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    Hi there, whatever you are!

    I'm a French Canadian that speaks both French and English, however I'll probably make a few English mistakes. I'll try to correct them if I see them!

    Anyway, if you didn't already guessed by my avatar, I am a VERY big fan of the pokémon Eevee and its evolutions (or eeveelutions :D). Fire Emblem and Pokémon are my favorite franchise.

    But I also played other games of course: Legend of Zelda, Kingdom Hearts, Super Mario, Monster hunter (very nice franchise), 2 MOBA, Starcraft and more!

    Aside of playing video games, I also like reading and writing. Speaking of writing, I would suggest, if you have free time and you don't know what to do, to check out my stories called ''Skills'' and also Serenes Determination (that will have a new name in the future).

    That's all for now, have a good day!
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  1. Post a fact about the person above!

    The sentence "Stop hitting yourself!" would be appropriate for your avatar.
  2. Wonder if he should be the next member to be a character
  3. Fire Emblem: The Grimleal's Return

    Chapter 6: Plegia and Ylisse "What the hell Tharja?" asked Henry, clearely upset as they came back inside Tharja's bedroom. "You just declared war upon our friends!" Tharja didn't answer at first then she said weakley said. "Robin..." "Huh?" Henry was sure he didn't hear that one right. "Robin... she was the one who told me to do it." explained Tharja without looking at him. "What are you talking about Tharja? Robin is dead remember." the white haired mage said while turning his attention to the photo on her desk until he hears Tharja falling unconscious. "Tharja? THARJA!" Several hours later... A tall and respected man has just arrived in front of the castle's gates. Yvon greeted the two soldiers who were near the gigantic door. "Good day, I have a rendez-vous with the Queen about an important subject." The two soldiers looked at each other. "Is there a problem?" asked Yvon. "Well... the Queen is currently unavailable for the moment." said one soldier. "I'll see if sir Henry can see you." said the other soldier before opening the gate and going inside. After a few minutes, the solidier came back. "Sir Henry is free to meet you, you may pass." Yvon nodded his head before going inside. Near the throne, Henry was waiting for him. "Hello sir Yvon." said Henry. "Hello sir Henry." said the rich man. "Have I come in a bad time?" Usually Henry would try to laugh it off but the situation is so dire he doesn't want too. "Sadly, yes." "Is the Queen in a critical condition?" asked the man, worried. "I don't know." admitted Henry. "All I could do is make her lie on her bed and have a maid nurse her for the time being. I've been trying to find a cleric but they are so rare in Plegia." "Oh dear, that is ill news indeed." exclaimed Yvon. "Anyway, as you can understand, your meeting will on hold for now." said Henry before sighing. "If there's anything I can do to help..." Yvon suddently had a thought. "But tell me, who is leading the people in her absence. You?" "I... I lack the competences to be a good leader. I'm usually more of the friendly and joke guy you know?" Henry was trying to find a solution while he was speaking with the rich man. "I need to find a solution really fast otherwise..." "If you need someone that can lead our people, I know one person who could help you." suggested Yvon. "Really? Who?" asked Henry. "You are looking at him." said Yvon before smiling. "You sir Yvon?'' said Henry, a bit surpised by his suggestion. "I am not royalty myself but I sure do know a thing or two about leadership." explained the man. "After all, I have many workers under my care in our business." he then added just to reassure the skeptical Henry." Oh but don't worry, it will be of course until the Queen recovers. Consider me a... king substitute." Henry hesitated, he knows he could simply take Tharja's place himself. But he knows Yvon is a well respected man and has qualities that he doesn't have. "Fine. Comeback in a few hours with all the stuff that you need. I'll prepare the announcement." "My thanks sir Henry. See you." Yvon bent slighly before turning around. Normally, he would just have to continue walking straight in order to get out of the castle. But he decided to make a little detour. He turned right before walking for a few minutes before going upstair, then he walked along a small corridor before arriving in front of a balcony who was inside the castle. The balcony allowed to see the totality of the main hall. A young man was already here before Yvon arrived. "My thanks." said Yvon to the young man. "I'll officially be King soon." The young man didn't even look at him at first. "Tsh, you welcome... I guess." There was a small moment of silence, Yvon walked before stopping beside the young man and also watched the hall. There was some kind of party that the maids were preparing down there." Yvon couldn't hold his curiosity. "Tell me, how did you manage to do that? Did you use dark magic?" "I told you that I don't use that, not anymore." said calmly the young man. "Do you see that maid down there?" "Which one? There's like fiveteen of them." replied the old man. "The one with the slight white hair. Her name is Cassy and she has quite the uncanny ressemblance to Robin. Let's just say it was easy to trick the Queen with the help of a hair style and a copy of Robin's coat." said the dark blond young man before mumbling. "If only the Queen didn't act so creepy, I had to give Elya double the price that I offered her and I had to stay near her just in case. Can't really blame her, I would be freak out too..." "I see... well it is quite cleaver from you, my dear nephew." said Yvon which made his nephew rolls his eyes in disbelief, he even turned for the first time since their discussion. "For the last time, keep that 'friendly uncle tone' to yourself." he said harshly. "I'm trying to be nice here." said Yvon in disbelief. "My godness, Nym. Can we not have a civil and calm conversation for once?" "You can put your-- you can keep your sweet side for Elya. I'm used to the yelling, thank you." said Nym harshly. Yvon sighed. "There it is, I recognize your father in--" "Don't you fucking dare!" interrupted Nym. "Let my dead father out of this will you? And my mother while you're at it!" Yvon wanted to change subject as it was starting to get heat up between the two of them. "I should probably go soon. I wonder how Maria and Elya will react once I tell them the news." "Won't make much of a difference for Elya, she's already the princess of the house." mocked Nym which Yvon hated. "You speak of dare but you do THAT!?" said Yvon angrily. "Also this is not true and you know it!" the staff looked up but Inia suggested to ignore them. "There it is, the yellings that I know." said Nym before smiling. "It is true, you just don't see it from your point of view. I mean come on, the girl doesn't even know how to boil an egg or even boil the water. In some ways, I'm happy to have been raised differently." "You are lucky that I am not the King yet, Nym because this type of comment would have resulted in a harsh punishement." warned Yvon. "Of course, 'your Majesty'." mocked Nym. "But that was the only time I'll ever help you. Have fun dealing with the Risen with no idea of their current location." Nym walked away. Yvon sighed before also walking away, he had to go home and prepare his stuff. The next day... The Shepherds made the camp a bit far away from the Ylissean border. At the mess hall, almost every one was here. Including the Exalt herself. Lissa yawned before saying." I forgot how much the bed for the tent were different compare to the one at the castle." she said annoyed. Which resulted in a few laughs of their compagnions, including her niece and son. "If Chrom was there, he would have call you a real princess." said Frederick who was still chuckling. "Hey! It has been a long time okay!?" said Lissa even more annoyed. Lucina watched the conversation then she remembered Noire who was at the medical tent. She finished her breakfast before going to the medical tent. Inside it, Brady was watching over Noire. " 'Morning Lucina." said the priest. "Good morning Brady. How is she?" asked the princess "She'll be alright, her wounds were nothing that I couldn't fix." "Great!" said Lucina before someone cleared their throat behind them. "A moment if I may, Lucina." said Laurent, he was holding many papers together in one hand and a feather in another. "As you are already aware, one of my duty is to monitor this army at the best of my abilities. As such I would like to ask a few questions to our new recruit over here." "Woah, slow down Laurent." said Lucina. "I didn't even ask the question yet." "Lucina's right. Your brain is moving kinda a bit too fast under that big hat, buddy." said Brady. "Oh, my apologies." said Laurent before everyone hears a little laugh. "Being around you people is a bit hilarious." said Noire calmly. "How do you feel?" asked Lucina before Brady asks the question. "Good, I'm more worried about my mother than me to be honest." said Noire. "But about that other question..." "Yes?" asked the princess. "Shepherds, m-my father mentionned this group before." said Noire. "I would like to join if you promise to help our people in return, the Risen are swarming in Plegia." "I would like to help Noire." said Lucina. "However I cannot promise you anything. After all, your mother just declared war upon us." "Indeed." added Laurent. "It would be unwise to hunt the Risen down currently." "It-it's alright, I just hope we can do anything about it." said Noire. A while later, the four of them went outside when the sentinel warned the camp. "PLEGIAN SOLDIER! HE CROSSED THE BORDER!" Frederick was the first answer. "How many?" he asked loudly. "Just one soldier, sir." said the Sentinel from his vantage point. "He has a white flag with him, it's a messenger." "A messenger? What for?" asked Frederick before deciding. "I will go meet him alone, in case this is an elaborate trap." Frederick walked outside of the camp to meet the soldier. He was holding a paper with him that he reads in front of Frederick. "Ylisseans, we would like to apologize to what just happened." read the soldier. "Sir Yvon would like to exchanges a few words with the Exalt concerning our current situations. You may also visit the castle if you wish." he finished reading before putting the letter away in his pocket. "That is all." "Hold on, wasn't Tharja supposed to be the Queen?" asked Frederick. "Yes sir." replied the soldier. "But I'm afraid she is currently ill and sir Henry has chosen to not take her place for the time being. As such, sir Yvon is assuming the position of King for the time being. "I see..." Frederick knows he isn't suppose to make a decision on his own but he knew what Lissa would think. "You can say to him that we will come, but don't expect us to come without being on our guard especially after what just happened." "I will sir!" said the soldier before turning toward the opposite direction. Frederick walked back, the rest were waiting for him. "Welp, I guess we have no choice now." said Lissa. "My apologies Lissa, but they would be fools to try another trap. Assuming they aren't lying about Tharja being ill." said Frederick. After a few preparations, they were on their way to Plegia castle. "This place is as dark and gloomy as I remember." whispered Lissa to Frederick. Lucina heared what her aunt said but she ignored it. She too felt the castle was unnecessarily dark but it has a certain... charm. She couldn't say what exactly, it was how she likes her clothes. The giant door was already opened as they passed by. Inside the throne room was two men waiting for them, one was Henry who they already know. The other is a much older man. "Hello, Exalt Lissa. It is an honor to have your presence with us today." said the man to Lissa. "I feel the same way, sir Yvon?" asked the Exalt. "Indeed." said Yvon. "Although I am only a substitute until the Queen recovers." he then sees Noire and he knew what she had in mind. "She is in her room right now, Noire. Unfortunately, we need to find a cleric that can tell us of what she suffers." Noire turned to Brady. "Hey Brady..." Brady nodded before putting out his staff. "Time to get to work, I reckon." The two of them walked upstairs. "Now, I believe we have much to discuss." said Yvon to Lissa. "Yeah... about what just happened first." suggested Lissa, holding a pose that she's a bit upset about that surprise amubsh. Yvon clearely showed his embarassement. "My apologies about the Queen. We do not want another war as much as you do. I'm afraid however that we need to find a solution fast in order to prevent a war to happen ever again between." "I one hundred percent agree on that one!" said Lissa, delightful of what she hears. Meanwhile, a young lady was watching everyone from afar until she notices Lucina. "Oh... are you a princess?" she asked to the bluenette. "Urm, yes?" said Lucina to the dark brown young lady. "Sweet! My name is Elya." said the young lady. "I'm a new princess!" "New princess?" asked Lucina. "Yes! We got here yesterday." explained Elya. Yvon clears his throat. "If you want to discuss with your new friends Elya, you should discuss elsewhere. The Exalt have much discuss." "Yes Father!" she said before grabbing Lucina's hand. "This way!" "Wahh, wait a second!" she got dragged around by Elya while Owain, Kjelle, Laurent and Cynthia follows them. She brought them in a corridor where Lucina introduced her friends to the princess. "By any chance..." Lucina had a thought in her mind. "Do you know a boy named Nym." "Oh, you have met Nymy before?" asked casually the princess. "Nymy?" said Lucina. "BHAHAHA, NYMY." laughed Owain. "What a cute name for a serious and dark fellow." "Nymy is a bit grumpy sometimes but he isn't dark by any means." corrected Elya. "Well that's my cousin for you." Suddently their conversation was interrupted by Noire who asked to Laurent to help Brady for Tharja. Lucina suggested that they follow them. "Do you need my assistance Brady?" asked Laurent to the cleric once they entered the room. "Yeah, I reckon I can't figure out what is going on with the Queen. Well to be more specefic, what is causing her illusions?" he said to Henry. "Yea, she said 'Robin' asked her to declare war on you." said Henry. "Either it's because of the lack of sleep or something is amiss here." said Brady. "At least she will be fine as long as she rests for a long time." Lucina remembered what Nym told them, could it be his fault?
  4. What's your favorite Pokemon?

    Oh gee, I wonder which one.
  5. I would if I get along well the person. That's the only thing that matters for me.
  6. Tell them to go away, especially if I make you sneeze
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