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  1. What if Sigurd had a daughter?

    ehhh a lot of the holy blood stuff is like more a norm than the hard-and-fast rule? like the Hezul blood got passed down through a younger daughter to Eltshan's family iirc so while Cellica female Seliph might inherit major Naga, there's no reason that she couldn't inherit major Baldo as well if that was more convenient for the story.
  2. SF Interviews 2.0 - Saint Rubenio

    why do you use so many anime girls for your avatar? how come you haven't changed your display name ever? (afaicr; can't figure out how to check display name history gg)
  3. town definitely threw the game, but they didn't throw it on this day phase lol. they could have technically won the game on a no lynch but doing so would have required an even larger throw from you/kts.
  4. maybe tomorrow people can talk about why my cases show scum intent as opposed to people just disagreeing with them
  5. ##Unvote, ##Vote: Junko to break the tie i guess
  6. that's a fair criticism and i don't have time to check how late into d1 she was doing it. but there's a lot more to my case like her response to pressure, and her stance on junko.
  7. @Zkirsche can you guys pick a new pair to co-network every night or is it just once?
  8. the difference is that driver would be really useless for town if one person controlling it was scum. or yeah they were both scum like refa said. networker can still be useful for both town and scum even if the people controlling it are diff alignments. the difference is that i was not looking for bad play over scummy play and eclipse is. half of my content isn't based on pushing new players to give content like eclipse's is. i haven't avoided responding to cases on me like eclipse has.
  9. tunneling is suspicious bc it means the person may not be capable of making more than one case. whether that case was on town or scum is not really as relevant because people can be wrong. this is not a 1v1. lynch kirsche if you find him the scummiest, don't lynch him just because you now think junko is town
  10. yeah my agenda is lynching the people I find scummiest. having no agenda means you're just playing aimlessly, which probably means you don't care who gets lynched, which is scummy. assuming that junko can only target the same dead person once (which is how I have always seen amnesiac/gravedigger implemented), this is a strictly null claim. I can literally link role PMs of me having this role as both town and scum. it's also not a role like mack's which will just get itself killed as town. i still don't understand this 1v1 people are setting up between kirsche and junko and why people want to default to kirsche over eclipse if they don't want to lynch junko. if kirsche gets lynched and flips town, what extra info are you getting on junko? just that he was wrong. two people tunneling each other all game doesn't give you anything beyond that with regards to the others alignment if one gets lynched. the most informative interactions are when people change their opinions on things, and by definition that doesn't exist in a tunneling interaction.
  11. also wait wait do you target living people? i assumed you could only target dead people
  12. wait junko can you use the same role more than once?
  13. that role is more commonly known as gravedigger. claim doesn't really change my opinion on junko's alignment. i've been both town and scum gravedigger. forcing 1v1s for non-role reasons is something that I really dislike because it's basically lining up lynches. you can get two people lynched on consecutive days for the price of one case, and like 5 people are doing it, which is very frustrating because i can't even scumread anyone for it
  14. i would lynch junko over kirsche but I'm just really uncomfortable with this 1v1 people are making out of it. i've seen a lot of town vs town tunneling instances. and kirsche is someone who we all KNOW tunnels. i fundamentally disagree with the premise that one of them has to be scum because of how much they've been focusing on each other.