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  1. Fire Emblem 4 Randomizer

    Did you try resetting the game after recruiting him? Ced in particular is tricky because he is a green unit iirc, but in my test run resetting fixed it. Also, did you end up with other inaccuaracies in the changelog, or just Seliph? The problems in his special case handling may be bigger than i thought...
  2. Fire Emblem 4 Randomizer

    The idea was to let him inherit the holy blood that he can do, and give him random ones in place of the ones he can't. But when i fixed a big bug, i may have made a smaller one that overwrites Seliph's holy blood again. Are you sure your rom was a clean/project naga one? Not loading the prologue is pretty severe.
  3. Fire Emblem 4 Randomizer

    Does he not have holy blood at all? The part in charge of giving Seliph holy blood is some of the most jank code I've ever written, but I can't justify going to fix this randomizer right in the middle of exam season...
  4. Fire Emblem 4 Randomizer

    Hey, some people showed up while i was gone! The spoilerfree log was super outdated, the actual classes are the ones listed with the substitutes in the full log. I have a fix in mind for a new update. Seliphs blood is STILL causing problems... The code that handles it is a candidate for the ugliest i have ever written... I think i have to remake it from scratch... As for Holy Weapons, i already had a ton of trouble with the limited item slots as is. It would have to come at the cost of getting less weapons other places in the game. Altering recruitment in FE4 is a massive pain, ends up pretty janky, and that i don't have any experience with.
  5. Fire Emblem 4 Randomizer

    Are you sure you are using the 2.1.7 version? The Gerrard glitch is not showing up in my tests anymore.
  6. Fire Emblem 4 Randomizer

    I found the problem. I had skipped a number somewhere, so Tine, Lene, and Nanna will have wrong classes, and the next thing immediately after them in the code; Gerrard's character data, got Nanna's class inserted as his character ID instead.
  7. Fire Emblem 4 Randomizer

    That's the boss of the prologue right? Is it only the portrait that is wrong? I don't even know where that is stored... Time for some research I guess, tomorrow when I have time.
  8. Fire Emblem 4 Randomizer

    Are you on Mac or Linux? If the problem lies there I have no idea how to go about fixing it. I made a small tweak so could you download the new version, rename the rom FE4, place the randomizer, Names.txt and FE4 in an otherwise empty folder, try to run it again, and tell me what error it gives you now. Edit: I have another idea in mind, but I want to see how the first one works out first.
  9. Fire Emblem 4 Randomizer

    I can see why antivirus might be wary of an amateur-made exe file. As for the ROM, are you sure you spelled it right, capital letters and all, added the .sfc or .smc file extention, and then press enter?
  10. Fire Emblem 4 Randomizer

    Over Christmas, i decided I wanted to make a proper FE4 randomizer as opposed to the crappy one I had made and posted to Reddit last summer. Now I have completed a playthrough of it to find and fix all the bugs I could find, and then fixed some more bugs with the help of some people on Reddit, I thought people over here would like it as well. So here we have it: Jespoke's FE4 Randomizer 2.1! And here is a link to the source code: Randomize options: Classes Promotions Base Stats Growth Rates Skills Holy Blood Holy Blood Growth Bonuses Holy Weapon Bonuses Weapons: Might, Hit, Weight Other things: Various weapons are shuffled around and edited to match the randomized classes. Sword skills can be used and inherited by anyone, and holy weapons can be sold and bought. There is an option to nerf your own units' growth rates, in case you want to go ham on the OP options. There is an option to slightly rebalance weapons A few small things are edited to stop anything from breaking. If you run into anything weird, please tell me so I can try to fix it. The randomizer is made to work with both headered and unheadered roms, with or without the Project Naga translation patch. I want to thank the people in Lamia's FE4 stuff for finding/compiling a lot of the locations in the rom to edit to get everything to work, as well as the FE Binary people who made the Sword Skills patch. Please leave any feedback, suggestions, and fun results you may have ~ Updates: Update 2.1.2: Fixed an issue that came up when using high difficulty settings without randomizing growths. Added 2 new options for Holy Blood allocation: 33% Major 66% Minor, and 4 Minors. Update 2.1.3: Closed the loop created by 2.1.2 Update 2.1.4: Fixed the 2.1.2 problem (hopefully completely this time) The option to have Holy Blood not give growths is now actually considered a valid input. Added some stuff to make issues that get the randomizer stuck easier to pinpoint. Update 2.1.5: Fixed Pursuit rates not being as advertised. Added option to give you a guaranteed Troubadour if you want. Update 2.1.6: Kids and their substitutes now have the same classes, which means substitutes will no longer join with weapons they can't use. The guaranteed healer option now also gives you a guaranteed cleric in the second generation. Fixed the Seliph Holy Blood randomizing function doing exactly the opposite of what it was intended to, which could freeze the randomizer. Update 2.1.7: Tine, Lene, and Nanna now match with their own substitutes, instead of those of each other. That also fixes another problem introduced by the switcheroo, that caused saves to not load and the boss of the prologue to act weird.
  11. I would like to see a homosexual character, but there are all sorts of things that need to be done right about it. I will use a gay male for my examples - First off it shouldn't be overdone. I would even like to not directly learn of his sexuallity outside of supports, so it gets integrated in the character more organically. - He should not have mostly male supports. That he is gay should not mean he interacts less with women, and if it IS the case, that is a perfect setup for some character development thorugh supports with females. - Not every male support should be romantic. One otherwise hetero guy that ends up with him anyway would be fine, but this should not be overdone - Especially his supports with M!Avatar, as much as Tumblr would flip their shit over it, should NOT be romantic in nature. It would be too jarring for people that are not comfortable with homosexuallity.
  12. Waifu/Husbando Choice Awards 2!

    I'm a guy why are all my votes guys, i don't get myself! *Sigh* Guess it's ok since im gonna play 1 path + probably the 3rd one as F!Kamui anyway because i usually prefer the options given to females in character creation.
  13. Possible elements in this game

    You're right. Hmmm... i can't think of what the opposite of a tree could be, given the duality theme here as well with the sun/moon
  14. Possible elements in this game

    Looking at the tree, it seems like the symbols should be seen from the center of the spiral, making the "Moon" into a flame. The waves look more like wind than water form that angle, and the "sun"... a snowflake maybe? idk
  15. "My Castle" Explanation Video Translation

    I just really hope more people realize we are dealing with 2 countries based on 2 real historical empires that shared a love for large public baths as places for conversation.