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  1. Favorite games by letter

    Leggooo! # - 9 Hours, 9 Persona, 9 Doors A - Ace Attorney: Trials and Tribulations B - Bahamut Lagoon C - Chrono Trigger D - Dead or Alive 5 E - Eternal Sonata F - Final Fantasy Tactics G - Ghost Trick H - Hotel Dusk I - Ikaruga J - Jet Set Radio K - Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days L - Legend of Dragoon M - Mega Man Battle Network 5: Colonel N - NiGHTS O - Odin Sphere P - Persona 5 Q - Quake III Arena R - Rogue Galaxy S - Suikoden II T - Tales of Symphonia U - Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 V - Valkyrie Profile W - (The) World Ends With You X - Xenogears Y - Yakuza Z - Zoo Tycoon Had a tough time choosing for letters F, P, and S. 'cause Fire Emblem, Phantom Dust, and Pokemon..
  2. Your Favorite Character From Each Game You've Played

    I'm gonna put in the no repeat rule here, so I can't choose the same character again that have been playable in multiple games. FE 1 - Tiki FE 2 - Sonya FE 3 - Linde FE 4 - Tailtiu (Haven't finished Genealogy) FE 5 - Leif (Haven't finished 776..) FE 6 - Dieck FE 7 - Lyn FE 8 - Cormag FE 9 - Ike FE 10 - Elincia FE 11 - Cain FE 12 - Palla FE 13 - Cordelia FE 14 Birthright - Kagero FE 14 Conquest - Benny FE 14 Revelation - Shiro FE 15 - Python TMS (If it counts) - Kiria
  3. Speedrunning

    I love watching speedruns, but I don't think I could ever do one myself. To start off, I don't even know which game I know well enough to speedrun. But speedruns are super entertaining to watch because it really shows a different side to gaming that not many know about. I love watching Monkey Ball speedruns because that precision and dexterity is so cool to see in action. I've even had a couple of Suikoden II speedrunners pop into my stream when I streamed Suikoden II and they were really cool about telling me about the many kinds of RNG and what would've been good luck if I were speedrunning as well as giving me some tips and tricks about getting things early in the game that I didn't know before.
  4. Mount/Dismount - It was an interesting mechanic that I can see having tons of potential for a future FE title. Bonus Experience - Takes out that tedious grind. I'd even be okay if they limited the amount of stats that raise per level up like they did in RD. 3rd Tier Classes - I'm always down for 3rd tier classes. While not necessarily old anymore since they used it in SoV, but fatigue is interesting and a mechanic I can see working really well in a series where people are fighting a lot. I liked how SoV handled it so I do want it to return.
  5. Hated Video Game Bosses/Characters

    Any KOF final boss can eff themselves. And this is probably very unpopular...and a possible spoiler for anyone who hasn't played Tales of Symphonia.
  6. Offense vs defense

    In fighting games, it depends, but many people tell me I'm pretty aggro when it comes down to it. In most action RPG's like Final Fantasy Type-0, I go offensive. It's kinda boring to me to have a character that focuses on defense or support in an action game. However, it strategy RPG's, I prefer defensive solely because I want to know what the opposition is doing before I do. Even in TCGs I'm a really aggro player.
  7. My Favorite: Radiant Dawn How long the freaking maps can be. With so many units on the map at a time, sometimes going through a map will take longer than it should. How absurdly dumb it is to try to get Sephiran. Micaiah takes a backseat later in the story which is a huge shame. Supports Biorhythm Least Favorite: Fates: Revelation While I'm not a huge fan of the Awakening clones, I do enjoy having Selena be Caeldori's mother. You can have all the characters. There are quite the number of creative map designs and mechanics that I enjoyed. The final boss is pretty fun to go up against. Being able to have access to all of the classes is always a plus for me.
  8. Things You Like/Dislike About TCGs. Gameplaywise

    I have to agree with you on some of these points. I don't play competitively and I'm still stuck on some stuff. A thing I dislike about Yu-Gi-Oh! are the freakin' Pendulums.. They're so powerful they brought Raigeki back! I mostly enjoy Yu-Gi-Oh! for the nostalgia really...even though my main deck is a Noble Knights one. The TCG that I'm super into right is the Final Fantasy TCG. Things I like with the gameplay: I really enjoy the potential synergy certain cards have with each other. Such as the Type-0 cards meshing super well with each other. The Damage Zone is a good twist on the usual way to keep track of who's winning and the fact that EX Bursts are free abilities can help turn the tide of the game. Things I dislike about the gameplay: How confusing and weird the health/damage can be. Since HP and damage are the same thing in this game, it often leads to confusion for some players about what does what and if a character will be KO'd. Some cards are simply way better than others for a much lower cost sometimes and it really sucks. Machina has an ability that can essentially wipe your opponent's side of the field while Red XIII's ability can only wipe the weaker characters and he has a higher cost to pay to use his ability, but they both have similar abilities.
  9. Most Attractive Tellius Character

    Ike for all da muscles amiright? For the ladies, I voted for Elincia and Leanne. They both have beauty and grace. =]
  10. Physical FE collection

    I have physical copies of.. Shadow Dragon and Blade of Light Mystery of the Emblem Genealogy of the Holy War Binding Blade Blazing Sword (somewhere...) Sacred Stones Path of Radiance Radiant Dawn Shadow Dragon New Mystery of the Emblem Fates (Special Edition with all 3 routes on 1 cartridge) Shadows of Valentia I'm missing a couple. And the only reason I have Awakening in digital form is because I have the special edition Fire Emblem: Awakening 3DS that came with a digital copy of the game.
  11. Most attractive Fire Emblem Awakening Poll

    I stand by as Cordelia being the best looking female in the game. She's very appealing to me and even when I was looking at promotional art for the game before I got it, she immediately caught my attention. Honorable mention goes to Cherche though. She has a gentle beauty to her that I find very appealing and attractive. For the males I went with Owain. His overall look and style is cool to me. I honestly don't really know what else to say.
  12. Fate/Grand Order USA

    If we're not including story campaigns being added, next event is probably Halloween.. And if not that then maybe the Honnouji event. But this is just my guess and I'm not entirely sure.
  13. All the characters look great. I do have to say though, that Hinoka's English voice sounds very off. If I remember correctly, in Fates she had a pretty husky voice, but her voice sounds like someone with a higher pitched voice is trying to be husky. And while Camilla's voice is alright in my book, it's also a bit higher pitched too. All-in-all, I think everyone looks great though and I'm interested to see the gameplay/moveset for Camilla, Leo, and Takumi.
  14. What anime/manga are you following right now?

    I haven't caught up on anime in a loooong time, so there's a bunch I need to get started on. In manga, I've been catching up on Kakegurui, Real Account, Online - The Comic, and I would say Berserk, but uh....Berserk is on constant hiatus. xP
  15. I'm a huge sucker for Medusa's whole story before Perseus came around. But I do like Heracles' 12 Labors and the Odyssey as a whole.