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  1. Feh Channel on the 10th 3pm PT

    Can't say I am very interested in this feh channel, 10 minutes gives them time to talk about, a new banner, whatever change they are making to aether raids and maybe some small new feature, unless feh has learnt how to speak normally.
  2. How many 5 star units do you have?

    129 unique 5*'s Last post was some time back in august 112- Walhart 113-Karel(atk/res) 114-Veronica(neutral) 115-Micaiah(spd/atk) 116-Hector(hp/spd) 117-Faye 118-Karla(atk/res) 119-Quan(atk/spd) 120-Sothe(def/res) 121-Ethlyn 122-Mag!Eirika(atk/hp) 123-Mag!Erika 124-Mag!Erika 125-Flier!Nino(res/spd) 126-Katarina 127-Katarina 128-Candy!Dorcas 129-Flier!Nino(res/atk) 130-Kliff(spd/hp) 131-Loki 132-L'Arachel(spd/def) 133-F!Grima(spd/res) 134-Beruka(res/spd) 135-Smolzura 136-Ylgr(hp/atk) 137-Steady Stance 4(res/atk) 138-Gunnthra(def/res) 139-Leg!Ryoma(spd/def) 140-Brave!Hector(Spd/res) 141-Nina(atk/spd) 142-Laevatein(hp/def) 143-Helbindi(def/atk)
  3. The Grand Hero Battle's Table: Gharnef

    But why gharnef now? Is the next legendary archanean? What is the logic here?
  4. The Grand Hero Battle's Table: Gharnef

    Well this is certainly unexpected
  5. I predict the winners for CYL will be Marth/Alm and Micaiah/Erika/Camilla, I'll vote Micaiah to increase the chances of getting a brave hero version of a character I actually like for once
  6. New Heroes: Fire and Ice!

    I'm fairly sure they would have done World of Thracia without Leif if they could have
  7. New Heroes: Fire and Ice!

    I have to wonder if IS is trying to see how much of an effect boring the fan base away will have cause I can't see another reason for this banner
  8. I would put all my votes on micaiah cause everyone I want to vote for has no chance
  9. New Event Schedule! (Nov-Dec)

    Simple solution, remove F!robin as she isn't in the standard pool and thus couldn't be put on the related banner
  10. pfft, we all know awakening needs to get its full alt "new hero banner" now to equal things out
  11. Aether Raids General Thread

    Got my first defence wins (2) today, one was a forfeit because all they had left was a +10 Nino that didn't have enough firepower to kill a half dead kliff (lol)
  12. Aether Raids General Thread

    Nope, my defence team also kicks my ass, that is partially because the offence and defence towers are considered the same level in training so no stat boosts are given like they would against other peoples
  13. Aether Raids General Thread

    I would love the option to challenge your friends castles for no aether and no reward
  14. Aether Raids General Thread

    I recon you could just box a super tanky unit of one colour in a corner, then fill the rest of your team with multiple dancers and TA adept units that can kill that units counters to stall to the turn limit