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  1. Favorite - Radiant Dawn Have actual meaningful supports. Change some dialogue and endings. Fix the difficulty translation error. Reduce the forced amount of characters you had to take for endgame. SOTHE WAS BENCHED THE WHOLE TIME Buff Micaiah a bit. (Never had too much of a problem using her, but her being too squishy is definitely a common issue) Make the requirements to recruit Sephiran easier/better. Least Favorite - Fates: Revelation Fix Corrin's personality and dialogue. And by extension also fix most of the characters and their interaction with Corrin. Fix most character dialogues and supports. Add more or take out certain story bits. The story was a bit of a mess in my perspective. Either take out the children or make the children make more sense somehow...I dunno, but really the Deeprealm was not that great.. Change most of the Valla maps or take out some Valla maps, they all had some sort of mechanic, but largely looked the same. There's only so many floating lands I can fight on before I get bored. Let Scarlet live
  2. Way to make Clive's loss all about you Alm.. I liked the initial direction the conversation was going until they basically used the actual story conversation to talk about Clive's unease about making Alm the leader. Like it was so good up until then for me. But I do thoroughly enjoy that Clair steps in and basically comes in and ever so eloquently tells Gray and Tobin to shut the hell up. Probably my favorite Clair moment now. This whole scene honestly shows a more human side to both Clive and Clair. Clive, who's normally cool-headed, is projecting his anger on Alm, which isn't the right thing to do ever, but it shows that he's capable of actually being angry and show extreme emotion. Clair is defending her brother because Gray and Tobin are harping on Clive, so yeah she comes off as pretty offensive but I found the villagers to be offending Clive more in this scene than she was to them. It shows that sibling dynamic that I didn't get to see much. Sadly, it can only be seen at Mathilda's expense. I love how if you reject Leon, his voice returns to normal. But overall, that was a pretty sad scene. And of course Kamui doesn't care and just wants money. And oh man the whole village turns on you if you kill Zeke? That's pretty sad, but awesome in its own right because it shows the actual conflicts of war. basically I like seeing Alm and Celica's choices and failure to save people having repercussions because it makes them more flawed.
  3. When it comes to the writing and characterization of a character. It's solely personal preference. Everyone isn't going to like the same characters, of course, because we all enjoy different characters all for our own personal and different reasons. Some people like certain tropes, some hate them, some love certain character quirks, some find them annoying. It's overall based on preference. For me, one-dimensional characters are boring unless they can somehow be written really well. Otherwise, I like my characters to have flaws and even some psychological issues because I've studied, worked with, and am intrigued with that stuff. As a unit, while it is also mostly personal preference, but stats and growths can also influence a person's view of a character. Like others have said, Camilla is not super well received, but you can't deny the fact that as a fighter she's extremely capable. But again, it's personal preference because some people may like characters that don't turn out to be really solid fighters. Like Python since I feel like the minority that was blessed with a gnarly Python that wrecked shit while others say he misses everything he touches.
  4. In a plot standpoint? It was alright, not the best way to implement children into the plot, but not the worst like the Deeprealms. I was kinda upset that any non-Lucina child doesn't show up when she does or prior or whatnot. Lucina is the only actually scripted child to always be in the game no matter what so I see why they only chose Lucina. But I feel that there would've been way more intrigue with the plot and Lucina's timeline if the other children showed up mysteriously. Because really, none of them really contributed to the plot if their name isn't Lucina and maybe I would actually go out to get all the children if they were more integrated to the plot. And I've always wondered this question. If Gerome was the one that gave Lucina her mask, what if Cherche never married? Wouldn't that mean Gerome wouldn't have existed in Lucina's timeline anyway and therefore she wouldn't have her mask? weallalsoagreethatLucinaisbasicallyFutureTrunksright?
  5. Owainbecausethatsadifferentgame Erk, since he's already friends with one tsundere. Leggo with...Tailtiu
  6. Celica (9) out of 10. It's a beautiful soundtrack back then, and it's still beautiful now. Random Mumbles anyone?
  7. I'd like to imagine Ike being a pretty good father. Maybe harsh on his kids for good intentions, but also being that father figure they can go to whenever they have troubles. I can imagine that he would adopt similar qualities as Greil too, as it only makes sense. I can also imagine that at first, he wouldn't know what he's doing, but he'd get a hang of it eventually. So his wife taking the lead role of the parents at first makes a ton of sense to me. He'd also probably be pretty serious most of the time. As a husband, I would say Ike would be extremely devoted to his spouse. He would be very caring, but blunt when necessary. It's hard to imagine Ike being anything, but a good person towards someone he cares deeply about. Overall, I would think that Ike would be pretty overprotective of his family, to the point that his wife would probably have to be the one to calm him down if he goes a little too far. IwannahearsomeIkedadjokesnow
  8. ace attorney

    I initially was going to choose Godot, but then I saw Shi-Long Lang and immediately chose him as he's a really interesting character and heavily integrated into the Investigations series. Although, I do really like Godot still.
  9. I found Yuzu's and Shade's conversation to be quite endearing. Basically two friends just trying to help each other and understand each other a little better. Emma's and Randal's conversation was nice too, especially with his reaction with the pegasus.
  10. I certainly hope so, it's about time we get a hold on the legendaries. It'd be cool if they could somehow incorporate the roaming thing with the legendary dogs. Raid battle while chasing them down or something, I don't know that might be too dangerous.
  11. I saw the update a couple days ago, I'm actually really excited for the raid battles considering in the initial trailer that Time Square showdown with Mewtwo looked so cool. This may draw people back in too which is always a good thing.
  12. arenaabuselikeyourlifedependsonit While some people have cemented characters they want to use, don't be afraid to try out different characters and check out what their strengths and weaknesses are. Pay attention to the weight on weapons as some of them can hinder some of your better units. If you're playing Blazing Sword (FE7 aka the one with Eliwood, Lyn, and Hector), you don't have to worry about losing anyone while doing Lyn's story as she is mostly tutorial. However, afterwards be wary of character placement and enemy reinforcements. Use your dancers/bards as they can save you on so many occasions. andarenaabuselikeyourlifedependsonit
  13. Favorite mythical creature? Community, I keep going back to it.
  14. Alice from Virtue's Last Reward. I <3 Pyrrha so it definitely counts. Also, oh hai Saber of Red. How's uh...Camelot going for ya? andyourtraitorouswaysofkillingyourfather