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  1. And I would like specifics, such as what posts gave you your opinion of them and what about them.
  2. Hey @Bartozio Why did you stop tunnelling Xand? Why did you then vote fable? And how do you feel about those two now? If you have already answered this feel free to ignore me
  3. Sorry I don't have time right now I was just checking if my vote was still needed cause makaze pinged me while I was asleep
  4. Im here for about 5 minutes is it too late to vote to pressure zeo?
  5. Yeah thats a good point, I suppose I can see that, maybe I am overthinking things but I might also compare Barts play to his play in earlier games if I have time, he has a tendency to be mislynched so I am worried that something about his play is always scummy and he will flip town. If any town investigative are around he might be a good target if he isn't lynched
  6. There really wasn't any evolution, I was being very lazy and only reading the game and not doing analysis of my own, but I thought what Junk brought up against him was a big thing so I voted him and I stayed their because I didn't see any problems with other players that I thought was worse. Curious why you think scum bart would consolidate on fable then Satsuma, when he could safely sat on his Xand tunnel and not looked suspicious when Satsuma flipped town. I was going to find the specific posts but circumstances have ruined my mood so I will give you the reasons instead basically it seemed as if you where analysing both the townreads and the scumreads of a player to form an opinion on their alignment rather than forming an opinion on why they are scum, at least thats my current reason, I have no clue what my old reason was. My change in feelings about athena was I only really scimread them when I stated I had a gut scum vibe and probably miscontributed actions to them. I gave them a proper ISO last night with the intent of coming to a conclusion and concluded town based on similar reasons I am townreading you. Generally if it seems like my opinions today contradict day one its because I basically scrapped my day 1 opinions because I know they weren't built on anything other than scimreads and gut feelings. I was also going to ISO Makaze and Zeo tonight but agains life has ruined my mood so I won't. Also Fenrir I might ISO you later but your recent stuff has made me fairly confident that I am right in thinking you are town so it might be a waste of time.
  7. I read his losing of interest with you being scum and subsequent change of opinion as natural, but his sudden jump to Fable then Satsuma as the unnatural bit, but seeing as I have done similar things I can see that sort of play coming from town.
  8. Okay going to get some quick logic down and this is what is confusing me, the way I see it scum Bartozio has no reason to hop aboard the Satsuma wagon, he could have safely kept tunnelling Xan and Satsuma still would have been lynched. Alternatively Athena would have taken the hit and that would probably have been an even better scum conclusion because everyone probably would have leapt at Satsuma today. So unless Athena is also scum Bartozio's vote swap is a terrible play as scum
  9. That isn't the post I was referring to, this is I am specifically referring to the end bit, I don't think scum Athena would point out Satsuma's play as being similar to their town play in earlier games if they intended to get them lynched.
  10. Okay looks as if Rad has already answered the questions I was going to ask him, His answers seem sensible so I suppose he is a townlean. Also I haven't properly analysed Fenrir and I don't feel like doing any more analysis until after work, but he seems town.
  11. Oh I have been using your ISO program, I can link the actual posts I have refered to if that would be better And why did you not revote them after you found out the truth about the deadline?
  12. Lets start with Athena-Townread- If he is scum trying to push the Satsuma wagon he wouldn't point out that Satsuma's play matches his town play like he did in post 182. His push on Satsuma felt very town, It looked like he was conflicted on his alignment and probed him before finally deciding he saw him as scum. Also he just generally reads town, for example post 215 shows something I think only town would ask. This next one isn't relevant because he is dead but I am going to share it anyway so people can get a better idea how my thought process works. Rapier-scumlean-Their progression on Athena felt forced, almost like they where actively looking for points to lynch them on. Other scumreads where nothing special. Evanmanman-scumlean-Not sure if hypocrisy counts as a scumread but I found it interesting that their main point on Fable was that they are 'more concerned with being scumread than why they are being scumread' but in post 379 he asks makaze ' Are you still suspicious of me?' not something like 'Why where you suspicious of me.' Xand-townlean- I don't have much here their tone just generally seemed town. Bartozio-scum- Town Bart doesn't have any reason to continue poking Xanjarox after the second vote. He doesn't seem to listen to Xan's answers. He swapped tactics after he started getting heat for his tunnelling I can't discern any reason to do this that suggests scum or town, if anyone has ideas feel free to say them. I have a few more problems with them that stops them from getting my vote right now. I will get back to them later. Rad- Their lack of content makes it hard for me to get any sort of read.
  13. Going to just clear up a few things, D1 my post that athena responded too was just posted for the sake of posting,I didn't have a plan for it and I got bored waiting for a response and went to play a game. I changed my vote to Fenrir Aesir after Makaze's prodding because I felt I needed to get a non rvs vote in but I was too lazy to actually do any scumhunting myself so I just sheeped Rad cause I thought it was a good point. With Bart I made the first post before I finished reading through their interactions, my opinion on bart has changed again. Just don't expect me to be consistent, if I flip flop a lot its because I am confused. I think that answers most of the questions I have been asked? I have also ISO'd about half the players now and will post some of the results now.
  14. @Bartozio Why did you decide to vote Satsuma? You had expressed a null opinion on them.
  15. @RADicate Why did you originally join Satsumas wagon and why did you get off 3 minutes from deadline?