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  1. Her atk is pretty pathetic so thats the first thing she would want a boost in, but with blarblade she can can get away with being +spd, for her bane you want -def or hp. Dammit ninja'd
  2. The thing is Chrom was always a character that valued his friendship highly, he isn't the type of character who would ever willingly let those he is close to suffer. It would be completely out of character for him to just accept sacrificing Robin, he is exactly the type of character who would stubbornly fight to find another way
  3. FE 13 characters really don't deserve to be called one note. Honestly I think characters are one thing awakening does quite well, awakening characters each have a lot more supports than any pre-3ds characters, there are a lot of meaningless supports and some stupid ones because of forced S but on average the awakening characters are at least as fleshed out as the gba characters. If anything the games that should get flack for bad characterisation are both of Marths games, RD and Echoes for there lack of character building and fates for its terrible character writing. As for awakenings story its not necessarily a bad story, its not exactly amazing either and definitely could have been thought about a bit more but its serviceable, honestly I would consider it on par with echoes story. Fates is in its own league of bad. But even at its best none of the fire emblem games I have played (everything but Jugdral) really have a great story, the other ones I didn't mention are pretty good and better than the ones I did, but fire emblem is definitely not a series I would go to for a compelling story.
  4. Are you excited for Three Houses?

    I was hyped for fates and was burnt, hard. So I am excited but cautious about keeping my excitement in check
  5. Maybe everyone else should be more considerate and not start wars when these ladies are pregnant
  6. Pulse smoke confuses me, I want to give it to gaius but I'm not entirely sure how it works, is it like guard or does it decharge specials but not if they are charged?
  7. Poor Anna, Fjorm gets two alts before she can even get one, I'm convinced someone at IS just hates her cause she is certainly popular enough for one
  8. They heard people wanted new characters but they also wanted seasonal so they got confused and made the new characters seasonal. Also Ana shut up everyone came here to discuss the new banner not to hear your complaint about Cool posting first.
  9. This is weird its like they heard people complaining about the lack of new characters Finally and decided to half ass it by placing them in seasonal banners instead of just replacing a few of the shit seasons with new hero banners
  10. June New Heroes Banner Predictions

    I completely forgot about Panne, but you get what I mean
  11. New event calendar (May-June 2019)

    Its a 50/50, we have had 8 tempest trials based on seasonal banners in the last year-ish, 3 of those were based on seasonal banners that did not exist prior, leaving us with 5 that can be used as a reference, from those 5, 3 used non alt versions of the focus characters as the filler and 2 used previous seasonal of the same type.
  12. June New Heroes Banner Predictions

    For having comparable popularity to Fates, Awakening hasn't gotten anything new in quite a while (last inclusion was owain in brave redux) so I wouldn't put it past it to get something (meanwhile we struggle to go a month without another fates alt). Personally though I still hope for sacred stones, I recon it is probably has the least representation new unit wise of the English games and is missing a few rather popular characters
  13. The gender locks are weird, we have dark mage gender locked, but mage has the exact same weapon types, similarly we have the fist fighter and brigand both wielding the same weapons but one is exclusive to male characters
  14. I'm kinda sceptical about this whole 4 paths thing, I have yet to see any RPG that has multiple distinct story paths other than Fates, which charged for every path. Everything else I have seen is a bunch of flags that slightly change the ending, or a early bad ending if you do something incredibly stupid, or paths that split temporarily (ala sacred stones).