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  1. The "Knight" of that game. I kinda like some of the mirage designs for the SMT demon look, but the other character designs are just crazy.
  2. My gosh... all these errors are hilarious. Seconding Jesse as Kaiji Tang and Palla still sounds like Laura Bailey. Going to have to go through again and listen closely to Catria's one quote.
  3. Glancing through them, I'm really just seeing "Disappointed people are mad about no marriage mechanics and/or no WT"; nothing too bad. That said, yeah, it was more informative than Gamexplain's (personally wish they'd got Derrick there; he's gotten a lot better and more receptive since the FE7 streams I mocked).
  4. I'd personally say Juggernaut and maybe since it's a 3rd tier mage Archsage would be most fitting?
  5. There isn't. Axes are just vendor fodder.
  6. Tatiana's JP voice is almost JP Felicia levels bad. I hope they don't try and make it a 1:1.
  7. I just had a depressing thought-- we didn't see anything of Kliff during this scene. SoV lets you skip Kliff and Faye with Alm so Celica can pick them up right before the end of Cahpter 2. So it seems that neither of them will have any involvement in plot-important scenes.
  8. Some people have been saying Clive's and Clair's dialogue sounds a bit stilted. To which I say: they're nobles. The violet-tinged language used is completely intentional.
  9. I'm fine with it. I'm just bracing myself for some people to complain about it.
  10. Seconding Water Mage-- neither Cam Clarke or Grant George have much vocal range, and he sounds like a dead ringer for Grant George.
  11. And in comes the localization hellraisers in 3... 2... 1...
  12. Damn, they look cool. ...I may actually be tempted to get the DLC when it comes West.
  13. The tie breaker is tied...
  14. Dang... it's actually gonna release. Imagine what it would've been like if we got the leak now instead of over two weeks ago.