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  1. I quite like Wings of Mercy and Escape Route however I think they could be a little broken in larger maps. I suppose it'd be comparable to Warp from Fates.
  2. Would you like to see a enforced classic mode?

    If it were in a separate mode then I'd be all for it as it sounds interesting to play.
  3. RIP. (Looking forward to the update :) ) Edit: Oh wait, oops duh you're in Valla it doesn't effect you *disolves due to not being in Valla*
  4. If it comes to a vote, then I vote Mage!Fae, Archer!Gray, Soldier!Kliff and Mage!Tobin. I'm honestly curious as to what will occur in this play-through so I'm following to find out.
  5. This is a wild guess, are you replacing Pretzel with a new MU called Ruben? I'm guessing I'm wrong but I'm throwing out the first thing that I thought.
  6. I'd call it a remake or revamp of an amazing event :D Or simply borrowing an idea. (I'm terrible)
  7. Favorite Incarnation of Bow Knight

    Echoes Bow knight is definitely the most powerful being capable of moving a long distance and attacking from a long distance, combine that with hunters volley and there's nowhere to hide. Fe7's Rath seems to take hits well for me meaning that the sword doesn't go unused and that it actually ends up being very helpful for dealing with axe enemys or for negating counter attacks from enemy archers. Fates Bow knight benefits a bit from the bow buffs but I find bow knights to have too low a defence stat to satisfy me especially when their strength isn't quite what I'd like but with a dual yumi or illusory yumi they usually tank mages well. But Bow knights seem pretty bad in Awakening as neither defence stat seems to go well (Again could just be my bad luck) they only really get a mediocre strength and speed stat to show for it making them mostly inferior to other choices
  8. I found Izana's death, amazingly in character. The way you dealt with the difficulty drop in the story was well done in my opinion as well. So in summary (Izana style) Yayyy.
  9. Well the Pretzel murder was unexpected, but unexpectedly hilarious. I like how the game seems to treat an E in speed and a D in survival as "sure that person should do maniac mode". Maybe the game wants its characters to die. Something tells me that you got a little annoyed at all the we/I/Marth did it. Congratulations at actually defeating the shadow dragon and I'm looking forward to what comes next.
  10. I think that update practically summarised the title of this lets play.
  11. Well, I did not see Robert and Dice dying while I did see Sedgar and Wolf dying, does that even out?
  12. If anyone's going to die, it's likely to be either Frost or members of the Wolfguard in my opinion.
  13. Is it bad that when I saw Etzel die my first thought was, "please let that be Pretzel"
  14. Marth looks so unimpressed at being dragged into a battle just for the possibility of more allies at the end of the last update.
  15. This seems like it'll get chaotic quickly. I think Vanessa could be an amazing tanky sage for healing with that HP growth alongside the good res and decent defence and if a tome has the eclipse effect an amazing user of that to support kills, but leveling her looks to be a nightmare with that awful magic. Would energy rings even help?