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  1. Famitsu Articles Coming Out

    Sotthis having amnesia just furthers my theory that she's the sister/discarded part of Seiros. We've already got an evil church so it isn't like this game is going to do much-- honestly, after the 3DS era consistently shit the bed in the writing department I'm not sure why people have any hopes for this game's story. Jeralt just being stuck in there without full art is even further confirmation that he's going to die/be possessed/yadda yadda. I'm mostly interested in more gameplay details and desperately hoping they don't axe the Weapon Triangle.
  2. News flash: SoV's writing was kinda crap as well and the series was always really tropey and never had that great writing to begin with. Save the complaints until after the game is it, where some in-depth critical analysis will actually be appreciated-- instead of long winded bitching and saying you're fine with the thread getting locked.
  3. FE6 has major recognizablity in the West because Roy's in Smash. FE7 was localized and is a prequel to FE6. A higher up at IS has said they'd like to remake FE6 next. FE6 has a far more standard gameplay structure. FE4 has basically nothing going for it, realistically speaking.
  4. The site it originates from has made such claims as there being "something CoD related being in an upcoming Direct" and has other articles which include such topics as how to pirate Smash. ...I don't think they're worth paying much mind to.
  5. With the data that was suggesting a female alt, I was certain that Nintendo would wait until the end of April/after solid details on 5R were given to release him. Either they sent out promotional material stupid early, Joker's releasing earlier... or they're just going to reveal his render some point soon.
  6. I'm gonna avoid anything FE related here/not bitch about SoV and instead talk about a game from my other favorite videogame series: Monster Hunter World. I've made $50 from my complaints about this game because my review on gamefaqs got a review of the month award. The game went all in on Western audiences at the expense of the franchise's soul. Instead of 3 second loading screens dividing areas there are seamless maps... that will instead have you running around far more than you every would in a prior game, meaning it's a lot more non-combat time in general. The monster variety is abysmal, only focusing on 4 classes (Flying Wyverns, Bird Wyverns, Brute Wyverns, and Fanged Wyverns-- oh and Elder Dragons), with very few of the new monsters being actually original and largely re-using the movesets of monsters not in the game. In addition, several of the new monsters have hitboxes on attacks that are as bad as the 1st generation Monster Hunter games (Anjanath's the big offender here). Also, they're all reptilian monsters. The combat itself got ruined by virtue of letting you sprint around while drinking a potion instead of being locked in place. Just like that, the risk of combat is dramatically reduced-- you will almost always heal near a monster as long as you have stamina to sprint and keep an eye on it. The balance is absolutely awful. Several weapons get to just vomit out ludicrously powerful attacks almost for free while others are forced to actually play the game (it's telling that the slowest time in speedhunts is generally 7-8 times as slow as the fastest time-- compared to Generations where it was "only" twice as much). Also, the soundtrack sucks and the visuals are dull and gritty, with the whole game looking very desaturated. And there's no blood flashes on hit. ...However, I did like how every weapon type gained multiple new moves.
  7. Famous franchises/games you've never played?

    Most major Western series; I've played bits of AC and CoD, but besides that it's really only Halo. I've never bought or beaten a Mario or Zelda game (or a 1st party Nintendo game that is not FE, Pokemon, or Xenoblade).
  8. Preview image featuring the 5 party members (interestingly, the girl from the teaser image and who's front and center in the art on the left isn't covered). Also vampire lord Adol, it seems.
  9. Though the article itself is paywalled, the preview tells most and a Siliconera article seems to tell the rest: One of them's going to be a smaller, cheaper version and the other is going to basically be a "Switch Pro".
  10. The current 3 Fighters Passes theory.

    We know their next game is not related to X in any way (probably). They had concept art out and a recruitment drive going on in August 2017; based on the art and job listings, it's going to be straight fantasy (minimal sci-fi influence, at least on the surface) and more online and action focused in the gameplay department. May or may not be unconnected to the Xenoblade name entirely. This info being found a month ago is what got me and other people thinking that there would be a female protagonist in a P5 re-release and Nintendo was cross-promoting with Atlus over it. (It's incredibly odd that we didn't get any gameplay footage in February, despite Corrin and Bayo being shown off 2 months in advance-- all we've got is "end of April", and the actual P5R news drops on the 23rd/24th). But the fact they are an alternate costume already IMO completely rules out the chances of them being an Echo fighter.
  11. The current 3 Fighters Passes theory.

    3 seasons would sound about right; that's what Killer Instinct got, and SFV is on it's 3rd season and is winding down. Ultimate has also sold 12 million/6 times as much as those games and Nintendo's president is pretty open about releasing more DLC for well-selling games (see: Captain Toad expansion half a year after it launched). The only obstacle I'm seeing would be Sakurai himself, but he's also enough of a workaholic that he'd probably go through with it. While this could be a placeholder, there were already 30 placeholder slots before; as-is, it feels like they're definitely considering more at this point in time. I wouldn't be shocked of Monolith Soft's next game gets promoted in a theoretical second pass.
  12. Open world doesn't work in this type of game and dungeon crawling bogged down SoV and IMO was a waste of modelling and development resources.
  13. The interview even says that it's because of his dedication; he isn't even required to show up regularly to work by virtue of being a outside contractor (even mentions that as long as development goes relatively smoothly, he could feasibly only show his person once a week). Sakurai's just a workaholic, really.
  14. Hints of more modes coming to Ultimate!

    I liked it; it provided a nice change of pace, and honestly I'll take any past mode getting added back in after Ultimate's lacking single player offerings.
  15. Don't blame the artist; the fact there's shading underneath Claude's arms pretty clearly tells that this is just several illustrations edited together instead of one coherent drawing. This is on marketing.