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  1. Blazing Sword Promoted Power Madness project

    I suppose I could make them Warriors instead, it's just it feels like I'm cheating on my project if I pick Warriors instead of the canon promotion of Berserker for Brigands. But I suppose I can do that if it's only about half of them. Didn't he fail to get it in the first place? Since he's planing to tear the rock holding it and you interrupted that part? It feels unecessary.
  2. Blazing Sword Promoted Power Madness project

    Here you go, a bit more of footage from my project:
  3. I have no idea how to acomplish that with the tools I have. SullyMcGully , I already did change weights and the like. Fire tomes are now sligthly more heavy compared to other tomes but cause slightly more damage as well, you will notice right away with Azel, check his fire tome. As for the translation patch, you can use it I think. I used it by naming the translation with the same name as the game file, not by patching it directly to the file.
  4. All right, now that Binding Blade's Vindication patch has been finished (for now anyway, I might tweak it in the future). I'm now moving to my Divine Crusade and Promoted Power Madness (Blazing Sword) projects. This project has the following objectives: - balance the game (by changing movement, stats, skills and growths of characters). - modernize stats a bit by reducing HP to the more common levels of recent FEs as well reduce weapons MT - Possibility of changing the maps a bit (not yet sure if possible) - Make light magic more common to use and get - Make almost everyclass capable of doubling via pursuit, with the exception of the tankier classes (so that pursuit ring doesn't become useless) Here's a patch for you to have a bit of a taste. It's not even remotely complete, but the prologue is pretty much fully playable. Other chapters might be as well, but I haven't touched all the enemies and allies that join, so some characters might be off. Use the headered version of the game for this patch, which is what I tested this on. Divine Crusade v 0.4.ips
  5. Fire Emblem 7 Redux

  6. ROM Hack and Fan Game Directory

    I see. I should have noticed it, my bad. Here's the link then: https://serenesforest.net/forums/index.php?/topic/73238-fire-emblem-binding-blade-vindication-balance-patch-200-final-update-for-now-anyway/
  7. ROM Hack and Fan Game Directory

    Can you add mine hack to the list? It's pretty much finished, I might make some alterations in the future, but as it is, it's fully playable whitout issues (that I know about, after testing it). It's a Fire Emblem Binding Blade rebalance patch that I named Vindication. I will post here the patch, alongside the growths list and main changes to the game. If something is wrong with the patch, please do tell. Fire Emblem Binding Blade Vindication v 2.0.0.ips Binding Blade Growths and Bases Hard Edited.xlsx Binding Blade Changes.docx
  8. Fire Emblem 7 Redux

    A redesign, huh? Well, sure, but that Lyn color pallete looks off. White hair doesn't suit her.
  9. Blazing Sword Promoted Power Madness project

    I'm finished for now with my balancing patch for Binding Blade and will start working on this project and another project from FE 4 soon enough.
  10. There we have it. After some testing, I can say that the balance patch has no more issues to be fixed, that I'm aware of anyway. This is the final update. however, that doesn't mean that I'm not open for more changes in the future. If a problem pops up, I will see if I can do something about it as long as you keep me informed of it.
  11. Almost finished. All that is left is to tweak light ranks and I think I'm done for now. Light magic will now work as this: Ellen and Saul, your only light magic users, both have C rank in light upon promotion. Lightning is now classified as C rank magic, Divine is classified as B rank. Purge remains A rank I also noted some oddities while playing the game, they were all fixed. If I missed something, please do tell. Soon enough I will be releasing the definitive 2.0 version of this patch.
  12. New update. I'm almost finished with this balance patch, only a few more chapters for me to review. After that, I might do some tweaks here and there and maybe create alternative versions for those who would rather use different characters with different growths and bases. I'm finished with testing Sacae route and noticed that Dayan had 2 points less in STR than described, already fixed that. It was a result of reducing Nomad's base STR by 2 in order to compensate for the increase of 2 MT of most bows. Also, just in case you haven't been reading all the posts, but this patch is meant to be played on Hard. If you play on normal, characters that depend on hard bonuses will be underwhelming in normal mode.
  13. Fire Emblem 4 Echoes Ideas

    Seliph would need to be nerfed, obviously. Indeed, those should be balanced as well. Those without parents should have their own traits that makes them just as worthy using as their counterparts.
  14. Fire Emblem 4 Echoes Ideas

    How can it be crappy when Seliph does just fine at lv 1? And no, the Avatar should be balanced just like everyone else. The more balanced a game is, the better.
  15. Fire Emblem 4 Echoes Ideas

    Forgot to mention. But Sigurd, Deidre, Quan and Ethlyn would die even in the remake. I noticed that I forgot to mention that part, since those are the only deaths that are necessary for the plot to move along. Genealogy's "uniqueness" ruins the balance of the game. Knights need either more movement or for the maps to become smaller. No way the Avatar is getting killed, he's a representation of ourselves and would be meaningless if we don't get to use him in 2nd generation. Also, to prevent the Avatar and other characters from being too leveled when the 2nd generation begins and they rejoin, their levels would be reduced to 10 and their stats cut in half, they would also be unable to level past 20 in the 1st generation. Needless to say, enemies would be scaled to not be able to get past that level either. The only deaths necessary would still be there, all other deaths are pointless, specially since we never know if they really died or not, since the game tells us that their fate remained unknown.