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  1. Elma vs Rex, fight!

    I mean, development began in April 2016-- that's a year and a half before launch, and two months before the main party members had their designs finalized. "Years" seems like... quite the stretch if you ask me. But why would Nintendo want to add her? She's from the worse selling game on a system they want everyone to forget that likely isn't getting ported or a sequel anytime soon. From a marketing standpoint, she makes little sense. Of course, Rex and Xenoblade 2 are getting on already-- which is why I highly doubt we'll get anything from the series at all in DLC.
  2. I assumed nickname = user title; seems I was... rather wide of the mark.
  3. 5 DLC characters, place your bets now

    I had no real issues; I just started out voicing my own frustration on a very tired and one-sided conflict. My initial response was directed at Florete and the skin color card being played and pretty much just a textual faceplam-- and for what it's worth, Elma I just see little point in trying to use skin color as argument for choosing a character in Smash and sincerely doubt it's really going to get you anywhere with anybody. You're the one who went: and started acting all pissy about things. So I called you out on getting so vitriolic and worked up over this, only for you to then you turn it around and go "no u"-- which isn't much of an argument (I'm glad you at least started to outline your reasoning, though). You're the one who took offense over a couple sentences mildly venting frustration and decided to go whole hog insult mode. Rex supporters aren't really going around complaining about Elma's design or bitching about her as a character unprovoked-- so why don't the Elma supporters return the favor? We can support who we want to support without throwing a fit over the characters other people are supporting. Personally, this feels like an exercise in railing against the inevitable, because if Xenoblade does get another character it's pretty much Rex beyond a shadow of a doubt regardless of complaints; either way, fan support and arguments mean jack at this point because the DLC has already been chosen and based on Nintendo's ow input. ...Anyways, so as to still contribute to the topic, I'm going to update my 5 (actually 5 this time instead of 7 "potentially"s) predictions: >Sora (has been pretty much stated by Spawn Wave, is pretty much the second biggest protagonist choice left for SE now that Cloud's in) >Steve (irregardless of Vergeben predicting Minecraft content, it's the second biggest game in existence behind only Tetris-- I'd be calling it regardless) >A Granblue or Dragalia Lost character (definitely influenced by Hitagi a bit here, but it would make sense considering business partnerships and also drive interest) >Byleth (they're the "protagonist" VS the other 3's "main characters"-- even with Fates pushing Azura early on it was Corrin chosen for Smash, and I'm expecting Byleth to have some sort of darkness/demon based powers) >A Gen VIII Pokemon (for reasons I've already given)
  4. It's a documentary about the fluctuations of different player strategies in FEH and how they might evolve; in-depth while also being very injokey.
  5. 5 DLC characters, place your bets now

    Ah, I see we're going for max pretentiousness in here. I'd assume someone who claims to be a college teacher would display at least some calmness and tact in discussion. Rex is offensive insofar as him being generic. I'd agree he's nothing special as a character; but Elma, from what I've seen and heard, has as little/less going for her in that department. Fun fact: you can voice a preference without being an asshole and attacking the opposing stance. I'm taking a public speaking class and my professor's stressing what has to go into a persuasive speech; you have to know the audience and calmly build up your arguments instead of going in guns blazing with subjective statements and nothing backing things up. I sincerely hope that's not a class you teach. I'm not sure why this has to be something so big and controversial; and as far as I can tell, it's largely one way overall. I have no issues with you personally preferring Elma over Rex. What I do take issue with is the sheer vitriol on display... over potential selections for DLC characters in a videogame (and I personally believe neither have any realistic shots, though I'd be pleasantly surprised if Rex did get in-- hopefully if that is an eventuality y'all can get off your high horses). That's only because people began "accepting" it and some trolls got banned. The Xenoblade 2 board is basically just a troll breeding ground and as far as Smash discussion went, for months Rex was the most bitched about character on the site after Corrin; you'd get stuff of people going to the Xenoblade 2 board to stir up shit, a thread or two always near the top of the board complaining about Rex-- heck, there were at least 3 topics on the Octopath board that got the front page with people just bitching about Xenoblade 2. The complaining went even further; there was a siliconera article about Monolith Soft's earnings and how they're lower than you'd expect with 2's success because they opened an entire new subdivision and went on a hiring spree-- but the comments. Just. Bitched. About. Xenoblade 2. (And this is probably a given at this point, but: more than a few Elma supporters on smashboards vocally bitched about 2 whenever the chance presented itself and went so far as to flame people who liked it/wanted Rex). Would I personally prefer if a few of the designs were more covering? Yes. But it's far from a dealbreaker for me; I see at as a fun game with a killer soundtrack and decent story, not an unforgivably revolting pile of crap because several female characters could be a bit more covered. Honestly, guys... can we just freaking chill and not wax pretentious to bitch about characters we don't like? What is with Smash and bringing out nonsense like this in people.
  6. 5 DLC characters, place your bets now

    ...I'm not sure if I should laugh or cry. Or cry from laughter. Either way, not terribly surprised this thread devolved into bitching about Xenoblade 2's designs. Also, something for people in general to keep in mind: Octopath itself has no long-term future that we can tell ; the dev team has already begun teasing a 3rd Bravely title and it's really just 2 degrees removed from Final Fantasy anyways (with Bravely Default as the link). Why is it that fans of one of these two games seemingly feel the need to bitch about the other whenever it's broached. Gamefreak had Gen VI designs ready in mid-2012, with Sakurai choosing Greninja; they likely had designs ready last summer. Ultimate started development in spring 2016, and since we have Incineroar right now... yeah, I'd say your point doesn't make much logical sense. Gen VIII will be a late 2019 release and we know Gamefreak has Pokemon designs ready well over a year in advance. And Pokemon is the biggest media franchise in existence, after all; it would pretty much be the safest and most guaranteed seller they could include. To me, the fact the DLC roster was only now fully decided points to it not entirely being 3rd party characters-- since 3rd parties require a lot of negotiating and would probably be decided well in advance (helped out by the fact that all the legitimately rumored DLC characters have been 3rd party and dating from the summer at that). I do think it's going to be a 3/2 3rd/1st party split based on what we've heard so far, and for those two a Gen VIII Pokemon and FE:3H character most fit the bill at this point in time.
  7. It's the day before the game releases, and the source most heavily hinting it is implying there won't be too much shown/little if no gameplay and that it's being done more to sell the season pass.
  8. Exactly, which is why there's been some confusion over whether he's dubbed or not (as what footage we had before was lower audio quality). Though it's worth noting that Marth was redone in Japan as well, while Roy carries over his voice clips from Smash 4.
  9. Ray was heavily teasing things on twitter shortly after E3. He probably received slightly different direction than in FEH; definitely feels like they still tried to go for hotblooded yells like Jun Fukuyuma's take in the Japanese version. Still nice to have decent quality footage of dubbed Roy.
  10. I've heard that FFVII's music in particular is a bit of a copyright hell-- which is unrelated to union troubles. And as I said, one of the terms on Steve Burton's contract is that he needs to be credited-- which closes the loophole of having union talent but not openly crediting them. I've seen several videos and write-ups on this. This one being the most frequently cited:
  11. I check and respond to this thread with some frequency, and am willing to call out/argue over what I find to be disagreeable. It's nothing personal-- you just happen to be a very smug and disagreeable individual. Anyways, the entire point of the thread I posted in was in the title: "What's the most ridiculous Smash argument you've ever heard." And I find it hard to say I misrepresented or twisted anything you claimed:’s-the-most-ridiculous-smash-argument-you’ve-ever-heard.459082/ "I could rag on the Geno overhyping or asinine "too many swords" argument, but I once saw someone spinoff from the latter into there being "too many human characters". ...Of course, the originator of that string of debates was arguing whether or not Persona had a shot at getting into Smash (it's Sega's biggest international franchise aside from Sonic and has been around for two decades, while also covering the entirety of SMT for "legacy" if you must)." And here's what you've said in this thread: So please, tell me how I twisted or misrepresented anything you said. I hate being accused of things I didn't do, and am willing to argue over it; if you can point to something in my post where I misrepresented what you have stated here, I'll apologize. But interestingly, I presented detailed counterarguments to both of your claims in this thread... and both times you just walked away. How ironic that a guy complaining about having a conversation left hanging with an insult is perfectly willing to only respond with snark and completely ignore any counterargument. I mean, after all: I have every right to accuse you of this exact same behavior. Another dose of irony: that you're calling out someone as having a fragile ego when you're the one who tried to stir up shit again on a completely different site when I was merely going along with the topic goal, as well as further bring all of this up (funny that you'd accuse me of being obsessed with you when you decided to directly respond to my post and try to stir everything up again). So... surely that qualifies as Also, zeroing in on this: So wait, you've been repeatedly threatened by the mods/editors here? ...Not really helping your case. At all. I won't deny that outright calling him that was a bit too much. Cloud isn't dubbed. The nitty-gritty of it is that Steve Burton is a live action actor of some renown with a ton of union stuff in the way of him doing voicework in Smash-- most specifically, a clause on his contract that mandates that he has to be credited in any work he's appeared in (which tidily closes the loophole of featuring union talent but not openly crediting them for it). SE has a decent enough relationship with him (he's back for VIIR, seemingly) and in general it's probably considered to be not worth it to recast him solely for one role.
  12. That's literally all we have to go on as far as video proof at the moment, though I've seen people claiming that they heard it more clearly on a stream of the Spanish version. For what it's worth, we know for a fact that in the Japanese version Roy's lines are completely carried over from Smash 4. And from what we can hear there, there are grunts in that video that sound sorta like Roy (hotblooded yells) but not like any of the other characters shown or on the roster. Your dismissive and presumptuous wording in your prior post probably had something to do with it; but I think it probably stems from other things you could easily guess.
  13. 5 DLC characters, place your bets now

    I actually got beaten over the head on Smashboards when I brought that up because it's apparantely not an uncommon industry practice to plan DLC for major titles long before launch. Which would make a lot of sense in a particular instance: if the chosen characters were 3rd party and/or 1st party marketing. Which is exactly what Smash 4's DLC newcomers were: 3 3rd parties and 1 marketing-based 1st party character. Rex is kinda old hat from a marketing perspective; Xenoblade 2 is nearly a year old and support for it has been cut off, with Monolith Soft well underway on their next project. Nintendo has more games launching within the DLC time frame that could be promoted-- the two obvious ones being 3 Houses and the Gen VIII Pokemon games. If we get any 1st party newcomers, it'll be those two. Put me down for some mix of a 3 Houses protagonist, a Gen VIII Pokemon, Sora, Steve/a Minecraft character, someone from Dragalia Lost or Granblue, Monster Hunter, and a Bethesda character.
  14. There's been more info since I posted that; namely, this clip. You can hear some grunts that aren't from any of the other characters heard in the video; seems like Roy is dubbed but he's still doing hotblooded yells very similar to how he is in Japanese, which is throwing people off. Anyways, new Mii Fighter costume spotted:
  15. Going off what someone on Smashboards is claiming, apparently Roy isn't dubbed. Meaning the only reason Marth likely was dubbed in the first place being that they redid his lines in Japanese as well. I don't want to believe it (and it's only one person who hasn't even played the demo claiming it) but there's been enough little disappointments already that I'm not ruling it out.