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  1. A meta-knight, must be Reinhardt under that mask 181
  2. XXXVI. That has never been the same twice, but my favourite for the S support is probably Cordelia XXXVII. Beruka (Conquest), Scarlet (Birthright), Anna (Revelations) XXXVIII. I would wish for the ability to mess with reality however I want to, and then probably wish I had complete control over the powers if the Genie is a little shit, I feel like a third wish would be moot at that point. XXXIX. Fly, it would generally be more practical XL.Tasmania (like all of it.), Alice springs, Canberra, Brisbane and Perth XLI. Muchly XLII. I suck at coming up with question but I suppose no-one has asked what my favourite unit to use in hereos is. Here's a hint, Its legion
  3. Those where your last word before we met a terrible fate. Hey its no fun until everything is on fire 173
  4. "That's my secret, I'm never sure." DefaultBeep 170
  5. "This no one guys sounds inspiring." Nobody 166
  6. So if no one said it does that make it untrue or are they the exception 163
  7. "There sure are a lot of someones... " Someone in this very thread 161
  8. KO with Elwind you are clearly a flier
  9. Disguise as the spy who is disguised as Disobeyed and stab them
  10. "Those who let fear rule them are cowards." Also probably someone 157
  11. Thats a strange way to spell exciting 154
  12. Insult the user above you.

    Fool you will die long before glacies procs
  13. 149 I always find it amusing when crunchyroll gives me an ad about the show I am currently watching
  14. I continue my quest to hunt for a Dorcas (like seriously I am getting desperate here I even beat some of the Chain Challenges I couldn't be bothered beating before) and this game continues to troll me by giving me no greens.