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  1. Transforming units?

    If personally skills return, I'd be interested to see the ability to use beast/dragonstones be a personal skill that can be useable with any class, similar to the dark gift skill Averse got in awakening.
  2. Should Reclassing Return / Unit Identity

    I'm mostly for keeping solely heart seal reclasses. While it isn't necessary, a bunch of games where I wanted to reclass certain people into certain things got really boring and I fell off of them because I got sick of waiting to the point I could actually get the people I wanted together to get a certain class, and they'd still frequently have an E rank in their new weapon. I'd love to have heard seals be the only reclass option, and to have said reclass be considered in a way that both fit the character's identity and suites their strengths to some degree. I wouldn't really want to reclass if said reclass has nothing to do with the character's actual personality, but I also wouldn't want to reclass if said reclass fits them, but makes them terrible statwise. Or I may just be salty about how roundabout you have to go in order to get a bow knight Takumi, and am taking it out on the system, who knows.
  3. Best Villager Promotions

    Honestly, I go with Mage Faye. It ends up giving a magic dealer which turns into a mixed attacker that has really excellent defense.
  4. I'd love to see a game with multiple different cultures, similar to how Awakening had a Japanese theme for Chon'sin and an Egyptian theme for Plegia, but in a way similar to echoes where it plays out in existing classes rather than certain classes being cultural. Just like how Kamui's mercenary outfit looks vaguely Japanese, while Saber's Mercenary outfit still looks European.
  5. Do you want an avatar & S-rank supports? (Poll)

    I chose no for both, simply because it's unlikely either will meet what I'd like to see for them. For Avatars, I'd like to see something akin to Mark, where the avatar doesn't have his own real personality, more just had people talk to him and such, but more relevant than Mark was. I'd also love to see that same mark-like character play a tactician on the battlefield too, to make him/her more of an in-game presence. For S- support so mostly just want to see more diversity in the kind of s-supports. I want to see people like Clive and Mathilda who have one person they can s-rank with. I want to see other people who have a few different choices but well played. In these instances though, I'd like to see better written supports. Like, both characters don't need to immediately profess their love. Have the S-support be one character confessing, and then the other character not be immediately in love but also no opposed to it. Then reveal they did end up together in the epilogue, something like that. I want S-supportz that work like real confessions do, wherein not every confession of love immediately results in marriage, or even dating. Maybe have someone proclaim their love in the S-support, and have the other person tell them they have to prove their love first or something like that. I don't know.
  6. I do feel sorry for Fernand, and I quite liked him. I am kind of amused that people are calling him "irrational" as though having your whole family killed off a seething hatred burned into your heart is in any way a path to rational thinking. I sympathize with him.
  7. Famitsu scan

    The sages looked distractingly bulky. I heavily avoided the class for it.
  8. Need friends with Olwen, Klein , Lachesis

    Request sent, I have a lvl 40 olwen
  9. Gamespot info

    Watch as Deliverance HQ is the new My Castle.
  10. Gamespot info

    I'm trying to decide if it's worth it if there's no supports. Supports are a big part of why I buy them, but it may lead to other remakes. I may just wait to see what people think when it's out.
  11. What about Anna?

    Especially since we have no proof Gaiden is even giving the player axes.
  12. Should supports end in marriage?

    That's just english. All her s supports in japanese ended in her marrying the guy, although a lot of people seem to think the english is an improvement.
  13. That type of thing more or less seems to be exactly what people hope we WON'T get in this game.
  14. Looks like no dual audio

    Because sometimes, dubs are so bad even a language you don't speak is better.