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  1. Smaller characters have been made larger in Ultimate. For instance, in this Zelda cast comparison YL's almost as tall as Link.
  2. Disney and Nintendo did do that family-themed Switch-focused gameshow earlier this year, and at least one of the Smash 4 EVO finals were broadcast in Disney XD; they have an existent connection. Ultimately, I feel like the most likely thing is the producer tweeted "yes" meaning "yes I'd love this" then realized "oh this can be misconstrued and I probably shouldn't have said anything to begin with" and quickly deleted it. Minecraft, Fortnite, and other games supporting cross-platform play have had advertisements emphasizing both Nintendo and Microsoft; in addition, Minecraft is the second most prolific game in history behind only Tetris. I don't think it's exactly out there for this to happen. I do think at this point a lot of these rumors would be more likely as DLC (Sora, Steve, the Granblue stuff).
  3. Because Cloud's already broken As for 3rd parties already in Smash getting more characters: >Namco: Heihachi's the most likely, due to Sakurai explicitly considering him for Smash 4-- with Villager, Miis, and Pac-Man showing that rejected characters can still come back. If it weren't Heihachi, then likely a Tales character; when it came to Mii Fighter costumes, Sakurai said "Lloyd was the only option", but a few years later with Vesperia Definitive and Yuri's absurd popularity among the fandom (outright banned from official popularity polls) + Namco also doing the main development work for Smash (I believe one of Smash 4's producers had even worked on the Tales series), I'd say there's enough going for him that it would be 50/50 between the two. >Capcom: Monster Hunter. Already has Rathalos in the game-- halfway in the door already. I rest my case. >Sega: either a new Sonic character or a Persona protagonist, due to them being their two biggest global franchises. Sonic has more popularity, but Persona would make waves and have more of a WTF factor to it (plus, Sakurai's a fan of the series). And if Cloud can be skewed to represent all of Final Fantasy, then you can do the same with Persona and the entirety of MegaTen because it's wholly eclipsed it at this point.
  4. Ah yes, claiming Ridley would be playable and that Snake would come back on top of Simon Belmont as a newcomer months before E3 was easy? What's next, Gematsu was bogus and Wii Fit Trainer was an easy call? You know who people were also predicting after Ridley? Ashley from WarioWare. You know how that went? Not very well. And Verg was beating the Incineroar drum while most were on the Decidueye train. Loz18 had some specific information about the E3 showing and Smash Direct then started peddling fanfiction over Skull Kid and Isaac, saying too much and killing his credibility. Funnily, the only newcomer Loz called was K. Rool-- who's the only non-Echo Verg missed. None of the characters Verg has talked about were bandwagon characters or considered super safe guesses; heck, even when he talked about Isabelle he mentioned how "a source claims she's an Echo but there's a measure of uncertainty"-- and whaddya know, she ended up mostly unique, going against the bandwagon. Heck, he's even said he can confirm Incineroar and Ken at least; he's not going all-in on the LE Box bandwagon which even the likes of Source Gaming are on. With Smash, Verg has been uncharacteristically straightforward, professional, and on-point.
  5. From what I'm seeing a couple people say, the language used is identical to how Sakurai expressed the total amount in the Direct-- which seems to further the typo theory. Anyways, Verg weighs in on the Box theory:
  6. I get the distinct feeling it's supposed to be Fates Leo.
  7. Are you kidding me? "Characters are divided into chunks of nine. This is fact. We can see this pattern in the side of the box we can see. Luigi is the 10th character (after the OG8+Dark Samus), and 9 characters brings us to Sheik. Then there's a gap of exactly 9 missing characters, and then we see Roy through Snake. This repeats the whole way down. Except for the gap between Mii Fighter and Corrin, which is only 8 characters. It's probably Ken, but it could, conceivably, be Medusa or the Pac Man ghosts or Zack Fair or whoever. As long as its an echo of one of those eight characters, it fills the gap. That's the key point to the theory. The characters on the side we see require there to be an unannounced character on the other side in order to be listed the way they are. This suggests that the order is pre-planned and not just something that was thrown together by someone who only knows the currently announced characters." That's the entire reason why it seems legit-- there's a logical order to what characters are listed on the side we see, letting it easily be assumed what's on the side we don't see.
  8. Well then... I'm just going to spoilertag this, because if real it could be big:
  9. The rumor mill and general speculation is honestly the most fun part of Ultimate's pre-release for me; with how fast paced it's been compared to Smash 4 + all the intrigue with seemingly legit and partially-legit leakers, on top of each new reveal upending expectations in it's own way... it's the perfect atmosphere to have fun and theorize away in.
  10. Capcom Beat Em Up Collection

    I just like how the compilation has a bunch of buff dude and swords... and a girl on a punk mutant chocobo.
  11. Trust me, I'm fully aware his overall track record is mixed at best; it's just that so far he's been pretty on the money. And hey, if he gets something wrong than at least it wasn't leaked and there's more of a surprise factor to it. Wolf and Lucas both have largely different movesets and specials that, while similar, behave differently; though Isabelle has a lot unique, she's still clearly based on Villager with several identical/near-identical moves. Semi-clone isn't a bad place for a character to be.
  12. As I noted, he completely glossed over K. Rool-- so there's likely one or two characters that have slipped through the cracks/we'll hear more about later. But yeah, as-is Verg's both the longest-running leaker and the most reliable one so far.
  13. New Nintendo Direct at 9/13/2018 3pm PT: New date

    All that FF stuff wasn't Switch exclusive: SE's just going on a porting spree.