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  1. The Special edition up for preorder

    Fellow Canadians, Amazon Canada started preorders
  2. POLL: Amiibos in Three Houses

    isn't it odd that no Amiibo's were announced for Three houses? I'm not 100%.. but i think seem to remember Amiibo's announced once a release date for the actual game was confirmed (Echos, Fates and Awakening).
  3. A country ruled by a league of nobles, bound to no king or emperor. That sounds like a society I can relate to.
  4. Good point. The impression i got from the trailer is the religion of the continent is "silk road" of the three kingdoms. Responsible for the current peace between the kingdoms *the good and holy people* i guess... This might very well be a story of the three heirs to their respective kingdoms. Uncovering the deep and darker motives behind the religion.
  5. I wonder if Nintendo or IS is brave enough to go a controversial route about Kingdoms abandoning and rebelling against religion in general.
  6. Its near guarantee it'll be everything what Awakening + Fates + new story. Nintendo was about to pull the plug on Fire emblem franchise as a whole, even if the developers felt brave and trying new directions. It'll get shot down by Nintendo
  7. Langrisser M General

    Is this JP only? I havnt been able to find anything on this coming to NA I've only came across Langrisser recently because of a youtuber who normally discusses Fire emblem.. im really impressed with this mobile title.. Sad the "beta" is now pulled, with no ETA when full release starts
  8. Fire Emblem Three Houses

    im was still half asleep.. so when it first revealed.. i thought i was watching Fire emblem Warriors 2.. Although i read "Three houses", i had Three kingdoms (Dynasty Warriors) in my head.. and especially when it showed a massive group of grunts supporting the characters..
  9. Great vid, really get the vibes going Just picked up my LE and amiibo without preordering. The day preorders went live, i was told be retailers in my area (Toronto) have already been oversold. As much as some vets here hate the new age players "started with awakening and fates", they are the only real reason why retailers are stocking up on these items. #fuckscalpers
  10. Went to a local Gamestop (called eb games here in Canada). Was the 9th one to put down money to preorder the game today.. but was told to expect the worst. Employees are doubting their own company ability to fulfill these orders.... sigh....
  11. A lot of us Canadians get screwed usually with unknown preorders dates. Amazon Canada just posted up, prime members save 20% making it 39.99cad
  12. It was definitely my neglect to realize how popular FE became after awakening. When Awakening launched, there was abundance of Fire emblem editions 3DS XL's sitting on eb games store shelves. I'd figured if i couldn't fight off the hardcore FE fans for preordering special editions for Fates, i'll take my chances with launch day. The mind set was If i spent 20 dollars on preordering the regular editions, but managed to find a special edition on launch day.. it'll be money wasted.
  13. Sigh.. Frustrating to say the least, I used my lunch from work to try to buy one.. Now I'm Fire emblem'less and I'm hungry... This is the first time I've seen out of stock 2 hours from store opening since tactics ogre for psp.
  14. Okay. My excitement turned into anger, not only couldn't I reserve the special edition the day of pre-orders went up at eb games. All regular editions of fates is sold out too? I went to 2 ebgames and 2 Walmarts. Almost all the employees had a nice giggle saying I was just a few mins late when the last copies got sold
  15. Europeans unite thread

    I have a great suggestion for you guys in Europe... buy Bravely Second and mock us in NA that we have to wait until April to play it!! If japanese reviews are any hints, its a amazing game and enough game time to keep you busy until Fates arrives over there