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  1. You got your questions answered too? Cool! Wonder if anyone else here got their questions answered!
  2. Sad, but to be fair...not only is it a better option to switch over to the newer console...I think that if they continue to make remakes of future FE games...it would be rather hard with the 3DS. I mean think about it...with what we know with FE Echoes:Shadows Of Valentcia and how much effort and resources was put into it...I doubt that they could do that again with FE4 without REALLY spending some cash. It's most likely easier, and more cost efficient. It also means more space too. To give a good example, Awakening was 8,579 blocks or a little over 1 GB. Fates: Conquest was 12,544 blocks (864 Blocks if bought as DLC for Birthright: ) .Fates: Birthright was 12,467 blocks.(787 Blocks if bought as DLC for Conquest: ) 13,331 free blocks in all with those two paths. A little more if you add Revelations to the mix. Thats about 2-3 GBs right there! Considering what we know already about Echoes, I'm sure it will be more then that! So, with that in mind...a remake of FE 4, 5, 6 & 7(whether together as one game or apart as usual), and etc., which are most likely bigger games(in a sense anyway) would be rather money consuming. So what better way to get loads of money then to jump to a console with more capabilities, more space, and honestly, another place to attract new and old fans onto the new console! Something they need to do since if they need bigger cartridges for their games, they're gonna need the money for that and while the 3DS could POSSIBLE pull it off...you can only push that thing so far! Besides, with Fire Emblem as big as it is now, it would be better to be on the rising platform. (I know I kinda repeated myself, but the point still stands! )
  3. @shadowofchaos Hhhhmmm...with that little detail in mind...would you rather I delete this topic or leave it up(and edit the topic to fit with this)?
  4. Oops, sorry man. It would be bad if I helped make it bigger then it actually is. I was too happy that all I thought of was spreading this news. Hope you don't mind too much...and again...Sorry...
  5. ...I know, I know...This isn't exactly confirmed, but......THE CHANCES ARE SOOO LIKELY!!! Anyone else's thoughts on this? ......Also, what do you guys think of these possible names for (possible) future games: Fire Emblem Echoes: The Holy War of Jugdral(Genealogy of the Holy War) Fire Emblem Echoes: Rise of the Lost King(Tharcia 776) Fire Emblem Echoes: Tales of the Binded Blade(Binding Blade) Fire Emblem Echoes: Dark Days of Elibe(Blazing Sword) Fire Emblem Echoes: Tales of the Sacred Stones(Sacred Stones) Fire Emblem Echoes: The Saga of Tellius(Path of Radiance) Fire Emblem Echoes: Uprising Dawn(Radiant Dawn) ...I may be getting a little too excited, but...I don't care darn it!
  6. I think I set expectations a little higher then I should've. Like @Anacybele said, with E3 so close, they aren't really be throwing out any really big stuff. FE stuff included(minus Echoes of course). Well...at least we finally got those amiibos, and ARMS has pecked my interest more...don't have a Switch yet, but hey...when I get one...maybe I'll pick it up! Also, while I have a Wii U(just last year btw), I skipped MK8, kinda happy I did. I have another racing game for the Switch now(along with Not F-Zero 2)! Oh yeah, and Kirby! :3 Overall, this Direct was alright. Expecting the big guns at E3. Persona maybe? I know, I know...shooting a little too high there...but a man can dream!
  7. Aww...was hoping for FE Warriors news...aw well...FE:Echoes DLC is nice though!
  8. Oh my gosh...Minecraft is on EVERYTHING! Not knocking it, but dang...even the Wii U had it!
  9. Heeeeeey everybody! Who's all hyped for thw main event to night? I sure am!
  10. Self explanatory. Watch. Enjoy. Learn. The hype is real... Remakes! Remakes! WE WANT MORE REMAKES!
  11. (I use songs for half of mine. Hope they're good! ) Gunter: I'M AN OLD FART! Felicia: All those glasses will be broken eventually. Vaike: I'm da best! I'm so smurt! Peri: ...Wanna see me Kill that guy? Corrin: Why can't we be friends? Ike: And they see me go up......and I come down! *BOOSH* Mozu: Old Mac'donald had a farm...E,I,E,I,O! Camilla: Don't you wish your girlfriend was hot like me? Don't you wish you're girlfriend was a freak like me? Marth: I'm...too sexy for my shirt, too sexy for my shirt...So sexy, it hurts... Lyn: Can't touch this... Kellum: ..............what? Velouria: The nose knows!
  12. Top 10 Hopes For Fire Emblem Switch[Video]

    - Good Archers AND Dark Mages(and kinda mages in general). Seriously, I've only played Conquest, but magic units are...rather lackluster. They're still alright, but I feel like they got butchered in the stats department. It sucks even more since Dark Mages, my favorite magic class, feels so fragile throughout the game(I don't even think Normal Mages were this Fragile in previous games). Maybe because I mainly use Nyx, but the point still stands that...they don't hold such as a high candle to previous Dark Mages(which is sad considering the small number there are in the series as a whole). And yes, Archers too. I actually didn't use Niles and got Anna instead early on. She's good, but..eh...she's kinda squishy(and kinda has low health). - Magic Diversity is a big YES! I miss all my mage types...(it also made each master of those types branch out. Dark Mages being slow, but bulky. Light mages being fast, but squishy. And the element mages being affected in different ways) - I do hope the magic triangle comes back too, and I mean the Tellius(and kinda the GBA) one. Fire>Thunder>Wind>Fire / Light>Dark>Elements>Light If they can have the weapon triangle they have now, they can bring that back. Although the one in heroes is pretty alright too! - Also, along with that, can we pull a Radiant Dawn and switch a Wyvern Riders weakness from arrows to Thunder magic? It makes more sense in my book(and makes them feel less squishy since arrows makes them look as weak as Pegasus Knights, which they're suppose to be stronger then! I mean come on, they're more like miniature dragons, and I doubt they would take such big damage from an arrow! It still amazes me how easy they go down like Pegasus Knights when an arrow comes their way)! - Bit of a preference, but can we have the ability to hold 8 items again(Like RD)? It's quite convenient and it makes it easier to hold healing items(since the weapons I like on a character take up pretty much all the spots). - And healing items. Raise the number of uses back up please. - The SP system would be cool to try out in a main game! It might even fix the issues I have with skills(and reclassing to a certain extent) as of now...speaking of which... - If we keep some of the skills going forward, I feel like some should be nerfed a bit(or be rid of). - Reclassing should be limited somehow or just gone. - You know, it's gonna be weird trying to address Fates since almost every game has a continent name except Fates(and it'd be cruel if someone played a game and had to remember the names of all of them...only to forget there is no name for Fates's continent )... Seeing how you can address a FE game in 3 ways: Game number, Subtitle(full or abbreviated), or continent. ...we need names for continents(...I still don't know how they forgot to add that for Fates...) - (Don't quote me on this, but...)I think supports affect pair-up, even when not paired up(and if not, it was probably just Awakening). If they get rid of pair-up, I feel like they should make it so that supports are some what affected. Like not being able with EVERYONE IN THE ARMY. That way, you don't get too many buffs from supports and the writing could probably actually improve! Just make a hybrid of the support system from new to old. You can support with all the people you can support with(about 3-5 people is average for most people), but only x5 of those conversations will affect you. Oh yeah... - Affinity. Bring that back please. I want Earth Affinity back so I can make units better dodgers again!
  13. Whether you like him or not, I feel like he had some REALLY good ideas and wanted to share them. As for my opinions, copying my comment(with some edits) to here: Here is my personal list: 1.)If there are children, pull a FE4 and have two generations. None of that Deeprealms crap again! Let realtime pass and the children fight their own war(just don't kill off most of the 1st Gen...please. Let them be else where fighting another faction of the enemy or something.) 2.)3rd Tiers. I want them back. They're B.A. Nuff said. 3.)New Artstyle(probably similar to what Echoes has going for it). No offense, while I like the designs of Awakening and Fates, I'm dying for a new deaign style! Please!(I always like the realistic kinda look the Tellius games had!) 4.)Either have no MyUnit, or have a MyUnit that actually feels like a relateable person(a.k.a. Fix it). Do a better Robin. DO NOT DO ANOTHER CORRIN(because Corrin is the main reason I want them gone)!!! 5.)Gaiden Chapters. It'd be cool to experience extra chapters by meeting certain requirements again! 6.)Either have Bonus Experience or the chance to grind via a map. 7.)Either better Reclassing or get rid of it. I'm sorry, but I personally feel like this system is still pretty unbalanced and still a bit broken. I would like it if you had a limit on how many times a unit could reclass. Either 1 or 2 times. After that, you're stuck in that class line for the rest of that playthrough! 8.)Skills take a backseat like in previous games. I personally want Skills to go back to just being "helpers in a fight" then be "determiners in a fight", because I honestly feel like so many skills are somewhat OP(and/or are rather crippling), and with reclassing, you can stick a lot of those OP'ish skills on a lot of characters(possibly at the same time). In the Tellius games, while skills helped, you relied more on you're own power(stats) then skills(that and they didn't make things so complicated and turn a battle on a dime)! 9.)Units can premote either by a master seal or Level 21 like in the Tellius games. It'd make things move a bit smoother and not being unable to promote because a unit reaches Lvl.20 partway through the map and you have not seals. 10.) *Inhale* CHILL OUT WITH THE WAIFU STUFF! PLEASE! I know its unavoidable, but I don't want everything to be waifu central, ok? Awakening, it wasn't too bad. Fates, turned that dial WAAAY up! Keep that down a bit...please? For many people's sake... 11.)Bring durability back, but let weapons be restored like in FE4(it's a good system that I think should come back). 12.)Bring back the forge...a GOOD forge...like in the Tellius games(not what Awakening or especially what Fates brought us)! ...yeah, it's more then 10, but hey, they were important. ,
  14. I want to try to start drawing via my PC(for better quality pictures), but I'm not exactly sure what software to use...any suggests? Also, is it possible to use a special pad to draw stuff on a PC? And if so, what is it and where should I go for it? Thanks in advance!
  15. Looking for a good DS RPG

    Gonna add on some new ones different from everyone else. I'm gonna throw a bit of a obscure one out there, but... Megaman Starforce. These are some pretty good games in my opinion(along with the Battle Network games that came before it). Give it a shot if you're interested! You could also try the Mario & Luigi games(Dream Team is a "Nintendo Selects" game now, so it's $20 now). And the Final Fantasy games(but for an really interesting story, choose FF4), as well as the Chrono Trigger port to DS. Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow, Portrait of Ruin, Order of Ecclesia. Haven't played any of these game, but Dawn of Sorrow is a sequel to Aria of Sorrow for the GBA, which is a great game. It's the only one I can kinda speak for. And of course, the obvious, Fire Emblem! Especially Shadow Dragon! So good, it'll want to put you to sleep!