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  1. Accessories or something would be kind of cool but getting any character from a non fire emblem game when so many fire emblem characters are missing would be more insulting than the repeat offenders getting more alts
  2. After 5 the order doesn't really mean anything. But lets see So roughly half my favourite characters are in this game, which is still not acceptable
  3. If I where in a worldline where heroes didn't exist, I probably would not be active on these forums except when there was three houses news, as a result I wouldn't know a lot of my current online friends. I can say I'm glad it existed.
  4. New Heroes: Rulers Of The Laguz

    Sturdy impact would be a waste on Reinhardt, the extra defence is pointless when attacking cause if you are using the Reinhardt the idea is the enemy doesn't get to counter, and then the cancel follow up is pointless because if he is initiating and it's not dying it's probably EP and thus has QR and because he is so slow he will still get doubled, so you are effectively just giving him death blow 3
  5. Voting Gauntlet - New Year's Showdown!

    Azura vs Guunthra for the finals
  6. One thing three houses must take from the 3ds era is the support system, and no I don't mean S-supports, I mean fast building supports and unlimited supports per run with little or no gameplay bonus, being forced to play through the game again to finish a second support chain for one unit is just infuriating. I would like it if they also refined pair up again cause the way fates did it added a lot of extra options for the player and added new strategy in terms of unit positions. That said I hope they write characters and story better than they did for fates, because that game was full of meh characters and nonsensical story telling
  7. $75 USD New Year's Bundles

    I would have brought one of these packs a year ago (I did buy an 140 orb pack then) because I was enjoying the game and thought it was fair to pay them back for all the enjoyment I got, but as the game is now I refuse to spend anything so I am just going to skip this
  8. Change to Merge Units coming in February

    Also it's nice if you get a unit with a bad bane but a good boon, it won't matter what the second copy of that unit is, it also helps make pity breakers of units you already have a bit less of a sting since now you can just merge the new one in regardless of nature to fix their bane
  9. Change to Merge Units coming in February

    I look forward to this change, I have a few +1 5* exclusives with shit nature's (such as my -atk +res helpful chrom) who would really appreciate their bane being fixed
  10. What 2019 should bring to us

    Let's see, another three seasonal camilla alts, two more Lyns, a new zelgius that suddenly figured out he is a trainee, more Loli dragons with 180 bst, legendary Xander, the majority of new hero banners losing demotes and double the seasonal banners and a three houses banner... Oh wait this is what 2019 should bring, not what 2019 will bring, then none of those things except the three houses banner, that can stay and mass demotion + increased amounts of new banners featuring heroes not in the game yet
  11. This one wasn't too hard for me, a bit of tinkering with baiting made sure that azura almost never had someone to dance to until kat killed her. As far as GHB difficulties go marths was definitely the worst due to the sheer amount of reinforcements and the easiest was Hrid, followed by robin, followed by this one.
  12. I’m getting sick of Fates

    So much fates and yet only two of the characters I like from fates are in the game yet (Selena and Laslow don't count as fates)
  13. Refines for Katarina/Nephenee/The whitewings/Innes/Saber Noire was added to the game in some capacity Miccy and Flora also added Summoning Tickets GRIMA Rarity Drop LEGIONSES MERGES (and a chance for more joshua, Valter and marisa merges too)
  14. Grima and Tiki both should have been saved for mythic and Miciaiah is likely also Athos, less likely but fits the criteria