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  1. March/April 2019 Special Heroes Silhouettes!

    I saw someone (jokingly) say this was Lucius and Raven and I want that to be true so bad.
  2. Stories About Your Jobs

    I would love to join this conversation, but I think my job prohibits me on giving out too much information. But let's just say some of the clientele I've had to work with had expectations about what we do that we have never offered nor have we advertised.
  3. New Event Calendar (March-April 2019)

    I'm hoping this means we're getting Three Houses info during late March/early April and they don't want Heroes to be overshadowed... But this is just me wishful thinking.
  4. More Female Enemies

    Good point there. Plus I tend to not really view the enemies "as human" as much as I do with the ones I control anyway. It probably wouldn't bother me while I'm playing the game. There is only a handful of times where killing an enemy made me feel bad, and that's usually with the Camus and a select few (Ishtore + Liza, for starters). This is probably due to how little the antagonists are developed in FE.
  5. About the blonde lady (No, not the queen!)

    I'm not sure about her being related to Claude. Her outfit consists of red and white, which I believe to be the colors of the church. She may be the "Camus" of this game. I think it's too early to assume her origins as well. Leicester isn't the only country to feature tanned characters. Faerghus also has a tanned character. Seeing as how the West Church is located in Faerghus, my guess is that she may be associated with him instead of Claude.
  6. More Female Enemies

    Getting to be THE wife is a whole other process. Working your way to be #1 wife is limited to those that come from good families, most of the time. Although there are some girls that had more humbler origins and became queen because their husbands loved them so much. In general, FE uses "ugliness" to state that the character is unrecruitable. However, I never thought Lamia was recruitable because she didn't have an ugly portrait. Maybe a female bandit leader can be modeled after Lamia- conventionally attractive, but can still send a chill down your spine with what she says and how she scowls. ...That's something I can get behind.
  7. Maybe the crests can summon a beast or transform people into them? Seeing as how the dark dragon had the Crest of Gautier as its name, maybe Sylvain or some family members uses the crest to summon the dragon or they transformed into it themselves. Perhaps crests are the replacement for beastones/dragonstones?
  8. I feel the same way. I know there are some mods for Civ IV that include FE inspired maps (Mangs is currently doing a series as well), but I'm not too adept with playing on a computer. Seeing as how Civ V is on the Switch, a collaboration could potentially work.
  9. More Female Enemies

    This is a bit of a weird question- although I'm all for equality in games, you can argue both sides for this answer. Yes because women should be represented more as antagonist; it's a fantasy world and it doesn't necessarily have to follow our knowledge of real life. Women are evil in real life, FE can give them a more active role in that process (via characters like Lamia) However, you can also argue no because having female enemies does portray violence against women, which I assume all of us on this board is against. It's a weird conundrum where we must decide how "real" we want FE. This sort of gives a reason why Lene didn't get much in-game attention after her recruitment. Lene looked like a "Kogal" and she hardly gets any attention. Out of all the Gen 2 girls, she's the only one that doesn't have any sort of Lovers Events or conversations. They could have forgot about her, but judging by Kaga's attitude towards characters that look flashy makes me think that they were approaching a deadline, didn't have time for everyone and cut out Lene + some of the other Gen 2 boys out of getting more conversations and development. I may be reaching with my assumption. It's probably complete bull since it was originally about Silvia. I still don't get by what he meant by changed though, since Silvia's character arc is a bit... flat imo. Wait what? By "promotions in society" are you referring to a change of class? Because if so, I would agree depending on the situation you're referring to. A poor, but pretty girl probably would've been sold/picked up by a lord to be a mistress or some other thing. Being a concubine was better than being a commoner, but they usually didn't have too much influence/sway due to a lack of courtly connections. I thought the women with the most power were the ones who had a powerful man by their side. Either their father or husband had passed and they were the only one capable of inheriting whatever they did. A rare occurrence, but these are the only instances where you would see a woman get a "promotion" in things like royal councils. This was due to family connections, not by her outward appearance IIRC. I mean, there are also ugly chicks IRL, just as there are ugly men. A bandit leader doesn't necessarily have to be ugly though, but she should be intimidating in some way. She is a gang boss after all.
  10. A fighting game would be fun. Something akin to Soul Calibur or Blazblue could be cool. A kingdom builder game. A game that expands on the MyCastle feature from Fates. Except it's a whole kingdom/city-state and we have to recruit citizens and designate classes for them. (they all start as villagers). Something similar to Final Fantasy: My Life as King A Civilization-esque game. This one is pretty self-explanatory, and the countries in this game will be the ones from past games. For example, Xander reps Nohr, Ryoma reps Hoshido, Elincia reps Crimea, Sanaki reps Begnion, Elphin reps Etruria, L'arachel reps Rausten, and so and so forth. This will mainly be a royal-only game, but it could be interesting if characters like Nyna and Arvis would be playable. These 3 would feel the most FE to me, especially if they paid attention to the details. Although with spinoffs, FE could get away with making visual novels and rhythm games.
  11. Where to Play or watch FE4 and FE5?

    I'm fond of CalMc1234's let's play poledoo also does a good job. He reads the text as well. A currently running series rn is Ertrick36's let's play. The first LP I've watched of this game is Mageknight404's. Gen 1 here. Gen 2 here. This series was made in 2009 so keep in mind it's Vintage YouTube at its finest (which means 10-15 mins per part.) He reads the text, and even tries to give the girls a softer voice, which is humorous in my opinion. I had to include this one in for nostalgia. If you want to watch a substitute run, watch any of these until Gen 1 ends, and then switch to Mangs' LP.
  12. Where to Play or watch FE4 and FE5?

    For LPs, are there any current FEtubers you personally like (or dislike)? What kind of commentary style do you like? Do you prefer a group of friends playing or just one? Do you prefer serious commentary or something more casual? Sorry to throw all these questions at you. I figured it may be easier for you to have 1 recommendation rather than a mountain of possible recs.
  13. Saga of Spirits: Eon Compass

    This has a lot of promise. Looks like you have a lot of passion for this project.
  14. I would like to bring up it depends on the series/platform a particular work is on. For example, a series like Smash Bros should take fan criticism/desires more than something like Game of Thrones. The whole idea of Smash is to appeal to many fans of Nintendo as possible while having fun gameplay. Although there has been a lot of small changes since Melee, Ultimate's core gameplay/concept is still pretty similar. People don't play Smash for the story usually, they play for fun battles and for the cast of characters. If there's huge demand for a certain character, Sakurai should take that into consideration. Meanwhile a series like Game of Thrones should stick to the source material it was inspired from (the novels) instead of listen to fan demand/criticism. They should take account some constructive criticism if they felt a certain character arc was executed poorly or a certain scene was missing something. Other than that, they should stick to what has already been planned. Giving unnecessary attention to a fan favorite and giving them special perks would only devalue them in this particular case, imo.
  15. See below I am not here for this Raphael slander. Boy may have an ugly face, but THAT CHEST THOUGH. Watch him get meme'd & cinnamon roll'd the shit out of. Anyways, onto to the topic at hand. Black Eagles Pros: AXELORD Ferdinand, Dorothea, and Petra seem interesting. I really like red. THE CRESTS ARE TO BLAME Will probably have a 100% guide come out first Cons: I'll probably watch some YouTuber play it as I do, and they'll most likely pick this route. (big IF) I don't find Edelgard as interesting as the other 2 for some reason. I felt that we got a better idea of a group dynamic of the other 2 groups and their personalities seem more prevalent. I can already guess that Dimitri will be the serious, stick in the mud and tries to be the best at everything. While Claude is more open to teamwork and is more laid back in his approach to things. But Edelgard? Despite her being the most showcased lord, I couldn't get a feel for her personality. I predict she'll be similar to Roy or Chrom, but I'm very unsure of what her personality will be right now. Since it seems like they're pushing people to pick her route first, it's probably the easiest/least challenging one of the three. (this could also be a pro though)- this is just a guess Blue Lions Pros: LANCELORD Fargus is the country I'm most interested in learning about. They seem to be affiliated with the Western Church, so I wonder how that'll affect their actions in the story. Fargus is also the only country described with more negative sounding words (like cold) so I wonder how the culture of Fargus reflects their cold temperature. Are the people of Fargus hardcore? Do they feel the need to innovate to survive better? Will Fargus students get a boost in snow maps? The nameless guys sparring all seem pretty cool. They don't come off as noble-y as all the other students. Mercedes is also seems interesting. The blonde girl has resting bitch face so I hope she's a Maribelle type. I really like the color blue. Perhaps the hardest route of the three? (could also be a con)- this is just a guess Cons: It's going to be REAL hard to get used to Dimitri's 90s gelled to hell and back hair style. Plus, his armor artwork doesn't look as polished as Edelgard and Dimitri's in terms of design. Least popular, so there will be less coverage of it INITIALLY. I have a feeling this route will be saved for last for most YouTubers and guide makers, so it may take a while to get a 100% guide. Golden Deer Pros: BOWLORD Looks like the most diverse and ragtag group of the three. The group dynamic seems more democratic (Claude is the leader but the others will put in their own input.) They also have the cast of characters I'm most excited for. Because of their country's politics dynamic, I wonder if any of them would turn on Claude Raphael's small shirt Can't go wrong with Gold. I predict this will be the medium route. Not the easiest, but not the hardest. A good middle ground for both hardcore players and casual players. Cons: Confusing Political Set up? There's no King, but there's a leader? It just sounds like people trying to be cool like "oh no we're too cool to have a King," but then have someone acting like one? Maybe it's like Ferox where Leadership can switch between houses? Or maybe it's more akin to the Lycian League where Ostia was seen as the figurehead?