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  1. Pokemon the Movie: Mewtwo Strikes Back Evolution

    The same reason they're doing the Let's Go games. Nostalgia money.
  2. Valkyria Chronicles 4 announced for every console

    Welp, Code Vein got delayed from September 28th into "2019" so I no longer have to feel guilty about skipping it for this.
  3. Fire Emblem Three Houses

    There was a specific quote from Reggie about E3: "...we show content that will launch over the next six to nine months, and no more." I and others had taken that to mean 3H would be a March release, as it's 9 months away and technically spring, while lining up with the previous trend of February - April launches.
  4. Fire Emblem Three Houses

    Welp: From the Japanese Smash Blog. So much for "Every game shown at E3 will release in the next 9 months".
  5. Either they've made peaches normal consumables... or they didn't change Peach's final smash at all and instead reverted it to the way it was in Brawl. (Technically, it is quick and to the point.)
  6. Valkyria Chronicles 4 announced for every console

    Yep, 3 carried over 90% of the maps from 2. The fact I started with 3 probably didn't help things, but I've looked back and messed around a bit with it since and it's helped solidify my opinions on it. Both 2 and 3 (and seemingly the series in general) have super hokey writing, so I hardly even consider that aspect. Riela's the best MC of the six, but conversely Kurt (who I hesitate to even call a character) and Imca are at the bottom. Gameplay wise, 2's definitely a lot easier but it lets you mess around a lot more and experiment with stuff; 3, especially past the halfway point, dives into frankly BS difficulty like enemies with nearly twice the HP of playable characters and the good ol' Armored Hunters. Yeah, the credits system in 2 being randomized is dumb, but thanks to the far easier difficulty overall and emulator savescumming, which in 3 I had to indulge for with basically every shot I took because of how often enemies straight up dodge stuff I don't find 2 to be as much of a straight-up slog as 3 is. On top of the obvious deal of one being professionally translated while the other is fan translated with wildly inconsistent quality (stilted wording, typos and run-on sentences galore). ...That DLC deal makes no sense if true. And now I'm reminded of it and how there's nothing like it for Class G and Nameless.
  7. Valkyria Chronicles 4 announced for every console

    I already skimmed that reddit changelist when it first went up, but looking through it again it outright missatributes several things that were introduced in 2 to 3 (Classmate/Squadmate missions, tank camouflage, being able to retreat units within camp boundaries for no CP cost, being able to use an APC yourself instead of it being limited to escort missions, being able to assign another Commander after a certain point in the game) or outright claims that they are new (tanks no longer having separate tread HP, potential activation not taking up the full screen, looted accessories)-- probably missed a bunch, but I'm not going to go over and find every single thing wrong with it. It's kinda sad that some people have such a hatred for 2 that they'd do this, especially since I've found 2 a lot more enjoyable and polished than 3 (which has only further established my opinion that 3 feels like a tryhard edgy romhack). I'd hope they'd release it on XONe and PC; then again, I believe the Shining Resonance Demo is Switch exclusive (and also Sega), so who knows.
  8. I don't see why they couldn't increase the standard to something like, say, 12 alts per character. They could very well have just limited things for the demo build.
  9. The other seasons/arcs are also marked down 50%.
  10. Character Select Screen: Smash Ultimate

    I'm hoping they let you switch between by number and by series.
  11. "top 5 in Europe", "most realizable character worldwide"...
  12. No proof? The presentation specifically talked about letting you "directly let us know which character you want to see become the next Smash fighter". If you want to argue that it was just vague PR and didn't mean anything in regards to Smash 4's DLC (despite what everybody assumed), the fact they tried to pass off Bayonetta as such confirms they knew exactly what people thought it would be. I don't care about Bayonetta's inclusion either way and don't have anybody I'd want to see instead of for personal reasons; I'm just bothered that we seem to have an instance of horrendous PR and people are just okay with or outright trying to defend it.
  13. They set aside a clone of Zero Suit Samus' slot at the very start of the Ballot. Either they decided only a very specific type of character would get in, or they began working on Bayonetta before they had any real data from the Ballot. Any way you slice it, they presented the Ballot as something it wasn't. As I said above, I fully agree that the Ballot was for future games. But the fact they hyped it up as having anything to do with Smash 4, only for it not to have anything to do with it and then try to pass off something seemingly unrelated as part of it, is what gets me.
  14. I agree; it's been said the JP site even explicitly stated that the Ballot info would used for future games. However, the fact they tried to pass Bayonetta off as some sort of winner when she rather clearly wasn't is very questionable.