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  1. [FE6] Put Yourself In My Boots

    Chapter 14x (4/113): Allen runs ahead with Shin in tow, drops him off, and counterkills a couple dudes on EP. Marcus follows behind with Roy in tow to Give him to Allen. Both were assisted by Lalum on turns 1 and 2 respectively. Shin kills the Nosferatu Druid so he can’t attack Roy on Turn 3 EP. Chapter 15 (8/121): Kinda boring. But it was a good opportunity to feed Roy kills, he really needed the boost. Probably could've done it a turn faster if I hadn't focused on feeding Roy so much or was better about where I’d put Shin/Marcus, but I’ll take it. Chapter 16 (12/133): An effort, as usual. This felt really sloppy, and I absolutely could’ve seized faster, but I wanted to steal all of Narcian’s stuff, and it gave Allen a chance to get both the Hero and Knight Crests, so I think it was probably worth it for the money? Fir Wyrmslayer’d Narcian, Milady got dragged along to recruit Zeiss who ate both Speedwings ASAP, recruited Hugh for minimum price, the works. Chapter 16x (6/139): Shin, Allen, and Marcus charged up the right with Roy and Lalum in the saddlebags. On Turn 5, Allen had to get given Roy by Shin, and then KE crit the Sniper (yeah I could’ve Brave Lanced it instead but I gotta get that sword WExp), then get Danced by Lalum to drop Roy near the throne. Had to do a super dumb Brave Lance kill hitting 3 of 4 hits at 49% hit, but at least it wasn’t as dumb as last draft! Zeiss got kills where he could, including both Paladins, he hit Lv 10 so he’ll promote next map. Chapter 17S (6/145): Zeiss couldn’t kill the boss without an unholy and disgusting amount of rigging (Roy hitting Light Brand on EP at 41%, then a double Killer hit + 1 crit at sub-50 hit with 23% crit, gross) so I just took the extra turn for boots money and reliability. Then Zeiss got a perfect level off the bosskill so you know what, WE TAKE THOSE. Got a billion money at the Arena at least.
  2. [FE6] Put Yourself In My Boots

    Chapter 13 (7/101): Took a long time to actually finish, but damn if this wasn’t a satisfying clear to actually get done. Fir went on a solo mission for the Body Ring (with a Merlinus punching bag to distract the Paladin for one turn), while literally everybody else (except undeployed Bors) contributed to the charge towards the castle. Barth was used to Rescue + Drop Roy to get him 1 extra movement space, which mattered for Marcus’ movement range. Saul got a lot of EXP by staying on 7 HP and just dodging + counterkilling a bunch of inaccurate Steel Lances/Javelins. Allen visited the Armory and buys 2 Killing Edges and 2 Killer Lances. Might be overkill but I’d rather be safe in this scenario, I have to go the long way through the next couple chapters anyways and can’t buy more for awhile. SHIN was able to get the bosskill thanks to nobody else being able to actually kill him. Marcus had to Killer Axe a Paladin so he could actually reach though. In conclusion, Barth did something. I’m just as surprised as you are. ignore that Bors could've done it too Chapter 14 (8/109): Took about as long as Chapter 13 to get done, honestly. Fir finally pays off. She starts by promoting to Swordmaster, then Saul picks her up and gets danced, so he can drop her ahead with the Light Brand equipped. Roy uses a Torch on Turn 1, then gets picked up by Allen. Chad takes the Torch from Roy and uses it for super-thief-vision, he essentially acts as the team vision for most of the chapter. Allen with Lalum’s help ferries Roy to Saul on Turn 3, who walks him the rest of the way to the throne, with Fir leading the charge against the two Merc groups. She goes on to eventually kill the boss, needing a crit + hit and having two phases to do it, but she goes all tryhard and gets double crits on EP so hey. Saul has to blow the other two Sleep uses on the Killing Edge Hero; only the first one is technically necessary, but by using both, I can safely get Sophia to the Guiding Ring and even ferry the Silver Card to Saul to buy things half price at the Vendor, which is very nice, so I got a fuckton of Pure Waters and Lightnings. I might miss having that for Douglas, but I can work around him. Shanna goes on a little adventure skirting enemy ranges to get the Warp staff on the last turn since it’s worth a lot to sell, while Miledy gets everything on the left including the Silver Card. Actually got all the treasures except the Silver Blade, at least there’s *some* benefit to how many turns this took. The Sleep Bishop blew his 3 uses on Allen (miss), Allen (hit), and Saul (miss), then got crit by Fir so he wasn’t a big issue. Allen also obtained + used the Boots before he took his nap.
  3. [FE6] Put Yourself In My Boots

    Chapter 8x (8/62): Promoted Allen on Turn 1, he and Marcus just sorta rushed ahead and killed things. Allen KE crit OHKO’d Henning on Turn 8, he doubled so the odds weren’t completely terrible, just mostly terrible. Everyone else focused on that thing you know and love, SELF IMPROVEMENT, namely the Armor Bros forming a small wall in the corner to shield Saul and Dorothy so they could heal/arrow things safely. Saul and Dorothy also got C Support. Barth gained RES. Chapter 9 (7/69): Ran forward. Sue and Noah recruited their people, Allen killed the boss, etc. This chapter frustrated me because the RNG for getting into the center island never wanted to work so I just said fuck it and burned a million RNs trying to make things happen. Seriously, I was missing back-to-back 88% hits, it was fucking stupid. Roy got C support with Marcus and Allen at least, would've liked this for the 8x bosskill but at least it's a thing now. Chapter 10 (6/75): No way in hell would I be able to 5-turn, and even this was pretty tight. Allen ran Roy down to the throne, and I had to clear a path for Marcus to even be able to follow so he could kill a Shaman in the way too. Otherwise just sorta focused on improving dudes. Chapter 11: (8/83): Decided to slow down a touch because I probably want that Hero Crest for Fir, and this chapter was being real butts to the northern group’s survival. At least I got more money out of it. Shin, Allen, and Roy went up north and broke down the wall to fight the boss, while everybody else went and got villages and self-improved. Notably, Saul hit Lv 10 and promoted. Shanna was deployed to buy some stuff, like Lightning tomes for Saul. Somehow fed Shin the bosskill because Allen didn’t crit on either of his attacks. Chapter 12 (6/89): Fir, Merlinus, Barth, Chad on the right worked together to distract the Sleep guy and get the treasure. Barth actually dodged it all 3 times, so good. Everybody else went to the left, with Saul pulling a couple axe dudes through the wall. I tried getting a 5-turn a few times, but I think I just don’t have enough movement (read; horse) to get Roy in range to seize. I was able to get him 5 tiles from the throne, but the damn movement cost meant it wasn’t doable. Since I had the time, I also had Lalum eat both Angelic Robes so she isn’t perpetually OHKO’d by everything. Chapter 12x (5/94): Took an extra turn to get the White and Red Gems. Roy, Shin, Allen, and Marcus all ran through the center, taking Lalum and Roy along for the ride. Lalum had to dodge at least one of a Brigand and an Archer, and Roy had to dodge the Nos!Druid cause he gets OHKO’d. Allen KE crit the boss, Shin got the White Gem, and Marcus the Red Gem. Everybody else self-improved, Chad stole an Elixir and a Lockpick. Unit Lv HP Pow Skl Spd Luk Def Res Wpnlvl Roy 7.20 23 8 8 12 11 7 2 C Swd Marcus 7.39 36 9 17 14 12 11 9 C Swd B Axe A Lnc Allen 14/7.18 39 19 16 21 13 15 5 B Swd B Lnc E Axe Chad 12.81 25 7 12 19 10 6 2 D Swd Saul 10/3.93 28 13 13 18 3 4 12 D Lgt B Stf Dorothy 9.81 24 7 10 10 6 6 3 C Bow Shin 12.41 30 10 11 16 8 7 4 D Bow Fir 10.95 27 11 17 18 10 4 3 C Swd Lalum 2.61 29 1 2 11 10 2 4 A+ Dancing Barth 10.37 26 10 6 5 3 14 2 C Lnc Bors 4.68 23 8 4 5 5 13 0 C Lnc
  4. [FE6] Put Yourself In My Boots

    Chapter 1 (4/4): Marcus picked up Roy on Turn 2 and charged forward. Allen cleared his path to drop Roy 3D of the throne. Allen got a ton of kills here thanks to Marcus weakening everything. Bors got THE BIG MONEY Chapter 2 (6/10): Ran forward and killed things. Roy got a couple levels here which was pretty cool, thanks to dropping him on the easternmost fort Turn 3. Bors helped out by chipping a couple things. Allen mostly killed a couple enemies blocking Marcus’ way and got some more levels too. Standard Merlinus -> Armorslayer -> Shanna. Chapter 3 (6/16): Marcus fullmoved every turn, equipping an Iron Axe on Turn 3 and a Javelin on Turn 4 to kill specific enemies. Somehow barely had the ability to pull this off thanks to Allen, he picked up Roy Turn 3, killed a Soldier in Marcus’ way on Turn 4, and Gave Roy to Marcus on Turn 5, while killing a Cavalier in the way. Marcus had exactly enough movement to park in front of the boss and fight him on EP+PP. Marcus also got SPEED on Turn 3, so that's pretty convenient. Bors, Chad, and Merlinus helped a bit with the opening then lured and killed Soldiers to not attack undrafted dudes. Merlinus also died, but not before he got the Mend. Chapter 4 (5/21): Marcus ran forward and killed most things. Allen followed shortly behind to ferry Roy, after being given him by BORS, what a god. Chad went and got the Angelic Robe village and Shanna did some shopping, I needed more Hand Axes for Marcus. Marcus gets SPEED again and also DEFENSE. Chapter 5 (3/24): Pretty simple, Bors opens the gate on Turn 2, then Marcus rushes in to attack the boss with the Iron Blade, he has 13 Speed so he doubles easily. He gets left on like 6 HP, so Allen is able to take the bosskill. Chad self-improved up north. Chapter 6 (6/30): Need Sue for Shin later, so a detour must be taken. Allen and Marcus carry Roy up the left, using the Door Key from Ch 4 to open Sue’s room, and then to the throne room, where Marcus Silver Lances Wagner on EP, and Allen finishes with Iron Sword on Turn 6. The bosskill was surprisingly cooperative, all told, only took one attempt. Chad gets the 8000g in the left treasure room, and Saul, Dorothy, and Bors, all try to improve in the bottom. It kinda works? Merlinus died, but it be like that sometimes. Chapter 7 (8/38): Man this sucked. I definitely lost some turns just due to lacking manpower, but it is what it is. Treck and Jerrot definitely helped a ton here as NPCs, and Dorothy was super clutch with her Steel Bow finishing off Wyverns. I missed out on the Elixir, Longbow, and Hero Crest villages, which is unfortunate, but I did get Chad to steal the Red Gem off the Wyvern. Bosskill was x2 Armorslayer from Marcus, followed by a hit from Allen to finish the job. Also managed to recruit Noah who went key shopping, so Fir will exist I guess. Chapter 8 (16/54): The long walk, as usual. Marcus ran far ahead with Chad to get the promotion items in the western treasure room. Barth took a Chest Key and got the stuff in the middle. Saul, Dorothy, and Merlinus hung back at the start and got pelted by an archer across the wall the entire time, Saul got a lot of EXP out of it. Drafting Barth was actually super helpful because he could loot the middle treasure room and break the wall to get the fresh Armorslayer to the team, the old one had like 3 uses by the time I got to the boss room. Oh, and Barth killed Cath, rip. Unit Lv HP Pow Skl Spd Luk Def Res Wpnlvl Roy 4.96 20 6 6 9 10 7 0 D Swd Marcus 5.85 34 9 16 13 11 11 9 D Swd C Axe A Lnc Allen 14.01 31 15 10 15 10 11 2 D Swd C Lnc Bors 4.21 23 8 4 5 5 13 0 C Lnc Chad 5.59 19 5 5 14 6 3 1 E Swd Saul 7.72 22 5 6 12 2 2 6 C Stf Dorothy 6.25 22 5 9 9 5 4 2 D Bow Barth 9.60 base
  5. [FE6] Put Yourself In My Boots

    Barth and Fir. I don't even know if I can feasibly recruit Noah without massive agony. @Joe Cool
  6. [FE6] Put Yourself In My Boots

    gimme BORS and DOROTHY @Joe Cool
  7. [FE6] Put Yourself In My Boots

    gonna take SHIN and THE CHAD @Joe Cool
  8. [FE6] Put Yourself In My Boots

    let's get Zeiss, and while we're at it, SAUL @Joe Cool
  9. [FE6] Put Yourself In My Boots

    Its been literal years since i used Allen so i'm gonna take him for a change of pace. @Joe Cool
  10. [FE6] Put Yourself In My Boots

    Apparently, I just can't stay away from this game. Drafting: 1. This draft is for 5 players. 2. Roy, Marcus, Merlinus, Lalum/Elphin, and Fae are free for all to use. 3. Three units will remain undrafted. 4. The game will be played on Normal Mode. Rules: 1. Undrafted units may recruit characters, rescue undrafted units and NPCs, trade, visit Shops and Armories, and dig up items in the desert. 2. Undrafted units may not do anything not listed above, including but not limited to meatshielding, building Supports, and opening Doors or Chests. 3. Use of the Warp staff is banned. 4. All Gaiden chapters are required to be visited. Chapter 20x (either route) does not count towards the total turncount up to 20 turns taken. 5. NPCs may do as they please without penalty. 6. The game must be played out to the True Ending. Penalties: - Undrafted units have a 4 turn penalty per unit, per chapter. Exceptions: - Undrafted Thieves may be used to obtain necessary Promotion items. Participants: Finalinsanity: Allen, Zeiss, Saul, Shin, Chad, Bors, Dorothy, Barth, Fir Joe Cool: Shanna, Echidna, Clarine, Rutger, Astore, Wolt, Geese, Ogier, Sophia Jedi: Miledy, Lot, Noah, Cecilia, Jerrot, Treck, Igrene, Yodel, Douglas Carmine: Lance, Tate, Sue, Wade, Lugh, CATH, Niime, Yuno, Karel DarthRoxas: Perceval, Deke, Lilina, Gonzalez, Elen, Klein, Bartre, Raigh, Garret Draftable Units:
  11. FE7 HNM Draft: Here Goes Nothing

    Chapter 17 (8/46): I could almost pull off a 7 turn, but Lowen is a few HP short of ORKOing the boss with the Heavy Spear, wouldn’t even matter if he leveled Strength. Rip. That said, I don’t think I could get the Knight Crest in 7 turns with this team anyways, so it’s probably fine. Matthew gets ferried by Marcus to obtain said Knight Crest, the AI never attacks him thanks to being either dead before he’s in range or Bartre being a juicier target. So, Lowen ferries Hector to the throne, and Bartre kills some enemies near the start and then goes and gets his own Hero Crest and the Unlock staff. Also brought Priscilla, ferried by Kent, along so she could recruit Raven, to keep him from causing problems with Marcus escorting Matthew untouched. At first, I thought I wouldn’t be able to bait Raven into attacking Hector over Marcus, but then I had the galaxy brain strat of having Hector throw away the only axe in his inventory at the time (a 20something use Iron Axe) so he’d be weaponless and Raven would attack him instead. It worked and thus Marcus+Matthew get through the chapter untouched. Chapter 17x (3/49): Promoted Lowen at Lv 18 or 19, I forget exactly. Think it was 18. Lowen aggroed everything on Turn 1 with a Steel Sword. Bartre recruited Canas, who waited directly behind Lowen. He killed a few enemies and the boss after Hector weakened him. Lowen talked to Fargus Turn 3. Chapter 18 (3/52): Canas killed a couple dudes and Lowen went to kill the boss. Chapter 19 (4/56): Promoted Bartre here at Lv 11, because he had survival issues in testing and he's starting to become less and less relevant with Lowen mowing down everything and Canas training up. He broke down the snags so Lowen could rush to Uhai, killing him between Turn 4 PP and EP with the Horseslayer. No Torch staff here unfortunately, will probably try to visit the Secret Shop in Kinship’s Bond for that. Chapter 19x (4/60): Gold Knight Lowen has no issues taking on the Knight and Mage swarm on Turn 2 EP. Lowen first picks up Hector, then moves to position so Bartre can fullmove and Take Hector from him, this lets Lowen be at full power for dealing with the enemies Turn 2 (forts could cause issues). Turn 3 Bartre gives Hector to Lowen and kills the Knight in his way, and Lowen moves to drop Hector in seize range. Canas just kills what he can, and Lowen ORKOs the boss with an Iron Axe. Chapter 20 (6/66): Hector walks to the throne with Lowen clearing the path. Bartre goes and gets the Brave Bow, then I tradechain the Chest Key to Canas to get the Luna tome. Lyn got pulled along to recruit Legault on the last turn, who then steals the Member’s Card. Chapter 21 (1/67): Promoted Canas at Lv 17. Went shopping for a bunch of Fluxes. Lowen rescuedropped Canas in range of Oleg and he critblicked him with Luna. It should be fine not getting the Elysian Whip, Heath probably wouldn’t be promotion ready until after Crazed Beast anyways. Chapter 22 (3/70): Team suddenly got a lot bigger, with Rath and Heath joining the crew. After Heath was recruited, Legault traded him a Chest Key and killed the Thief that just opened the treasure room door, and Heath got the Brave Axe. Guess we’ll see if this thing ends up useful. Also went shopping at the Secret Shop to grab a couple Torch staves. Canas only got one Heal in here, but he’ll get there. Chapter 23 (4/74): Canas stormed his way across the desert, killing both the Berserker bosses. Heath picked up a handful of kills, and Rath killed most of the enemies on the right with help from Lowen, Bartre, and Legault. Got the Eclipse and Filia’s Might, as well as enough EXP to go to Genesis. Chapter 23x (Genesis/74): Yep. Heath and Rath took the majority of the kills here. Canas hit D-and-change staff rank. Gave the Angelic Robe to Heath, I doubt anyone else has much use for it besides *maybe* Canas. Chapter 24 (1/75): Afa’s Drops on Heath. Gave both Secret Books to Rath. Heath used the Arena. Rath got Filia’s Might’d and Brave Bow’d Lloyd. Canas Torch staff’d. Shame I couldn't go shopping. Promoted Rath for next chapter. Hector: 14.21, 30 HP, 11 Str, 7 Skl, 10 Spd, 7 Luk, 18 Def, 5 Res, A Axe Lowen: 18/10.13, 46 HP, 18 Str, 12 Skl, 20 Spd, 16 Luk, 22 Def, 8 Res, C Swd | A Lnc | C Axe Bartre: 11/2.43, 42 HP, 16 Str, 10 Skl, 10 Spd, 5 Luk, 9 Def, 8 Res, B Axe | E Bow Canas: 17/6.51, 36 HP, 18 Mag, 15 Skl, 18 Spd, 10 Luk, 11 Def, 17 Res, S Dark | D Stf Legault: 14.17, 27 HP, 9 Str, 12 Skl, 17 Spd, 12 Luk, 9 Def, 4 Res, C Swd Heath: 13.32, 41 HP, 15 Str, 12 Skl, 9 Spd, 8 Luk, 11 Def, 2 Res, B Lnc Rath: 19/1.00, 38 HP, 15 Str, 20 Skl, 17 Spd, 9 Luk, 11 Def, 8 Res, A Bow | E Swd Ninian: yeah Hector is weirdly Str screwed, it's hilarious. He's taken Def lessons from Lowen at least. Chapter 25 (4/79): Rath took the pirate fort, Heath the monk fort, and Lowen+Hector the horse fort. Everyone else stuck to the center and helped Canas grind staff rank. Heath actually had it kinda rough since I didn't get the Pure Water back on the boat map, but he's a champ. Chapter 26 (11/90): Sleepy time. Canas ground out a ton of staff rank and Heath got swole and promoted. Chapter 27 (6/96): Canas took the top archer room, Rath the eastern Hero room, Legault the starting Brigand/Warrior room, Heath the General room, and Lowen Jerme’s room. Actually went way better than expected, I'd rather play this than Kenneth's version any day.
  12. FE7 HNM Draft: Here Goes Nothing

    Vaida. EDIT: Started. Chapter 11 (6/6): Yep. Did a trick I learned from watching Sturm and had Matthew attack the wall on the last turn after Hector attacked the boss. Chapter 12 (4/10): Hector soloed the top, he crit the boss on Turn 3 EP with the Wolf Beil thus avoiding horribly unreliable Hand Axe strats and/or needing Marcus’ help. We take those. Marcus picked up Dorcas to weigh himself down so that, using an Iron Sword, he’d leave a Merc and Peg on low HP for Lowen to finish, who got a sick level here. Bartre helped! Chapter 13 (5/15): Ran left. In retrospect, I have no idea why I didn't just go down, but OH WELL i was already at Ch 16 by the time i realized the error of my ways Bartre killed a Peg on Turn 2 that Hector was 1 Str short of OHKOing, and got Merlinus’ village. Otherwise horses just did horse things. Chapter 13x (7/22): yeah. Chapter 14 (4/26): Didn’t deploy Merlinus, the Soldiers go after him otherwise. Marcus obliterated Erik with a crit, we take those, though I’m pretty sure I could’ve finished him off with Hector next turn (he just attacks a Mercenary instead). He took on most of the left side enemies with a Hand Axe afterwards. Lowen killed a few enemies at the start then dealt with the pirates and cav near the village, he couldn’t double the second one so he had to make sure to be in range of them on Turn 3. Bartre sort of followed behind slowly to bait the Soldiers, he did what he needed to admirably. Chapter 15 (7/33): D e f e n s e. Bartre killed some enemies near the throne room and Lowen killed almost everything else including the boss. He's a beefy boy. Chapter 16 (5/38): Bought stuff on Turn 1 with Lyns squad and sent a Steel Lance to the convoy so Lowen could OHKO a Myrmidon that gets in his way. Marcus carried Hector over the mountains and Lowen helped him make the trip to the castle more reliable. Bartre just picked up scraps, but they were good scraps. Farewell Marcus, it was good to have you. Hector: 8.99, 25 HP, 10 Str, 5 Skl, 7 Spd, 6 Luk, 13 Def, 3 Res, B Axe Lowen: 14.31, 34 HP, 12 Str, 11 Skl, 13 Spd, 10 Luk, 16 Def, 3 Res, D Swd | B Lnc Bartre: 8.63, 35 HP, 13 Str, 8 Skl, 8 Spd, 4 Luk, 5 Def, 3 Res, C Axe Lowen's like +5 on his Defense average, what the hell. The similarity to Tangela is more than just in appearance I suppose.
  13. FE7 HNM Draft: Here Goes Nothing

  14. FE7 HNM Draft: Here Goes Nothing

    Bartre+Karla. Yes, Dorcas would be a smarter pick, why do you ask?
  15. FE7 HNM Draft: Here Goes Nothing

    Fear the wrath of Rath.