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  1. Guys, guys I have a flawless plan, it's guaranteed to work. ##vote: Bartozio
  2. We already see evidence against this as Dimitri has a squad of sword welders despite wielding a lance himself, so healers could easily get a small group of "guards"
  3. Fire Emblem Three Houses

    If you are referring to the generics in the battalions then yes none of them have unique sprites and it looks kinda stupid cause their face is visible and they all have the same one. If you are referring to regular units then I would pause the trailer at 0:56 and give the archer to the right a look, he very clearly has his own unique sprite
  4. What if we get something RD or Echoes esque, if Edelgards closing words in the trailer are early in the story we could have two or even three conflicts (ie. Eldelgard goes on her own adventure and you control her while the Teacher ends up finding more of the lords and you then play as that group)
  5. Fire Emblem Three Houses

    Watched it again and you can see the bad guy has a symbol on his shoulder on his symbol that doesn't match any of the nations, so it might not be about a war between the three nations and his cape too
  6. Fire Emblem Three Houses

    Are you referring to her inventory the first time we see her? she has two axes and two swords there.
  7. Fire Emblem Three Houses

    I don't know where you are getting lances from but the trailer only shows here wielding an axe despite her having swords and magic as option and her symbol on the map is an axe (although that could just show current equipped weapon) which indicates they want to show her off as an axe wielding lord
  8. Fire Emblem Three Houses

    I wonder who will wield the sword of plot importance seeing as Edelgard seems to be an axe focused lord (axe lord hype), Probably the avatar but I think it would be an interesting twist if the big important sword is the fire whip sword the obvious evil is carrying. Also the Edelgard isn't the only one to talk in the trailer, there is also a sleepy "huh" which is probably the loli dragon
  9. E3 Trailer Analysis

    There are a few small things I noticed that I would like to add, Byleth has an attack range of 1 unlike Edelgard who had a danger range of 1-2 indicating he only has his sword. In that same scene every single enemy commander has a unique looking face as well in the "battlefield view" and the units types match the ones you see at the start of the trailer indicating this is probably the next chapter, both of them are likely the mock battle mentioned later in the trailer so its very likely these guys are either recruit able or major enemies later since Claude and Dimitri are shown to fight un-named enemies. Also the archer enemy countered at 1 range.
  10. No new characters being released this month, IS how did you know this is what I wanted?
  11. Excalibur boosts atk/spd by 5 if within two spaces of ally healer or mage
  12. Fog breath is the falchion and its refine is atk/def+5 if within 2 spaces of sword or dragon stone ally
  13. New Heroes: Scattered Fangs

    I have never been overly attached to Fe7s cast and I can barely remember these characters so like the last few banners this is a skip
  14. Hurt and Heal: Valentian Edition

    Heal Berkut, Hurt Celica Atlas 20 Berkut 26 Boey 27 Catria 20 Celica 22 Clair 28 Conrad 15 Delthea 17 Duma 22 Faye 33 Fernand 19 Forsyth 19 Genny 21 Gray 21 Kamui 18 Kliff 22 Leon 12 Lukas 25 Luthier 19 Mae 25 Mathilda 24 Mila 22 Mycen 21 Nomah 14 Palla 25 Python 26 Rinea 20 Saber 21 Silque 20 Slayde 12 Tobin 34 Valbar 18 Zeke 30
  15. Hurt and Heal: Valentian Edition

    Atlas 20Berkut 24Boey 27Catria 20Celica 20Clair 28Conrad 17Delthea 17Duma 22Faye 32Fernand 19Forsyth 19Genny 21Gray 21Jesse 8Kamui 18Kliff 24Leon 16Lukas 25Luthier 19Mae 25Mathilda 24Mila 22Mycen 21Nomah 18Palla 24Python 26Rinea 20Saber 21Silque 20Slayde 12Tobin 32Valbar 18Zeke 29