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  1. How is using only 3 units in Lyn's Story "optimal"?

    It's indeed possible, but not worth it. Rath rejoins way too late and doesn't have hard bonus like Heath does.
  2. Alright, did some tweaking on the levels of some enemies that were a bit low and thus were a bit weak, thus ruining the difficulty of chapter 21. Some Wyvern riders are now lv 15 while others are lv 20 now.
  3. Hoshido, easily. Nohr was the country that started hostilities and is responsible for there being a war in the first place. Hoshido prefers peace over war, and thus they won't fight unless provoked.
  4. How is using only 3 units in Lyn's Story "optimal"?

    You are forgetting that Wallace can't double, and there's more to survivability than just tanking. Lyn can double, so she can get a good deal of enemies out of the equation, preventing them from being a problem. Slaying problematic enemies are also part of surviving.
  5. How is using only 3 units in Lyn's Story "optimal"?

    Not at all, there are some maps where enemies will head to you from the get-go , if you play by turtling in some corner, then you will be overwhelmed by enemy units, making avoiding a single death impossible. When tanking, one must ensure that there is no danger to either the tanks or any other characters they don't cover. Sometimes, the best thing to do is to force the enemy to divide by baiting them with 2 tanks, thus making it more manageable. This is a proper tactic that should be employed when needed. Efficiency isn't useless, as some maps have villages and trasures to save. But one should priotize survival first.
  6. How is using only 3 units in Lyn's Story "optimal"?

    The only thing that matters is survival first, and to overpower enemies whenever possible, efficiency is secondary. If I can finish a long map in less than 25 turns, that's enough. There are only a few maps where efficiency is more important (Battle before Dawn and the like). In order to rate units, one must take into account their growths, bases and their averages as well their availability. Considering that Lyn has Kent beat in some growths and bases, while he has his own edge in other stats, it's only fair that I see them as equals At this point, it's pretty much a stale mate. So let's just agree to disagree.
  7. How is using only 3 units in Lyn's Story "optimal"?

    In bigger maps, the same rule applies unless there are villages to be saved. Take for instance, Genealogy, mounted has a lot more value there, because there are way more villages to save, in pretty much everymap and you are encouraged to rush a good deal of those maps, at least until all villages are saved and whichever units, and other additions that one can obtain by going fast. In Binding Blade, it does have some more villages and treasures, so their value would a bit higher than the mounted ones from Blazing Sword. Other swordusers usually have 30%-50%. Lyn has 0% or almost zero chance of being hit by axe wielders. If there are villages to be saved fast or if there's a dangerous enemy that needs to be picked on, as long as the mounted isn't endangered in the process.
  8. How is using only 3 units in Lyn's Story "optimal"?

    I'm not ignoring them though. -It's to my disadvantage to have the group separate. The only time it's valid to separate characters is during Victory or Death chapter, and even then you should have 2 groups composed of at least an healer and someone with tanking ability and a few characters to help clean up. - They are axe fighters, armors, horsemen, mages, bow users and sword wielders, that's considerable variety. She ends demolishing a good deal of those due to doubling them all and them either having a weakness to Mani Katti or having poor DEF. On top of that, she has a good RES growth and thus is usually taking little damage from mages. She utterly demolishes Ursula in Battle before Dawn for instance. - It's higher, because enemy hits rarely go above 30%-40%, unless they have WT, as long as you make use of terrain bonuses their hit rate will be even lower. Axefighters for instance are almost guaranteed to have 0%, specially if she has supports. Retaliating isn't necessary, as long as she can survive, that's already good enough, to bait archers and mages plays to my advantage. I don't need damage during enemy phase most of the time, with the exception of a few chapters Not really, I only give her Seraph Robe, wich she deserves. The energy ring either goes to Matthew or Florina. It's not favouritism, it's making good use of her, since the Mani Katti is the best weapon in Lyn Mode and it's a waste to not use it. Kent and the others get enough experience, so I don't see why is this an issue. 1-2 range isn't much of an advantage, Javelins and Hand Axes don't have the MT of higher level weapons, not to mention that archers can bait ranged enemies, so the only reason to use 1-2 range is against other 1-2 ranges. I'm not going to consider that. I've played the game for a decade now, and Lyn never disapoints.
  9. How is using only 3 units in Lyn's Story "optimal"?

    Hector Hard Mode obviously, it does little to change Lyn's ability, since enemies still fall by the droves against her, since some of them are horsemen or armors.
  10. How is using only 3 units in Lyn's Story "optimal"?

    What you mean Sword of Seals? She can endure a counter just fine, and she will be usually avoiding attacks if those come from an axe wielder and all other WT neutral weapons to a slightly less extent. I don't see what's the problem. I won't move my units away from the group, unless absolutely necessary. If one is going to pick on units, that's fine, as long as they are alone and thus don't represent much of a threat. Otherwise, the mounted units will know their place and stick with the group.
  11. How is using only 3 units in Lyn's Story "optimal"?

    What you are talking about? TC asked about Lyn, so I gave my own statement on the matter.
  12. How is using only 3 units in Lyn's Story "optimal"?

    You are talking about Tactics Ogre I assume? Of course they should, be being at a proper level, which won't happen if I were to hold them back, when there's no reason to do so. Lyn and plenty of others deserve those levels. By doing so, they prove their worth.
  13. How is using only 3 units in Lyn's Story "optimal"?

    Alright, to make this short. Paladins shouldn't stray too far from the group, their movement usually ends up redundant as a result. Their movement only shows their true usefullness when villages and chests are involved. Canto makes them better rescuers, sure, but if you are going to rescue someone, is usually not to move them around but rather to protect them from a position where they are in danger. Lyn has Mani Katti which gives her an vantage against a larger variety of enemies, it doesn't matter if they use lances, since if Lyn destroys them, she can be healed and she won't have to worry about them in enemy phase. Lyn can dodgetank pretty much any weapon that isn't lances, and even then, making use of terrain bonus will make it hard for even lances to hit. Falcon Knights are weak against arrows and like Paladins shouldn't stray from the group, they might slay the ocasional enemy that isn't reachable by land, but there aren't many of those opportunities. Survival should take priority over efficiency.
  14. How is using only 3 units in Lyn's Story "optimal"?

    With that kind of SPD, he can double some enemies, but Lyn still can double more and even avoid being doubled by some particularly fast bosses. My point precisely. Those weapons suck, that's why Mani Katti ends up being better.
  15. How is using only 3 units in Lyn's Story "optimal"?

    Considering that I should keep the group together, rescuing and moving is usually not to my vantage. I don't need movement to rescue characters, and Hector has so much DEF that him rescuing someone isn't going to hurt him much. I don't want to do rescue chains, unless there's a long path clear of enemies, there's no reason why should I do rescue chains. Considering the Javelins and Hand Axes MT, those are usually not very effective, I prefer bows when it comes to ranged combat, since they have higher MT later on. Not to mention that I can just bait enemies and demolish them in player phase to the same effect. 11 DEF isn't very impressive in lategame and Louise isn't worth deploying when Rebecca is better than her. Pent can do something of the sort, but it's still limited. I don't want to kill boss maps faster, first, most enemies must die, then one can focus on killing the boss. They don't fall behind because there will be tanking that needs to be done, which means that Paladins and the like must not move too far away from the group. Only 3-4 (a Pegasus, 1-2 Paladins and Eliwood Knight Lord), anything more is overkill and won't see use. There aren't that many villages to be rescued, usually. Lyn has 70%, Florina has 60%. Lyn gains HP points more frequently, not to mention levels faster due to axe users and renewable Mani Katti. Being a flier will help get a few kills against enemies on unreachable parts of the map, but is usually not going to happen often. It's not that great of a trait. No they aren't. Mani Katti is a great weapon which they don't have acess to. Lyn has an advantage against more enemies as a result, her supports raise her critical rate drastically, not only that, but she can dodgetank and double more enemies. In order for Kent to be way better, he would need a DEF growth of at least 40% and a RES growth of 30%. He needs way more tanking ability to make up for the fact that he doesn't double as often nor has acess to a Armor and horseslaying weapon like Lyn does. Pretty much the same for Sain.