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  1. I picked sorcerer. It seems like there's a school the beginning of the game takes place in, so it would be cool to see a sorcerer as a teacher.
  2. Use him to see if he actually has the power it says he has. I wonder if his stats are bugged, or is it just a menu problem.
  3. Could've been nice to have Est and Phina rep FE3/12, but I'm not mad about Tellius representation.
  4. How Can Micaiah Be Made A Better Unit?

    I'm on the same train as boosting her speed. She'll be at least a decent glass cannon then. On some other notes, I also liked the Heron idea from a lore perspective. Sure, it kind of gives her heritage away, but a refreshing skill makes sense. I can see the why nots though. Rafiel becomes available not too long afterwards and the only part in the game where her refreshing skill won't be redundant is in Part 3.
  5. I never really thought of her as "Edgelord" tbh. I didn't think of that nickname until I saw people talk about it online. It's probably because I focused more on the sound of "Edelgard" rather than the spelling. I, too, thought of Edelweiss before Edgelord.
  6. FE4 Chapter 6- could be an error in translation, but "It's ONLY the Rebel Army!" cracks me up. For some darker humor, the same chapter, Iuchar and Iucharba fighting to the death over a girl they barely know. And then surviving brother never mentions or laments over the family member he killed/had a hand in killing. I get it's war, but lol. For something more modern, "NOHRIAN SCUM" cracks me up, despite it supposed to be a racial slur of sorts.
  7. If there was a Blazing Sword remake...

    A rescue rework would be nice, especially since the refreshers in this game have limited movement and limited availability. Thinking back, I wouldn't include pair up now. It would make a lot of levels far too easy. Skills I'm still on the fence about though.
  8. Most useless unit in Fire Emblem?

    Wendy came to mind first. She's the worst armor knight in Binding Blade without a doubt, coming in when you've already had Bors since the Prologue and get a better armor knight at the same time. She can't really compete with Duessel either. A lot of the cavs are tanky enough anyways, so there's really not much use for her. Not to mention Binding Blade has huge maps, which really knock down an armor knight's viability.
  9. Trailer Theme Cover (+ off vocal)

    Nice cover! I can tell I'm already going to love the music this game will have! You have a nice tenor (?) voice.

    I hamburger U hamburger happy hamburger
  11. Nintendo themed banner

    Nope. It's Fire Emblem Heroes. Not Nintendo Heroes. Cosplay banner could be cute, but I don't need to see (as much as I love them) Link and Zelda in FEH. Not when there's hundreds of FE characters still not in the game. Also, I doubt IS would ever do it because they don't have the rights to those characters and if they were given permission, would have split some of the profits or (most likely) pay a hefty sum to use such characters. And they probably don't want to split profits or pay a big sum for one banner. Hiring artists is one thing, getting permission to use a copyrighted character is another.
  12. Oh yeah it is. It's one of my favorites, but it's pretty evident it was made in the 90s. It may be years before it's made though, although I can see it coming out within the next 5 years. Also to clarify, the parallel between Sigurd vs Arvis and Seliph vs Julius is still there, but takes a back seat. There's probably some more overarching themes I may have missed, but the parallels between Parent + Child and Reunification are the most important though, imo.
  13. Hooray Leen and Aless! Or Lene and Ares! Whatever I'm so happy! First Heroes, now this. Thanks for translating!
  14. Julius inherited his mother's "fluff hair" so he would just look like evil boy Deidre. For differences this could make: Creates a contrast between 1st Generation and 2nd Generation. Sigurd and Deidre meet and fall in love. Their children, who greatly resemble their parent, meet and fight to the death. Removes the parallel between Sigurd vs. Arvis and Seliph vs. Julius. Julius may have also inherited Major Naga blood. For Julia, there's not much of a difference. Makes it less obvious she's Deidre's daughter. Implies she may have a bigger portion of Fala blood. At the very least, she looks more like a typical Velthomer noble. Because she resembles Veltomer more, there's a much more obvious theme of reunification. The Houses Chalphy and Velthomer are now joined in fraternity, ending their rivalry. Reunification is a big theme for FE4, with conflict serving as a barrier to peace. Making a more obvious relationship between the 2 most powerful houses will signify this. Of course this is done anyways, but Julia's appearance will make it more obvious. TL;DR: makes the themes of the game more obvious and replaces a parallel with a contrast.
  15. About Byleth aka "the teacher"...!

    Oh I see. I guess it can work then. I wonder how it will be received by most people though. lol at blink code. For this avatar, IF they are one, I hope they stay their supportive role.