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  1. How Long Would You Last In A Horror Movie?

    During one of those camping trips the class went on in high school we all started speculating how things would go if it turned into a horror movie. When I asked who would be the first to die, everyone said I would be the first unless I was the murderer. I do have something of a habit of wandering off without telling anyone or anyone noticing and that's more likely to get me killed than save me in a horror movie structure. I think the high school assessment still holds up.
  2. It's going to take a lot to depose 2009 as the worst year of my personal life, but 2017 got worryingly close. Here's hoping that I'll stay on top of things enough that 2018 doesn't go the same way.

    In my part of Australia, it's either too hot to live or raining heavily at Christmas time. An indoor Christmas is perfectly fine.

    Merry Christmas ya bastards! hope nothing ruins it for you or me!
  5. Is this a Mangs video?
  6. In term 3 of year 8 I attended literally 5 days of school. Yes I have skipped school.
  7. Magic then. I tend to classify myself as a surprisingly durable healer.
  8. Yesterday's Q: Toast when I'm feeling motivated, absolutely nothing when I'm not. Today's Q:
  9. One. Single TV. Not plural. One. Where the fuck would we even put a second TV? House is tiny.
  10. Food and music. But I still live with my parents, have no interests and no life.
  11. How often do you swear?

    It's situational. If I'm with people I feel comfortable around, I may swear quite a lot. If I'm with people I don't know very well, I may not even speak.