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  1. Ohhhhh. That makes sense. I'm surprised they haven't finished more 3D models, but it seems like the designs were made, so that's good. So Mercedes, Moustache, and The Emo Guy possibly playable characters still in the works? Cool. There could be new classes, or classes that are dramatically changed. Given how it seems Edelgard can use magic, perhaps most characters or many classes have some sort of spell list? Then again, Edelgard has a unique class so I'm going to take that idea with a grain of salt. I'm going to ignore the stats for now, because I suspect that the footage comes from the tutorial, so if Mercedes is playable, she'll probably have better stats. Or, they'll buff her stats for the final version. Or she's just a scrub. And if the academy thing is true, I can see the class called "student", which is similar to villager or trainee classes.
  2. Edelgard and the goddess seem remarkably similar.

    Hmmm... this is a pretty good analysis, and an interesting way to analyze- linking the quotes and the clips shown. I haven't seen others do that with this trailer. I think your story predictions to be good guesses.
  3. Druid is an actual class already, so I guess adding Dandy just means I'm a stylish Druid.
  4. Oh yeahhhh. Although I didn't think Micaiah was that bad in Part 1. Her problem was everything past Part 1. Yeah who am I kidding. Would be funny that we get a female lord who can use axes but is totally bad at using them.
  5. It's interesting to note how a character's popularity seems to change depending on which site you're on. Claude is the most popular here but Edelgard is the most popular on Reddit. Poor Dimitri. Also, is anyone concerned about the artist's style? Kurahana Chinatsu has really good linework and technique of course, but her body of work is primarily pretty boys. Although it seems like she altered her for this game, I'm really looking forward to see if she'll draw bulkier characters. Although some of her male characters have wide shoulders, they're not anywhere close to the bulkiness of Valbar or Tauroneo. I'm also interested in how she'll draw female characters, but if she can draw a pretty boy, she can most likely draw a pretty girl.
  6. Future forms of the Fire Emblem

    I liked Vampire Emblem's idea for the Fire Emblem: a sundial. The name makes sense.
  7. I don't think IS would create lord that would suffer from the game's mechanics right at the start of the game. Or would they?
  8. What the story is about...

    I can see that. Edelgard's resolute "The crests are to blame" may be indicative of this way of thinking? Maybe it's not the crests, but those using them?
  9. It's very confusing on what her class is. I don't think she's recruitable though because her 3D render looks generic and not unique. I'm going to say she's a dismounted Valkyrie if dismounting mechanics are coming back. If not, maybe she's just some new class.
  10. What the story is about...

    Tbh, that would make it a lot more interesting from a story perspective. I do really hope the protagonists do get some sort of bad rep. Going against a church will most likely piss a lot of people/commoners off.
  11. Fire Emblem Three Houses

    Yeah, it's a little early to tell, which is why I'm full of assumptions and guesses. I wish we had more info on our hands to inspire more discussions. I feel like the trailer showed a lot and a little at the same time, for some reason.
  12. What the story is about...

    They may matter. We can try to interpret each of those meanings from what we know so far. Flowery, but hollow- Can refer to how the Church of Seiros makes grand ceremonies and promises miracles, but that isn't necessarily true. One criticism (not my own) of religion is that it exists just to make people feel better about what they don't know, so all of the religious ceremonies don't have much backing to them. Beautiful romance- Not a concept unknown to Fire Emblem. A romance blossoming amidst the chaos of war can be a good contrast. Plus, romance may also refer to something picturesque or artistic, so it can be a love for nature. Wasteful Life- Again, like the first thing, can be a criticism of a Church of Seiros. Although once good, has become corrupted, and has strayed from the path from which they once walked.
  13. Edelgard: The thing I find most interesting about her is that she's a female AXE lord, making her the second AXE lord and a female unit wielding an axe at that, so she's definitely interesting. I'm not crazy about the bottom half of her design, so it may take some time warming up to it. In the Japanese name, "Snow, Moon, and Flowers" and her name meaning "Noble Garden" it's fair to say she represents Spring. Judging from the trailer, it looks very early on in the story. I'm guessing she's like Lyn, and she'll be the star for the first 10 chapters or so and then become gradually less relevant later on. Although the title hints at romance, I have a feeling she'll definitely be like Lyn and her romance options won't affect the story too much. Hell, it's probably going to Blythe/MU. Dimitri: He's definitely going to be the serious type, and he may have a ponytail but that's still up for speculation. He's a lance lord from my understanding, making his the second after Ephraim. I have a feeling his personality will be Leo 2.0- serious, but makes a clumsy mistake like forgetting to fix his collar. I have a feeling he's going to be a FOIL with Claude, with one of them being strong/weak in a certain aspect while the other being strong/weak in another. Judging from his color palette, he's most likely the "Snow" of the Trio. He's going to come off as cold, but he's not inflexible. Well, maybe. Claude: My favorite out of the 3 on first impressions. His pose shows some personality (fun loving, chill) and it'll be interesting to see how his character develops over the course of the game. Hopefully he's not just the comic relief lord. Also, he's the first tan lord and he's the first bow lord, so the dude has a really interesting set up. He's most likely of the "Moon" of the trio, which represents Autumn. Autumn and the Moon have a very interesting ambiguity; Autumn is the season of harvest and warm colors, but it's also a season where plants begin to wither and the days get colder. So while there's a sense of merriment with Autumn, there's also a creeping feeling of change that can be associated with it. The Moon also has this implications in tarot; The Moon Arcana is quite imaginative and changing. There's a light side (Full Moon) and a dark side (New Moon), so there's this dynamic of opposing ideas. My guess is that Claude will have a flirty and fun disposition, but may be a complicated character upon further inspection. He's someone that may face a great deal of stress and responsibility to be a leader, and knows his time to step up is drawing near. He may not feel he's ready. That, or there could be other issues going on with him. Claude has a lot of potential with what they set him up to be, so I hope it's realized. I'm not going to say much about Blythe, mainly because I don't think there's much to say. I like how they look, but I can't help but feel they're a MU. Isn't it interesting that IS released talking portraits of the other 3 lords but not Blythe despite his prevalence in the trailer? Some food for thought. (basically, I've convinced myself they're most certainly a MU. If they're not, that's some red herring IS came up with. Also, for red herrings, Kaga did that first too)
  14. Fire Emblem Three Houses

    I'm only guessing Blythe is a MU because... they didn't talk, so they maybe more similar to a Persona protagonist. They have a pretty neutral color palette The wording on the Nintendo description said "your protagonist", which gives them a MU implication. Although a lot of people criticize avatars, it's still one of the more popular features of the series.
  15. About the world map...(I might be crazy, but...)(FE 9/10)

    I thought the actual shape looks like Tellius itself. There's some obvious differences though. Granted, in order for this theory to stand, there's going to need to be some sort of wolf nation that Nailah hails from. Nailah came from her own kingdom right? Not just a tribe? Although I suppose this can change if this takes place in a distant time from Tellius. Borders and countries change over centuries, so it's possible that Nailah's kingdom may have already met a demise or hasn't risen yet, but there should be some sort of wolf kin there. I do want it to take place in Fates' world, mainly so it adds to Fates' worldbuilding. If Palmira to the east here is a desert (Palmyra in Syria is a desert area IIRC, which seems like the inspiration for the name) and we know that Fates has a desert to the southwest, so it would be Fates to the East and Fodlan to the West, with a desert separating them. Deserts often make great geographic obstacles, so it's not out of the question for there not to be any connection to the East without proper boats (it's unknown if boats are in the equation.) And we know there's a body of water to the west in Fates as well, and it matches up here.