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  1. HH is still worse. And honestly, GL's pretty fun in Gen; it just didn't gain as much from styles and arts as most other weapons. It's not really open world; they just made the areas bigger and "seamless" (there's clear transition zones instead of loading screens).
  2. Capcom's been edging towards combo GS for a while; they buffed the strong charge and sideways slash in 4U and nerfed the normal charge in Gen. I'd say the days of just charge slashes and evasion are over.
  3. They still have environmental traps and stuff in-game; that's what I'm talking about. Having all that on top of everything else feels like giving the Hunter way too much; along with all the other tweaks, I just get the feeling this will be the easiest MH game to date. If a spin-off did that it would be interesting. But they've made it pretty clear from day 1 that World is 5 in all but name (likely so that if it doesn't take off they can backpedal and call the next game 5).
  4. English version of the second trailer, narrated by Capcom UK's community manager (spoiler tag malfunction, replies are in alongside the trailer):
  5. These dropped last night: Barroth and Diablos make a return, alongside a new bird wyvern named Kulu Ya-Ku, a muddy looking piscine wyvern, and another bird wyvern with chameleon eyes/tongue. The second trailer was only released for Japan: It's just the core gameplay loop, though you also get to see the town and a couple neat tweaks (you can finally take every item on the rewards screen at once, the visible weapon tree from Gen makes a return).
  6. It's largely locked in already, though; the most I could see is a couple characters getting in due to popularity. The interview also says that they're trying to make it "appeal to the West", which makes me think it could be an "everything release "(Switch/PS4/Xbox One/PC) and hopefully be dubbed.
  7. It's not as bad as Jesse McCartney releasing a video of him dubbing grunts before KH 1.5 was even announced. Anyways: What If story mod, SSB Goku and Vegeta, Androids 16-18 confirmed.
  8. This is basically just fanboy wankery right now, but since PS4/Switch is looking likely (the BlazBlue logo was shown at the Switch announcement presentation and ASW congratulated ARMS on it's initial sales, "proving that the Switch can support fighting games") and that they've said they're open to other series getting in, I wonder if there may end up being a couple console exclusive characters. There's absolutely nothing to support this right now; it's just something I've thought about.
  9. Did HW have a bonus EXP feature a la WO? Because that at least mitigates things.
  10. Creative liberties, as others have said; though it's also worth noting that Validar does so in Awakening's FMV cutscenes. For once I'd like it to be Derrick who goes to the events and does the direct feed footage instead of Andre, considering how he's the RPG fan while Andre's more "classic Nintendo". They never did officially show off Robin; considering how their moves are 100% identical, either she's an alt or pointless padding.
  11. I'm honestly just shocked that the police weren't out there breaking things up ASAP. Considering how charged things have been down there over the statue removals, you'd think they'd have some officers on standby/in the area in case of something like this.
  12. Outside of the new Musou attack at the end, she looks identical to M!Robin. Timestamp: 0:27/4:45; exact same move and follow-up.
  13. Black and White have so much good music; town, route and battle themes all stand out. Sun and Moon have good battle themes and "incidental"/character themes along with some good town themes, though the lack of variety among route music is its biggest drawback.
  14. I'm the last person who you need to apologize too about long posts; here and elsewhere I generally have a lot to say and end up condensing things. Robin has sword access in Awakening, but that was eschewed entirely in FEW; the same will likely happen with Leo. Robin's also got anima magic locked down pretty securely; having another "archmage" character in Elise would be a bit redundant (though I could see the case for giving her light magic for the sake of uniqueness). The naginata justification kinda doesn't work, due to there only being swords/axes/lances. That said, if Hinoka is in she'd likely be a semi-clone with those differences (which I could see being done to pad out the lance roster; same deal with Draug and whatever other armor knight they go with). Scrolls are basically animal summons; that right explains my reasoning. Robin's got anima, Leo's got ...Brynhildr (gravity/trees/dark), and Tharja is likely pure dark magic. Having a summoner-esque character would be incredibly unique.
  15. Leo's already a mounted mage, taking Elise's niche; Hinoka is a bog-standard PK, a niche Cordelia already fulfills; honestly, Sakura seems like the most unique due to being a healer/archer (or hopefully healer/scrolls). That's just my thoughts on their situation, though.