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  1. Kemono Friends Mafia - Game Over

    I think this depends on the type of cop. I think just targeting people under suspicion is better to improve lynch accuracy so that you can ideally end the game earlier, especially if you've claimed publicly already and a) you can straight up announce your results and b) you might die at any point. And plus Shinori was kind of both a nullread and a suspicion because Arcanite was suspicious of him but the rest of the game was kind of null on him so he really would have been the best target for Arcanite under either way of thinking.
  2. Kemono Friends Mafia - Game Over

    @Greencapps we're restarting a queue for people to host games, and there are a couple games we've been talking about hosting the past few weeks/months that are probably going to go first- namely Rein's and mine and maybe SB's. Also, we have a list of game checkers in the first post of the mafia HQ- new hosts need to run their setups by one of them to make sure that it's balanced
  3. Mafia Headquarters V4

    I also think that we should put a max length on the queue, like 5 games or something. It used to just be annoying when you're finished with a setup and then it's like a year before it actually runs. idk how it would work in practice because then there'd be like a queue to join the queue after a game finished or something but yeah. Rein's game was 17p but it actually came pretty close to filling? Like I think it got about 15 people. So if most of those people are still willing to play and most of the newer players want to try an OC game (a game where you can talk outside the thread) it would fill
  4. Mafia Headquarters V4

    anyways now that Prims' game is over, I can either host Anonydraft 2 like I've been talking about, or SB can host a game like he was talking about, or Rein can try to see if Resurgence Mafia will fill now that a bunch of new players are here (not sure if they're going to play more?) or people can host an EiMM game if they want? I also think we should start the queue again from scratch and wipe out everything that's there right now unless the hosts still want to host who has the anonymous account info btw?
  5. Kemono Friends Mafia - Game Over

    I don't think there are actually that many situations where you have a bunch of new players all signing up at the same time where people can build up a mod meta like that. tbh you should have actually made me SK on N4 and seen if I could win but then give the win to town anyways as long as they lynched DB
  6. Kemono Friends Mafia - Game Over

    this game is proof of why you should re-roll so the teams are balanced in experience level Anyways, I hope new people all stick around. I can't give full advice to everyone since I was mostly just skimming, especially on D1, but here's some basic stuff: @Anime- I thought you had the best posts of all the first-timers but your role claim was really bad. Given that SB mentioned the possibility before of Marth being a scum rolecop, you should have realized that a rolecop claim would be suspicious. Plus, day rolecop is just a really suspicious role. @DB- You were pretty much screwed anyways by D5 but just for the future- your reaction to the D5 wagon on you was really scummy. Town would defend themselves and protest their innocence, not just say "yeah I guess you guys can lynch me; I just want to be the final vote, also I'm here if you want to lynch somebody else" @Arcanite- Be more patient lol. I get that town was basically in auto-win mode by D5 but lynching sub-optimally just because you don't want to wait for a few hours for someone to come and hammer is bad play. @Greencapps- I felt that early on in D1 you had a super smug tone. That just annoys people. @Michelaar but also everyone- Michelaar was town but SB's case on him was spot on. Several people, especially early, voted/suspected people solely on whether or not they were active. Making/not making posts isn't inherently indicative of either alignment. Some people are just busy or forgetful. What matters is having opinions and then pushing those opinions- whether that's pushing a suspicion to get a better read on their alignment or pushing a scumread to get them lynched or trying to defend a townread who might get lynched. That's how you make an impact on the game.
  7. Kemono Friends Mafia - Game Over

    that's not an animal
  8. Is Ryoma really older than corrin?

    yeah the localization team probably does, which is why they throw in lines about them being adults, but they can't change the entire plot and timeline of things. The original writers either didn't consider or didn't care about the impact of Elise and Sakura's age on their viability as sexual partners. Elise and Sakura are probably something like 14-15.
  9. Is Ryoma really older than corrin?

    I think what he means is, "what exactly about the FE series has made you think that they care about Elise/Sakura not being 18?"
  10. game wasn't imbalanced or anything but I just think the random JoaT was a bad role. It's not necessarily a bastard role but I wouldn't have it except in a bastard game.
  11. It's not that you can't have both an Empowerer and a Safeguard, it's just kind of like if you have a Doctor and then also a Bodyguard. They both do the same thing but one is just flat-out better, so having both is weird. I don't think I would have made a different choice. I do think I got too focused on the numbers and the fact that a no lynch didn't delay the loss though. It would have been smarter to no lynch just so that Bartozio would have been able to empower FK to get a cop result. tbh I didn't even think Bartozio was scum until some time after the Empowerer claim; I just basically compromised and voted him as the best of a bunch of options I was all unsure about. In some other games I might have defaulted to a no lynch in that scenario but since that same philosophy worked out on D1 with the Michelaar lynch I was like "you never know maybe it'll happen again"
  12. Finally free from the mafia coil
  13. gg I did the time conversion from CST to PST wrong