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  1. New Heroes: Those who Have fallen

    Every time I see this banner name I read, those who have fallen and can't get up
  2. Create a Skill

    Levin Sword/ Bolt Axe/ Shockstick : Unit can also initiate combat at 2 range, if range=1this weapon targets Def, if range=2 this weapon targets Res
  3. New Heroes: Those who Have fallen

    Holy Grima, bit surprised they went with possessed Celica and a bit surprised that they used male robin for grima over female robin, or that grima came so soon but I like
  4. The thing is why would they slow down on an FE16 when it is still guaranteed money, because no matter what they are doing with FE16 heroes is making money at mostly the same pace, so why would they slow another source of money
  5. A Hero Rises. Who should we vote for?

    Azura is someone who I really don't want to win, she offers nothing to everyone who already has her, at least everyone else offers a prime skill and despite having two Vectors I really want hector to win, Tharja would be a close second to vengeful up my armours
  6. Could be worse if they add future past Lucina who is also a sword with the falcion and just a powercreeped regular her Or even worse if they just put Morgan in the mix as a red tome/levin sword and make it a four person, so Morgan's will be like finding a needle in a haystack despite being all most players would want
  7. I would say for a gen2 awakening banner F!Morgan is guaranteed, M!morgan is probably a GHB/tempest reward and the remainder depends on whether you want to be cynical or not, they could easily put in Severa and Inigo or another alternate Lucina if we are being real cynical, but I personally hope for Noire, Brady and Gerome
  8. This map infernal was incredibly annoying (stupid cancer dancers) but eventually I won with Erika, Nephenee taking out the axe flier and corrin and Henry and BK on the other side to kill everyone else
  9. I love Valentine's Day

    Even if I had a significant other I still wouldn't care about Valentines day.
  10. Throw a Random Object at the Next Poster

    *thanks I was feeling hungry* *Throw a bottle of water atnp*
  11. Attack the Poster Below!

    *Phase into the drivers seat* *Run the next poster over with said steam roller*
  12. Next Grand hero Battle: Xander

    I put so much effort into beating the flier quests, easily 3-4 stamina potions burnt doing this, but eventually I managed to win with a team of Valter, Minerva, Myrrh and 4*Palla. I re positioned myrrh so she could slap the lance and staff and to my surprise Valter could tank the green mages individually and completely no-show Xander and the red sword so I got him to bait Xander and the horse mage, killed Xander and cut off the red sword, reciprocal aided him back to full and had minerva kill the other horse green mage. He kills the sword, minerva chases the other mage and its GG