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  1. The female professor is seen fighting generics in the first trailer so its safe to say she is also recruitable, which means at the very least when shit goes down some of the other teachers are gonna help us (probably joining with their class)
  2. We have only seen the black eagles properly at the moment so its a bit of an unfair comparison, but so far three characters (other than the leads) have stuck with me Sylvain (the red head byleth talks to), Bernedetta (The archer) and the grumpy looking mage with hair over one eye. So win for Black eagles I suppose
  3. Its called Iron gauntlet, I kinda doubt that, and it seems like sending out your troops is an alternative to fighting yourself which is probably what the gambit option is
  4. Trails of Fire emblem intensifies. The voice sounds really familiar but I don't think its the same voice actor as Magilou
  5. Something else I noticed, the gauntlet weapons attacked twice before the enemy could counter attack
  6. Good to see the battalions still act like complete derps, just running around randomly and popping in and out of existance
  7. Healing magic seems to be in a book this time around
  8. I think this is actually healing magic, you can see him teach it to someone and then the very next shot is byleth getting healed by them, also staves are missing wait had that the wrong way around, the other book is healing
  9. What about them, Legendary weapons had durability in some games (mainly binding blade), they could just bring that back and if you break it tough luck
  10. Didn't the Yato effects just need the sword in his inventory, regardless of whether he could wield it
  11. That would explain the 3 next to it, holy shit that is actually a really good way to do it
  12. Also the female professor (2:13 new trailer) looks to be wearing the same thing as the female mage in the old trailer (1:40) meaning she is probably going to be playable too
  13. I like the look of the actual battle mode, the character portraits with their little indicators showing their currently wielded weapons are nice, also the archer girls class is noble, which doesn't really sound like a bow class so I kind of assume its a villager class that wields weapons based on training and the specific character
  14. I noticed grumpy archer dude from the first trailer got a class change to a dark mage?
  15. They could always make the outfit like supports and only affect the players team and make it so if you had an alt of a character you could give the alt the art and chibi of their standard version and vice versa, though units gaining mounts and changing weapons in alts would make that never happen