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  1. So should I say a double R.I.P to Oujay? I don't see how anything can be worse than a devil axe which Gonzales has.
  2. Dead Man's Mire from Celica's part of Act 4 is obnoxious and a dreaded map for me. The massive swamp slows the entire party down makes it take ages for turns to even start as I have to see the entire party get both damaged by an inconsequential amount and then get healed due to standing next to a saint or having a blessed weapon/ ring etc. (never make the mistake of using invoke here...) There's also three cantors and some archers to top it all off which means that using flyers isn't impossible but certainly a lot more difficult. The one saving grace is the hilarity of watching an enemy dread fighter or archer walk into the swamp and damage themself :D.
  3. Selective FE8 PME

    In both appearances Orson has 0 luck, 10 health and 12 speed but 30 defence, 40 resistance and 30 Strength. Alongside a personal lance in both appearances that is 1-3 range with 0 might, 50 hit, 70 crit and is unbreakable. You may want a hoplon guard when you fight him. :D
  4. BR PMU 'cuz Why Not

    If it's alright I'll ask for Corrin to be Male Build 2 Face 6 Hair 12, Hair colour 12 and Facial feature 12.
  5. BR PMU 'cuz Why Not

    Great Lord Hana, In my experience this is actually pretty good.
  6. Is that who I think it is... A creepy stalker who can heal people and is less likely to get one hit killed assuming he doesn't get critical hit by the enemy... sounds wonderful. Maybe at this point he's concerned that if he says that something's a trap one more time and he's wrong Roy will completely stop listening to him. Imagine if that had critical hit, this would be a very different lets play. Tempting fate with that last line. Although I am surprised that Deke died couldn't he have just dodged one more hit or an enemy go after the obnoxiously evasive Clarine instead, Your hatred fuels her evasiveness. Looks like Lugh got burned for the last time... (I'm sorry)
  7. Imagine if he had been given a knights crest before the battle, that would be terrifying. Perhaps that only indicates what army they're a part of. Or maybe it was a mistake. Well R.I.P Wolt, here's hoping the Nomads + Dorothy and Klein fare better.
  8. From that chapter I'm wondering whether there should be a close call count because wow there were a lot of character's that nearly died in that chapter. Also R.I.P Bors your level ups couldn't save you.
  9. Your Barrack Captains

    For HP my captain is Zephiel with the lieutenant being Hector For Attack my captains are Lucina and Legion with the lieutenants being Chrom and Brave Ike. For Speed my captain is Bridal Caeda with the lieutenants being Summer Elise and Legion. For Defence my captain is Lukas with the lieutenant being Hector For Resistance my captains are Halloween Jakob and Lucius with three lieutenants being Arvis, Genny and Fjorm. My captain of captains is Hector with the lieutenant being Legion Wasn't expecting Legion to be in so many places.
  10. The Ruben portrait looks good but the Wrys portrait looks positively terrifying in a hilarious way.
  11. So... when's the earliest I can place bets on which characters will be dying.
  12. I quite like Wings of Mercy and Escape Route however I think they could be a little broken in larger maps. I suppose it'd be comparable to Warp from Fates.
  13. Would you like to see a enforced classic mode?

    If it were in a separate mode then I'd be all for it as it sounds interesting to play.
  14. RIP. (Looking forward to the update :) ) Edit: Oh wait, oops duh you're in Valla it doesn't effect you *disolves due to not being in Valla*
  15. If it comes to a vote, then I vote Mage!Fae, Archer!Gray, Soldier!Kliff and Mage!Tobin. I'm honestly curious as to what will occur in this play-through so I'm following to find out.