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  1. Fire Emblem Multiplayer Online

    I have created a game based on Fire Emblem 7 and Ancient Empires 2, which allows player vs player. In this game, you will start with amount of fund to buy a lord and other units. You can raise your fund by occupying house and castle. To defeat enemy, you have to take all of enemy 's castle and kill his lord. Current Features: Fog of war Level and promotion system Armory Some Changes There are no skills applied (except steal) Thief can steal enemy with higher speed Only mounted units can have 'rescue' command and constitution doesn't affect rescue Units gain more experience points and can promote from level 5 Every unit can promoted with Earth Seal Units cannot use Eclipse, Bolting, Purge to attack when they are moving Some items has been modified for balance reasons Note No sound yet Lack of some sprites for battle animations. Currently, all anima magics (except Thunder) use Fire sprites, all light magics use Lightning sprite and all dark magic (except Nosferatu) use Flux sprite, all heal and status magics use Heal sprites Here is a demo: Currently, the game is not well-balanced. If you have any suggestion or find a bug, please let me know. Thank you.
  2. Battle and Spell Animations Thread

    Hi I am looking for heal and sleep/silience spell for my game (it's not a hack). Do you have any? And for others spell animation. Do you have transparent background version of them? Thanks.
  3. FEditor Animations for Fan Projects

    How can i transfer GBA materials to gif?
  4. Boops on a Canvas

    Thank you .
  5. Boops on a Canvas

    Eliwan Sheet (Swords, Rapiers, Tomes, and Staves ?
  6. Boops on a Canvas

    can I borrow this for my game
  7. [Resource] My Custom Spell Animations

    I remake it by Unity C#. So I have to use transparent sprites :D
  8. [Resource] My Custom Spell Animations

    Do you have normal spell animations ?. I 'm try to make FE7, not hack, but I can't find spell animations.
  9. FEditor Animations V2

    Where can I find heal spell animation? Thanks
  10. Do they have animation?