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  1. Dammit Beep, I will pour hot tea on thee, 601
  2. 599 How about we just make him, the Unofficial Official Unofficial Official Necroposter of Serenes since we might need a mod to make it official
  3. Fire emblem is a rip off of the elder scrolls as they both involve stat increases
  4. But kill the Gully doesn't have the same ring to it 594
  5. Well if even beep is trusting beep then I have no choice but to trust beep 591
  6. When isn't beep trying to make evidence 589
  7. Tails chloey and steals Cargos money
  8. You know how difficult it is to kill people when they have plot armour, I mean I only know that because I know a guy not because I tried killing anyone or something. 581
  9. I would say replace arthur with CYL Ike since Arthurs main job in this video is duelling the lance cav and ninian and freddy being a cav with low res would struggle against both of them in a drawn out duel. Best of luck to everyone who needs it
  10. 577 a number at its prime
  11. Interviews

    This is a very important question which FMA, Brotherhood or the original ( I haven't personally watched the original). Have you heard they are making Season three (Geass) (Which was really unneeded and I am worried it won't live up to the original) Also who is your favourite character or Master/Servant pair from Fate/Zero (or any of the Fate/ I guess)
  12. Oh he shouldn't need the +hp seal then, As for your second question I honestly have no clue how ninian chooses who to dance to, when I had my Cordelia directly behind Ike she just decided it was lance time or if Minerva was in the wrong spot she would decide its also lance time. Also just beware you will need to have a way to deal with the rest of the map (I was going off infernal stats btw) Also don't forget you can also use summoner support and ally support to make up crucial stats you might be missing
  13. If he gets anything to boost his in-battle attack to 53 (Like a hone attack) he activates heavy blade I would also fiddle with the placement of your other units because in some configurations Ninian dances to hawkeye and in others she dances the lance cav instead (and with +3 defence and the Hp seal he survives that cav on 1 hp) Also what is your ikes boon.
  14. Didn't hide his money well enough
  15. Whats your opinion on Fates compared to awakening.