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  1. My Hero Academia Mafia - Game Over

    i don't think scum played badly but I would agree that this was more of a town loss than a mafia victory. maybe it was because of inactives and subs or the 48 hour deadlines but it didn't really feel like town was really very organized and ended up settling on compromise lynches? that being said apologies on my part for trying to take control of the thread at end of d3 when I hadn't read anything. it fucked up the lynch and also drew town's power roles to me on a pivotal night phase.
  2. My Hero Academia Mafia - Game Over

    it's possible that scum vig exists? but if that's the case town vig should shoot them at night, not CC.
  3. My Hero Academia Mafia - Game Over

    alette's claim is 99% town. town vig almost certainly exists in a game with no SK and vig is the worst claim to make to draw out a CC because the vig just shoots you instead of CCing
  4. My Hero Academia Mafia - Game Over

    this is just dumb now. town screwed up by not having this decided with that it was always going ot be a turbo. we need votes for a lynch
  5. My Hero Academia Mafia - Game Over

    if this is true then she gets vigged or gets lynched tomorrow anyways lol. are you scum weapons?
  6. My Hero Academia Mafia - Game Over

    idt the claim failing on mack is indicative fwiw; just don't have a reason for thinking he's town as I do with shinori and marth
  7. My Hero Academia Mafia - Game Over

    I would rather this than Marth ##Unvote, ##Vote: Mackc2
  8. My Hero Academia Mafia - Game Over

    what has mack claimed?
  9. My Hero Academia Mafia - Game Over

    has marth claimed?
  10. My Hero Academia Mafia - Game Over

    i can't tell you I think shinori has a good chance of flipping scum, but I think marth/snike have a probably lower chance of being scum. interested in mack simply because I know nothing about how he's played, but it doesn't seem like anyone other than snike finds him scummy? what are your opinions on mack?
  11. My Hero Academia Mafia - Game Over

    snike sell me on mack in your 7 minutes and how does your night action play into it?
  12. My Hero Academia Mafia - Game Over

    who, marth? marth has been kinda flaky for a while tbh as both alignments so that probably shouldn't play into it either
  13. My Hero Academia Mafia - Game Over

    uhhh gut is that shinori claim is town; I think he would gambit more as scum i haven't read enough to vote snike after a follower claim, especially with a scum rolecop flip corrobin being new means that it probably wasn't a tough lynch to get; wouldn't be far-fetched for there to be no scum on the wagon especially after a d1 scum lynch so i don't think that points to marth being scum. these options aren't great but shinori is the littlest of the evils ##Vote: Shinori
  14. My Hero Academia Mafia - Game Over

    also, was corrobin a new player or did they have past experience?
  15. My Hero Academia Mafia - Game Over

    not convinced by marth case; would not lynch there. has shinori claimed? how has Snike acted with regards to Mack on this day phase? is him getting targeted by a scum hooker plausible, or only town hooker?
  16. My Hero Academia Mafia - Game Over

    oh my bad the vig claim :bbmreading: ##Unvote
  17. My Hero Academia Mafia - Game Over

    no what's your claim?
  18. My Hero Academia Mafia - Game Over

    btw i'm sure alette has more to her marth case than just "maybe he's deepwolfing and bussing" but it seems like she's using that as a way to dismiss his voting patterns without thought given as to why marth hardbussing makes sense
  19. My Hero Academia Mafia - Game Over

    I've only read the last couple pages but ##Vote: Alette i don't know the details of marth's actions but "maybe this person is deepwolfing and bussing" is a terrible reason for a primary push at this point in the game. there's no reason given for why marth's scum vote might be hardbussing (I don't know the details but inferring that Marth was instrumental to the D1 scum lynch). marth hardbussing isn't impossible but even lurkers like my slot should be the focus before someone who was a key figure in a D1 scum lynch. also just inferring from the past few posts but Alette at some point apparently thought Marth town, so this is unlikely to be a case of town having tunnel vision and not wanting to accept new info. seems more like an opportunistic push against someone who should be obvtown based on voting patterns but has I'm guessing flaked
  20. My Hero Academia Mafia - Game Over

    I haven't read the thread at all and uh, it's the start of the work day for me so I won't really be able to contribute until after phase end. I will be ~around~ though so if you guys need my vote for a lynch, ping me. i'll catch up with the thread over the night phase tho
  21. SFMM5 Game Thread- Town wins!

    marth may very well be scum but we're not lynching outside a 1v1. it would be super dumb if scum had both a ninja and an action tailor (on top of a cop tailor too). ampharos's reaction to the guilty doesnt seem legit. his first reaction: reborn's most trusted citizen: wait are you literally trusting elieson over me [12:25 PM] reborn's most trusted citizen: what the fuck to pivot from that to the marth vote seems like they basically just realized they weren't going to win the 1v1 with elie. elie doesn't really have a reason to lie here, and worst case if he is saccing himself we lynch him tomorrow. ##Vote: Ampharos also doing it this way means marth is alive to protect elie tonight and therefore has to confirm himself as scum to kill elie
  22. SFMM5 Game Thread- Town wins!

    damn and I thought I was being egotistic by making myself the itp in NSFMM4
  23. Serenes Forest Mafia Mafia 5

    i'll have to drop out actually. i don't think i have enough time and you still have 21 people without me (if Blitz signs up at least)
  24. Serenes Forest Mafia Mafia 5

    claim to me right away