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  1. SFMM5 Game Thread- Town wins!

    marth may very well be scum but we're not lynching outside a 1v1. it would be super dumb if scum had both a ninja and an action tailor (on top of a cop tailor too). ampharos's reaction to the guilty doesnt seem legit. his first reaction: reborn's most trusted citizen: wait are you literally trusting elieson over me [12:25 PM] reborn's most trusted citizen: what the fuck to pivot from that to the marth vote seems like they basically just realized they weren't going to win the 1v1 with elie. elie doesn't really have a reason to lie here, and worst case if he is saccing himself we lynch him tomorrow. ##Vote: Ampharos also doing it this way means marth is alive to protect elie tonight and therefore has to confirm himself as scum to kill elie
  2. SFMM5 Game Thread- Town wins!

    damn and I thought I was being egotistic by making myself the itp in NSFMM4
  3. Serenes Forest Mafia Mafia 5

    i'll have to drop out actually. i don't think i have enough time and you still have 21 people without me (if Blitz signs up at least)
  4. Serenes Forest Mafia Mafia 5

    claim to me right away
  5. Serenes Forest Mafia Mafia 5

    ok i guess but i'll be a sub if there are too many signups
  6. What if Sigurd had a daughter?

    ehhh a lot of the holy blood stuff is like more a norm than the hard-and-fast rule? like the Hezul blood got passed down through a younger daughter to Eltshan's family iirc so while Cellica female Seliph might inherit major Naga, there's no reason that she couldn't inherit major Baldo as well if that was more convenient for the story.
  7. why do you use so many anime girls for your avatar? how come you haven't changed your display name ever? (afaicr; can't figure out how to check display name history gg)
  8. town definitely threw the game, but they didn't throw it on this day phase lol. they could have technically won the game on a no lynch but doing so would have required an even larger throw from you/kts.
  9. maybe tomorrow people can talk about why my cases show scum intent as opposed to people just disagreeing with them
  10. ##Unvote, ##Vote: Junko to break the tie i guess
  11. that's a fair criticism and i don't have time to check how late into d1 she was doing it. but there's a lot more to my case like her response to pressure, and her stance on junko.
  12. @Zkirsche can you guys pick a new pair to co-network every night or is it just once?