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  1. Guy, instead of Luke in Tales of the Abyss. Easy going, blond hair, cool sword style, nice guy all around. Has all the marks of a main protagonist.
  2. FE Blazing Sword: Purging Flame project

    Sure, but don't forget, the more levels they have, the more your own units level as well. So I would rather not level them too much, only a bit, enough so that experience gains don't come to a crawl but not too high so that your own units don't level like crazy. Isadora and possibly Hawkeye as well. Mind you, all units will probably receive a buff or nerf of some kind with some exceptions, Those are just the more obvious ones.
  3. FE Blazing Sword: Purging Flame project

    I wonder... It should technically be possible, by changing what chapters come after the one that is finished, but I will cross that bridge when I reach there. I make no promises though. Geitz and Wallace are likely impossible to do though. For Karla, I would probably need to figure out how the flag for those events even work, so it's unlikely I will pull it off.
  4. Hello everyone. I'm starting my new project, Purging Flame, a reimagined balance patch for Blazing Sword. The goal of this project is to create a FE7 that is balanced in a different way than the original. Siince the original was already somewhat balanced to begin with. Objectives: - Increase difficulty of Lyn mode - Fix supports growth rates - Make a few units actually worth using (Dorcas, Barte, Karla... etc...) - Make enemies more quality based in difficulty, rather than quantity based. - buff some units so they can deal with those changes. Here are some videos that I already posted:
  5. First Time, Advice Posts !

    Ike is good in both. Great tank, due to his growths. most likely the best unit in PoR. He promotes by the end of the chapters 17, so make sure to not overuse him if he's close to lv 20. Don't bother with Shinon, Devdan and Malakov, they aren't worth using.
  6. How'd you guys come up with your usernames?

    I don't have Shadow part here though, so it's irrelevant.
  7. Quintessence Headcannon/Theory

    Exactly, and you also get experience from healing people as well merely hurting others and sometimes from missing attacks.
  8. How'd you guys come up with your usernames?

    I didn't. I'm using my real name.
  9. Who do you Ship with Livy? (Olivia)

    My Avatar usually. It's one of the few ways to get a Tactician Morgan and Olivia is cute.
  10. Quintessence Headcannon/Theory

    You can only extract Quintessence through the dark arts, magical means to be more precise, physical types can't do that. Experience has nothing to do with it. You would also think that some characters would raise eyebrows if they had people in their group doing the same thing as the villain.
  11. Fire Emblem HHM S rank run

    Here are the videos for the latest chapters, since I had yet to post those.
  12. Fire Emblem HHM S rank run

    Alright, here are the redone level ups: Lyn promotes Rath, why do you even bother? *shrug* Heath gets some extra SPD. That will do Heath promotes at lv 19. Don't care much, you are there to be a sponge That will have to do. HP only. Alrigth, you got more SPD, well done and you are above the average to boot. Alright, that is decent. *Shrug* That's better. Good. That will make you capable for more experience sponging later on. That will have to do. Really? Meh The HP only curse strikes again Okay
  13. Fighter Promotions

    I think Warriors should receive a DEF buff. I mean, in almost any game, the label "warrior" is usually that of a tank class, so by making it a axe tank, you would get 3 possible variants of axe users. The Hero, the more balanced and fastest class of the 3, Berserker, the critical and high power class and the Warrior, the durable axe and bow wielding unit .
  14. Fire Emblem HHM S rank run

    Due to a mistake with the save files, I will have to redo chapter 26. Just my luck. That post about chapter 26 is invalid now.
  15. Fire Emblem HHM S rank run

    Very unlikely. Besides, she's lv 18. Priscilla will get to be used more now. She didn't get a level this time. I focused on giving kills to Rath, since Rebecca is lv 17 and I don't know if I will need the extra experience. She was there as a crutch unit in case I needed a wyvern killed fast.