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  1. Universal GBA FE Randomizer v1.0

    Yeah, easy thing to miss. Other than that it's a really awesome tool, so thanks a bunch. Having a lot of fun with it.
  2. Universal GBA FE Randomizer v1.0

    Ross replaced Seth but came as a Journeyman. I assumed he got made into a tier 3 one, since he was replacing Seth, but he gained standard Journeyman EXP, had the tier 1 caps, and capped at level 10. However, the auto-promote event hasn't happened. Do trainees not work with random recruitment?
  3. Why so much hate?

    I think part of it is the telephone effect. We're all presumably english speakers here, so we only have english language resources... about a game that, at the moment, is only in Japanese. One person who has played it in Japanese says 'Nohr route's storyline was pretty disappointing, it was still kind of standard FE,' the next person passes that info along as "Nohr's storyline isn't that good," the next person passes that along as "Nohr's storyline sucks," etc etc, until you've got an echo chamber of incredibly negative opinions, just because one of the few people in the english speaking fandom who's played it expressed some mild criticism.
  4. The only change is the genderswap, though. Unlike acid, which impairs your judgment and sense of reality and often leaves people crumpled into balls on the ground freaking out, she just saw kamui (and other guys) as girls. It isn't really comparable. I can agree that it's weird that he slipped it to her but it wasn't this huge monstrous thing people are acting like it was.
  5. It... isn't really super creepy though? It'd be one thing if Kamui did something untoward or it was something super affecting for Soleil, but she saw some rule 63 fanart come to life and then moved on with her life. Iunno, if magical genderswap vision potion was a real thing, and someone slipped me some, I wouldn't be freaking out. It isn't like it incapacitated her or hurt her, at all, in any way. EDIT: I'm actually not sure which 'rule' is the genderswap one, and I know it's one off from the porn one, so forgive me if I made an unintentionally hilarious comment.
  6. It radically alters her perception of the world... for one support. And kamui does nothing to her during that time. And then it wears off. And she still likes Kamui, yes. Even when the drug is gone. You can say it's bad writing because yeah, it is a pretty dumb support, I said as much, but my point is that it isn't anywhere near as offensive as people are making it out to be. Also I said nothing about 'eww social justice,' so please do not put words into my mouth.
  7. I'm a lesbian and I... don't really care. It's a pretty silly support but Soleil laughs it off immediately and it seems like it wears off after the B support, and Soleil has tons of lines in the A and S support about how she likes male Kamui. If people have a problem with it, I can understand it, but comparing it to date rape or whatever is blowing it waaaaaaayyyyyy out of proportion. She isn't psychologically scarred or altered by it, it's just a gag. Also, in regards to Shara referring to her feelings for F!Kamui as disgusting: F!Kamui immediately shuts her down and says, explicitly, that she loves her quite a lot and that she's happy she's a woman, and etc etc. So, uh, if the writers are homophobes, they're really bad at being homophobes, since Kamui is the player's mouthpiece and all.