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  1. Is Lyn better than Marcus/is Marcus good/ is Lyn good

    There are only a few mages, they can't be everywhere. They have enough HP to endure a few magic spells, unless they have Lucius level of MAG. So it's better to have an bow user around for extra wyvern slaying. Hector. The first half of the game is chapters 11-22, Hector contributes the most for all those chapters, considering that he has a DEF and STR lead soon enough and that Marcus is utterly unecessary for chapter 12 and 19x, on top of that, not being part of chapter 11. Being good for the first half of the game isn't much of an incentive, considering that the other half also matters, specially since there are more sidechapters to take into account.
  2. Is Lyn better than Marcus/is Marcus good/ is Lyn good

    I probably did, since I don't remember. And wyvern killing is a big enough of deal when it comes to Wyvern Lords. You want as many hands to deal with those, since even Hector has trouble doubling those to death, which Lyn can do fairly easily, as long she has a Steel or Killer Bow. And I could swear that I typed why that point is of no consequence when Marcus rarely grows. For the record, a Blade Lord Lyn surpasses Marcus in some key areas except HP, STR and SKL which are usually ony 2-3 points above her. Let that sink in, a Silver lance will lose against a Silver or Killing Edge if it doubles less, since Marcus is most likely stuck with 12 SPD at that point, only good to deal with the truely slow enemies like Shamans and Knights and the like, which Hector and Kent excells at anyway, thus leaving Marcus in the dust and making it unlikely he will ever grow past lv 8 at best. Your numerical proof of yours shows that Lyn is better though. How does that even count as proof when it opposes your view? I will repeat the same claims as long they remain unrefuted, since you didn't refute them so far.
  3. Is Lyn better than Marcus/is Marcus good/ is Lyn good

    What makes Eliwood good as a Knight Lord is his promotion gains and acess to javelins, not his mount. And is less usefull than Lyn is until then who gets acess to bows which are more effective against Wyverns, a common enemy later on (which shrug off javelins, specially if one has around 15 STR or so. Not only that, but he rarely reaches lv 20 by the time the seal is available, while Lyn has little issue doing so. Thus, who should get the seal first is obviously going to be Lyn. Basically, Eliwood is a Kent clone once he reaches a decent level as a Knight Lord (around 5-10 or so), but until he reaches that level, Lyn will be outclassing him for a longwhile. In a way, Eliwood suffers from a similiar problem that Marcus has, Eliwood is pretty average for a good part of the early game, while Marcus is pretty average for a good part of the mid-late game. Lyn on the other hand, has the stats to be good from her rejoin time to the end whitout much issue due to her great speed and effective weapons.
  4. Is Lyn better than Marcus/is Marcus good/ is Lyn good

    He's good alright, for half the game, then he's average for the most part at best, using him to the end only makes the game harder as well, since his average stats aren't what I expect of a lategame Paladin. My tone was been arrogant? And yours isn't by calling others losers? I'm confident, not arrogant, since in all my years using units in this game, I never had a good reason to use Marcus to the end, his stats aren't satisfatory for what I need for mid-lategame. What about Balcerzak's input? He said that it was turtling, when in reality it wasn't, I told him that much. most chapters I had done in the 5 stars turn limit for those chapters that weren't bugged for most part. Thus it can't be called turtling, so obviously I'm dismissing his claim. It is bugged though, 0 turn requirements for certain chapters? Really IS? I'm not sandbagging anything, just stating how it goes. And I did say that some units are better than those 2, so don't see the issue. I'm analyzing what others say, but they compute with the results I got. Marcus is only good for half the game, average for the rest at best, end of story. Lyn has better stats in most areas by midgame, so I will hear what you say but disagree with it, always. Thank you for the video, anyway. I will see if it helps me in any way.
  5. Is Lyn better than Marcus/is Marcus good/ is Lyn good

    Neither does Lyn. That isn't solid. If he was, he would be doubling as well. Don't see how turtling has anything to do with being 2HKO, since she has enough HP. And what do you sugest I do about listening to others if their advice doesn't help me and handicaps me instead? Is that also being a "loser"? To be a doormat and just let others indocrinate me?
  6. Is Lyn better than Marcus/is Marcus good/ is Lyn good

    Guy is inferior. Lyn's supports are better, she has better LUK, thus better dodgetanking, better STR and uses the Silver sword faster due to gaining weapon experience faster. If it wasn't for his durability, then Lyn would outclass him in virtually everyway except SPD. The Mani Katti lasts the whole game if you use it correctly rather than use it for everysingle enemy. If you don't play it, then you are only handicapping yourself. So whatever they play or not, that's up to them, but does nothing to undermine Lyn other than their own experiences and as said before PEMN. No, Marcus is only usable, he's only solid for 10 chapters or so, his stats aren't good enough to make the later chapters easier. The more stats you have, the easier they become and Marcus doesn't help on that front. Once again, 0% growth runs nerfs growth units pretty bad, so obviously they would have the disadvantage there. Why not use 0 Personal bases as argument then? Now growth units would have the advantage which would also be just as unfair. I'm not pretending anything, I'm just as suprised as you, that one would think that taking away growths from everyone in a different playthrough is a reason to use Marcus over units that grow more in a playthrough that doesn't use such rules.
  7. Is Lyn better than Marcus/is Marcus good/ is Lyn good

    How so? Lyn is easily usable and good at that. Solid =/= usable. Being usable doesn't make you solid. If it was, then Dorcas would be solid.
  8. Is Lyn better than Marcus/is Marcus good/ is Lyn good

    You are pretty much forced to use only her during Prologue, and she receives the Mani Katti after 2 chapters, which she can use to the end of her mode whitout any restrain due to it regenerating to full once she rejoins, you can give the iron sword to Sain, since she needs no other sword for her mode. So she starts easy enough. The only unit that can do her job better is usually Raven and Kent when it comes to swordfightning, due to being sturdier and having similiar SPD in HHM. Outside of swordwielding and those 2 units, the only units better than her are Lucius, Heath, Hector, Sain, Ninian/Nils and Matthew
  9. Is Lyn better than Marcus/is Marcus good/ is Lyn good

    His bases leave much to be desired, if all it did take as bases, then the game would be too easy to accept such bases. If you want to have a better time, you want growths, and Hector and a good deal of others have it.
  10. Is Lyn better than Marcus/is Marcus good/ is Lyn good

    Sure thing. My thanks to TC .Let's keep our posts short and avoid unecessary hostility while at it.
  11. Is Lyn better than Marcus/is Marcus good/ is Lyn good

    I was taught it was .5 in my country, so I will stand with that, not that it matters, since her DEF was 3.8. Then the same argument can be used against Marcus, if he's not reaching 21 STR, then not even his best stat is that great.
  12. Is Lyn better than Marcus/is Marcus good/ is Lyn good

    That's not being offensive. I'm not being dishonest nor I'm misinformed (which is also not offensive). I didn't ignore any factual evidence, since there was nothing so far like that. Any evidence presented so far don't tell me how Marcus can be the best unit, when his stats don't reach 20 or higher for most part.
  13. Is Lyn better than Marcus/is Marcus good/ is Lyn good

    Are you telling me that supports don't go both ways? Lyn has 1.5 and Hector also has 1.5 .Combined they make it 3 points. Matthew can't tank, neither can Guy, unlike Hector, so that means they won't see as much frontline action. Not to mention that Lyn is superior to Guy. Yes. And rounding means that if a value is .5 or higher then it rounds up.
  14. Is Lyn better than Marcus/is Marcus good/ is Lyn good

    I'm not though. If I'm moving towards them, than it's not It's not though, if I'm moving towards my enemies, then I'm tanking, not turtling.
  15. Is Lyn better than Marcus/is Marcus good/ is Lyn good

    10 DEF and 11 SPD is hardly going to get much better with 15% DEF and 25% RES respectively. Those stats don't impress at base, and still don't impress by his lv 20 average. As for you AL, I'm pretty sure I didn't use the words "fucking" and "BS" other than as examples.