also has a tanned character. Seeing as how the West Church is located in Faerghus, my guess is that she may be associated with him instead of Claude.
  15. More Female Enemies

    Getting to be THE wife is a whole other process. Working your way to be #1 wife is limited to those that come from good families, most of the time. Although there are some girls that had more humbler origins and became queen because their husbands loved them so much. In general, FE uses "ugliness" to state that the character is unrecruitable. However, I never thought Lamia was recruitable because she didn't have an ugly portrait. Maybe a female bandit leader can be modeled after Lamia- conventionally attractive, but can still send a chill down your spine with what she says and how she scowls. ...That's something I can get behind.