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  1. Things I don't want to see: Armoured hector Green hector Lance Ephriam Red Celica Green Veronica Marth as a GHB P.S- this is also my bingo list for things I expect
  2. This is dissapointing, I was hoping we would get a new character banner reveal, looks like I have to wait for CYL to finish before we can get new characters
  3. Do I kill Nephenee for Marisa

    How dare you even suggest killing a nephenee (hides my sword lyn with wrath)
  4. Attack the Poster Below!

    *I get a tiny pair of scissors and cut all the stitches holding his limbs on. Then I give the next poster a hand, to the face, in a slapping motion, but it's not my hand*
  5. Google image war

  6. Corrin can be either male or female so the only correct pronoun is it. Robin is also an it unless talking about gender specific things such as the bromance with Chrom
  7. I mean I don't think you need to convince anyone to dislike corrin, it does the job itself better than anyone else could
  8. They aren't going to outline the CYL banner for you, more than likely the second new hero banner is it, the first one appears to have a related ghb, which unless they made a cyl Marth and are giving that away as a ghb means it's not the first
  9. I beat the two chain challenges I hadn't yet to push myself up to 20 orbs to make 1 last desperate attempt at Ylissean travelers and got nothing for my effort, looks like I am leaving with a 4.5% pity rate and still no focus characters to speak of
  10. you don't dancers and an array of strong PP units is just a nightmare, perhaps try and bait lene into killling herself but that might be harder with fliers and the bow guarding her
  11. I'm not entirely sure if the new mode is a true multi character stock, or just 5 consecutive matches with characters picked before hand, I'm hoping for the former, and I'm also hoping I can be played 4 player so I can play with my siblings Also chargeable final smashes are so cool but I hope they don't charge too fast
  12. The one thing that would excite me most to see in this direct is not any characters (though it would be nice to see a xenoblade X rep) but instead it is multi character stocks
  13. Bridal Sanaki? (I am also hunting for the skill for my innes and she is very foderable)