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  1. Langrisser M General

    That cooking event's English... that has to have gone straight through Google translate with zero touch-up. We might have had "chirps" and stuff before, but that's by far the worst pieces of English we got so far. Hopefully that won't be the new norm! I'd love getting the Luna skin and I think I'd have enough crystals on hand to get it (4k), but since I spent about 25 10-pulls trying to get Angelina last banner and not getting her (nor Shelfaniel)... I'm keeping absolutely everything I have for her next banner. As far as progress go, I've been at roughly the same state for about two weeks. Trying to 3* the elite Time Rift 7 stages so that I can actually start getting the final class upgrade materials. I'm still not level 55 quite yet, but since it takes like 25 items of two types for each character and that you can get about 3 per day, I wanted to start stocking those ahead of time. I haven't been too successful at it due to not managing to 3* those stages in the first place... So my routine has been "do daily quests and call it a day" for about two weeks now.
  2. Oh, I hadn't seen that image from the "old" Japanese trailer; it's a lot clearer than the new trailer image. Yeah, the female generics do look a lot more generic here; in particular I thought that the helmet was blond-ish hair, so it's really just the one-sided pants and the "leg band" that are un-generic. Regarding the male generics, I thought it was a big red "dot" painted over metal armor, and not a very tiny breastplate over cloth... Woops! Anyway, your color theory makes sense to me.
  3. Nice find! It's unfortunately only about 3 seconds of combined footage, but I'll take any second we can get! Green Lyndhart is certainly unusual. A status effect does seem likely, but this looks pretty early in a stage to be hit by one (I assume the gates we see at the bottom of the screen are the map start). Poison seems most likely to me, I've seen it used for Regenerate or Status Up in a few other games, so it's possibly a beneficial effect too. The female generic soldiers here missing a pants leg is pretty unusual. It's the kind of thing you'd normally find on unique characters to make them look more special, not a standard-issue uniform. Generics normally have as few distinguishing characteristics as possible... but those female generics don't look like generics (especially compared to the male ones, who are as generic as can be) at all. If you'd show me a screenshot with only her on it, I would immediately think she'd be a unique character and not a generic. I'm a bit curious about the huge red dot on the male generic's breastplate. It's very conspicuous; I'm pretty sure it's supposed to represent something?
  4. As far as I'm concerned, I'd possibly call this the best art I've ever seen in my life.
  5. Ah well... I kind of ordered my copy on Amiami already. I did look Amazon.jp before, but I didn't figure out how to create a Canadian address. Looking at it today I see it though; at least my account will be ready for next time I guess! Well, it's fine. I did pick a slow shipping anyway; I really want a copy of the book (especially now that we've seen the mind-blowingly awesome cover), but I can wait a few additional days for it. Thanks for your detailed guide by the way!
  6. That's an interesting theory, but I'd say it's likely a woman's eye. https://serenesforest.net/forums/index.php?/topic/86443-every-character-organized-by-housewith-images/ If you look every single character art for this game, the women's eyes are round just like this and the men's eyes are more narrow and rectangular. The one single exception in the entire cast is Ashe, who has rounder eyes. Also, the way the "hair" (I don't know the name in English for them, sorry) flares out is generally used for feminine characters. It's certainly possible that it is a man (a surprised expression will give larger and rounder eyes, and the eye curls could fit on a feminine male character) and those two things are not a guarantee of anything, but if I had to take a bet, I'd bet on this being a woman.
  7. I'm really unsure about a playable soldier in this game because each character is a "commander" in this game. In the screenshot above, we know for sure that the guy with the weird "armored headband" is one of the generic soldier types a commander can have. I'd expect regular soldiers to be the same way; the ones pictured above are probably basically the "spear" version of the generics, or a perhaps "class-changed" version of them due to the relatively hefty armor. I love playable soldiers too and we'll certainly have lance-based infantry (Not only Dimitri, but we've seen Ferdinand both noble class and changed class wielding one on foot), but I really doubt they'll be called soldiers this time.
  8. Is "roaming in villages, dungeons and base" really Open World though? I thought Open World was for games like Breath of the Wild or Skyrim, where you can (mostly) go where you want when you want, explore, do sidequests, etc. Basically, that a large part of the plot is not linear and can be done in any order. That I don't feel would work well for a tactics game, because it means that game balance would be extremely difficult and tactics game live and die by their battles. Open world also brings forth random battles to fill the void, but random battles are very long in tactics game and gets annoying pretty quickly. I really don't see "my" definition of open world work well at all for a tactics game. However, "your" definition of Open world would work just fine; it's basically what the Shining Force games are.
  9. Any worries?

    Thank you for this image! It helps alleviate some of my issues. While it's still the same color for everyone from a faction, I assume we'll be getting some characters from multiple factions later on so we should be getting more variety. Also, at least the clothes look different too. It's very easy to differentiate between the fighters and the mage here, which is a big step-up over the academy uniforms. And actual armor! Yay! Too bad they won't show up on portraits, art, etc, but at least it's a start that there's more variety model-wise. As a tiny aside, I'm noticing that Ferdinand's armor is not the same tint as Byleth's (?), but the armor itself looks very similar. The scene lighting is comparable in both spots, so is it due to the glowy sword, or is it a different class, or do promoted characters have slight coloring differences?
  10. Any worries?

    That's my main concern too. Overall, I'm now a lot more optimistic about Three Houses than I was right after the trailers came out, but this particular concern unfortunately remains. Like you, I tend to favor older characters. I really appreciate that our protagonist is the oldest we've ever had (probably) and that they are a teacher and not a student, but... The vast majority of characters seemingly being students is a hefty blow to potential character diversity. On a more positive note, I'm not sure that "school = teenager" necessarily. It can be more of a university setting, where you can have students of all ages. There's no students that we've seen that is "old" like Duessel, but there's some that really don't look like teenagers. The black-haired "scary" man in the Black Eagles, the white-haired axeman from the Blue Lions and Raphael from the Golden Deers in particular. Then there's others that are more borderline, but that I'd certainly fit more under "adults" than "teenagers" like Ferdinand, Linhardt, blue hair unknown man and Leonie (with mayyybe Petra and Mercedes). The setting kind of push away kids too like Ricken, which I personally appreciate (I've never been a fan of 10-12 years old fighting on a battlefield, killing and potentially dying). Unfortunately, even if some of the students are potentially older than teenagers, the uniform still remains and its my biggest pet-peeve. I don't like how the base uniform looks at all (flat black doesn't look good to me), and everyone is wearing a variation of it. My personal bias aside, it makes everyone looks very samey. Even I adored the base uniform, the issue would still remain. Look at this screenshot from a battle: Most characters looks nearly identical at first glance. This is pretty zoomed in and the characters mesh together. In Radiant Dawn, you can immediately know who is who at a glance. Here? You only know because of the flying face icons. How many characters are immediately visually distinct here? 1) Petra with her white shirt, bare legs and contrasting hair color. 2) Edelgard due to the huge mass of hair combined with red tights (it's the only somewhat vibrant color present on anyone). ... and that's basically it. Caspar (white sleeves) and Dorothea (skirt, small amount of leg) if you feel very generous. All the others are extremely similar to each other. They have different hair colors, yes, but all of them have muted tones (even the Ferdinand's orange) so they don't stand out at all. We'll probably get a bit more variation once our team is class-changed, but all the official art, designs (including other materials like Heroes, Cipher, possible manga), cutscenes, etc are all going to be with those same, near identical uniforms. To me, it's a huge shame, especially since every student, even from different houses, use the same uniform. I'll live with it and it's certainly not the end of the world (especially if the rest of the game is great), but I certainly hope the next Fire Emblem game won't use so similar uniforms for every character again.
  11. Sanctaea Chronicles (SRPG Studio) (v2.0 NOW AVAILABLE)

    I fully approve the presence of generics in the story. It certainly makes more sense for them to occasionally show up in cutscenes than the standard "We occasionally talk about them existing but we never see them" that's present in most FE games. That's a shame regarding the portraits only making it right at the end of the project, but it's perfectly understandable and makes sense from a development standpoint. I understood why the expressions were displayed that way here; it's just that two of Petricia's expressions looked strange in that size to me and I didn't know if the full-size version of those look fine or not. Based on the quality of the rest of the art, they probably do, so forget I said anything :) By the way, would it be a good idea to put maybe the lords portraits in the opening post? I assume a lot of people just poke their head in a topic to glance if there's anything that catches their interest. People seeing this nice art might be more interested in actually reading the rest of the description of the project and more likely to download the game and give it a try. That can wait until the project is finished of course (or that the portraits are in-game), but if you want to drum up more interest now it might be worth considering. Someone liking how a character looks is often enough to get them to at least give a game a try.
  12. Sanctaea Chronicles (SRPG Studio) (v2.0 NOW AVAILABLE)

    Whoa, even the generics are getting full artwork? They seriously look good enough to be main characters. The generic myrmidons aren't the brightest folks around it seems! "Oops, that's the sixth time I get a deep cut on my arm... maybe I should get some armored sleeves? Nahhh..." I said it before, but I adore the upcoming art for those characters. It's vibrant, colorful and it looks great. In all honesty I much prefer it over the Three Houses designs... Huge thumbs up for me regarding those. The one single "complaint" I have is that Petricia's bottom right and the column 2 row 2 portraits looks strange at that size. Maybe they look great at normal size (I can't say; I haven't seen them), but at this tiny size they look a bit off to me (but then, Fates Charlotte's berzerk portrait would too, so it might be intentional).
  13. Anna's Role

    As previously mentioned, economics teacher Anna would be simply fantastic. Teaching morally questionable habits, selling cheat sheets to her own exams...
  14. I was incredibly surprised that the last trailer has shown zero free roaming. If we didn't have the short running sequence from the old E3 trailer, nothing in the new one would indicate that roaming in the base was even a thing. Since they didn't show any of it during the "big" direct presentation, I assume that the roaming is very limited in this game and not important on the whole. I would expect it limited to the school and a few other choice areas (like a base camp, a tiny portion of a ravaged town, etc). Regarding "open world", I don't think something ala Breath of the Wild could work for a SRPG, but something like Shining Force 2 could. It's still linear at its core, but you have wandering around, talking to towns people, exploration, some side missions or quests, etc. I could see something like that working just fine for a more "open" Fire Emblem, but I can't imagine something more possibly working and have any sort of balanced maps.
  15. My best guess is that Wyverns are going to require both Flying and Heavy Armor training. They are the tough and durable flyers, so it would make sense. Triangle attack I'm really unsure about; it's a possibility though.