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  1. Part constraints, actually. They're apparently in direct competition with Apple there-- hence the shortages.
  2. I KNEW I recognized his voice from somewhere.
  3. Hoping for male, to counterbalance F!Corrin.
  4. Already saw it (as well as the leaked footage, so not much new). My opinion seems to be pretty firmly established-- glad they're keeping the core gameplay, but the additional mechanics and large map size simply seem like so much bloat that detracts from the game.
  5. Interviews

    Thoughts on Sylux's likely involvement in Prime 4?
  6. dno if you care to ask anything lol 


  7. Am I too late to offer Nergal?
  8. Watch them give her a lance. (Actually wouldn't mind that, as it would help out the roster imbalance.)
  9. Both have their pros-- the SW style (used in FE) is definitely more tactical, while the WO style is much more about variety.
  10. Character switching is always a great thing in Warriors games (which is why Warriors Orochi 3U still goes toe-to-toe with modern Musou games despite the "outdated" roster and movesets-- you switch between a party of 3). Being able to change around playable characters greatly increases gameplay variety while adding a bit more depth.
  11. The gameplay's got enough novelty for a playthrough or two and the quality of the VO does hold up the writing-- it's really just up to you.
  12. No. He's bland and forgettable, with little development as a character. They had no idea what they were doing with Alm and made him into an incredibly generic protagonist. He grows slightly as a leader, but is completely uninteresting and has no flaws that he needs to grow out of. The whole allure of Alm before was that he was presented as impulsive and violent in Gaiden, which is a characterization Awakening's DLC actually carried over. They should have kept that characterization, as it would've made him infinitely more interesting. Heck, the way he's acting in Celica's premonition would have done nicely. Have him angry at the Rigelians for what they did and be all too willing to take Rudolf's head if he doesn't back down. Heck, that would make the end result work much better-- the very man who caused the invasion of Rigel was his own father, unable to raise his sword against him in combat. That would've worked so much better. Alm should've been hotblooded and aggressive-- not utterly generic and peaceful. Echoes' writing is a huge mess-- they either didn't fix or actively screwed over the original Gaiden part and half-assed the new additions. The only reason people think it's any good is because they're coming off of Awakening and Fates.
  13. Poor, poor Rowan. He's probably my 3rd favorite of the ones shown, TBH.
  14. Because there's a far larger talent pool in NA than there is in the UK. Though yeah, I could have made things clearer.
  15. Eh, not really. Mainline Musou games have quite a lot of voicework for playable characters, and definitely don't recycle spoken lines from past games. DW8's 78 characters and four story modes was the limit-- every Musou game since (besides 8 Extreme Legends, which is basically a standalone expansion with new modes and a few extra campaigns) hasn't been dubbed because of how much variable voicework there is for every character. Warriors Orochi 3U has 155 characters, DW8E has 84 characters plus a couple dozen voices for CAWs (all with unique lines) on top of even more situational lines per character, SW4 has 50 characters but the whole secondary Chronicles game mode with a ton of voiced events involving characters interacting... . Tl;DR There's a crap ton of voice work in mainline Musou games (which is why dubbing has been so inconsistent).