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  1. I finally got the game! (Conquest)

    It isn't that much harder without archer Mozu for ch. 8. It's all about using that dragon vein to position your unit just right so that the dark mages don't nuke your party, allowing your units initiate their attacks on them. What you have to remember is that as difficult as Conquest can be, there are also times when the easier options are the paths where you don't fight as much like how in chapter 8 where instead of going through the houses from the top you went left. Conquest is generally about all in offense or defense. Enemies are going to be very annoying when they attack and they get worse as time goes on. Also, you'll get a choice later to either kill a person or spare them. Depending on what you want/need should be based on your decision. If you kill him, you get a pair of boots. If you don't, you have a useful adventurer who debuff against people who can't fight back. If you need an extra archer/healer/debuffer or if you don't have Niles set up, you can use this unit. GL.
  2. Rinkah

    If you turn her into a general, she'll lose out on her good base speed growth. I mean it's a trade off between offense and defense with her between possibly going knight for the high hp/atk/def or berserker for the high hp/atk/skl/spd at the cost of average defense. also, the growths for Rinkah as a fighter are 40%/45%/15%/65%/60%/40%/50%/20%. As a berserker, she has 50%/50%/15%/65%/60%/35%/45%/20%.
  3. Is Shura a good or bad unit in Revelations

    Shura isn't exactly bad since he has great bases, weapon ranks, and contributes a lot to a team, but as Jingles says he has a lot of competition, especially since he can't get extra classes outside of his own or yours. On top of that, he's not exactly the strongest in all of the things he does. If you want a serious bowman, you got Takumi. If you need a thief, the 3 ninjas come earlier and are ninjas (shurikens op). Even staff usage has a lot of competition since you've got your little sisters, your maids/butler, etc. If you need a space to fill for utility, then that's where he's really good. If you need a substitute ninja/ axe man, he can class change into that too. However, it's royals emblem and they fill all the spaces (except hidden weapons). Tldr; third route is Royals emblem and he'll be lucky if there's still space for him.
  4. Niles - Adventurer or Bow Knight?

    Personally, I'd go with Shura over Niles since he's essentially Niles without needing as much investments as him. On top of that, he's got bow and staff ranks, gives debuffs with a bow and comes with a free killer bow.
  5. Aflonse, Shareena and Anna: useless?

    Alphonse is like a free but feather hungry Chrom without Falchion. He hits hard once, has sol, and has good physical bulk. If you need or want a substitute Chrom without shelling orbs for him, Al's your pal. Al has so much attack, he even gives attack, so he's not that selfish of a guy. However, he is a bit boring. I mean everything about this guy's skills are about attack except for his offensive skill, but that doesn't mean that's bad so..... Anna is an axe assassin who loves murdering mages and teleporting to teammates. Her physical bulk isn't that good, but targeting mages/colorless units (not Takumi) and using triangle advantage does come in handy. Plus, vantage. She's also one of the fastest units in the game so there's that. She can kill a not +SPD Takumi in one round if you can survive combat against him long enough. Sharena is what happens when Ephraim becomes a twin sister, gets the legs of Lyndis and became an aura and rally bot. She hits hard enough, is as fast as most fast sword users and has almost as much bulk as Alphonse. Combine this with two auras and rally attack and she's really useful both by herself and with teammates. Not only that, she's one of four on foot non armored lance units and does not lack in many categories except for res. If you're lacking a good lance unit, then here she is. TLDR; Al's a Chrom substitute, Anna's a teleporting fast axe, and Sharena is Ephraim, but also really fast and rallies.
  6. I feel that a unit being good in game sort of affects our views of the characters. If Rinkah wasn't so difficult to use in game as Charlotte was, then maybe I would have liked Rinkah's character better. It's not as though Charlotte has the best character but it's not the worst out there, and at least her game play reflects what kind of character she is.
  7. 1. You don't need to go crazy over supports. Just focus on the game and get what is within your reach. If you are super dedicated to a particular child, then prepare for that early. 2. At the very least, units do join with fairly decent levels in conquest. Just focus more on strategy rather than individual levels and you can catch up in time for each of them. You won't need to worry too much about stats until much later on. Even then, tonics, food and pair ups help. You can also get some rallies from online if you are desperate. 3. Crit evade isn't that bad. Guard stance does help to remove that small chance when it does come up, so it's not so bad. Also, goddess icons are sprinkled all over the place, so they can help ease the crit issues. 4. brass weapons, heart seeker, attack stance, abuse weapon triangle more, and get people to stick next to each other as the hit rates do go up from that. 5. They at least specialize in some particular niche, which can let them be stronger than regular units in certain ways. Beruka on average has more defense, Harold has higher strength, skill and defense on average, etc. If they have issues with certain stats, food, tonics, pair ups, rallies, etc. We all have particular units that end up leveling badly due to RNG. My Silas ended up growing in skill and res, while lacking in everything else. Selena ended up having a very difficult time early on in my run, so I kept her out in favor of not wasting a space on my team for another 5 panel sword user (Corrin). Harold may have some issues early on, but he has some definite strengths. High health may not seem that impressive with mediocre defenses, but with a pair up and Elise support, his high health suddenly gains a lot of value, while heavily mitigating his crit weakness. Unfortunately, you'll have to deal with his early hit rates until later on when the skill growth kicks in, but he will have good weapon match ups later on, so it is definitely a good investment.
  8. A little discussion about Nohr!Hard

    I'd recommend bringing some people who can retaliate against ninjas on EP and some forged handaxes/javelins. They can really help in very Hoshido specific chapters. Guard stance is still really important, but you have to balance it well with attack stance for safer enemy phases at times.
  9. Fate/ Servants themed team

    Ok then... Sabers are strength boon/magic bane. They are any class that uses swords. Archers are skill/strength. Any class with projectiles (even Arthur can be an archer by Fate standards.) Lancer's are obviously speed/luck. Any class with Lance's. Rider is any boon/bane. Any class with mounts. Berserkers are strength/skill. Berserkers or oni chieftains. Caster obviously magic/defense. Any class with magic. Assassin speed/defense. Swordmasters and shuriken users except for servant (ironic). Sounds silly when stated like that but fate series are very lenient with class placements.
  10. Fate/ Servants themed team

    Saber - hero (for balance) strength boon/defense bane Archer - sniper or on foot bow Knight skill boon/luck bane Lancer - lance master (accept no substitutes!) Speed boon/luck of the Irish Rider - falcon Knight or dark flier strength boon/defense bane Caster - more accepting of sorc but witch is very nice substitute magic boon/defense bane Berserker - oni savage (just kidding only berserker for berserkers!) Strength boon/skill bane Assassin - swordmaster (exemplifies sword techniques better than even saber) skill boon/defense bane Avenger - dread fighter for his weird sword things while not looking too ninja like defense bane/luck bane (isn't it sad avenger? Being avenger is suffering)
  11. Most annoying/brutal chapters in each route?

    Any chapters with even decent amounts of ninjas. I mean they always hurt you in one way or another unless you never let them attack. Most of the annoying chapters in this game can be attributed to ninjas alone. Hell, the one time you do face ninjas in birthright is still incredibly annoying.
  12. Create a (Personal) Skill!

    Drop everything: when carrying 3 or more different usable weapons, deal the weapon might as damage to target after battle as well as to adjacent units. Stylish Fighting: when initiating combat with a different equiped weapon than the previous battle, damage +3. Wary combat: when more than one enemy within 2 tiles around this unit: damage received and dealt -2. Duelist: when no allies or enemies are within 2 files of this unit and the target, hit and avoid +15. Light body: during enemy phase, avoid +15 and damage received +3.
  13. I calculated the average stats for all the Nohr/Conquest characters.

    stats aren't everything in a tier since a lot of things have to be considered. What are the weapons that are most effective at the moment? What mechanics have changed? What are the bare minimums for "average" in stats? There are so many things to consider before deciding a "best". For example, Hinata at base has a 15% speed growth, which makes it look like he's really slow. However, consider his base speed of 14, the class growth of 20% speed, the promotion of +3 speed to swordmaster and katanas giving +1 speed puts him on average at around 27-28 speed, which prevents him from being doubled by heroes at max speed when leveling to 20/20. There is also practice katana to make up for the speed deficiency and he has enough speed to double most things in birthright until the fast guys come near the end. Another thing that is fairly deceptive is the defense growth. Hinata has a base 45% defense growth with 12 defense at start. However there are problems with it. His defense is just at 45% growth since the class gives nothing in defense growth, and on average they grow to be around 26-27 defense. These defenses will only really be enough to sponge one or two hits from strong units like generals and great knights. Additionally, he can't take more than one hit from a berserker, so he kind of needs to dodge tank them. Ultimately, you have to experience it to give it your thoughts. Consider the units you face, the base stats, weapons, and personal experience.
  14. Mag+ Nohr Noble worth it?

    Magic boon is pretty good since it can allow easier one hit Kos with dragonstone, allowing you to break through some really annoying situations with ease. Sure you can't double but the damage on one hit is that good. You can't deal with ranged attacks yet until you promote so no problems there. Also, get Odin hitched and you can get easy horse spirit, allowing you to be tanky, fast and retaliate at a range. This stacks in conjunction with your yato defense bonus so you won't feel the defense losses as badly. Your tanking with dragonstone isn't even that bad due to dragon curse being a thing. Beware of ninjas though since they have res and they make anyone's day worse. At least you have an army to work around that.
  15. This. People keep talking about how Hosh noble is a better tank due to better physical defense but Conquest gives you so many tools to have free durability, not to mention that you get all of the stat bonuses in revelations. It just feels preferable to be able to cheese someone at a distance or retaliate on enemy phase. That isn't to say that magic is perfect. Ninjas wreck your day and ofc magic counter, but having weaknesses doesn't make it inferior. I mean Hosh Noble only has throwing swords as ranged combat and those things not only can't double but make You easier to be doubled. Plus, magic horses not only gives you 3 speed, but also makes up for Nohr nobles lower skill and -3 damage taken on a D rank scroll. Combine with Yato and maybe your maid/Butler for 9-10 damage reduced.