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  1. All I see on the app is "coming soon" granted if I put it on my list to save I could probably pre-order it. -Edit- Yeah Preorder is available. Gotta do it via PC though instead of through the app.
  2. Listing's up at Best Buy but pre-order is unavailable. I don't think they lost available limits so quickly so they probably just don't do them on SEs of Nintendo products anymore cuz of all the issues. Personally I'm gonna try picking it up there since I still got my GCU with them.
  3. There's a alot of characters under the square banner who I'd want to see. The ones that I could see getting in though would be Neku or someone from TWEWY, and then Sora if Disney gives them the okay. The ones I'd really like to see though would be Squall/Leon or Thancred for FF, Zero or Caim from Drakengard, and Kaine, Emile, and 2B from NieR.
  4. "promise that you'll never forget me"

    Or even better, Edelgard is an Ardainian Soldier XD jk. To be honest I think it'll be story related somehow just like how others here described.
  5. Monthly (and semi-monthly) Quest Topic

    Awesome, Thanks.
  6. Monthly (and semi-monthly) Quest Topic

    So does anyone have any information on which chapters to find the highest amount of certain unit types to make these more palatable? eg. a Story Map with 2-3 cavalry lvl 20+, a map with 2-3 armor, lvl 40+ fliers (I think this one is only stratums 9-10 and rare arena luck though), etc.
  7. Fire Emblem Heroes General Discussion and Links

    Ah, RIP. Well, looks like I gotta piece together some mono-weap teams out of my many untrained 4*.
  8. Fire Emblem Heroes General Discussion and Links

    Just curious, is it strictly weapon based, or is it actually color-based?
  9. Your Pull Wishlist

    Available: Lyn, Takumi, Ryouma, Hector, 5* Cordelia, 5* Aqua, 5* Elise, Marth, Lucina Not Available: Ninian, Say'ri, Sanaki, Pent, Celica, Jaffar, Morgan (F), Nah, and Micaiah for me.
  10. February Lunatic quests

    I am not sorry. I have Tiki Robin and Jeorge though, and I just pulled my third (first 5*) Roy the other day. I also whaled hard (though not as much as others) for units, though none of my cash orbs actually got me any 5* lol. I'm pretty much done spending though. Only did it cause FE is one of my most prominent addictions lol and I have a serious need for Lyn (and a 5* Cordy.) Sadly Gacha Hell has not (and never been) kind to me when I get greedy. Other than that I've only been graced by RNGesus as a free player whenever he deems it that I need a unit to tide over the power creep happening in a game.
  11. Official Pull Topic

    Aaaaaaaannnd dupe. I'm trying to get Lyn, Takumi, and Ryouma Q_Q. Well at least Jeorge is now +1 and the game eventually wants me to +3 my Robin. Around 66,000 feathers though is gonna kill me to grind XD.
  12. Official Pull Topic

    Just keep at it and pray you get a pull with 3-4 red units. I'll try sending RNGesus your way though. For me it was a lot of pulls to get her, but I was able to bless good tidings to my friend who wanted and got 5* Marth on his second 20 pull.
  13. Official Pull Topic

    So after 9 full pulls with a 53$ sink (that didn't get me nothing), I finally got best waifu SD Tiki. I was playing al day yesterday until literally 5 AM today for her, and now I got her (and Robin and Jeorge.) now I just need to get Lyn, Leon, Ryouma, and Takumi off of my last 53 free stones from chapter completion on higher difficulties.
  14. "Story"?

    Yeah, I'm at Chapter 8 right now, and they have hardly deviated much from the basic gist besides slowly adding crumbles to the Askar Royals' plot. Definitely not beating FGO on Narrative though.
  15. How to merge?

    Click on the empty space first, then the unit. Also note to get the bonus level, the unit has to be exactly the same name and * level. Meaning you can't merge a 5* High Deliverer Robin with a 3* High Deliverer Robin and get the bonus.