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  1. Going to jump on the bandwagon and say Faye is my sole least favorite. As for favorites: -Clive: He's been a solid unit (though with some speed issues at the start), and I like his involvement in the overall plot -Saber: Damn solid unit. What else is there to say? -Mae: As expected, she's proven quite lovable and is probably the best mage in the game -Leon: A gay character that isn't too blatant or overbearing-- after how Nintendo literally advertised Niles and Rhajat with Fates seemingly more to make a political statement than anything, Leon's a pleasant surprise. Sure, he's a bit camp, but Saber's a bit macho-- there's some stereotype to them, but it doesn't completely define them as characters
  2. I know: Remove leveling up. Make promotion bonuses the only stats a unit will gain, putting the focus on the player's capabilities and the strategy offered by the maps first and foremost. With much less of a numerical stat focus, balancing the numbers left would be a lot easier. Of course, that's removing half the SRPG factor and people probably wouldn't find it near as fun, so... . Every FE game (and pretty much every RPG in general) has one or two things that are head-and-shoulders above the remaining options and break it; I'd just say be glad that nothing truly gamebreaking has stayed consistent throughout the series.
  3. Welp, that confirms it's not Julianne Alexanders like many were thinking.
  4. I'm still rolling all the villagers in their canon classes and nobody's stopping me.
  5. "On the wild at first light The jasper lion will run. Hark, an anthem he drums, can you hear?" "The jasper lion will run" "jasper lion" "jasper lion" I know of at least one person who's probably not thrilled with the parallels that presents.
  6. Have you been under a rock? This stuff has been known since the initial leak/datamine. 7/11's big in Japan and a lot of other series have had cross-promotional events with it.
  7. I've seen two people who know Japanese (the gal behind feaccordingtojapan and Bigklingy, who was an active member on this forum until the Awakening drama and is studying Japanese in grad school) say that large parts of Awakening's story text is entirely different from the Japenese version. The former's compared it to a sarcastic self-parody of the original, even. There are also numerous instances in Awakening's supports were stuff was changed (Chrom/Sumia being infamous, alongside the total rewrite of Henry). Fates isn't perfect, but basically everything you can complain about in it's localization is present in Awakening's-- and in greater quantities.
  8. They toned down Faye a bit and had people call her out-- wish they'd actually changed her ending. And they totally went in the direction of Genny and Saber hooking up.
  9. Expected. Reviewers either overrate it to high heaven or complain about things that many find as a plus (IGN's Saber comment still makes me cringe), with the oddball one actually being even-keeled about things. Of course, the subreddit is people mostly mocking the reviews (though some of it is definitely deserved) with the odd "stop being excited its worse than OG Gaiden come on bring the downvotes". But that's the same place that made my most upvoted post on the platform a reaction to the volume of people begging to be PM'd an incestuous fanfic, so there's that to consider as well...
  10. And there's where we disagree-- I was fine with Fates' localization overall, while Awakening's did every single one of Fates' perceived flaws even worse. There wasn't any point in Fates' main story where I raised my eyebrows and wondered if something said had really been there. The sudden injection of snarky banter everywhere and some straight anachronistic references (Mae's "roast marshmallows" comment just feels wrong) into SoV has made me repeatedly want to dig-up fanlations and see if any of that stuff was there. At the end of the day though, it's not a big deal and it won't overly effect my enjoyment of the game.
  11. Everybody talks like they're from a Joss Whedon production, unfortunately (tons of snark to go around). And judging the stuff I've from the main game, I'd say they went a bit far in making things sound funny. I think Fates' localization is a good deal better than Awakenings and when all's said and done I have a feeling SoV's will end up falling a bit short. Every heard of opinions? Judging from how I've seen you act here and elsewhere, probably not.
  12. My Kirk Thornton guess seems to have been right on the money.
  13. Yeah, Zeke's Patrick Seitz and Tatiana is Cristina Vee.
  14. Huh-- guess Kliff really is Chris Patton. And lol, three guys named Chris. Sounds like Fernand is Ray Chase. EDIT: And Conrad's Bryce Papenbrook.
  15. ...I'm not hearing any voice acting here. EDIT: I'm a fool. It's my headphones-- they're on the fritz.