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  1. Fire Emblem HHM S rank run

    Chapter 17x, done in 5 turns. Thanks to a lucky break, I was able to kill a lot of the experience giving enemies. Hector is doing fine once again, still no RES, but what can one do? Passable level up And Lyn manages to get a lucky break and kill both boss and and an unlucky axefighter. As a result, 2 levels in a row. Not bad. SPD is nice, but leaves a bit to be desired. Raven is going to take a while before his growths start to kick in Meh, but she got 2 good levels, so one bad level is nothing at this point. Good thing he got blessed in Lyn mode, otherwise, he might have been RNG screwed this time around. His next levels will be better.
  2. My first FE7 team. Thoughts?

    If it goes to Marcus, then it might as well be nothing, since Marcus doesn't grow much. The shortest time usually involves Hector and other good units, because they actually grow. I don't need shiny green numbers, but a few 20's by midgame is nice, something that Marcus doesn't have. Try midgame. Kent is better than Marcus at lv 20 Cavalier right before promoting. Considering his stats, I would rather use Rebecca or Guy over him. Bartre is Bartre, inferior to almost everyunit, Marcus included. Those numbers show me they are about equal. Not really, if they can cause around 10 damage and have a 30% Hit or more, they are still a bit of threat. His STR would have to be 70% rather than 60% for it to be significant enough to make him better than Kent, since Kent is faster and has better accuracy. If it's marginal, so is his STR. I don't do either. So no problem. Not really, since I'm one of the better FE players, it says more about Marcus being barely decent than anyone's skill. I'm sure I could make him work if I wanted to, but I have yet to be given a reason to waste a deployment slot on him beyond chapter 20. If you want to use him and he somehow helps you, good for you. I on the other hand, have no shortage of units that need deploying and that grow to be superior to Marcus, so that's how I'm going to do it.
  3. My first FE7 team. Thoughts?

    Not really, since pretty much any unpromoted has better growths than Marcus. So they make better use of it. Would you rather give 100 xp to a unit that grows much more and has better stats by midgame or 50 xp to a unit with decent stats that become mostly mediocre for rest of the game? They don't speak anything of the sort to me. His averages are irksome to look at. If a unit has more stats than Marcus by leveling up, you can be sure I will be using that one over Marcus. Maybe Sain can, but Kent doesn't need to to begin with, since he tanks more and is better at helping softening enemies as well, which he wants to do as a Paladin so that others get some experience. Mind you, discussing which is better is virtually pointless, since they are about equal, with Kent having a slight lead over Sain in defensive stats and Sain having a slight lead in offensive stats. So use whichever works best for you, I usually have Kent be the main Paladin while Sain follows as the secondary one. It's not a big threat if he uses swords, wich is what I said before. Kent is preferable to use due to better DEF,SPD and HP and also because he's the most likely to promote first. Also, by chapter 25, Kent or Sain would be lv 4-5 Paladins, not lv 1. And as I said before, use Marcus if you really have to, whatever works for you. He certainly doesn't work for me beyond the few chapters where he's necessary.
  4. My first FE7 team. Thoughts?

    And that's precisely why Kent or Lyn should be the ones handling them. There's only a few of those and one of them isn't even a druid, and the other one can be attacked with Longbows first then finished off with a strong weapon. They are hardly a massive threat, a moderate threat, nowhere close to massive.
  5. My first FE7 team. Thoughts?

    Those axefighters if they hit, they hit hard. They are easy to kill, but they also hurt more in return. Try harder yourself.
  6. My first FE7 team. Thoughts?

    Waste of experience, by the time of Chapter 20, he's just yesterday's leftovers and benched. At that point Kent already does his job just as well, while having good growths and better experience gain. He will never see the light of day when he reaches lv 10. He usually reaches lv 8 by then. >ignoring the fact that Kent and Sain not being promoted means more stats gains from promoting and faster level ups, which another thing they have over Marcus. That's not a disadvantage, that's a virtue in Sain's and Kent's favor. That's not an advantage. Kent doesn't need that much STR to begin with. Sain is slightly inferior to Kent due to slightly worse defensive stats, if you want a tank that matches Marcus and surpasses him, Kent is the one to use. It's important, since it means less healing and thus one can afford to be in the front for longer, with more dodging, Kent can afford to attack more axefighters for much longer. There aren't many Swordmasters to begin with, Kent can't double them, but neither can Marcus or Sain, specially Marcus who is likely to be doubled instead.
  7. Fire Emblem HHM S rank run

    Kent had a bit more over Sain in DEF as well SPD and SKL, so he got the dracoshield as he deserved. Far ahead? Who cares about a mere point in movement? RES is really the only thing he has over Kent, since Kent will soon enough after promotion have 15 STR while being faster than Marcus and having better HP. Probably. It has a requirement of 9 turns, so 2 thieves will make it go faster. It all comes down to whetever one achieves 500 XP or not in that period of time, a few more turns doesn't hurt much. She's usually good by lv 10. No way, I won't waste opportunities to raise her SPD and STR growths, early promoting will make her lose STR and specially SPD which she wants. Raven is good even with that little problem, backtracking is a bad move, but it hardly ruins the chapter. Honestly, I find it more anoying that you can barely catch that thief by rushing like hell, than the whole Raven scenario in this chapter. I don't have nothing to say about that, because it smelled like memes and I don't like memes. I used the word whitout knowledge that it would be related to some meme.
  8. Fire Emblem HHM S rank run

    Kent got 2 bad level ups in a row, that's the only reason why Sain is somehow able to keep up with Kent. With Kent having 11 DEF, Sain might as well say his prayers, because there's a high chance Kent will be the superior one now, same for Marcus, who is getting outanked by Kent. For now Marcus is still a bit better, but let's see how long he will last. Matthew got some of his levels from Lyn mode. The rest comes from finishing off some pegasus and dealing with a good deal of brigands in chapter 13. I plan to use both and make both lv 20 for the experience rank, doesn't matter which I use, as long as they both reach that level, once done, Legault will be the main thief, but Matthew will still see some use if I feel like deploying 2 of those. I don't early promote usually, it hurts the experience rank and unit's stats. Raven is usually the only unit I do so, and usually at lv 18 or so by chapter 22. Rebecca is doing fine until lv 20, usually. If needed be, one can always use Wil and if that fails, Rath. Raven was busy recruiting Lucius. He killed an archer, that's it. Kind of like Guy, he doesn't see much action in their recruitment chapters.
  9. My first FE7 team. Thoughts?

    I've already seen his averages and growths many times over and I have yet to be impressed. The problem with those averages is that Marcus isn't reaching lv 10 let alone 20. And even if he did, Kent and Sain would be surpassing him as far as lv 1 Paladins due to better DEF, HP and SPD against whatever he was by lv 8. The more SPD the better, it guarantees that Kent will double almost everything, so I welcome it. Sain is stronger you mean, not best unit. STR is all he has over Kent. Kent doesn't care about criticals, since criticals are rarely an issue in Blazing Sword. It hurts his dodgetanking ability to have less LUK, but he makes up for it somewhat by having better SPD. Kent is a honourable knight, his personality is fine as it is. Sain on the other hand is one of those lecherous types, and I usually don't like them as much.
  10. My first FE7 team. Thoughts?

    I don't understand why would anyone insist on using Marcus beyond chapter 20 when you already have plenty of good units with better growths and similiar stats to take all the deployment slots. But suit yourself.
  11. My first FE7 team. Thoughts?

    If someone told me that a unit is as good as Marcus, that would be grounds for me to bench him. Marcus is good for early game and a portion of midgame and that's it. A unit that falls off can never be best unit, since his stats are not good at all past that point. the best unit would be Hector with his overkill STR and DEF. Sain is better than Marcus, since he has better growths and stats as a Paladin, and Kent is better than Sain, since he's more balanced and doesn't have accuracy issues with axes and throwing weapons. Sain is almost as good as Kent, so I recommend using him if you have the slots for him, but Kent takes priority. if using Marcus works for you, that's fine, just remember there are better picks for Paladins than him. Even Lowen is better.
  12. My first FE7 team. Thoughts?

    So can Kent. And I wouldn't recommend promoting either early. If Sain early promoted, then Kent would surpass him for sure, due to more levels to gain.
  13. Fire Emblem HHM S rank run

    Finally felt like playing Blazing Sword, so I've finished chapter 17. Done in 11 turns. Forgot to check before ending chapter, but considering that the soldiers open the jail by turn 7 and that I counted from there based on my video, I was able to figure it out. Here's the current leveling up progress: Eliwood is turning out good earlier than expected Hector is going pretty well as well, but RES just refuses to grow at all, a pity, but he won't miss it that much. Hopefully he will get at least 3 points before promotion at least. Sain disapoints Matthew won't see much battle, but those stats can be put to good use A bad level up, but it's DEF, so anything that makes him better than Marcus is always welcome. I've used the dracoshield on him before the start of chapter btw. STR is nice, but I was hoping for a bit of SPD, well keep it up Oswin pretty much rivalizes Hector in the DEF department at this point, his SPD remains the same however. More DEF. Another fabulous level up, still no RES, might as well give up on this stat, doubt Hector will get any significant RES at this point. Oswin keeps that DEF coming. He won't be of much use later on, but he might be able to get me some more experience for the rank later on in chapter 25.
  14. Is Lyn better than Marcus/is Marcus good/ is Lyn good

    I'm not a troll, so that would be a waste of Mekkah's time and would show that he doesn't know me at all.
  15. My first FE7 team. Thoughts?

    No, I find Kent more usefull than Sain due to more balanced stats and slightly better RES,HP, SPD and considerably better SKL. Unless his Kent is RNG screwed he should use him. Sain is bad for using innacurate weapons like javelins and forget about using handaxes with him. He should keep using Sain, but Marcus just doesn't have the stats to keep being good. At best use him as far as chapter 22 then never touch him again.