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  1. Arctic Mafia (Game Thread)

    Yeah I think I messed up with my NKs. Oh well.
  2. Arctic Mafia (Game Thread)

    also i will say that this game is probably more representative of my SK meta than my mafia meta since I had no buddies to interact with
  3. Arctic Mafia (Game Thread)

    I probably should have killed you over jester because I knew killing jester would make me look worse, but I thought I had a better shot of convincing you than Jester, bc he seemed more tunnel-y. i expected you to take a bit longer making up your mind but given how sure you were entering there wasn't really a point in playing it out. anyways the only reason this very townsided game was close was because shinori blindly hit sully and kaif missed two night actions. if shinori had killed baldrick or bartozio and kaif hadn't missed two night actions and not used one of the ones he did use on baldrick this game would have been over on d4 probably
  4. Arctic Mafia (Game Thread)

    eh icbf tbh ##Vote: @BBM the only person who lynches me is me
  5. Arctic Mafia (Game Thread)

    i'm actually not gonna be around very much today rip but I'll be around all day tomorrow probably
  6. Arctic Mafia (Game Thread)

    :weary: well I'm sure mine and Rad's opinions are clear Bart where's your head at atm?
  7. Arctic Mafia (Game Thread)

    well it's normally sf mafia convention for nobody to post between a hammer and when the host has time to flip but there's nothing in the rules so :dankpuff:
  8. Arctic Mafia (Game Thread)

    we can wait for go ahead from bart/jester ig but i'd prefer not dragging it on just waiting for kaif to respond cuz based on his activity he might just not post again
  9. Arctic Mafia (Game Thread)

    WHAT THE FUCK HOW DID I MISS THAT SULLY WAS A TRACKER I BLAME THE LACK OF BOLDING okay yeah kaif is mafia rolecop ##Unvote, ##Vote: @Kaif
  10. Arctic Mafia (Game Thread)

    wait what when did we have a Tracker flip? I don't remember that. If a Tracker flipped then Kaif is 100% scum
  11. Arctic Mafia (Game Thread)

    okay the first step is to complete the massclaim. if anybody else claims a role we lynch kaif I think.
  12. Arctic Mafia (Game Thread)

    but also like... if he's telling the truth town legit would have to have a fullcop and I literally cannot remember the last time there was a town fullcop in a game.
  13. Arctic Mafia (Game Thread)

    my first instinct is that kaif is bsing and didnt know the role meta on SF well enough to know that fullcop was impossible. but then i feel like he would have retconned it into a rolecop given all the questions I asked. but it's also possible he's a step ahead of that and was thinking that changing his claim would make it feel more like he was just saying whatever. idk gonna think about it for a while.
  14. Arctic Mafia (Game Thread)

    tbh now that i've explained it even if he says it was actually just "vanilla" i don't know if i buy it. should have asked before explaining bleh
  15. Arctic Mafia (Game Thread)

    my original understanding from kaif's post was that he just received "vanilla" as a result since SF convention is for goons to also scan as "vanilla" to rolecops, and then in light of the two mafia goon flips already, based on the fact that it's unlikely mafia has no roles whatsoever, took those vanilla scans to mean that xnad and baldrick were town. if he actually received "vanilla town" as a result this is 100% a fake.
  16. Arctic Mafia (Game Thread)

    i'm also vanilla fullcop is a super powerful role that hasn't been awarded to town forever. even when it was somewhat common it was always in large games where everybody had a role. there's no way a game where almost everybody is a vanilla randomly has a town fullcop
  17. Arctic Mafia (Game Thread)

    there's literally no way town has an unlimited fullcop
  18. Arctic Mafia (Game Thread)

    oh you already answered that question :weary: i see bart viewing the thread pls tell me what to do bart
  19. Arctic Mafia (Game Thread)

    why didnt you claim yesterday or defend xnad harder? no way all three scum are goons so a vanilla inspect was basically a clear.
  20. Arctic Mafia (Game Thread)

    having trouble deciding if there's no way scum can be this out of it or if kaif is purposely faking clueless town
  21. Arctic Mafia (Game Thread)

    gdi this is a scummy ass claim wrong number of nights second info role when we already had an oracle flip town rolecop even though both scum flips so far have been goon
  22. Arctic Mafia (Game Thread)

    oh it was this post i guess i also think his tone is town but i dont understand how you can say it based on this post where he votes the towniest person in the thread. MEH doesn't really matter I guess
  23. Arctic Mafia (Game Thread)

    idk maybe i'm being too critical of indecision with having the flips in mind. when you were grilling weiner at the beginning of the day what was your read on him? was it null trying to make up your mind or were you leaning scum? and why did you not really talk about him for like 25 posts? also, what's your read on kaif? i think you said yesterday that he was town based on some post but i cant find it in your iso. i do remember that I didnt get your reasoning.
  24. Arctic Mafia (Game Thread)

    sorry I guess it's kinda hard to keep just talking to someone you think is scum but it's bad form. but my bad I thought I responded to what you said about your reason for voting claire yesterday. what I don't like about it is that while it's fair to not want to vote someone because you don't like the people on their wagon, it felt like that very suddenly overrode all the objections you had with weiner ed2. when I was rereading d2 after the first couple pages I was almost going to reverse my read on you because you were doing a really good job grilling weiner and then you just stopped talking about him until you started defending him. that bothers me because it didn't feel like you came to change your mind naturally about the weiner wagon constituents being worse than weiner himself. it just feels kind of contrived, like you needed a reason to switch and found one. also i feel like you didn't follow up on any of those people? for example jester being a scumlean was one of the people on the wagon you didnt like and then afterwards you just dropped the jester read. like did the flip make you think that everyone on that wagon was auto town? i've already said my opinions on everyone else a bunch of times. bart is town due to the fact that ichigo tried to lynch him in a way that was clearly not a bus and jester is probably town too because he has a very good voting record and his vote was actually important to getting scum lynched. not really concerned about his vote on me because it feels like he just missed baldrick's post or something. kaif not being around more is pretty frustrating and I have to admit makes me waffle sometimes about my read on you because it's easier to say good stuff right after subbing in, and I didn't like amph's actions. but I wouldn't want to lynch here until after lynching you because the amph stuff that bothers me most about his slot was ed1 and I don't like to let that affect my read too much at this point in the game bc a lot of people aren't good at RVS.
  25. Arctic Mafia (Game Thread)

    ##Vote: @RADicate this is the scum slot. jester, I forgot to respond to this on d4, but i didn't really get it when you pointed how he defended Ichigo and chose to tiebreak for Claire over Weiner, but then also said he hadn't really done anything incriminating. it's relatively easy as scum to fake tone, especially when you're experienced and a generally chill guy like Rad. at the end of the day Rad has consistently voted against town's interests at basically every step, even when it went against his previously stated posts such as him finding Weiner suspicious at the start of d2. would be cool if kaif was around more