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  1. Fate/Grand Order General

    I'm struggling so hard trying to get Lancer chocolates. T^T I just wanna see Scathach and Brynhild's cut scene.
  2. Favorites: Ike - Love the guy, really really do love the guy. However, that ending for Radiant Dawn is just so stupid, abrupt, and out of character. Lyn - Her lack of importance after her chapters does bother me quite a bit. Kagero - The fact that she gets captured/kidnapped in the story of all routes of Fates really annoys me. Elincia - She's not playable until waaaaaay late in PoR. Sonya - She doesn't have Seraphim in Echoes.. Cordelia - The crush/feelings she has towards Chrom. Least Favorites: Corrin - I have to say, I really like the general design of Corrin. Only weird thing is the bare feet. Tharja - Pretty powerful as a Dark Mage. Chrom - He's pretty different in terms of design and personality (sorta) compared to other Lords we've had in the series. Est - Provided an interesting archetype to work with.
  3. Fate/Grand Order General

    I got me a Scathach last night and forgot to post! =] shealsomayormaynotbefullyascendedandmaxedleveledalready
  4. Things you don't like about your favorite games.

    I honestly agree with you, he works better the way he is. I just really like Mishima because he's such a precious being. If anything, I wish they went forward with their plan to have Hifumi as a playable character, 'cause I like her too. xP
  5. First video game crush

    Hmm...I'm trying to remember and it's either Rose from Legend of Dragoon or Tifa from Final Fantasy VII. I played both games pretty close to each other so I can't remember which one came first for me. But to this day I do like both of them! Italsoexplainsmyactualpreferencesindatingnowtoo
  6. For me, she wasn't difficult to go up against because I extremely overleveled my Quilava before I would get to her. There was even a playthrough I had where I had a Typhlosion by her gym, so I never quite understood why people thought she was difficult solely because I grind levels a lot. However, I can understand it now especially if you're not one to have your Pokemon overleveled considering Miltank is hilariously tanky for such an early gym.
  7. (Pokedex Spoilers) Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon Team Talking

    My starter is gonna be Decidueye, 'cause I was debating between Rowlet and Litten during Moon and ultimately went with Litten. Salazzle is a Pokemon I like, but didn't use at all in Moon (because I had Incineroar) so I'm going with Salazzle. Mimikyu is another Pokemon I like, but didn't use. Palossand looks like a fun Pokemon to use. Dusk Lycanroc to see how it differs from the other Lycanrocs. And Golisopod, again, because I just love the thing so much. I may or may not be switching Lycanroc out for Noivern though since I haven't used Noivern for a playthrough before and I really like it. I have a lot of ghost-types on this team..
  8. Do you ever get nervous playing video games?

    So basically when you're a Mercy or any Healer main in Overwatch? I sometimes get nervous if I'm doing a ranked or competitive match in any sort of game with a ranking system. Can't really explain it, but it happens. I also got really nervous in tournaments, but I think it's understandable. Otherwise, I'm okay.
  9. Things you don't like about your favorite games.

    Suikoden II The localization is all over the place in this game and you'll also see the spelling of some character names differently. The endgame bugs and glitches. Like some enemies technically don't even have names because it's just a mess of a name. Even though I love the story throughout the whole game, a lot of the game kinda just falls off after the climax boss fight mid-game. Persona 5 Aside from their initial awakening to their Persona, the main cast kinda doesn't get that much character development for the rest of the story. While I love the main cast, it's a little sad that they kinda fall into archetypes that we've seen done before. Two of the late game palaces are such a bore, specifically the space and ship one. I'm cool with the casino. Mishimaisn'taPhantomThiefandthishurtsmeonapersonallevel Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn The tediousness and slowness of the game. I recently finished streaming this game, but I had it on 200% speed and map animations only solely because it would've taken a lot longer to finish if it was at normal speed with combat animations on. Like hoooooooooly crap. The lackluster-ness that is the Dawn Brigade. I love the concept of the Dawn Brigade, but that's about as much praise I can give it. I'm not the first person to say this, but the story is very...meh. It had a lot of potential and intrigue, but there are plot holes that just don't make sense. And also Ike's ending is Pokemon SoulSilver I've been kinda spoiled by the later games, but the game is kinda slow when it comes to battles and movement. It's definitely better than Diamond/Pearl, but I still find it a bit slow. ForgivingmeunrealisticexpectationsofaPokemongamethatwilltopthisbecausethisgamedidsomuchrightforthetimeandIcanonlyhopefuturetitlescanfollowsuit Final Fantasy Tactics (War of the Lions) This game is horribly easy if you grind levels and JP super early on. The only difficult part is honestly fighting monsters because their level matches yours. Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 For being the "Ultimate" edition....freakin' fighting games. The lack of long term support. I just really wanted to see more characters in this art style and animations like Captain Commando, Jin, Hayato, Agent Venom, Angela, etc. No balancing on super broken things. I know the MvC series is known for just completely broken stuff, but they buffed Wesker and Doom so much that it hurts my low-tier hero heart... Bullet. Hell.
  10. Fate/Grand Order General

    Yooooooo Tamamo surprised me 'cause I got her with the weekly Summon Ticket! Time to wait and farm for some more hearts...loveispain T^T
  11. Favorite games by letter

    Leggooo! # - 9 Hours, 9 Persona, 9 Doors A - Ace Attorney: Trials and Tribulations B - Bahamut Lagoon C - Chrono Trigger D - Dead or Alive 5 E - Eternal Sonata F - Final Fantasy Tactics G - Ghost Trick H - Hotel Dusk I - Ikaruga J - Jet Set Radio K - Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days L - Legend of Dragoon M - Mega Man Battle Network 5: Colonel N - NiGHTS O - Odin Sphere P - Persona 5 Q - Quake III Arena R - Rogue Galaxy S - Suikoden II T - Tales of Symphonia U - Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 V - Valkyrie Profile W - (The) World Ends With You X - Xenogears Y - Yakuza Z - Zoo Tycoon Had a tough time choosing for letters F, P, and S. 'cause Fire Emblem, Phantom Dust, and Pokemon..
  12. Your Favorite Character From Each Game You've Played

    I'm gonna put in the no repeat rule here, so I can't choose the same character again that have been playable in multiple games. FE 1 - Tiki FE 2 - Sonya FE 3 - Linde FE 4 - Tailtiu (Haven't finished Genealogy) FE 5 - Leif (Haven't finished 776..) FE 6 - Dieck FE 7 - Lyn FE 8 - Cormag FE 9 - Ike FE 10 - Elincia FE 11 - Cain FE 12 - Palla FE 13 - Cordelia FE 14 Birthright - Kagero FE 14 Conquest - Benny FE 14 Revelation - Shiro FE 15 - Python TMS (If it counts) - Kiria
  13. Speedrunning

    I love watching speedruns, but I don't think I could ever do one myself. To start off, I don't even know which game I know well enough to speedrun. But speedruns are super entertaining to watch because it really shows a different side to gaming that not many know about. I love watching Monkey Ball speedruns because that precision and dexterity is so cool to see in action. I've even had a couple of Suikoden II speedrunners pop into my stream when I streamed Suikoden II and they were really cool about telling me about the many kinds of RNG and what would've been good luck if I were speedrunning as well as giving me some tips and tricks about getting things early in the game that I didn't know before.
  14. Mount/Dismount - It was an interesting mechanic that I can see having tons of potential for a future FE title. Bonus Experience - Takes out that tedious grind. I'd even be okay if they limited the amount of stats that raise per level up like they did in RD. 3rd Tier Classes - I'm always down for 3rd tier classes. While not necessarily old anymore since they used it in SoV, but fatigue is interesting and a mechanic I can see working really well in a series where people are fighting a lot. I liked how SoV handled it so I do want it to return.
  15. Hated Video Game Bosses/Characters

    Any KOF final boss can eff themselves. And this is probably very unpopular...and a possible spoiler for anyone who hasn't played Tales of Symphonia.