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  1. Hurt and Heal: Valentian Edition

    Heal Valbar Hurt Mila Atlas 18Berkut 25Boey 31Catria 20Celica 30Clair 33Delthea 19Faye 42Fernand 20Forsyth 19Genny 25Gray 21Lukas 27Luthier 19Mae 26Mathilda 24Mila 9Mycen 18Palla 26Python 22Rinea 18Saber 21Silque 21Tobin 37Valbar 5Zeke 37
  2. A combatant who fights using desks. Critical hit animation would just be pointing at the desk, saying it's a desk and then chucking it at the enemy. Skills, going to assume this is a special class as desks are an unorthodox weapon. Level 1: Strong Arms Halves weight penalties suffered by character Level 15: Desk Parry Add +1 defence to the character for every point of weapon weight on the equipped desk. Level 25: Wood Chips Strength % chance to add Weapon Weight *2 to damage dealt. Level 35: Swift Strike Accuracy +15 and Attack +4 if enemy if adjacent to character A bit of a bizarre class with heavy weapon synergy I had a quite a bit of fun making this
  3. Should you level up your lords to above 50?

    For me bosses that don't move are significantly easier because I can always ensure that units that are best suited to fighting that boss will fight that boss. Due to that neither boss is too threatening when they don't move. Lloyd's chapter is annoying because he can critical hit you and for people who haven't played his map before can ambush you as well if you aren't aware of his position on the map, in addition you have to hope Wallace's AI doesn't get him killed before you can recruit him.Meanwhile Geitz starts as an enemy and thus is actually easier to recruit.
  4. A Bad FE Player Ironmans Revelation

    Michele seems interesting with troubadour.
  5. It's a 2% crit therefore the curse of Beruka won't strike :D
  6. How often do you use effective weaponry?

    I usually use them to level up under-levelled people or people with bad offensive stats but good skills.
  7. At least he doesn't attempt to attack the enemy and mostly stays on pillars for the avoid and defence bonus. Just imagine if he had AI like most green units.
  8. Support Grinding on Lunatic+?

    Staffs, Event tiles and buying then using seeds of trust from your own streetpass team are all good ways of doing so. Opening up the barracks can be helpful but the chances of getting the pair you want are slim. Support grinding can be done against spotpass/streetpass teams as you do still keep the support gain but you do only get 1 exp so it's not great for exp grinding.
  9. Priam's Sword is wonderful on anyone with armsthift being a 1-2 range sword that both isn't magical and isn't locked to swordmasters. If only it didn't come so late...
  10. Best and worse skills in the games ?

    In terms of Astra causing a counter kill a did mention that it is rather unlikely. The reason I brought it up is that it ended up killing me when I was fighting Hans in Conquest, I was not pleased. Though I do doubt that the numbers would line up for it to cause a counter kill often.
  11. Mechanist is a weird class

    Since it's also a promotion from the Apothecary class line, would that imply that the puppets are expensive to make as the Apothecary class line is associated with money since it does have the alternate promotion of Merchant. Perhaps the Ninjas of Hoshido are the ones with enough dexterity to make them which is why they can also promote into a Mechanist. Who knows?
  12. Skill Ideas Thread

    This sounds like it would be nigh useless imo... just how often do you see attacks that can OHKO a full HP unit that aren't critical hits??? Sturdy as it is in Pokémon works because any attack can be an OHKO if it hits for super effective damage or if the attacker set up enough. Also of note, most Pokémon with Sturdy as an ability have a double weakness, which getting hit by would assuredly OHKO them. Outside of critical hits or massive power gaps, getting OHKOed from full health in FE is something that just doesn't happen. I disagree there as some characters do have terrible HP stats additionally it can be used as a safeguard against critical hits and effective weaponry and potentially ambush reinforcements if the game in question has them. Sounds like an enemy exclusive skill as enemies don't tend to have supports. Although having a boss that reverses support bonuses, sounds interesting.
  13. Best and worse skills in the games ?

    Due to Astra's damage being halved and then being in 5 hits it can cause death by Counter that would've been avoided if no skill activated, but that's rather unlikely and you'd have to fail to account for Astra for that to be a problem. Rend Heaven is in my opinion generally good as it has an above average activation rate and while it does use the enemy's stat that's only a problem if fighting a mage with a physical unit or vice-versa however mages tend to have low defence and physical units tend to have lower res therefore it usually doesn't end up as a problem. I'd definitely say that Replicate works wonders for back-liners that don't tend to engage in combat as it practically means an extra deployment slot as there's an extra healer or rallyer or even ballistician if you're feeling crazy. However while I don't think Mechanist is too bad of a class the fact it comes at level 15 is a pity. Golembane is in my opinion one of the worst skills as there are simply no targets for it meaning that it does nothing but take up a skill slot. Bonus EXP skills like Veteran and Nobility are all round good skills as they help the characters gain their stats and gain more skills as well, simple yet effective. Future Sight is not as good as it doesn't come as early nor does it give as much as it only has a luck% chance of activating.
  14. He's perfect for rescuing his allies. With aid that high could he rescue Merlinus or is Merlinus always unable to be rescued? Perceval betrayed everyone. Only a C rank in axes. DISGRACE. Well I'd say that's an improvement, maybe he'll actually be tolerable now. How on earth does the silence staff have a 100% hit rate on Hugh but a measly 19% on Saul. Were there different staff users or is Hugh just that vulnerable to Silence staffs?