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  1. I would disagree with the "Too Soon". They would probably reuse the same assets, just add more characters and levels. The producers said if the sales are good, a sequel won't be out of the question. Last I checked the sales were good, and they wanted to put more attention to Ike and Roy. I wouldn't be surprised if it gets announced soon.
  2. [FE3] How do you get the best ending?

    I seriously hope if she's ever added in Heroes she has a couple of "bad" lines or the VA gives her a rather evil feeling.
  3. [FE3] How do you get the best ending?

    I didn't know Mallesia affects the ending. Is she a back up love interest for Marth if Caeda kicks the bucket? Poor Catria just can't win A part of me is sad for Caeda, but another part of me is happy Malliesia doesn't become a "bad girl". Malliesia for Heroes when?
  4. Lene got in and she's my all time favorite, so I'm pretty happy. A lot of my favorites are in, with the recent addition of the Rulers of Laguz banner being all characters on my favorites list. I wonder if the Binding Blade banner will include more of my favorites. I'm hoping for an Eturian Banner featuring Perceval, Douglas, Larum, and Echidna, but there's plenty other BB characters I'm interested in.
  5. The 10 characters most deserving to be added

    Ced is a fan favorite, so I expected him to be mentioned a lot. I think a lot of people aren't concerned about the Forseti thing since Ares got Missiletainn but a "dark version" of it. If they don't want to give Ced Forseti, they could give him the Lightning tome. For the Genealogy units, I did leave out the Gen 1 units, only because I see Gen 2 getting a banner before Gen 1 (seems like Gen 2 happens in the first half of the year while Gen 1 happens in the second half). Otherwise I probably would've put Brigid and Edain instead. The only other Awakening units that would be relevant to have would be Validar and Say'ri, but I much prefer Flavia and Basilio. I think they would be more entertaining.
  6. To quote the best introduction in SRPG history....

    "Nice to meet you, I'm an assassin." Flonne?
  7. The 10 characters most deserving to be added

    As popular as they are, it's hard to make a list without them. Plus, I'll admit I had some... personal bias in that decision. But their lines in Heroes would be rather entertaining, IMO.
  8. The 10 characters most deserving to be added

    So if I'm understanding this correctly, there's no one allowed from the GBA games, Thracia, or Fates. Ok, let's see what I can do. My 10 isn't in Top 10 order, but in order they appeared. 1. Astram- Since Jeorge (Parthia) and Camoo (Gradvius) are in the game, we only have one regalia left, the Mercurius. Since the sword is most associated with Astram, I think he's a good contender to be added. 2. Phina- the first dancer in FE history and arguably the only true "combat dancer". IIRC she's in the Top 5 Mystery characters not yet added into the game. Although she's not really story relevant, it's sad that we have so many refreshers in the game but the OG refresher isn't in yet. She has strong ties to Navarre as well, and it could be funny if she was included in a banner with Samto where she confuses Samto for Navarre and shenanigans between the two ensue. She has fun dialogue, and I can totally see her playing pranks or giving fashion advice to the summoner. 3. Shannan- He's important in both generations and is highly requested. Plus he wield Balmung, so he already has a powerful weapon to keep him 5 stars. It should really add SPD. Plus, I want to see how he would look. 4. Patty- Another character that isn't necessarily story-relevant, but she is pretty popular. IIRC, she's the most popular Gen 2 female other than Julia in Japan. She's a well-liked character and can be included with another character I'll mention in this list. She could be the first sleep sword/dagger user, which can be interesting. Seeing more status effects in FEH can be meta-changing. She has a lot of fun dialogue, which FEH can use for her. 5. Ced- He's important in both FE4 and FE5, making him someone deserving to be added into the game. He could have Forseti like Lewyn, but I'm not sure how much they'll change it. He could also wield Lightning (?) as well. Many fanboys would whale for him. 6. Ranulf- He's important in both games he's in, he has a close connection to Ike, and now that there are Beast units, I see no reason to hold him back. Ranulf deserves his chance in the sunlight too. 7. Jill- She's very popular and it's been a while since we've gotten a proper wyvern unit. 8. Skrimir- Since beasts are in, let's add more. This time we have Skrimir, who's awesome and a lion. He's a major player in Radiant Dawn, and I feel like his lines would be amusing since he also has a lot of fun dialogue. 9. Flavia- She's a major player in Awakening. Even though she's Spotpass-only, she does have a lot of relevance. We don't get too many "tomboy" female units, especially lately, so it would be a nice change of pace. 10. Basilio- He's Flavia's counterpart and has a big personality. Plus he's needed for Pec Emblem. But seriously, he's important to the story and I think his dialogue would be interesting. Honorable mentions: Arran, Midia, Xane, Edain, Brigid, Tine, Lethe, Tauroneo, Haar, Say'ri, Rinea, and Rudolf.
  9. If you hate accounting now, you probably won't ever like it. I just finished my accounting courses. Although I did well in them, I don't like it at all either. Plus you would have to worry about taking the CPA Exam and everything. I would talk to the Economics department and your current advisor about switching. Luckily, the prerequisite classes for Econ and Business are pretty similar, so you won't lose much (if anything) by transferring now.
  10. FE has a tendency to go on a "information drought" and then give us a ton of information before release. I remember not hearing anything about Fates for the longest time, but then they started releasing info a few months before release. As for improvements, I assume they're just going to be finish detailing things. For example, they will Mercedes a custom battle render and not something generic.
  11. Thanks so much for posting this! I was waiting for someone to do a really in-depth analysis. Do you think the castle in the background is the school? I have a feeling all of the gameplay we saw is relatively early in the game.
  12. Forging Bonds: Hearts as One

    True. I forgot that Leanne didn't have any prejudice, mainly because she wasn't really exposed to it or taught it. I also think Reyson could mention Naesala, but in a more bitter way.
  13. Forging Bonds: Hearts as One

    What I Want: Tibarn talking about his rivalry with Naesala, the importance of being a hawk king, and his relationship with Reyson. Reyson talking about rebuilding his homeland, his relationship with Tibarn, and what it means to be strong. Leanne also talking about her homeland and her relationship with Naesala (should contrast with what Tibarn says about him) Nailah talking about the lands beyond the desert, Rafiel, and possibly connect Fates to Tellius (Keaton reference? His tribe referenced?) All of them actually interacting with each other, with Leanne speaking the Ancient Language and having the other translate for her. Would be really cool if they were all hesitant in their C support (except Nailah) about talking to a beorc. What I Expect: Tibarn being a musclehead about paying off his debts and protecting his people Reyson talking about what it means to be strong only. Leanne "I..... like.... you." Nailah flirting despite Rafiel being her loved one.
  14. Most of the writing is better on Eirika's side, so it would make sense for characters like Gerik, Tethys, Ewan, L'arachel, Dozla, & Cormag to be on that route. Marisa could go on either, but since both of the people that can recruit her are on Eirika's side, I would also put her on Eirika's route. Amelia, Knoll, & Rennac could go to Ephraim's side. Ephraim would need some new characters. I would give him another trainee or something like that (perhaps a trainee wyvern knight?). Ephraim would also need a new refresher to make up for losing Tethys. A new bard or dancer can get the job done. I would also give this character some sort of rivalry with Tethys, and they wouldn't be impressed by the other one's skills and can't be refreshed by them. I think they could also add a pirate character. It's a shame Ross is the only one that can become one and that's if you get the Ocean Seal.
  15. New Heroes: Rulers Of The Laguz

    Don't worry I wasn't upset about you. I got overzealous with replying because I'm excited about the banner and I always feel oddly passionate when it comes to refreshers for some reason. If I came off as rude, I'm sorry. I wasn't trying to purposely egg you on.