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    Hi, whatever you are!

    I'm new to the series but that doesn't mean I'm bad at all (ok maybe a little xD).Have a good day :D.

    I can speak both French and English. However, my English is not quite perfect yet so I might do some mistakes by accident(I'll try to correct them asap).

    I'm a big fan of Awakening and the children characters but I despise those from Fates (no reason to add them again since they have no impact on the story).

    Also dragon fan over here.

    Awakening, Fates and all FE on Gameboy are complete along with Por!

    I'm also a big fan of Eevee and the Eeveelutions, I also completed the pokédex in Alpha, also got a shiny Eevee ^^.

    I also played: Super Smash bros, Legend of Zelda (the most recent ones) Pokémon and Kingdom Hearts.
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  1. Wants a metal eeveelution Also isn't wondering if he should change his avi at some point.
  2. Interviews

    Sorry again for asking duplicate. I'm afraid I won't ask any questions for now, I lack any inspirations since most general questions were asked. Quite surprised by the first answer too, gave me food for thought.
  3. Posted on Clarine's interview
  4. Interviews

    Hello lady Clarine, how are you today? I apologize in advance if I ask a question that you already answered to someone else, I'm kinda lazy right now :P 1. Impressions on me? 2. Favorite fruit? 3. Favorite dessert? 4. Vanilla or Chocolate 5. Do you own any pets? 6. Aside from Clarine, who are your favorite FE characters (I'm gonna take a guess: Clair if you played Echoes). 7. Other games aside from FE and Pokémon that you have played? 8. Do you speak any languages aside from English? 9. Do you wish to learn a particuliar language? 10. Favorite flower? 11. Favorite movie? 12. Favorite meal? 13. Favorite book? 14. What kind of music do you like? That's all I have for now. And yes I did see the Eevee question, Levant was faster than me. xD
  5. Posted a fact this time.
  6. Knows my clone do, not me
  7. May likes the music of the battle