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  1. addiction is for life I'll join if the game doesn't fill up by the end of the weekend, but if it does just count me as a sub
  2. just clicking on this thread was a bad idea (this isn't an in, but also not an out)
  3. it's very weird that this game had vanillas and also numbers backup dayvig/tree stump but thanks for hosting an noc game marf
  4. It is disrespectful, but it's on the player to better manage their time, and not sign up if they can't. I agree that players should prioritize other games where they're part of a team bound by wincon, but again it's ultimately up to them. And just because there's no formal bond doesn't mean that people don't care about the outcome just as much and won't care if someone they're teaming with is dogging it.
  5. I don't think there's a problem with how EiMM has evolved from silly filler to a serious multifaction-esque game. I don't like it personally but that's fine. It's pretty clear that the majority of people active in the mafia forum are more interested in this form of EiMM than traditional NOC or even traditional OC. We'll see how signups for Rein's game go, but Marth's game is the first NOC game in about a year I think, and it took a lot of planning and people coming out of pseudo-retirement to fill it. I don't know everything that happened in this game specifically but at least some of it is going to happen in any game that people care about and other parts seem like a really unfortunate one-time event that won't happen again. As Marth alluded to, putting in only one winner would remove a core part of what people enjoy about it- making their own teams. Maybe you could run it as a multifaction where people get to choose their teams when they sign up? As for having a queue for it- sure that's probably a good way to formalize it, but the community is kind of doing it by themselves anyways? Not like there are multiple EiMMs running at the same time. Not really sure what the queue would accomplish. I know Boron and Prims are annoyed that it interfered with Marth's game, but it would be on a different queue so it would still run simultaneously as any other small NOC games (and we don't have the playerbase to fill a large). Putting them on the same queue would actually hurt the chances of another NOC occurring because NOCs are probably only going to be able to fill at specific times by coordinating them as special events.
  6. Elie since there are 30 minutes left in the phase I would rather you give opinions than excuses
  7. Marth is hosting the game... I don't think anybody is voting Gaius for being inactive or lack of content either. It's not that I disagree with his content; I dislike how he's presented it. He was just pushing people voting for you without committing to defending you.
  8. Mainly with Gaius I don't really like his actions towards Cam/Boron, where he attacked the wagon without actually defending Izhuark himself or saying why Izhuark was town. It's something scum do so that the wagonee still gets mislynched and then they can push the people who voted for them. Also didnt like what you pointed out, that his content was very narrowly focused. What does 'BBM those Cam posts' mean? I can get finding two people scummy who don't necessarily make sense as buddies. But it doesnt make sense to me that you find SB suspicious for one point in his case on Cam when you generally agree with the rest of it. In fact it seems more nitpicky than SB.
  9. ??? Boron is barely defending you; she's just stating her opinion on you vs izhuark This was a throwaway comment from Cam but it really bugs me. I get that Cam is doing a stream of consciousness thing but I don't get the point of saying this.
  10. I think there are around 11.5 hours left Huh what Boron hasnt said you were scummy at any point afaicr. How is she trying to distance herself from your lynch?
  11. @Paperblade idk I'm very conflicted about Izhuark and I've waffled a lot. I think his posts are pretty bad and focus on semantics and how people word things rather than what they actually mean- eg the whole bit about what scum would do vs what town wouldnt do. But his tone feels genuinely frustrated and I just feel like I've seen this script of the inexperienced player flailing around and getting mislynched day 1. I also think scum would be less stubborn in this situation? Cam is generally low activity as either alignment so I don't think his high effort is alignment indicative.
  12. 'what town would not do' and 'what scum would do' are most of the time pretty similar. Yes scum can emulate town behaviour but they do it for scum motivations. I don't know why you're spending time on this semantic difference izhuark. ##Unvote, ##Vote: Gaius Idk its frustrating that Cam is rolling over but ultimately I don't think he's wifoming here.
  13. Eh I think Gaius's Prims vote is fine but his Izhuark wagon analysis feels like white knighting. Even classifying it as a 'wagon' was kind of weird because there were just two votes. The point that he's only really talked about stuff that he's directly involved with is good too. I'd probably go Cam > Gaius atm. I feel like Izhuark is town and won't vote him but I can't say I believe in it strongly enough to defend against his lynch. He needs to come back though. Shin what is scummy about SB's case on Cam even if you disagree with it? You seem to agree with the rest of his points. Also why do you think Cam is scummy?
  14. Cam's opinions don't feel like a natural progression, because the change in his explanations are all about his original reasons. It's not "first I found him scumny for X and now I find him scummy for Y". It's like he voted Izhuark, was asked to explain it, and then changed the reasoning to something totally different and then also added reactions to it to justify keeping his vote there. Phoneposting today so my posts might be spammy
  15. not saying you're waffling, just that it's inconsistent and seems like you're making stuff up. your point against refa is good though. refa's case about elie just driving by RVS Content and not saying anything about it is fair but it kind of bothers me that there was nobody else refa found scummier in the several pages of content after that.