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  1. (Serenes Forest Mafia) General Discussion

    lol that multifaction NOC game
  2. The Second Well

    rip nobody cares about the well anymore gaius via vhaltz
  3. The Second Well

    i have actually played fe15. I thought that might be berkut but thought it looked like an anime picture. i didn't remember the name of his weapon though lol you do know that there wouldn't have been a fe15 without fe13 right?
  4. The Second Well

    who is kriemhild and why is she your screen name who is your avatar
  5. The Second Well

    who is kriemhild and why is he your screen name
  6. The Second Well

    via gaius vhaltz
  7. The Second Well

    those are some scummy favourite roles
  8. The Second Well

    why do you take Shinori's socks?
  9. The Second Well

    nah literally the last game I was thinking "it would be so much better if these wallposts were made by Eury bc then I'd know this slot was town"
  10. The Second Well

  11. The Second Well

    via gaius eury
  12. The Second Well

    when did you get into speedrunning? I didn't realize this was something you were so in to inb4 you've been doing it all along
  13. The Second Well

    tbh if she could believably pass off as a 33-year old looks-wise I respect it
  14. The Second Well

    any crazy dates you've gone on since the last time you were in the Well and I asked you this question?
  15. The Second Well

    Via Elie Gaius