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  1. FE titles as of late only has about half a year between announcement and release. I'm personally convinced that the utter lack of info points towards Pokemon as a 2019 title, and there are rumors of Smash launching in September. So, either FE Switch has been delayed to early 2019 or Nintendo is going to try Xenoblade 2 again and stick it in a late November/early December slot to close out the year on.
  2. I haven't quite seen that. If anything, there were more crackpot theories were earlier on from what I've heard (the baseless "Elibe's Dragon's Gate leads to Archanea" theory, for instance). SoV's just doing a bit better of a job connecting what's already connected. And besides, I think the more absurd part about the Zelda timeline is that the series itself was never about story, whereas FE has always put some modicum of focus and effort on writing and presentation (even if it's generally of sub-par quality). It makes more sense for a more plot driven series to flesh out lore and connections than for one that really isn't.
  3. Why does Ewan have higher Con than Lute?

    I'd say this. Likely a mix of all three.
  4. Opinions on Camilla

    To actually address the topic, I think she's wasted potential. Unfortunately just fanservice for the sake of fanservice, with it really just being most of her character.
  5. Opinions on Camilla

    Except they didn't. She got more gimmicky voicelines, definitely-- but that was done plenty of times before, like, say, basically Awakening's entire cast. The rest of her dialogue and her supports are left pretty well intact. Henry goes from being an actor to an actor who believes his own act; for instance, people were turned off of pairing him with Olivia precisely due to his vastly different character. (Also, I see you overfocused on Saizo/Beruka. Not a fan of that; 1 out of nearly 2,000 support conversations, though). Nice strawman right off the bat. There's a difference between gimmicky voicelines and a few alterations here and there and having google translated text and awkward wording aplenty in your game. Fates has one or two typos; Persona 5 got an entire site built around that stuff. Atlus had been acquired by Sega for the purpose of their translation team, and Persona 5 ended up being a bit of a casualty. Would also like to mention that I know someone who's studied Japanese and hopes to be a localizer themselves (having been one of the main translators for the highly-regarded fan translation for Ace Attorney Investigations 2)... who finds the Fates' drama to be ridiculously overblown and believes Persona 5's is justly criticized. But no. Just write everyone off who doesn't share your opinion as idiots.
  6. FE16 "leaks"

    I mean, it's what started the thread (though at this point it's become speculation central).
  7. Full info compilement + Famitsu interview translation: And on another somewhat related note, gamefaqs finds the discussion of buff classes inappropriately sexual:
  8. BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle!?

    If I can take a stab at it: >Main theme >CSS Theme >Rebellion >Reach out to the Truth Arena mix >This'll be the Day/Red Like Roses II medley >Scraper Sky High >New vocal track/ending theme Basically the themes of the 4 poster characters + a few original tracks.
  9. And when you search "Masahiro Sakurai" you get an obese black man and when you search "Sanzang" you get Warriors Orochi's gender inverted female version. Google's algorithm is just freaking weird with what it prioritizes.
  10. Level 1 stats from a combination of the trailer and famitsu: Most notably is that Wisdom (V's new stat, which healing and magic defense is based off of) is the Harbinger's highest stat, leading many to think that it's mostly going to be Deathguard.
  11. BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle!?

    Doesn't even include the character pass and is PS4 exclusive (meaning the Switch carrying case, the most interesting "extra", remains in Japan). They screwed up the Western LE hard.
  12. I personally love it, but it isn't really like Mega Man and that's the point. The devs wanted to make something similar, yet different with more accessible gameplay and that's what they did. It's more pure action with the challenge coming from getting higher scores/ranks rather than simply beating the level, with platforming aspects being super tame (especially with how much mobility the PCs have). Comparing it to Mega Man is more or less apples and oranges, IMO.
  13. Most interestingly, the Hero class is meant to be an all-rounder, with offense, defense, and healing in its kit. Subclassing with it could be super interesting, if that's true.
  14. I don't care much, I just want it localized rather than not. Also... apparently subclassing is back? ...With 19 classes...
  15. Apparently only 19 classes. As follows: EO1: Protector, Medic, Ronin, Survivalist EO2: Gunner, War Magus EO3: Sovereign, Zodiac, Ninja, Farmer, Shogun EO4: Land, Nightseeker, Arcanist, Imperial EO5: Harbinger, Pugalist Untold: Highlander Original: Hero Please please please let this game be localized.