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  1. Sorry for the late response. To my knowledge, all second and third place prizes have been shipped out now, and the first place prizes had not been because we were turned away at the post office for not having a user's name for international shipping; presumably the user isn't a super regular, so they just got back to us a couple days ago with the info we needed and will be shipping them out soon :P. I'll ask our mailman just to confirm!
  2. No, the people behind the Discord app are looking into it, we haven't gotten an update from them yet. I still have this in mind, don't worry!
  3. There are no necroposting rules for project threads. "Project threads" could include anything ranging from an art thread in the creative section, a fangame project you're working on in the FP section or just some type of research contribution to the site you're logging in any of our FE sections. If you're updating your project you're free to post in the thread. That's the main reason we haven't just set threads to autolock after a period of inactivity.
  4. From what I understand, it should be an automatic process, so if Discord isn't letting you in then just send a PM to Jyosua.
  5. All prizes are being shipped out now; finally got all of the updated addresses for people moving. Sorry for the delay!
  6. You only have 6 posts. It's not time based, it's post based, and the number of posts required is low.
  7. We're not releasing the official number, but it's not too many; even if you're not terribly active you'll get there soon enough. Do note that posting in our spam section (FFTF) doesn't count towards content count.
  8. Welcome to SF guys! The answer to your question is in the OP and in the thread's recent posts. Once you've reached a certain post threshold you'll automatically promote and be able to access the Discord.
  9. Yup, it's in the OP, must've skipped over it! There aren't any restrictions on your use of the forum for the New Member group, so you'll be able to join the Discord before you know it :P.
  10. Newly registered users aren't able to access the Discord right away. Once you've been active on the forums for a short while you'll automatically promote from "New Member" to "Member" and be able to access all of the Discord features. It turned out to be a more popular feature than we anticipated, and it was necessary to take extra steps to protect our users from harassment in light of that.
  11. There's a bug involving our Discord app that is giving us issues making new sections. We'll hopefully have it fixed soon, but I won't be able to do this until then.
  12. You're more than welcome to edit your story lol. I'm not sure how many people will still be checking this thread though, so if you wanted to update it for the sake of getting some feedback, you might want to PM the users who offered those suggestions.
  13. I thought about it for a while and ultimately decided to implement this to see if it's something our community would be interested in; I'm going to create the subforum within the next few days. As I'm not an avid Heroes player, I asked our own Ice Dragon to lead the effort to make sure someone knowledgeable would be managing the section while it's still a bud. When we spoke about it he had some pretty convincing ideas for how it should be handled and planned to make a few guides himself to start it off, so I'm confident it'll be something our members can have some fun grinding away at together.
  14. This has been resolved, but I figured I'd post in case anyone having similar issues happens across the thread. I'm around every day unless I'm taking a break (like once per year) or something's come up irl that prevents me from being around. The reason it might look like this is that I absentmindedly click "sign in anonymously" when I log in sometimes so it can often look like I haven't been on in a while lol. Can rest assured that there's never any harm in messaging me! I'm the best person to contact about this type of issue, and the best way to contact me is through the forum because that's the part of the site I'm responsible for, so it can understandably be tricky to get in contact with us if you don't have access to a forum account, especially since our official email tends to get spammed. If you've locked yourself out of your account, there's really no better way to get help in a timely manner than making an alt and PMing us, unless you get lucky and Vincent checks our email before it gets spammed off the page lol. We don't ban people (that is, their main/original account) for alt account offenses unless we discover them ourselves and have reason to believe that they were using them with the intention of causing trouble. The most we'd typically do (assuming they do not have a history of making alts) is just ban the alt and warn the main account of the person who made them, but certainly not in a situation like this. We've had to ban maybe one or two people in the 5 years I've been running the staff explicitly for making alts, and they were spamming them with very clear intentions. Conversely, nobody who has had a legitimate reason for making one has even been warned for it, we would just remove the alt account once the issue has been sorted out. Certainly nothing to worry about for the average user!
  15. You shouldn't need to sign for anything. It'll either be left with the rest of your mail in the mailbox if you're not home, or they'll take it back with them and leave a notice telling you that you have mail at the post office, depending on where you live.